Your Xfinity® User Guide
Get started with your new XFINITY services.
The Voice available with XFINITY On Demand™
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Scandal available at
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Your Journey With
XFINITY® Starts Now
Welcome to XFINITY. We’ve created this guide to help you set up your
devices and explore the special features that help you enjoy your movies,
shows and more. Discover all that XFINITY can do for you.
Table of Contents
XFINITY Apps 10-11
XFINITY Internet
The Comcast Customer Guarantee™
Account Information and Support
To stay plugged in to the latest, like us on
Important notice for phone customers in VA and WV on page 13.
For additional questions, we’re always just
a click away at
Services and features vary based upon service level.
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It’s Never Been Easier to
Manage Your Account
Manage all of your XFINITY services anytime, anywhere, from any device.
Set Up Your Account
Visit to set up your account, create a user profile
and manage your settings. With your Comcast ID you can:
• Download and use XFINITY apps.
• View and pay your bill online.
• Sign up for Auto Pay so you never miss a payment.
• Register for Ecobill® to save time.
Access your account on any mobile device.
Download the XFINITY My Account app from
iTunes or Google Play to pay your bill, manage
appointments, check for outages and more.
Get Text & Email Alerts
Sign up at for helpful service alerts delivered via text
message or email. Once registered, text any of these commands to 266278
and we’ll text you right back.
LOC: Provides address of closest service center
BAL: Provides your latest balance information
OUT: Tells you if you are currently in a service outage
NOAPPT: Cancel a scheduled service call
STOP: Unsubscribe from Comcast text alerts
HELP: Get additional service information
COMMAND: See a list of available features
XFINITY My Account app is available from iTunes and Google Play. Standard data charges apply to text/email
alerts, app download and usage. Check with your carrier.
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Meet Your New Remote
All On
On Demand
Turn your TV and
set-top box on or off
at the same time.
Explore the
huge collection of
XFINITY On Demand™
movies, shows and more.
Access your
DVR recordings
and features.
Schedule a show or
series to record.
With DVR service,
you can jump
back 15 seconds
in a program.
Moves you up or down
in menus or forward or
backward while watching
a show.
Block a channel
or program.
Choose a show or
movie from the Guide or
XFINITY On Demand.
Leave the guide
screen to get back
to a show.
Return to the previous
channel or guide screen.
Learn more
about program.
Set up and vi
favorite channe
Need help? Just press on your remote
or visit to learn more.
Services and features vary based on service level and equipment. An additional monthly fee applies to DVR service.
Your remote control may vary slightly from the one pictured here, but the basic functions should remain the same.
Some features may not be available in all areas. For a complete list of Comcast remotes go to
remotes for more details. Only DVR set-top boxes can pause or rewind live TV.
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Your On-Screen Guide
See what TV shows and movies are scheduled up to two weeks out.
Need to see what’s on? Press
the TV Listings grid with the
on your remote control. Navigate through
buttons to see different channels and
• TV
Listings are color coded to help you scan for your favorite
• While you’re watching TV, press
to access a mini-guide.
once for a Quick Menu of shortcuts and twice for a full Main
Menu with all available options.
• Explore
all the features of your on-screen guide such as search tools,
Parental Controls and more.
• Use the
buttons on your remote to navigate through menu
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XFINITY On Demand™
Enjoy the best selection of current TV shows, hit movies and kids’
programming with XFINITY On Demand.
• Get thousands of TV and movie choices available instantly, included
with your service at no additional cost.
• New movies are released every Tuesday and are available a month
before they arrive at Netflix® or Redbox.®
• Add to your movie collection! Purchase TV shows and movies to own
on your TV or online. Just go to XFINITY On Demand on your TV and
select Movies then Movies to Own. To make a purchase online, visit and sign in with your Comcast ID.
Just press
on your remote control or go to Channel 1 to start
browsing through the vast library of programs.
Download the XFINITY TV Go app from iTunes or Google Play or visit to watch your favorites on your mobile devices.
The Blacklist available with XFINITY On Demand
Cutthroat Kitchen available
on XFINITY TV Go app
XFINITY On Demand™ programming requires subscription to TV service package with XFINITY On Demand
programming. XFINITY On Demand selections subject to charge indicated at time of purchase.
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Your DVR Service
Watch what you want, when you want, and never miss your favorite
Schedule Your DVR
Schedule your DVR to record a favorite series automatically or record a great
movie or event, then watch it when you want.
1. Press
on your remote control while watching TV to record a show.
Or, while viewing TV Listings in the Guide, highlight the program you
wish to record and press .
