[email protected]® Making home automation easier

ABB-free@home® Making home automation easier
[email protected]®
Making home automation
easier than ever
Work made easy
Installation and commissioning has
never been easier. From start to finish,
[email protected]® makes home automation easy. It saves electricians
valuable time and gives them a competitive advantage. Simply impressive.
The solution
The possibilities
Installation and
Comfortable home automation
The superior system
Comfort, safety and efficiency
Total network
Comparably little effort
Easy control of all functions
Scene control
Fast configuration via an app
Intelligent technology
An assured future and
environmentally friendly
Successfully winning customers
The range
Modular possibilities
Why do I need a new system?
Delivering home automation that is easy to understand and
future-proof is important to builders. And electricians can now
support them thanks [email protected]® due to its numerous
advantages. From installation to configuration, through to an
effective interface via an app.
06 The solution | [email protected]®
[email protected]® | The solution 07
[email protected]
Twice as easy
For commissioning and configuration
Numerous advantages all in one. [email protected]® combines
all the useful functions of comfortable home automation and is
easy to work with at a system level. It is simpler to commission –
saving you valuable working hours.
08 The solution | [email protected]®
Ready to start immediately
To become familiar with the system takes no time at all. It is
easy to understand and self-explanatory due to the assistance
function – the wizard. The straightforward, interactive online
seminar available in the office or at home can be followed by
experts or novices. This will prepare you to appear at your
customer’s premises as an expert in modern home automation.
Adjustment made easy
Configuration and operation of [email protected]® is as easy
as surfing the internet – thanks to the free app. No additional
software is required. The settings and adjustments can be
made either by you or the customer with every commercially
available computer or tablet – with an HTML5, independent
of platform.
[email protected]® | The solution 09
Total network
Blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning,
door communication
Comfortable right from the start. It begins with commissioning
and continues later when used as a part of daily life. With
[email protected]® all applications in and around the house are
amazingly easy to combine.
Whether blind, roller blind, awning or roller door – with the
[email protected] ® home automation, sun protection and
energy saving could not be easier. Opening and closing as
well as adjustment of lamella can be controlled with a switch,
[email protected] or app for smartphone or tablet. In
addition, a conventional weather station for protection during
a storm, a timer or astro function can be used. It automatically
adjusts the blind according to sunrise and sunset.
»» Flexible options for control
»» Storm, rain and wind protection
which responds to the weather
»» Simple operation
»» Optimized energy efficiency
due to improved insulation
»» Optional timing
Blind switch
Ready for all operating modes. With either a short or long press
of the button for roller blinds, exterior blinds or awnings as well
as adjustment of lamella. Together with a wind sensor the
roller blinds, exterior blinds and awnings close up completely
and are locked during high wind.
10 The solution | [email protected]®
Light control
Life begins with light. With [email protected]® it can be optimally
used, whether for illuminating individual rooms or the entire
house. For example, with striking light scenes – for different
moods and to suit the occasion. A pleasant side effect here
is the cost-saving and environmentally friendly use of energy.
»» Easy to adjust light scenes
»» Central or remote control
»» Fast activation of emergency lighting
»» Support of energy efficiency
»» Flexible use
Dimmer and movement detector
With [email protected]®, rooms or entire buildings can be
illuminated according to your requirements. Each situation
receives suitable light – whether striking light scenes or
emergency lighting. All lights are switched on at once.
[email protected]® | The solution 11
Heating and air-conditioning
Providing comfort and energy-saving. The optimum room
temperature can be adjusted with [email protected]® individually or according to the specific requirement, depending on
the time of day and the function of the room. In ECO mode,
the temperature is automatically lowered at night or when
the house is empty. The heating can be automatically shut
off when a window is open. This reduces the consumption
of energy – whether for conventional heaters or under-floor
12 The solution | [email protected]®
»» Heating to suit specific requirements
»» For heaters or under-floor heating
»» Support of energy efficiency
»» ECO mode
»» Local operation or remote controlled
via app for smartphone and tablet
»» Automatic deactivation when a
window is open
Door communication
Most welcome. The ABB-Welcome door communication
system can be integrated into [email protected] ®. The door
communication and home automation can be used together
with [email protected] 7".* For example, the light switches
on when the doorbell rings to see visitors more clearly. And
for reasons of safety, the video camera records pictures of
visitors at the door when no one is home.
»» Large touch display (17.8 cm), to
recognize who is at the door
»» Easy operation keys for opening doors,
mute function and light
»» Integrated picture memory
»» Configuration of “Welcome scenes”
when a visitor rings the bell or the
door is opened
Picture directly on the display
Practical and convenient. The picture of the video camera can
be displayed on the tablet or smartphone via the Welcome app.
