Revision A

Revision A
Control4® TV On-Screen
Quick Reference
Control your home from your TV screen
To select a room:
Welcome to the exciting world of home automation. The SR-250, used with your TV screen, controls
more than just TV channels and movies. Together, they control everything in your Control4® home
automation system. Turn on the lights in your kitchen from the great room. Heat up your pool with
a touch of a button. Make sure all lights in the house are off from your bedroom TV. The SR-250 and
TV on-screen menu keep you in complete control of your home while relaxing in front of your TV.
2 Select the floor, then in the right pane select the
room. A star next to the room shows the current
room. The Kitchen in the example (right) has a star
next to it.
Getting started
Use your remote’s
3 When the current room name changes, the menu
for that room displays in the TV on-screen.
button to access the Home menu on your TV.
4 Select what you want to control in the room.
Use the arrows and SELECT buttons on your
SR-250 to change channels, select other devices,
and interact with your system.
Using the TV on-screen menu
For more information, see SR-250 Quick
Change rooms before controlling your devices
The current room’s name appears in the top part of your
touch screen.
To control a device, you’ll need to change to the room
the device is in.
If your touch screen shows that it’s not in the room
you want, just change rooms.
On your remote, press the up arrow button to highlight the current room on the TV onscreen display, and then press SELECT. Use the arrow buttons to select the room you want.
Current room
Press the
button on your remote, and change to the room you want on the TV on-screen
(see instructions above). The menu for that room
displays on your TV.
2 Use the arrows and SELECT buttons to choose
an icon (see “Home
screen icons” below):
TV On-screen menu icons
These icons appear on your TV on-screen menu to control your system (this varies, depending on
what’s installed and which room you are in).
• If you’ve set up favorites, you’ll see a Channels icon.
Manage lights and scenes.
Watch cable, satellite, or movies on your
TV or projector.
Change settings, wakeups, remote
service, and more.
Listen to the radio, music, Rhapsody®,
and more.
Manage security cameras, door locks,
and more.
73 ºF
Use 4Store apps to enhance your
system, manage your smart locks, and
Manage thermostats, blinds, and more.
• If you have a media player, you’ll see a Movies icon.
Thermostats appear in the menu of all rooms. You don’t need to change rooms to manage your
Lists all of the installed Control4 lighting devices in your home; for example, keypads, dimmers,
switches, or lighting scenes in the whole house or in individual rooms. Lighting scenes are
preprogrammed sets of lights you can control by room or activity.
• Dimmers. Shows slider bars. You can set light
levels and intensity. Just select, hold, and slide.
Helpful tips
Room Off. To quickly turn off audio or video, press the
button on your remote.
• When you choose Listen, you won’t see any activity on the TV, but you can listen to Cable, Dish
Network music channels, radio stations, and more.
• You can access music stored shared on the network using Listen > My Music.
• Music services such as Rhapsody, Pandora, and TuneIn display under Listen.
• Radio stations display under Listen > Stations (depending on your reception and what you’ve
set up).
Volume. To control audio in other rooms, use the volume up and down buttons in the Zones screen
(see “Media Zones” below). You cannot control volume from your remote unless you select Zones in
the remote’s display screen or you’re listening to music such as Cable, Dish Network, or DirecTV.
Media Zones
• Light switches. Shows on/off toggles with no
dimmer control. Just select On or Off.
• All. Shows all lights and lighting scenes for a room
or house.
• By room. Shows the lights in a specific room.
Change the selected room to see the lights in that
room or select All Rooms to see all lights in all
• Lighting scenes. Shows the lighting scenes you or your dealer has created.
Recommended Control4 products
• Remote Recharging Station. Keep your remote charged all the time.
• MyHome app and 4Sight Service. With MyHome and 4Sight, control your home on your Apple
or Android smartphones or tablets...or even your PC, whenever you’re away from home or
vacationing abroad.
To listen to audio in one or more rooms, select the
(zones) icon under Listen. Add or remove zones
by room. For example, to play music in the theater, you just
add that room (zone). To also listen to your favorite podcast in
the kitchen, select to add that room.
• When you select the zones icon, rooms (zones),
volume, and other controls are available.
• Use the arrow buttons on your remote to ramp the
volume up or down, mute, or power off the selected
• Select Add Rooms to add other zones to what’s
• If you turn off the TV, zones will continue to play
audio in other rooms until you turn those zones off.
• Stream separate music in several rooms according
to each individual’s taste.
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