Manhattan 404198 equipment cleansing kit

404198 / 404204 / 404310
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MANHATTAN ® LCD Cleaning Kit.
Alcohol free, it safely cleans and
removes fingerprints, smudges
and dirt from most LCD surfaces
— while adding a pleasant scent.
• Safe for use on LCD surfaces —
helps restore and maintain
brightness and clarity
Ideal for use with flat panel
displays, notebook computers,
handheld devices and more
Non-aerosol, gel cleaner with
pleasant lavender fragrance
removes fingerprints and
smudges without harsh solvents
Soft, lint-free microfiber cloth
cleans, dries and polishes
for a clear, nonstreak finish
Shown complete with
cloth: #404198 Jasmine
• Cleaning solution: 30 ml (1 oz.)
• Microfiber cloth: 24 x 20 cm
(9.5 x 7.8 in.)
• Scent:
-404198: Jasmine
-404204: Green Apple
-404310: Lavender
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