This allows visitors who ring the bell to be recognized even
when you are not at home (requires ABB-Welcome IP gateway).
* D ifferent views: Home automation and door communication.
[email protected]® | The solution 13
Atmosphere at the touch of a button
Scene control
Fast change of scene. A single cilck on the switch, on the
[email protected], smartphone or tablet is enough to call
up a complete scene. For example, the living room can be
turned into a home cinema within just a few seconds. The roller
blinds close. The lights in the room are dimmed. This comfort
can be turned into reality with [email protected]® in every room.
The perfect evening after a day at work
[email protected] ® prepares a pleasant reception for your
customers when they come home from work. With a colourful
display of light and ambient room temperature. Precisely the
right atmosphere for relaxing. To create or change your own
individual scenes is child’s play with [email protected] ®. The
intelligent assistance function, the wizard, helps to put the
desired functions together. If you need to you can simultaneously activate the cooker hood in the kitchen and the lights
at the dining table, as just one example.
14 The solution | [email protected]®
Heating and air-conditioning
A pleasant stay. With [email protected] ®, rooms can be
adjusted to a pleasant temperature even before entering them.
Here the ECO function is very economical and environmentally
friendly. It lowers the temperature automatically at specific
times – such as at night or to suit the working patterns of
those in the home.
Remote control for everything
Always a good feeling. The presence simulation of
[email protected] ® records the weekly sequence of the
devices. This means that its response can be exactly the
same whether the residents are present or absent. The
function can be activated and changed by the residents
from anywhere. Whether on a business trip, on holiday or
while shopping around the corner. With
the app on the smartphone, remote
control and a safety check of the entire
home is possible from anywhere in the
world. Here the appropriate remote
control access must, for example, be
configured via a dynamic DNS service.
[email protected]® | The solution 15
Simply smart
With intelligent technology
Home automation is now easier than ever – with [email protected]®.
With the installation via two-wire line as well as configuration via
an app, the system is future-proof. It ensures electricians greater
success and easier operation for end customers – without extra
Everything is possible
The unique user interface has been
developed specially for [email protected]®.
It can be used via the internet browser
on a PC or laptop as well as on smartphones and tablets. An app which
adapts the user surface to the mobile
operation (iOS/Android) has been
developed specially for use with
smartphones or tablets.
16 The solution | [email protected]®
»» Easy to install
»» Easy to configure
»» Easy to change later
»» Intuitive operation
Configuration made easy
The intuitive user guide of the app allows all settings of
[email protected] ® to be made very quickly. All available
devices can be allocated to the respective floors and rooms
on the display of a tablet or computer and activated.
[email protected]® | The solution 17
Greater success
Delivering a competitive advantage
More and more builders need future-proof, easy home automation.
Until now, this meant increased work on the part of electricians.
With [email protected]® customer needs can now be met without
any great effort and new customers brought on board thanks to
the benefits the system offers.
18 The solution | [email protected]®
Ready for tomorrow. With [email protected]® you can offer your
customers state-of-the-art technology. With this system you
expand your range of services and have a clear advantage
over your competitors. This applies today and in the future as
technology develops at a pace.
Excellent business opportunities are waiting
Today, home automation touches everyday life. Here computers
and smartphones have shown the way. Business is booming.
One factor that is very important for your customers is energy
efficiency. And here [email protected]® offers electricians huge
opportunities for greater success.
The time is now. With [email protected]®,
electricians can now successfully enter the
home automation sector.
[email protected]® | The solution 19
20 Installation and commissioning | [email protected]®
It’s that easy?
Total home automation in just a few steps. And thanks to
its simplicity, with [email protected]®, project planning and
commissioning move much faster than with conventional
systems. It saves valuable working hours. And this reduced
effort can pay off in a very short time.
[email protected]® | Installation and commissioning 21
Easier in comparison
The superior system
Simply better. Up to now, the simultaneous control of different
functions, such as blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning
and door communication, has required extensive effort. With
[email protected]® networked home automation has now been
made easy and installation takes very little time.
22 Installation and commissioning | [email protected]®
Perfectly connected
The two-wire bus technology makes the installation of
[email protected]® as easy as possible. The cable can be fed
through the same duct as the power cable. However, totally
new possibilities open up when combining different functions. This allows the nerve center of the [email protected]®
system, the System Access Point, to be combined with
different sensors. These will then adjust blinds, light, heating,
air-conditioning or door communication.