2. Press
and select My Recordings to watch programs you’ve
3. Select a program to play.
• You can schedule DVR recordings online! Go to
or download the XFINITY apps to your tablet or smartphone and
sign in. Check the TV Listings, then set your DVR to record your
choices, including currently airing programs.
Did You Know?
• You can record a series by pressing
and selecting Series Recording.
twice while viewing TV Listings
allow you to skip ahead or back in 5-minute intervals when
watching a DVR recording.
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Parental Controls
Parental Controls let you set the rules when it comes to what your family can
1. Press
twice on your remote control and select Parental Control
from the Main Menu.
2. While watching TV, press
, select the Lock icon or press
follow the on-screen directions.
• You can also set up controls for by visiting • For more information, go to
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Our Favorite Apps
Get the most out of your XFINITY® services with a variety of great apps for
your mobile devices.
XFINITY TV Go — Take your entertainment
with you, anywhere you go. Watch thousands
of XFINITY On Demand™ TV shows and movies
on your tablet or smartphone, plus stream
over 50 of your favorite networks live. You can
even download TV shows and movies to your
device and watch them when you’re offline
MOVIEPLEX® with your Premium subscription.
XFINITY WiFi — Find nearby hotspots when
you’re out on the town.
XFINITY Connect — Use your home phone to stay connected on the go
with unlimited nationwide talk and text, Readable Voicemail and Advanced
Call Forwarding.
XFINITY My Account — Pay your bill, manage your appointments and
check your connection status right from your mobile device.
XFINITY TV Remote app — Use your smartphone or tablet as a remote
control. Change channels, browse XFINITY On Demand™ and TV Listings
and even schedule your DVR when you’re away from home.
Download from the iTunes store or Google Play.
Available from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Programming and services vary based on service level. Standard
data charges apply. Check with your carrier. XFINITY On Demand selections subject to charge indicated at time
of purchase. Standard data charges apply to app download and usage. Check with your carrier. NBCU celebrity
endorsement not implied. All networks are divisions of NBCUniversal. © NBCUniversal Media, LLC. All Rights
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Speed at Home
Your new XFINITY® Internet service comes with reliably fast in-home WiFi
with the most coverage for all rooms, all devices, all the time. Plus millions of
hotspots nationwide.
Set Up Your Network
Tel 1
Cable/RF In
If you have an XFINITY Wireless Gateway, many are
enabled with the XFINITY®
WiFi Home Hotspot feature.
This creates an extension of
the XFINITY WiFi network for
guests right in your home.
To learn more about the
XFINITY WiFi Home Hotspot
feature, visit
Cable Wall
Connect Your Devices to Your Wireless Network
1. Find your router’s SSID and default password located at the bottom of
the wireless gateway.
2. On your personal devices turn on your WiFi and choose the router’s SSID.
3. Use the router’s default password to connect.
For your security and convenience, you can customize the default login
information to your in-home WiFi.
Stay Safer Online with Constant Guard®
Constant Guard® provides unmatched online protection against identity theft,
viruses and more with the top-rated Norton™ Security Suite, all included at
no additional cost. Visit to get started.
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Speed on the Go
Ready to watch your favorite programs, check email, surf the web and more
— all while you are away from home? With Performance Internet service or
above, you get access to XFINITY WiFi hotspots around town to connect for
FREE and save on your wireless plan.
Connect to Millions of
XFINITY WiFi Hotspots Nationwide
Sign in once and you will automatically connect the next time you are near
an XFINITY WiFi hotspot.
Enable WiFi on your
wireless device.
Select “xfinitywifi” in
your list of available
Sign in with your Comcast
email or username and
Download the XFINITY® WiFi app from iTunes
or Google Play to easily locate XFINITY WiFi
hotspots near you.
Learn how to set up your WiFi, manage your settings and troubleshoot Internet issues at
XFINITY WiFi app is available from iTunes and Google Play. Restrictions apply. Hotspots claim based on June 21,
2013 study by Allion Test Labs, Inc. XFINITY WiFi is only included with XFINITY Internet Performance and above.
Requires compatible WiFi-enabled laptop or mobile device. Hotspots available in select locations only.
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More Ways to Stay Connected
Set Up Your XFINITY Voicemail
1. Dial ·99 from your home phone.
2. Follow the tutorial to set it up and create a passwo
3. To change your Voicemail PIN,
4. To access your voicemail, you can dial ·99 from
your home phone, connect online at
or use the XFINITY Connect app.
Download the XFINITY Connect app to easily access
email and voicemail, enjoy unlimited, nationwide talk
and text* and see who’s calling your home phone.
*Requires subscription to XFINITY Voice Unlimited or Unlimited Select Plan.
