Optoma expands its LED home projector range

Optoma expands its LED home projector range
Op to ma expands i ts LED ho me p rojec tor range
Optoma has announced its multi-award winning HD91 home cinema projector that harnesses ground-breaking LED
technology, is now available with a shorter throw lens. The new HD90 includes the same high-quality specs as the HD91
and is capable of throwing an enormous 100-inch picture onto a screen or wall from less than three metres away.
Cinema fans, TV buffs and keen gamers will now be able to experience 2D and 3D digital cinema quality in any room in
their home through the new HD90 projector. As the HD90 and HD91 produce less heat than traditional lamp based
projectors, they can be installed closer to walls or ceilings or even built into a small enclosure. The combination of a
shorter throw lens and LED technology in the HD90 enables unique placement flexibility. For example, it can be hidden
beneath the surface of a coffee table, which breaks free from the traditional method of mounting a projector on the
’s Head of Product Marketing, Justin Halls, said: “We are delighted to unveil the new HD90 which offers an
alternative lens option to the already popular HD91.The two models offer a combined zoom range of approximately 2.0
which enables flexible placement without the compromises traditionally associated with a wide zoom range from a
single lens.
The LED illumination in the HD90 and HD91 provides consistent brightness and a greater depth of colour that rivals the
performance of studio quality three chip DLP projectors. This means the perceived brightness of the HD90 and HD91
LED projectors can be up to twice the brightness of an equivalent lamp-based projector. This is known as the HelmholtzKohlrausch (HK) effect.
This enhanced brightness perception means the HD90 and HD91 can comfortably render screen sizes far higher than
their ANS I brightness specifications would suggest. And, allows the HD90 and HD91 to handle low levels of ambient light
with less impact on image quality than lamp based systems.
With vividly intense colours, the 3D action literally jumps out at you in your living room. This means live sports, TV and
movies can be enjoyed in stunning 3D making you feel part of the action.
The fully-rechargeable ZF2100 wireless 3D glasses have been developed in parallel with the HD91 and HD90. These are
optimised to provide higher contrast and brighter images than ever before, while eliminating any issues of emitter
placement, limited range and potential interference commonly experienced when using I n fra-red.
A full specification sheet for the HD90 and HD91 together with infor mation on the full product range, brochures and
images of the projectors are available from www.opto ma.com
HD90 a nd HD91 Key Fea tu res
1080p LED technology
Full lens shift
Unique placement flexibility
Consistent brightness and colour reproduction
No replacement lamps required
Excellent colour accuracy
Full CMS+ for calibration precision
I m pressive motion handling
Near instantaneous on/off
Full 3D support and built in 2D to 3D converter
HD90 a nd HD91 Speci fica tio ns
Native resolution
Full HD 1080p (1920 x1080)
Contrast ratio
Throw ratio
1200 ANS I Lumens
1000 ANS I Lumens
Noise level
345 x 443 x 161.5mm (W x D x H inc. feet)
Remote Control
Backlit with direct source selection
2 x HDM I (v1.4a 3D supported)
3D-Sync Out (3-Pin VESA)
2 x 12V Trigger
For more infor mation and product images, please contact:
Eithne Keenan
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 (0)1923 691 802
For a full specification sheet or further information visit the Optoma website - http://www.opto ma.co.uk/
Optoma is a world leading designer and manufacturer of projectors for business, education, professional audio/video
and home entertainment.
For nearly two decades Optoma has been one of the few manufacturers to focus solely on projection. Systematically
Optoma has contributed a product into every new development of projection and has pioneered new award-winning
products on more than one occasion, targeting a spectrum of applications and environments.
Optoma's innovative products are carefully crafted to deliver crystal clear images of unrivalled quality by incorporating
the latest DLP ® technology from Texas I nstruments, together with advanced optical engineering expertise and
dedication to superb product quality.
The Optoma Group has continental headquarters in Europe, the USA and Asia; whilst Optoma Europe, based in London,
covers Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Local services are delivered from regional offices in France, Ger many,
Norway, Spain and Benelux and sales representatives in the Czech Republic, Dubai, I taly, Poland, Russia, Romania and
Saudi Arabia.
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