Free and flexible
The functions can be fully customized according to the
requirements of your customer. All settings can be easily
changed later via the app – even by a layman. This allows
the home automation to be easily adapted to changing
living situations or to a changed use of the rooms.
[email protected]® | Installation and commissioning 23
Simply less effort
This saves valuable working hours
As easy as ever. Only few components are required for the
installation of [email protected]®. For the direct activation of
light, the entire system only requires a bus cable in green, the
sensor/actuator unit, a power supply and a System Access
Point for programming.
The System Access Point
The System Access Point is the nerve center of the
[email protected]® system. It provides access for computer,
tablet or smartphone via WLAN. This allows the functions of
the system to be defined and remote controlled – even after
installation. The System Access Point can also be combined
with a network router – via LAN or WLAN. Just connect and
you’re done. For convenience, the System Access Point makes
its own WLAN and the software necessary for project planning
and commissioning available. This makes you independent
from the structural conditions and no additional software is
required. As soon as you are finished with programming you
can save the status and restore it again at any time.
The actuators and sensors
Actuators for switching, dimming and control are available
for [email protected]®. The flush-mounted binary inputs also
allow the integration of conventional sensors, such as window
contacts, for example. Push-buttons, room temperature
controllers and movement detectors are available as sensors.
01 System Access Point
02 Sensor, 1gang
03 Switch actuator, 4gang
04 Binary input, 2gang, flush-mounted
05 Power supply
24 Installation and commissioning | [email protected]®
Central control
Decentralized control
actuator unit
Door communication
actuator unit
bus line
[email protected]
Two-wire bus cable
System Access Point
System Access Point
Door communication
bus line
[email protected]
Two-wire bus cable
Distribution with actuators
and power supply
Central installation distributor with DIN rail mounting actuator
The installation of central DIN rail mounting actuators in the
switch cabinet makes the installation of the sensors even
easier – as only the bus line is located in the flush-mounted
box. With this method, the costs for each channel can be reduced.
Distribution with
power supply
Sensor/actuator unit for decentralized control
All in one. In case of the sensor/actuator unit, both the sensor
and actuator are located in a single device to save space.
The basic function of the unit is pre-configured, which makes
programming the basic function unnecessary – but possible if
required. The 230-Volt line is wired as usual.
Sensor/actuator unit
The sensor/actuator unit combines a control element and, for
example, a switch actuator in one flush-mounted housing. It
is installed in the same way as a flush-mounted switch. The
device has already been pre-programmed: which means that
the light can be switched on directly after installation – without
programming. The sensor/actuator unit can, of course, be
freely re-configured via the user interface, just like all other
sensors and actuators.
[email protected]® | Installation and commissioning 25
Simply faster
With configuration via an app
Easy to operate. The configuration via the [email protected]® app
is easy to understand and fast. To start with, all available devices
in the rooms are activated via the display of the tablet or laptop.
Then the settings can be made. Brighter or darker. Warmer or
cooler. Save. Open and close. Earlier or later. Finished.
26 Die Installation and commissioning | [email protected]®
» » Pre-programmed All-off button
» » Free app for iOS and Android
» » Easy to understand
» » Intelligent assistance function,
the wizard
New Scene
Left Part
Top floor
New Scene
My Rocker
Floor 2
Floor 1
Regular Scene
Living room Lamp
Dining Hall
Living Room
Living Room
Dining Hall
Top floor
Living room Lamp
Kitchen Lamp
Floor 2
Floor 1
Leaving Home
Add floors
Presence Simulation
Top floor
First step – the house
First, the floor plan with floors and
rooms is created.
Add device
Second step – the allocation
The sensors are integrated in the app
in the floor plan and are allocated in
the system.
Add scenes and groups
Third step – linking
And finally, the elements can be
combined as needed.
Simple setup and modification
With the [email protected] ® app
scenes can be set as desired. Here the
assistance function helps. For example,
lamps and a specific position of the
blind plus room temperature can be
called up at the touch of a button.
Everything is possible
The unique app has been developed
specially for [email protected]®. It can
be used on smartphones and tablets
with the conventional operating systems
iOS and Android. A computer or tablet
is recommended for the initial commissioning of the [email protected]®.
[email protected]® | Installation and commissioning 27
A successful future
With the assurance as a global player
Advantages. The benefits of [email protected]® speak for
themselves. The easy installation, operation via an app and
the assured future of the system are strong arguments for
the forward-thinking electrician.
