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General Description of Freezer
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1. Upper Cover 2. Freezer Flap
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Storage of Food
1. How to Use the Freezer
*Put fresh and clean food such like fish, meat into freezer to frozen store, therefore the
taste and nutrient of food are preserved.
*Wrap food to be frozen in ALUMINIUM FOIL or place it in AIRTIGHT boxes.
*Do not allow already frozen food into direct contact with food to be frozen.
*If you buy deep frozen food in the shops, bring it home and place it in freezer as quickly
as possible so that the time during which it kept in the air temperature is as SHORT AS
*Never place vegetables and fruits into freezer compartment in order to prevent them from
being frostbitten.
2. Fast Freezing
*Our freezers have a function of fast freezing. Compared with common freezing, fast
freezing can pass the zone in the fastest speed where the biggest ice crystals are formed.
Fast freezing enables the smallest ice crystals to form in the inside of food. Due to not
penetrating the cell membranes of the food, cytoplasm will not flow out while frost is
being removed, thus the taste and the nutrient of food are preserved.
*The fresh fish and meat to be stored for a long period of time should be fast frozen for this
*When fast freezing, please set the temperature control selector to the mark "5", after fast
freezing, set it to another position.
Transportation and Handing
When transporting, hold the base and lift the freezer carefully with the
tilted angle less than 45 degrees. Never hold the door handle as support. Never place it
upside down horizontal wise.
1. Install the freezer at a place with a flat, firm ground, in order to prevent vibration and
2. Choose a well-ventilated place. A space of no less than 10cm must be left around the
3. Choose a location where there is no heat source. Keep the freezer away from direct
sunlight and oven etc.
4. Choose a dry and well-ventilated place where there is no corrosive air.
1. Clean the parts of the freezer with lukewarm water containing a little neutral detergent
and with clear water, and wipe them dry.
Notes: Electric parts of the freezer can only be wiped by dry cloth.
2. Turn the thermostat knob to the "3" position, turn on electricity. The compressor will
begin to work.
3. Open the door 30 minutes later, if the temperature in the freezer decreased, it shows that
the freezer system works well. When the freezer operates for a period of time, the
temperature controller will automatically set the temperature within limits it opens.
Temperature Control
1. The temperature in the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment is controlled
by the temperature controller installed on the side wall of the refrigerator compartment.
2. Turn the thermostat knob to right or left, you can regulate the temperature inside the
3. The marks on the knob are the temperature grades, not the exact number of the degrees
of temperature.”0”” shows a forced STOP and “5” shows the lowest temperature. Turn the
knob from "1"position to "5"position, the temperature decreases continuously. You may set
the temperature control selector to any position according to what you need
4. Please set the selector to "3"position in normal use.
building in, clear of obstruction.
*Warning - Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting
process, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
*Warning - Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.
*Warning - Do not use electrical appliances inside the food storage of the appliance unless
they are of the type recommended by the manufacturer.
*If the appliance can not be used any more, please release the refrigerant before
abandoning at a place exposed to the air and away from tinderbox.
General Instructions for Care and Maintenance
The freezer should be cleaned every other month, before cleaning; the electric plug must be
removed from the power supply.
Wipe the inside and outside of the freezer with a wet soft cloth.
If it's too dirty, clean with a soft cloth soaked with neutral detergent and clean water,
remove the moisture with dry cloth.
If you are going away on holiday or for any other reason, wish to leave the freezer idle for
any period of time, proceed as follows:
*Disconnect the freezer from the electric power supply by removing the plug from the wall
*Remove all food.
*Clean and dry the inside as instructed in the direction given above for cleaning.
*Leave the doors open to prevent any unpleasant smells from building up while the freezer
is not used.
*When cleaning the freezer the electric plug must be removed from the power supply.
*Use water and a non-abrasive detergent.
*Clean with a soft cloth soaked in this solution and remove moisture with a dry cloth.
Working Defects and Failures
Appliance not working at all.
The power supply plug 1s not inserted in the wall socket or the plug and the outlet is loose.
1. When the freezer has been working for a period of time, the surface of the evaporator
and the drawer will be covered with a layer of white frost. It may raise the electricity
consumption and lessen the effect of refrigeration. Then you should defrost at once.
2.When defrosting, cut off the power, open the door and move frozen foods to a shady and
cooling place, defrost with a plastic scraper, or let the temperature rise naturally till frost
melts. Then wipe away remaining ice and water, and switch on electricity again.
Notes: Never use sharp metal tools or it will damage the freezer.
*The appliance should be so positioned that the plug is easily accessible.
*If the supply cord is damaged, the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly
qualified person must replace it in order to avoid a hazard.
*The appliance should not be used in open air and should not be exposed to rain.
*Do not store chemicals like, methanol, gasoline etc., which is easy to evaporate burn or
*Do not place something too heavy on the top of freezer and do not pour water on it.
*Do connect your freezer to an independent electrical socket and use a safe ground wire.
The voltage should be limited within the ranges from 187V to 242V, or the main motor
will be damaged.
