Xim 100 XimTouch Controller is a card access system to control a

Xim 100 XimTouch Controller is a card access system to control a
Xim 100
XimTouch Controller is a card access system to control a single door. It may be used to restrict access
to a room or any other sensitive area. The XimTouch Controller accepts door PIN from LCD keypad or
proximity card reader technology.
Product Features
Door Access Mode
- Standalone single door access application
- PC linked single door access application
- Onboard LCD keypad reader, proximity reader and exit push button
- 2000 card users with 4-digit PIN number storage
- 4000 transaction events with timestamp, event code, address and card number
Operation mode:
- Master PIN for setting menu entry (6-digit PIN number)
- Door PIN only with 10 sets (6-digit PIN number)
- Card only with 2000 card users entry
- Card + PIN with 4-digit PIN number for each card user
- Security ON by LCD keypad or via PC command (Permanent Door Locked)
- Security OFF by LCD keypad or via PC command (Permanent Lock Release)
Access Verification:
Site code checking
Expiry date checking
Active flag checking
Card user record validation
Anti-passback verification
Programming methods:
Local programming via LCD keypad interface
PC software programming via RS 485 interface
Controller databases:
3 sets 4-digit Site Code definitions
24 sets of Time Set settings with 3 time intervals
24 sets of Time Zone settings with 7 days + holiday Time Set definition
60 sets of holiday settings
99 seconds setting for lock release time and door open time
Reader Connection:
Support EM proximity reader connection via 26-bit Wiegand format interface
Anti-passback Function:
Local anti-passback mode with Time Zone control
Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage / Current
Controller: 12 Vdc / 65-130 mA
Proximity Reader: 12 Vdc / 60-70 mA
Operating Temperature
0 to 65°C
Backup Battery
Rechargeable battery 12 Vdc, 7 AH
Controller (90mm x 125mm x 25mm)
Proximity Reader (42mm x 85mm x 10mm)
Power Supply (250mm x 230mm x 75mm)
Controller (190g)
Proximity Reader (45g)
Power Supply (1.7kg)
System Overview
Xim 100
Event Logs
Card Access
Works together
PIN Access
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