Reliable size
As global market leader for building systems technology, ABB
offers electricians a comprehensive and unique product range.
This includes light switches and system technology, building
control as well as technology involving energy efficiency –
modular, flexible and with an assured future. ABB products
and solutions encircle the globe and cross the oceans on
28 Installation and commissioning | [email protected]®
the seabed. They can be found in households, offices and
factories, in agriculture, in food packaging as well as in trains.
Power and productivity for a better world. As a technology
pioneer, you can rest assured that ABB will continue to invest
in new functionality for [email protected] ®.
Ideal for new buildings
[email protected] ® requires no
additional construction. The walls
are already open for the electrical
installation – which means that the
bus cable can simply be added.
The system needs no special cable
routings or its own installed cable
ducts. Easy to plan for electricians,
because the conductor routing does
not determine the function.
Manufactured with process reliability
[email protected]® is manufactured according to the international standard IEC EN 60669 and IEC EN 50428.
Environmentally friendly
with certificate
All devices for [email protected]® are
manufactured ecologically compatible –
according to the RoHS ordinance.
[email protected]® | Installation and commissioning 29
The freedom to design
Creative possibilities for your customers
Liberating. As innovative home automation [email protected]®
offers an endless number of possibilities for creative design.
This allows the home to be equipped in line with endless
personal concepts and preferences. Both today and in the
30 The possibilities | [email protected]®
[email protected]® | The possibilities 31
Simply smart
Whether comfort, safety or efficiency
Smart. [email protected]® transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights, heating,
air-conditioning or door communication – comfort, safety and
efficiency can finally be remote controlled. Via a switch on the
wall or with a smartphone.
32 The possibilities | [email protected]®
Simply everything
Open for new ideas. With [email protected]® all functions in
the house can be managed automatically – according to time
plan, temperature and movement detector – or be called up
at the touch of a button. And here, every combination of the
various functions is possible.
Door communication
Many advantages for operation
More pleasant living. The [email protected]® home automation
makes daily life easier. Blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning
and door communication can be controlled together: The
smartphone becomes the remote control in the house. The
blinds can be moved up and the radio in the kitchen can
be switched on with the touch of a button while you are still
in bed – or all lights and devices are deactivated via a switch
when leaving the house. Very convenient. Extremely comfortable. Very energy efficient. The setting of these scenes is as
easy as can be – to suit the mood or situation.
[email protected]® | The possibilities 33
Easily controlling everything
Blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning,
door communication
Greater comfort, increased safety, greater energy efficiency. With
[email protected]® daily life becomes easier in many ways. All
functions in the house can be remote controlled totally according
to personal preferences.
The pleasure of simplicity
Home automation with [email protected] ® is fun for your
customers. They can call up all functions individually – whether
via switch, [email protected] or via app for smartphone
or tablet. This makes a totally new feeling of freedom possible,
with independence from space and time. From anywhere in the
house or anyplace in the whole world, lights can be switched,
blinds moved or rooms heated or cooled.
34 The possibilities | [email protected]®
Programmed to simplicity.
The extremely user-friendly app of the [email protected]® makes
home automation via smartphone or tablet as easy as surfing
the internet. With this multifunction remote control you can
also make changes later without any previous experience.
Fast change of scene
A single touch of the button on the switch, on the
[email protected], smartphone or tablet is
enough to generate a complete scene. This allows
a living room to be transformed in a matter of seconds
to suit an occasion – for welcoming guests or for a
pleasant evening of relaxation.
The All-off button
The easiest method for switching off – [email protected]®
provides it with the All-off button. It is especially
practical when leaving the house, through this button all
networked devices in all rooms are switched off at the
same time. This function is pre-programmed, making it
simple to set up.
[email protected]® | The possibilities 35
The range
Modularity makes everything possible
Article no.
System Access Point
[email protected] 7"
For commissioning and remote control of the
For [email protected]® and ABB-Welcome. For the central
[email protected] ® system. Allows the execution of astro
control of up to 16 configurable functions and display of
and time programs. Commissioning and remote control is
the video image of an ABB-Welcome outdoor station. SD
executed via web interface or app. No additional com-
card slot for extension of the picture memory. Suitable as
missioning software is required. Easy commissioning with
room temperature controller extension unit. For surface
WLAN ad-hoc mode. Connection to the home network
via WLAN client mode or via CAT cable.
