Blodgett Convection Oven Operating Instructions

Blodgett Convection Oven Operating Instructions
Blodgett Convection Oven
Operating Instructions & Trouble Shooting Guideline
*This unit is designed to be used on a single dedicated 20amp circuit.
Control Description
1. BLOWER HI/LO/OFF SWITCH - Controls the operation of the blower. If the blower switch is in the
OFF position the oven will be turned off.
2. COOL DOWN SWITCH - When the switch is in the AUTO position, the oven can be used to cook.
When the switch is in the MAN position, the oven is cooling down for the next bake.
3. OVEN READY LIGHT - When lit, this indicates burners are operating. When the light goes out the
oven has reached operating temperature.
4. THERMOSTAT - Controls the temperature at which the oven will operate. Temperatures can range
from 200-500ºF (93-260ºC).
5. COOK TIMER - Used to time the length of the cooking operation. When the set time expires, a buzzer
will sound.
6. GAS CUTOFF - used to turn gas on or off.
1. Set the GAS CUTOFF switch to the ON position. Set the COOL DOWN switch to the COOK
position. Turn the THERMOSTAT to the desired operating temperature.
2. Set the BLOWER switch to the ON position. When the OVEN READY light goes out, load the
product and set the COOK TIMER.
3. When the timer sounds, remove the product. If the next product requires a lower operating temperature,
then the cool down mode can be used. Set the BLOWER switch to the LO position. Turn the COOL
DOWN SWITCH to the MAN position. Make sure that the door is open.
4. Turn the oven off by setting the BLOWER switch to the OFF position. Set the GAS CUTOFF switch to
the OFF position.
General safety tips
*DO NOT use tools to turn off the gas control. If the gas cannot be turned off manually do not try to
repair it.
If the oven needs to be moved for any reason, the gas must be turned off and disconnected from the unit before
removing the restraint cable. Reconnect the restraint after the oven has been returned to its original location.
*DO NOT remove the control panel cover unless the oven is unplugged.
Troubleshooting Guidelines
What to do in the event of a power failure:
*Turn all switches to off.
*DO NOT attempt to operate the oven until the power is restored. NOTE: In the event of a shut-down
of any kind, allow a five (5) minute shut off period before attempting to restart the oven.
*Turn gas valve to ON.
*Plug in electrical supply cord.
*Set control panel to COOK or OVEN ON.
*Set to desired cook temperature.
*Close Doors.
*Wait for oven to reach preheat temperature.
*Check the gas valve, turn on fully if necessary.
*Reconnect the quick connect. Check all gas connections.
*Plug in electrical supply cord.
*Reset the breaker.
*Close doors.
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