Reality is a Mirage
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The Mirage plays real sounds. It takes the technology of digital recording a step further and
lets you play and record dozens of actual instrument sounds with one compact and
lightweight keyboard,
So when you want a piano sound you get a real grand piano, When you want strings you get
a complete string section at your fingertips. When you want horns you get every brassy
nuance. The Ensoniq Sound Library contains an ever-expanding selection of the most
true-to-life sounds ever heard from an electronic instrument,
The Mirage is easy to play. The new weighted-action keyboard responds faithfully to your
touch with velocity sensitive control over loudness and brightness. And if your setup
includes MIDI equipment, the Mirage can carry on an intelligent conversation with your
other gear,
The Mirage is versatile. There are 37 playback parameters to give you a wide range of
control over envelopes, filters, tuning and key velocity effects. There's even an on-board
sequencer that can sync with other units via MIDI. So the Mirage is everything a synthesizer
is—and more.
The Mirage is affordable. Ensonig's advanced technology makes the Mirage a reality for
under $1700', See your authorized Ensoniq dealer today for a complete demonstration.
1 Our legal department panics whenever we say “under $1700°, The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Mirage is exactly
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