PC-BOT 914 Player/Ubuntu Recovery Steps Here are the steps to

PC-BOT 914 Player/Ubuntu Recovery Steps Here are the steps to
PC-BOT 914 Player/Ubuntu Recovery Steps
Here are the steps to install (restore) Linux on a PC-BOT using the Live-DVD.
NOTE: these steps assume you are working with the WBR 914-PC-BOT in it's standard
(as-shipped) configuration (i.e. Single SATA drive (larger than 40GB) connected to the
Any other hardware add-ons or modifications will have to be addressed by the end user
and we can not offer support. This Live-DVD will return the HDD to the original state
with Ubuntu Linux and Player/Stage installed. Any user data will be lost!
Step 1. You will need to get the Live-DVD from White Box Robotics.
Step 2. Put the DVD in the CD/DVD drive of the PC-BOT, connect the monitor,
keyboard and mouse and boot the PC-BOT with the DVD.
Step 3. At the "IP/hostname" prompt type "local" then press enter.
Step 4. Select "Restore Hard Disk (local)"
Step 5. Verify that the Restore Target Drive is "/dev/sda"
Step 6. In "Source Path" enter: /cdrom/pc-bot-backup
Step 7. Leave "Mount Command" blank.
Step 8. Press Tab and select OK.
Step 9. Choose archive to restore: "linuxpcbot_1181932678" and select OK.
Step 10. The restore process will begin and should take approximately 10 minutes.
NOTE: if you experience an error during the restore it is likely due to a buffer underrun on the CD/DVD drive. Simply type "pba.sh" at the command prompt and restart the
process. (This error rarely occurs)
Step 11. After successful completion of the restore select OK then QUIT.
NOTE: The WBR Linux image was taken from a 40GB hard drive. If your hard drive
size is > 40GB (as it would be in the standard PC-BOT) you will have to resize the
partition to make use of the extra space. The following steps detail that process.
If re-sizing your partition sounds too complicated, you can skip these steps and just
type “reboot” at the prompt, your robot will shutdown, you can remove the DVD
and should restart working perfectly.
Step 12. To partition the free space type: "startx" at the command prompt.
Step 13. Close the ‘Dillo’ browser window that opens (click the X in the upper right
Step 14. Right click anywhere on the desktop and choose: Applications ->
Recover/Backup -> gparted
Step 15. You will see a graphical representation of your hard drive partition information.
To resize the primary partition we must first delete the extended swap partition.
Step16. Right click on /dev/sda5 (linux swap) and click Delete.
Step 17. Right click on /dev/sda2 (extended) and click on Delete.
Step 18. Now we can resize the primary partition, right click on /dev/sda1 and click on
Step 19. Drag the right slider bar until ‘Free Space Following’ is approximately 2GB
Step 20. Click the Resize/Move button.
Step 21. Now we must create a new swap partition using the remaining free space on the
hard drive. Right click on "unallocated" and select New.
Step 22. Click Create as and select "Extended partition".
Step 23. Click Add.
Step 24. Right Click on "unallocated" under the New partition #1 and select New.
Step 25. Click on File System and select Linux-swap.
Step 26. Click Add
Step 27. To apply all the changes, click Apply in the upper menu bar.
Step 28. Are you sure? Click Apply. The process will take several minutes to complete.
Step 29. When the operations are completed click Close. Click the X in the upper right
corner to close gparted.
Step 30. Right click on the background and select: Start/Stop -> Reboot, to restart the
Step 31. Remove DVD when prompted and press enter to reboot.
Congratulations. You've just installed the WBR Ubuntu Linux image to your PC-BOT.
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