Enhanced Voicemail
Enhanced Voicemail
Convenient & Simple
Cablelynx Digital Phone is the home phone
service you can make your own. The TUI*
settings allow you to make changes directly
on your phone and the WUI* settings indicates
the change can be made online through your
cable account.
Family Mailbox
create up to nine individual mailboxes under a primary
mailbox with distinct and separate greetings. To enable feature by phone and to
manage sub-mailboxes, follow these steps.
• Access voicemail
• To record or modify the Main greeting, press 1
• To add a sub-mailbox, press 2
• To delete a sub-mailbox, press 3
• To return to the previous menu, press the * key
Message Notification
Text message
allows your wireless phone to receive a text message alert
nofiying of new message. To enable feature by phone.
• Access your voicemail
• At main menu, press 2
• Follow the prompts accordingly
The first time you access your voicemail, you must call from your home phone. You will
be prompted to create a personalized passcode, record your own voice signature, and
record your personal greeting.
allows you to receive email notifications when you receive
Email message
messages in your mailbox. You can customize to allow the notification to have an
attachment in MP3 format to review the message.
Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Step 4.
Message Indicator informs you that you have a new message. Depending on the type
of phone, you may see a light or it may show a message waiting icon. Also the system
plays a short stutter tone before the dial tone.
Dial your 10-digit phone number and enter your default passcode when prompted. The default passcode will be the last four digits of your phone number.
Create your own personal passcode of four (4) to eight (8) digits.
Record your name announcement (you have 10 seconds to record your name)
Record your personal greeting or select the standard greeting (you have
30 seconds for personal greeting)
To access your voicemail from your home phone, dial your 10-digit phone number or
*33 and enter your passcode when prompted. When not at home, dial your 10-digit
phone number and press the (*) key during the outgoing greeting. You will be prompted
to enter your passcode.
To listen to your messages, press 1. From here, you can do the following:
• Press 2 to reply to message
• Press 0 for more options
• Press 4 to forward the message • Press *1 to rewind 5 seconds
• Press 7 to erase the message • Press *2 to pause and replay
• Press 9 to save the message
• Press *3 to fast forward 5 seconds
After the phone service is installed, you will receive a PIN number in the mail. With
the PIN number, you can activate your new phone line(s) online through your cable
account. You can view your call detail report, customize your features and voicemail
and review your bill and make payments online.
1.Go to http://mydigitalphone.cablelynx.com
2. Click the “Create New User” link.
3. You will be asked to create a userID, password, provide an email address and answer a security question. Then click to the next screen.
4. Once you have successfully created the account you will be routed to the profile page. Choose the tab “My Phone Numbers”.
5. Click on the box “Register Number”.
6. Type in the 10-digit phone number, the last 4 digits of primary acct holder SSN and the PIN number you received in the mail.
7. From the “My Phone Numbers” tab, you can then choose to customize your Voicemail and Phone features from the available icons.
allows to change from Personal Greeting to a Busy and/or
Multiple Greetings
No Answer greeting for a specified period of time. The greeting can be recorded over
the phone or uploaded through the web portal. To enable feature by phone.
• Access voicemail
• At Main Menu Press 3
• Follow the prompts
allows you to listen to callers while they are recording a message
Call Screening
and to respond to them while they are recording their message.
Caller Name Screening
enables the voicemail system to prompt the caller to record
their name. The system will call you, play the recorded name, and give you the choice of
being connected to the caller or letting the caller leave a message.
allows simultaneous call ringing to multiple numbers when the mailbox
Call Blast
owner receives a call. Once someone at one of the numbers answers the call, then
the rings cease to all numbers. If no one answers the call after the rings, the caller can
leave a message.
ability to create a list of telephone numbers to which messages
Distribution List
can be sent out. To enable feature by phone.
• Access voicemail
• At Main Menu, press 3
• Press 7 and follow the prompts to add or make changes to your list
allows you to choose the language (English or Spanish) of your mailbox.
Announce Only
allows you to prohibit all callers from leaving messages in your
mailbox. To enable feature by phone.
• Access voicemail
• At main menu, press 3
• Press 1 to enable or disable the feature.
allows you to receive fax messages in your voice mailbox. You can
Fax Reception
review your fax messages from the New Messages and Saved Messages from your
account in the Voicemail feature portal.
allows the system to perform a sequential search for you
Find Me/Follow Me
through a predetermined series of numbers that you set. If the system does not reach
you at the first number, the caller has the option to leave a voice message or have the
voicemail system dial the next number.
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