Home Phone Features
CALLER ID BLOCKING – Ensure that your
name and number are marked as “private.”
deactivated after call
CALL SCREENING – Create a list of up to
12 numbers that will receive an announcement
that you are not currently accepting calls.
SPEED DIALING – Dial your frequently called
numbers with a few buttons.
CALL TRACE – Protects you against harassment
from another caller by tracing their number.
CALL REJECTION – Automatically rejects calls
from numbers with Caller ID blocked.
EcoListing: One-Stop Search for Phone Numbers
Perform Directory Listing searches quickly and easily using our online
directory listing website. Go to to start searching.
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Account Security
To help make sure your account is secure, Comcast will provide you with a
randomly generated security PIN, which is needed to access your Comcast
account information. Visit to request, view or
change your security PIN. Within My Account, you will be able to view your
PIN or request it via an automated phone call, email or postal mail.
911/711/611/411 Services
Dial 911 for emergencies.
Dial 711 for Telecommunications
Relay Service for the hearing
Dial 611 from your home phone for
XFINITY Voice tech support.
Dial 411 for directory listings, movie
theater showings, driving directions
and more.**
** Charged on a per-call basis.
Backup Battery
A battery backup and battery monitoring are not provided free of charge to
new XFINITY Voice customers. A backup battery (including monitoring) can
be purchased to insert into your XFINITY Voice modem to provide additional
hours of service during a power outage. If you do not have a battery backup,
you will not be able to use this service, including the ability to make emergency
911 calls during a power outage. Backup batteries are not available for
purchase from Comcast by Unlimited Select and Local Select customers.
Please call 1-888-972-1261 to purchase a backup battery.
For additional details, please visit
Unlimited Select and Local Select Customers in
Virginia and West Virginia Only
• Calls to 911 will not be completed if there is a problem with network
facilities, including network congestion, network/equipment/power failure
on our network or another technical problem. 911 calls may be interrupted
during a power outage to your home where power to Comcast’s network
remains available.
• For information about Alarm Systems, Medical Monitoring Devices,
Personal Emergency Alert Devices and Home Detention Devices, go to
• For information about Unlimited Select and Local Select service areas, go
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Troubleshooting Your
XFINITY Services
Try these quick tips for general service issues:
Comcast ID Recovery Trouble Getting Online
• If you have forgotten
your Comcast ID, visit
No Dial Tone
• Check all your power and
cable connections.
• Turn the modem off and on.
Not Receiving Calls
• Make sure all phones are on
the hook and that cordless
phone batteries are charged.
• Check the ringer on your
phone to make sure it is
turned on.
• Try to plug a working corded
phone into different jacks
to find out if the problem
is isolated to one phone or
one jack.
• If the phone rings a half
ring on incoming calls, Call
Forwarding may be activated.
TV Reception Information
The cable we have installed in your home is safe and reliable for carrying
cable TV signals. Here are a few tips to keep it that way:
1. During severe electrical storms, you should unplug your TV set and
set-top box to avoid damage.
2. Make sure the electrical cord is not worn or damaged.
3. Do not attempt to open or otherwise tamper with your set-top box.
4. If someone other than Comcast installs the inside wiring in your home,
make sure it complies with applicable governmental regulations and
does not interfere with the normal operations of the cable system and
other communication systems.
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The Comcast
Customer Guarantee™
The Comcast Customer Guarantee™ is our promise that we will always
provide a superior customer experience. We will make the following
guarantees to our customers:
• We will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee on our video, voice
and high-speed Internet services.
• We will offer two-hour appointment windows.
• We will always be on time within your appointment window or we’ll give
you a $20 account credit or a free premium channel for three months.*
• We will resolve routine issues in one visit or give you a $20 account
credit or a free premium channel for three months.*
• We will treat you and your home with courtesy and respect.
• We’re here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer questions
at your convenience.
• We will offer easy-to-understand packages and provide you with a
clear bill.
• We will continually offer the best and most video choices.
*$25 credit provided in Comcast systems in Illinois.
Learn more about the Comcast Customer Guarantee at:
© 2015 Comcast. All rights reserved.
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Quick Reference
Account Information
Visit 24/7 to set up your account, create a
user profile and manage your settings.
Questions about your bill or services? Call 1-800-XFINITY or visit
Fill in Your Account Information
for Quick Reference
Primary username ______________________________
Password ____________________________________________________
Additional username ____________________________
Password ____________________________________________________
In-home WiFi Network name ___________________________________
In-home WiFi Network password ________________________________
Voicemail Password ____________________
Security PIN __________________________
Don’t know your Comcast ID? Retrieve it by visiting
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