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Adobe® Captivate™ 3 Getting Started Guide for Windows®
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Adobe Help
What's new
To review complete system requirements and recommendations for your Adobe® Captivate™ software, see
the Read Me file on the installation DVD. This file is also copied to the application folder during product
installation. Open the file to read important information about the following topics:
If you haven't installed your new software, begin by reading some information on installation and other
preliminaries. Before you begin working with your software, take a few moments to read an overview of
Adobe Help and of the many resources available to users. You have access to plug-ins, templates, user
communities, seminars, tutorials, RSS feeds, and much more.
System Requirements
Installation (including uninstalling the software)
Activation and registration
Font installation
Customer Support
Legal notices
Install the software
1 Close any other Adobe applications open on your computer.
2 Insert the installation disc into your DVD drive, and follow the on-screen instructions.
Note: For more information, see the Read Me file on the installation DVD.
Getting Started Guide
Activate the software
If you have a single-user retail license for your Adobe software, you will be asked to activate your software;
this is a simple, anonymous process that you must complete within 30 days of starting the software.
For more information on product activation, see the Read Me file on your installation DVD, or visit the
Adobe website at
1 If the Activation dialog box isn't already open, choose Help > Activate.
2 Follow the on-screen instructions.
Note: If you want to install the software on a different computer, you must first deactivate it on your computer. Choose Help >
Register your product to receive notifications of updates, and other services.
To register, follow the on-screen instructions in the Registration dialog box, which appears after you install
and activate the software.
If you postpone registration, you can register at any time by choosing Help > Registration.
Adobe Help resources
Documentation for your Adobe software is available in a variety of formats.
In-product and web Help
In-product Help provides access to all documentation and instructional content available at the time the
software ships. It is available through the Help menu in your Adobe software.
Web Help includes all the content from in-product Help, plus updates and links to additional instructional
content available on the web. Find web Help for your product in the Adobe Help Resource Center, at
Adobe Captivate 3
PDF documentation
The in-product Help is also available as a PDF that is optimized for printing.
All PDF documentation is available through the Adobe Help Resource Center, at
Adobe Help
To see the PDF documentation included with your software, look in the Documentation folder on the installation or content DVD.
Printed documentation
A printed Getting Started Guide is included with the software.
Using Help in the product
In-product Help is available through the Help menu.
Customer support
Visit the Adobe Support website, at, to find troubleshooting information for your
product and to learn about free and paid technical support options. Follow the Training link for access to
Adobe Press books, a variety of training resources, Adobe software certification programs, and more.
Visit to find free updates, tryouts, and other useful software. In addition,
the Adobe Store (at provides access to thousands of plug-ins from third-party
developers, helping you to automate tasks, customize workflows, create specialized professional effects,
and more.
Adobe Labs
Adobe Labs gives you the opportunity to experience and evaluate new and emerging technologies and
products from Adobe.
At Adobe Labs, you have access to resources such as these:
Getting Started Guide
Prerelease software and technologies
Code samples and best practices to accelerate your learning
Early versions of product and technical documentation
Forums, wiki-based content, and other collaborative resources to help you interact with like-minded
Adobe Labs fosters a collaborative software development process. In this environment, customers quickly
become productive with new products and technologies. Adobe Labs is also a forum for early feedback,
which the Adobe development teams use to create software that meets the needs and expectations of the
Visit Adobe Labs at
Adobe Design Center
Adobe design center offers articles, inspiration, and instruction from industry experts, top designers, and
Adobe publishing partners. New content is added monthly.
You can find hundreds of tutorials for design products, and learn tips and techniques through videos, HTML
tutorials, and sample book chapters.
New ideas are the heart of Think Tank, Dialog Box, and Gallery:
Think Tank articles consider how today’s designers engage with technology and what their experiences
mean for design, design tools, and society.
In Dialog Box, experts share new ideas in motion graphics and digital design.
The Gallery showcases how artists communicate design in motion.
Visit Adobe Design Center at
Adobe Captivate 3
Adobe Developer Center
Adobe Developer Center provides samples, tutorials, articles, and community resources for developers who
build rich Internet applications,websites, mobile content, and other projects using Adobe products. The
Developer Center also contains resources for developers who develop plug-ins for Adobe products.
In addition to sample code and tutorials, you'll find RSS feeds, online seminars, SDKs, scripting guides, and
other technical resources.
User communities
User communities feature forums, blogs, and other avenues for users to share technologies, tools, and information.
What's new
Visit Adobe Developer Center at
Users can ask questions and find out how others are getting the most out of their software. User-to-user
forums are available in English, French, German, and Japanese; blogs are posted in a wide range of
To participate in forums or blogs, visit
Top new features of Adobe Captivate 3
Adobe® Captivate™ 3 software enables anyone to rapidly create powerful and engaging simulations,
scenario-based training and assessments without programming or multimedia skills. Based on the
industry-leading Adobe Flash® platform, Adobe Captivate 3 automatically generates interactive, Flash
Player compatible content for easy online distribution and access. Using Adobe Captivate software’s simple
point-and-click user interface and automated features, learning professionals, educators, and business and
enterprise users can easily record onscreen actions, add eLearning interactions, create complex branching
scenarios with feedback options, and include rich media.
Getting Started Guide
Multimode recording Save time and generate robust software simulations with multiple learning modes in
a single recording session, including a demonstration of the procedure, a simulation for practicing the
steps, and an assessment.
Randomized quizzing and question pools Improve learner assessments by randomly drawing questions
from a set of question pools. Shuffle the answer options for multiple-choice questions, so that the answers
are displayed in a different order each time. Share question pools among multiple Adobe Captivate
Rollover slidelets Provide additional just-in-time information on Adobe Captivate 3 slides by displaying
media-rich content including images, text, audio, and video in a slidelet (a mini-slide within a slide) when
the learner moves the mouse over a specified area on the slide.
XML export and import Simplify the localization process of projects; export captions to a text or XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) file. Import the translated text file into a copy of the original project
Automated rerecording Quickly update content and automatically rerecord entire procedures in most web
applications after the user interface is modified or localized (Internet Explorer® 6).
Animation effects Create learning content with support for animated slide transitions and PowerPoint®
animations. Import PowerPoint (PPT) files and retain many animation effects by converting PowerPoint
slides to SWF files.
Audio recording with preview Synchronize audio easily with slides and timed objects. Record narration
while previewing slides in real time by going through them one by one or as a complete project.
New question types Increase learning effectiveness with specialized question types, such as sequencing
and hotspots, and matching dropdown lists.
Rich media support Record audio from system or through line-in, in addition to microphone.
Full motion recording Record full motion movies in SWF format that show detailed motion such as
drawing/painting features and drag/drop operations.
Adobe Captivate 3
Find and replace
Enhanced screen recording for capturing screen activity
Real-time recording mode
Improved learning management system (LMS) integration
Reusing quiz slides
Reducing SWF file size
Branching view enhancements, such as slide grouping and zooming
New choices for adding captions and buttons
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ and Microsoft Office 2007 support Install Adobe Captivate 3 on Windows Vista
and import PowerPoint (PPT) files from Office 2007, or create handouts or step-by-step procedures with the
Microsoft Word export option.
Getting Started Guide
What's new
Streamlined workflow and usability enhancements Work faster with a wide variety of streamlined
workflows and usability enhancements:
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