Alarm features - 5 Star Car Alarms

Alarm features - 5 Star Car Alarms
AVS S5 alarm/Immobiliser
Alarm features
Three automatic immobilisers
Fuel pump, ignition system and starter motor immobiliser cuts (where possible) are made so the car cannot be
started unless it is disarmed via the remote. The system will immobilise 38 seconds after the ignition is turned
off or when the alarm is armed.
Intelligent glass break sensor
Detects the sound frequency of breaking glass. It will only trigger the alarm if the shock sensor also picks up an impact. This reduces
false alarms.
Intelligent two-stage adjustable shock sensor
It can distinguish between environmental shocks such as trucks or aircraft & a thief attempting to break in. It will auto adjust its
sensitivity for the environment on arming. It gives a warning on a light impact & a full alarm on a heavy impact to the vehicle.
Central door locking from the remote*
The doors will lock/unlock when the alarm is armed/disarmed.
Dual tone data battery back-up siren
It cannot be fooled into turning off like normal battery back-up sirens.
Turbo timer functions
The alarm has a built in turbo timer or it can run in conjunction with an external turbo timer. The alarm is armed as usual & the car will
continue to run for the preset run time. If the alarm is triggered during this time the car will shut down & the alarm will sound.
Turbo timer - no need to fit an external turbo timer for turbo cars - with this feature the car engine will run for 1, 2.5 or 5 minutes after
arming. The most secure way to have a turbo timer. The turbo timer can be turned off prior to the run time via the remote.
Turbo timer interface - link the alarm up with an external turbo timer.
Door, bonnet & boot protection
If the alarm is armed & a door, bonnet or boot is opened the alarm will sound.
Hyper blue status LED
PIN code override/emergency disarm
via the ignition
2 x Waterproof four button rolling code
remotes (4 billion combinations)
Three year warranty
Programmable features
Silent arm/disarm by remote or programmable
Door, bonnet or boot ajar warning
Automatic re-arm/re-lock*
Electronic boot release via the remote*
Door lock on ignition*
Perimeter night light from indicators on disarm
Interior light illumination
Timed headlight delay*
Remote panic/car finder function
Second vehicle control via a single remote
Enhancement module so the alarm can be
controlled via a car’s factory remote.
Compatible with the AVS RXPRO for adding
wireless sensors.
* Some cars require additional parts
Standards certification:
AS/NZS 3749.1.2003 Class A
Certificate No. 722
Test report: XF2106/R2
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