Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual
for the "Flash" Infrared-thermometer
We are confident you will find many uses for your "Flash" noncontact
thermometer. Compact and easy to use, just aim, press the button, and
read the temperature in less than a second. You can safely measure
surface temperatures of hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach objects without
contact. Wen the button is released, the last temperature reading will hold on
the display for 7 seconds.
How the Unit Works
The noncontact infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature of an object. When the button on
the side of the unit is pressed, the unit's optics and detector sense infrared energy. This information is
translated into a digital reading which is displayed.
Distance, Spot Size, and Field of View
As the distance (D) from the object increases, the spot size (S) of the area measured by the unit becomes
larger. Make sure the target object is larger than the unit's spot size. To get the most accurate
temperature reading, the target should be about 2 times as large as the unit's spot size. Your noncontact
thermometer is best used at a distance of 75 mm to 300 mm (3" to 12") from the target.
Shiny and Polished Surfaces
Inaccurate readings can result from measuring shiny or polished metal surfaces. To compensate for this,
cover the surface to be measured with masking tape or flat-colored paint and measure the surface.
Switching C and F; Changing the Battery
The battery and the Celsius/Fahrenheit switch are located inside the unit's battery compartment. To open
the battery compartment, press in on the latch at the bottom of the battery cover and lift the cover off the
unit. The C/F switch is located behind the battery. Holding the unit with the front facing away from you,
toggle the switch to the right to measure in Celsius, and to the left to measure in Fahrenheit.
The unit takes a 12V 23A battery
Attention: Used batteries have to be put in the specially reserved collecting receptacles
Neck strap
To fix the enclosed neck strap: Lead the little loop at the end of the strap through the opening at the back of
the unit. (You may have to use a pointed object). Now draw the other end of the strap through the loop.
ƒ Protect the unit from EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) from induction heaters and microwave ovens
and Electro Static Discharge
ƒ Protect the unit from "thermal shock" (caused by large or abrupt ambient temperature changes)
ƒ Do not leave the unit on or near objects of high temperature.
ƒ Not recommended for taking human temperature.
ƒ Not recommended for use in measuring shiny or polished metal surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum,
ƒ The unit cannot measure through transparent surfaces such as glass or plastic. It will measure the
surface temperature of the glass instead.
ƒ Steam, dust, smoke, etc., can prevent accurate measurement by obstructing the unit's optics. Hold the
unit back and at an angle to ensure the most accurate measurement.
Care and Cleaning
ƒ Avoid splashes and spills on the unit.
ƒ If unit becomes dirty, wipe with a soft dry cloth.
-18 to 200°C (O to 390°F)
-1 to 200°C (30 to 390°F)
+ - 2,5% of reading or + - 2,5°C (+ - 4°F)
whichever is greater
Below -18°C (0°F) to -1°C (30°F) + - 4°C (+ - 7°F)
Response time: 0.5 second
0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F)
at a relative humidity of 10-95%
12V, Model 23A, Alkaline battery (included)
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