Unsealed headset Installation instructions 1. REMOVE

Unsealed headset Installation instructions 1. REMOVE
 www.inward‐scooters.com V 1.0, 8/27/11 Unsealed headset Installation instructions We recommend that you have your headset installed by a professional using special tools. If you decide to do it yourself, here are some tips that may be useful: 1. REMOVE headset bearings BEFORE installing the headset cups and put them in a safe, clean spot. 2. Put a film of grease INSIDE the headtube before installing the cups. 3. Install the headset cups with a HEADSET PRESS. Do NOT use a hammer! 4. Pack the bearings with GREASE for lubrication, this also prevents the bearings from falling out of the retainer. 5. Put a film of GREASE on the fork crown before pressing on the crown race. Unsealed threaded headset: Unsealed threadless headset: Copyright 2011 by Inward Scooters, a division of Inward Enterprises LLC. All rights reserved 
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