TFA | 15.2012 | Specifications | TFA 15.2012 digital body thermometer

3.2 Axillary use: Wipe armpit with dry towel then place the probe under the armpit.
Position the arm across the chest so the probe tip is well covered by the arm.This
also insures the probe is not affected by the room's air.Then press the ON/OFF
button to start measuring till the temperature stabilizes. Axillary temperatures
are generally 0.5 C -1.0 C lower than oral readings.
3.3Rectal use: Lubricate the probe with water-soluble jelly like K-Y jelly.Do not
use petroleum jelly like Vaseline for easier insertion.Insert the probe into
rectum about 1 cm(lower than 1/2 inch) till the temperature stabilizes.Rectal
temperatures are generally 0.5 C higher than oral readings.
4. Measuring time usually takes 10~20 seconds, but it sometimes takes longer,
depending on body site.
5. When the peak temperature stabilizes, then 4 seconds of beep alarm will operate.
6. Thermometer auto shut-off will operate after approximate 10 minutes.
7. Memory function:The thermometer stores the memory of last 5 reading.
1. Use the probe cover may result in 0.1 C(0.2 F)difference with real temperature,
and the measuring time will take longer.
2. It is suggested that rectal use thermometer separates from axillary or oral use
because of hygienic reason.
1. Do not bite,bend,drop or take apart the thermometer.
2. Keep out of the reach of children.
3. Do not expose to direct sunlight,high temperature,moisture or dirt.
4. Clean the thermometer after or before use with soft cloth and cleaning solution
listed below and store in the plastic case .Recommend to wipe with water soaked
cloth for home use.
5. Replace battery when
symbol displays.
It is suggested to wipe with soaked cloth or to wash with water.
Operating Instruction
please read carefully before use.
On-Off Button
Display Window
Battcry Covcr
Flcxible Tip
1. LCD displays the measured temperature.
2. With last 5 reading memory function.
3. With beeper sound to alarm the peak temperature.
4.Auto self-test and power auto shut-off.
5.With quick temperature response and high accuracy.
6. Comparison between mercury and digital thermometers,digital thermometer doesn't
have problems with mercury poisoning and danger of broken glass.
Measuring Range:32.0~43.0 C(90.0~110.0 F)
0.2 F95.0~102.2 F
0.1 C35.0~39.0 C
0.2 C the rest
Resolution:0.1 For 0.1 C
Working Conditions:32~122 F(0~50 C)Humidity:10~83%
Storage Conditions:-4~140 F(-20~60 C)Humidity:10~83%
Battery:1.5Vdc Alkaline Manganese battery SR41,LR41 or 392,192
BatteryLife:Approx,100 hours for continuous operation
or approx.18 months for 10 minutes per day
Power Consumption:0.15mW
Sensor Type:Thermistor
Display:Liquid Crystal Display 3-1/2(digits)
Memory:The last measured temperature is shown on LCD
Alarm:Approx.4 seconds of beep sound indicates the peak temperature
Weight:Approx.16.8 grams with Battery inside
1. Keeping press ON/OFF button and LCD displays 188.8 M (188.8 MF ),then
thermometer displays 1M following by L C(L F)and then 36.5 C( 97.7 F )When
the C( F)symbol starts flashing,the thermometer is ready for use.To recall the
last 5 reading,keep pressing the ON/OFF button and LCD displays188.8 CM (188.8 MF),
following by indication 1M, 2M~5M while pressing the button each time.
2. If ambient temperature is higher than 43.0 C ( 110.0 F ),LCD displays H C(H F)or
lower than 32.0 C ( 90.0 F )then displays L C(L F).
3. Disinfect the probe with alcohol then place the probe under/in:(Avoid drinking hot
or cold liquids,exercising,smoking,or taking a bath or shower before use).
3.1. Oral use:Keep your mouth closed for 1 minute before measuring and ensure that
no food or beverage has been consumed.Place the probe under the tongue and the
mouth should remain closed during temperature taking till the peak temperature
stabilizes.Temperature readings vary from person to person.Normal temperature is
36.0-37.0 C(97.0-100 F)
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