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The 25AROS is an open frame heavy duty relay output module designed to withstand
inductive load switching and high current applications removing the need to add extra
contactors and heavy duty relays to control systems.
Multi voltage supply voltage sensing enables the module to be run from 12VDC to 30VDC supply voltages.
Flexible din rail or surface mounting options are supplied with module. Full protocol document is available
upon request.
LED indication on all relay outputs, power and communication lines provide instant status feed back. Dual
communication ports support both RS232 and RS485 communications. When set to address 0 the module
becomes a data repeater/converter and it will re-transmit the incoming data on both RS232 and RS485
Technical Information
The 25AROS relay output module is available in Surface and Din Rail mounting configurations. Large 30
amp easy connect terminals are provided for relay outputs. Rising Clamp terminals are provided for all
other connections.
Order Code:
25AROS 25. AMP 8 Relay Output Module
The module is supplied with both surface
mounting and din rail mounting options.
The relay outputs are normally open contact
with 275VAC metal oxide varistors across each
contact to absorb back EMF.
Note: Do not exceed 230VAC on the relay
contact or leakage will occur in the MOV.
(GY iKoN avs N22 LTD u
PO Box 619, Pukekohe, Auckland 2340 |
T: 09 239 0507. M: 027 662 8463. E: [email protected] Member
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