Panaboardm UB-8325 Specifications

Panaboardm UB-8325 Specifications
electronic board
N Panasonic
ideas for life
Panaboard” UB-8325 Specifications
Interactive’ Panaboard'
Cr 5
Power Supply AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz кс Ч -
Power Consumption 0.75 A/0.11 A (Operational/Standby) = x Ч В -
External Dimensions” 1,388 mm x 1,550 mm x 264 mm a ‚|
(H x W x D, without stand)
Weight" 47.5 kg with stand eee) ae KARO 070001
34 kg without stand
Input Block
Panel Dimensions (H x W)"
Panel Surface
Copying Area (H x W)
Scanning System
900 mm x 1,400 mm
2 (endless type)
850 mm x 1,330 mm
Image Sensors
KX-BP0385 KX-BP048 KX-BP0481
Output Block «=
Printing System Fusion thermal transfer type - =
Copy Paper Ad size, 60-90 g/m2 (Standard or recycled paper) 4 =
Copy Density 203 dots/inch (8 dots/mm) KX-BP038 KX-BP042 Boar
Copy Colour Black
Time Required for Copying Approx. 15 second per sheet
Continuous Copies 1 to 9 sheets - 1,550 mm =
Contrast Adjustment Two levels: Normal/Dark Le 4.400 |
2-screen Compressed Copying Yes ;
Interactive Function
Interface”? USB 2.0 (full speed)
Battery for Electronic Pen or Electronic
LRO3 ('AAA size') x 2
Alkaline battery (included)
Battery Longevity for Electronic Pen or
Electronic Eraser
Approximately 48 hours (Continuously at 25T)
When using Panasonic "LRO3" (AAA size)
Alkaline battery (included)
Effective Area Projector mode
Whiteboard mode
850 mm x 1,330 mm
*The position can not be detected within 50 mm
of the upper screen border.
825 mm x 1,330 mm
*The whiteboard can not be written on within 50 mm
of the upper screen border and 25 mm of the lower
screen border.
System Requirements
Computer IBM® PC/AT or compatible PC with a CD-ROM drive
CPU Pentium® II or higher processor
Interface USB 2.0 or USB 1.1
Operating System Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP
Memory Windows® 98/Me: 64MB or more
Windows® 2000: 128MB or more
Windows® XP; 256MB or more
Hard Disk Min. 100MB free space
except saving space for data files
Replacement Film
UG-6001 (set of 2 rolls 50 m )
Markers and Eraser Set(for Print Board)
KX-B035 (1 black, 1 red, 1 blue marker and 1 eraser)
Markers (for Print Board)
KX-B031 (set of 10 black markers)
KX-B032 (set of 10 red markers)
KX-B033 (set of 10 blue markers)
Electronic Pen Holder KX-BP038
Electronic Eraser KX-BP048
Eraser Cloth (for Electronic Eraser) (KX-BP0481 (set of 10 cloths)
Marker Set (for Electronic Pen Holder) KX-BP0385
(1 red, 1 blue, 1 green and 1 black markers)
Wall-Mounting Kit
1,100 mm
*1 Dimensions and weight are approximate.
*2 This electronic board does not function with Hi-Speed USB 2.0. Even if using a computer
equipped with Hi-Speed USB 2.0, this electronic board functions with Full Speed USB 2.0.
*3 Battery Longevity is approximate.
Design and specification are subject to change without notice.
* Microsoft”, Windows”, PowerPoint and CalliGrapher are either registered trademarks or
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
* IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States,
other countries, or both.
jour Presentation and meetings
Stand KX-BP065
* Pentium” is a trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in
the United States and other countries.
* Adobe”, Acrobat, Acrobat Reader and Reader are either registered trademarks or
trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
* All other brand or product names are the property of their respective holders.
MG-C469EE 0601 Printed in Japan
6 “ et everyone on the same page
un with Panasonic's Interactive
Panaboard. Whether using the
Panaboard in one of its interactive
modes, or simply writing directly onto
one if its panels, everyone leaves the
meeting with the same set of
information and everyone will be on
the same page.
-Project your presentations onto the
Panaboard, right from your PC. And,
for the ultimate in power and flexibility,
use the Panaboard's electronic pen to
control your PC application right from
the board itself.
-Using the Panaboard's electronic pen
or its "on-screen keyboard" you can
work with your favorite Windows”
applications directly from the board
without being confined to your PC.
Once you're done collaborating, you
can save and disseminate the results.
The Interactive Panaboard makes
every meeting an effective meeting.
D 3 on't just present to your
o audience... interact with them.
Simply use the electronic pen to
emphasize and highlight key words
and subjects. Even incorporate their
comments and feedback. No more
one-way boring presentations... get
everyone involved and enhance your
messaging. But it doesn't have to end
there.... save and distribute the
collaborated presentation to all the
attendees. That's taking presentations
to the next level.
U sing the Panaboard's interactive
| software and electronic pen,
adding notes to your presentation has
never been easier. Notes are
displayed on the Panaboard, for all to
see, even on your connected PC...
and in real time. Imagine standing in
front of your board and having
complete control over your PC and its
applications. That's one of the
features you get with Panasonic's
Interactive Panaboard software.
Advance through your PowerPoint”
presentation, toggle between
applications... it's the Power of
Panasonic's Panaboard. Now,
presenting to a large group of people
has never been easier.
/Share It, Save lt
Take Control
The electronic pen serves two functions-write and annotate on the Panaboard and
control your PC applications, just like you would using a computer mouse.
— Built-in printer
You can print the notes
you've made on the
Panaboard on its
integrated black and
white, plain paper
printer for the ultimate in
meeting room
1 \ Project Yourself
Your written comments can be saved to the Connect to a projector and your
connected PC and shared across the network so presentations are displayed right on the
everyone is on the same page.
Panaboard for everyone to see.
€,» haring information with those in
Wu, front of you, as well as those on
the network, is what it's all about in a
training session and the Interactive
Panaboard let's you do just that. As
you write on the board, the participants
in the audience in front of you, as well
as those on the network see the same
training materials. And, once the
training session has been completed,
participants can store the materials,
enabling them to refresh their memory
on the subject and ultimately retain
more from your training session.
desktop drawing tool № | Annotate, highlight,
The Panaboard's easy to use drawing tool lets you use its electronic [+ 7|| erase, capture,
pen and eraser to annotate and enhance presentations, record and print ...
spreadsheets, graphs and other projected applications. easily and
conveniently using
the Panaboard's
interactive toolbar.
т El
Using the "screen
keyboard" feature, you
can input numbers or
letters on the board.
screen capturing
You can save, play, edit and
distribute anything being
projected onto the
Panaboard, along with any
electronic notes and
drawings you've written
ale |B Eee
screen printing
You can even print black
and white copies of
what's being displayed
on the board... including
> your electronic notes, by
P simply pressing the copy
on the board. Z "Y ; di / button.
Used for
board image capturing CIMA Le
Anything written on the board can be recorded and played back on TRAINING
the PC in the order its written. An effective tool in trainings, lectures
and meetings - providing an electronic visual recap.
handwriting recognition function |
Using handwriting recognition technology, handwritten words and numbers can be converted mo
digital text and imported into your favorite Windows” application.
(Only English and German languages are supported)
2-screen copy key scan, save &
Two pages can be combined and distribute
printed as one page. Using Panasonic-DMS AN à
(Document Management
multi copy Software), you can scan, dre fr) CE TRS
You can print up to nine (9) black & save and later distribute the dr ei
white copies of each of its two large information written on the
panels. Panaboard. You can even =
remotely control the board
from your connected PC. St 0e
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