*Turn on electricity only 5 minutes later after electricity goes off. Otherwise, the
compressor may be damaged.
*In order to save electricity consumption, keep air circulation during operation and the
package base should be taken away.
*Sure to keep electrical wire away from compressor and condenser, or its insulation
function will be spoiled by high temperature.
*To save the energy, you should reduce the frequency and duration of the opening of the
*When the frost in freezer 1s removed, or where there is no electricity or when freezer
ceases to be used, it should be cleaned in time in order to prevent it from smelling. Too
much frost may affect refrigeration.
*Do not touch the food in the freezer box or container (especially metal container) with
wet hands or you will get frostbite.
*Do not use the prolonged power cord.
*If your freezer is with lock, to avoid children shut into the freezer, do not leave the key
near the freezer or other place easy to be touched by children.
*Warning-Keep ventilation openings in the appliance enclosure or in the structure for
Due to some anomaly in the household electric supply circuit, no power is reaching the
freezer supply socket. Plugging in a light or any other electric appliance into the suspect
socket can check this.
The voltage 1s too low.
Noisy running.
The appliance has not been properly leveled.
The freezer 1s in contact with the wall.
The accessories in the freezer are placed in the wrong position.
If your freezer shows other symptoms from those described above, or if you have check all
items listed as the causes and the symptom still exist, then call the service department.
The Following are not Breakdowns
1. Refrigerant running in pipes gives forth a gentle sound of water running in pipes.
2. During humid seasons, the outer surface of freezer may be covered with moisture which
should be simply wiped away.
3. The compressor may be heated to the extent that scalding your hand in summer during
freezer operation.
4. Doorframe heat means the anti-dew tube 1s working during refrigerator operation.
Diagram of Circuit Principles
Due to product's changing and improving, the exact product for the consumer may not
correspond with some details in the instruction. Please accept our apology for no
information in advance.
Ketvinator a
Service and Spares
In the event of your appliance requiring service, or if you wish to purchase spare parts, contact your local
Kelvinator Service Centre by telephoning:
0860 234 481 / 2/3 (South African Customers)
+27-11-579-0800 (International Customers)
Help us to help you
Please determine your type of enquiry before writing or telephoning. When you contact us we need to know:
= Your name
= Telephone Number
= Physical Address where appliance is located
= Model and Serial Number of the appliance
= (Clear and concise details of the fault
Customer Care
For general enquiries or information regarding Kelvinator appliances contact;
Customer Care Department
P.O. Box 3657
South African Customers: 0860 234 481
International Customers: +27-11-579-0800
E-mail: [email protected]
Guarantee Conditions
The guarantee is valid for Twelve (12) months commencing when the appliance is handed over to the
first retail purchaser, which must be verified by purchase invoice or similar documentation.
Kelvinator guarantees the equipment against defective material or faulty manufacture, provided it is used
for domestic use from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. If not used as above-mentioned,
the warranty period will limited.
If the appliance is used or installed more than Fifty (50) kilometres from the nearest Kelvinator
Authorised Service Agent, the additional distance covered shall be for the account of the purchaser.
The risk in regard to appliances to be repaired shall at all times remain with the purchaser.
This guarantee is given on condition that only genuine Kelvinator parts and accessories are used at all
times in the appliance.
Kelvinator shall not be responsible for damage of any kind resulting from electricity fluctuations, faults in
the building wiring, faulty installations, improper use of controls or failure to use the appliance in
accordance with the operating instructions and/or general misuse and/or abuse, which would include
unforeseen accidents, wear and tear, and/or earthquake, flood, lightning or any other natural disaster
beyond the control of Kelvinator.
Any attempt by an unauthorised person to repair or tamper with the appliance shall render this guarantee
null and void.
This guarantee does not include bulbs, loose glass, glass oven doors, enamelled surfaces, discolouring of
stainless steel surfaces, filters and other parts subject to wear and tear.
Kelvinator shall not be responsible in terms of this guarantee for the replacement or repair of any parts of
the appliance if damaged during transit, where packaging damage is visible.
Repairs carried out under guarantee do not extend the guarantee period for the appliance. Parts removed
during guarantee repairs become the property of Kelvinator.
This guarantee shall be available only to a purchaser of Kelvinator appliances from an authorised
Electrolux Home Products/Kelvinator Dealer or Distributor in and where the appliance has been retained
for use in the Republic South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.
Failure to produce documentary proof of the date or original acquisition by the original purchaser will
result in normal charges being levied for the work carried out and the parts supplied.
The liability of Kelvinator under this guarantee is limited to the replacement and/or repair of the defective
parts within the guarantee period and does not extend to be installation or removal of the appliance.
Furthermore, Kelvinator does not accept responsibility or liability to compensate for any consequential
loss or damage of any kind caused by or due to the failure of operation or malfunction of any equipment
to which this guarantee applies.
It is at the sole discretion of Kelvinator that, in terms of guarantee, consideration be given to replace the
appliance due to various parts failing of a similar nature or in the event of the appliance being in a state
of beyond repair.
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