(H × W × D)
110 mm × 170 mm × 31 mm
155 mm × 218 mm × 29 mm
Technical data
Display elements: LED for status display
Display size: 17.8 cm (7")
Rated voltage: 230 V~
Display resolution: 800 × 480
Rated frequency: 50 Hz /60 Hz
Display elements: TFT Touch Display
Protection class of device: IP 20
Protection class of device: IP 30
Rocker, 1gang
Rocker, 2gang
Article no.
(H × W)
80 mm × 80 mm
80 mm × 80 mm
future® linear
future® linear
Available with the
following icons (blind,
light, dimmer, scene)
36 The range | [email protected]®
Rocker, 1gang
Rocker, 2gang
Article no.
(H × W)
81 mm × 81 mm
81 mm × 81 mm
Available with the
Reflex SI /Busch-Duro 2000® SI
Reflex SI /Busch-Duro 2000® SI
Movement detector
Movement detector
With select lens for detection with animal access.
With select lens for detection with animal access.
For automatic switching of [email protected]® actuators
For automatic switching of [email protected]® actuators
following icons (blind,
light, dimmer, scene)
Article no.
dependent on movement and brightness.
dependent on movement and brightness.
(H × W)
80 mm × 80 mm
81 mm × 81 mm
Technical data
future ® linear
Detection range: frontal 6 m, lateral 3 m
Reflex SI/Busch-Duro 2000® SI
Detection range: frontal 6 m, lateral 3 m
Detection angle: 180°
Detection angle: 180°
Brightness limit value: 1 – 500 lux
Brightness limit value: 1 – 500 lux
Protection class of device: IP 20
Protection class of device: IP 20
Mounting depth: 9 mm
Mounting depth: 9 mm
Room temperature controller
Room temperature controller
As cover for [email protected]®
As cover for [email protected]®
room temperature controller RTC-F-1.
room temperature controller RTC-F-1.
(H × W)
80 mm × 80 mm
81 mm × 81 mm
future ® linear
Reflex SI/Busch-Duro 2000® SI
Article no.
[email protected]® | The range 37
Article no.
Switch actuator sensor, 1/1gang
Dim actuator sensor, 1/1gang
Blind actuator sensor, 1/1gang
For switching 230 V~ consumers. With
For dimming 230 V~ loads. With inte-
For controlling blind and awning
integrated switch actuator. Switching
grated universal dimming actuator for
motors. With integrated blind actuator.
function is available also without
controlling different lamps. The dim-
Blind function is available also without
prior programming (pre-configured).
ming function is available also without
prior programming (pre-configured).
Only to be used in combination with
prior programming (pre-configured).
Only to be used in combination with
[email protected]® 1gang rockers.
Only to be used in combination with
[email protected]® 1gang rockers.
[email protected]® 1gang rockers.
(H × W × D)
71 mm × 71 mm × 45 mm
71 mm × 71 mm × 45 mm
71 mm × 71 mm × 45 mm
Technical data
Outputs: 1× normally open contact,
Outputs: 1× dimming channel
Outputs: 1× Change-over contacts/
potential free
Suitable for: 230 V incandescent
normally open contact, potential-
Suitable for: ohmic
lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps
Rated current: 10 A
with conventional transformers
Rated power: 920 VA
Rated power: 2300 W
or electronic transformers
Rated current: 4 A
Suitable for: capacitive
Rated power: 10 –180 W/VA
Suitable for: Operating mode blind
Rated current: 10 AX
Suitable for: LEDi and energy-saving
Protection class of device: IP 20
Protection class of device: IP 20
bulbs; typical
Mounting depth: 32 mm
Mounting depth: 32 mm
Rated power: 2– 80 W/ VA
Protection class of device: IP 20
Mounting depth: 32 mm
Article no.
Binary input, 2gang, flush-mounted
Binary input, 4gang, flush-mounted
Conventional push-buttons or auxiliary contacts can be con-
Conventional push-buttons or auxiliary contacts can be
nected to 2 channels. The information of the contact enquiry
connected to 4 channels. The information of the contact
can be used for activating [email protected]® actuators or for
enquiry can be used for activating [email protected]®
recording status information. The contact polling voltage is
actuators or for recording status information. The contact
made available from the binary input itself. Extension of the
polling voltage is made available from the binary input
connecting cables possible by a maximum of 10 m. Flush-
itself. Extension of the connecting cables possible by a
mounted device for installation in a 60 mm device box or
maximum of 10 m. Flush-mounted device for installation
distribution box.
in a 60 mm device box or distribution box.
(H × W × D)
39 mm × 40 mm × 12 mm
39 mm × 40 mm × 12 mm
Technical data
Inputs: 2
Inputs: 4
Polling voltage: 20 V–
Polling voltage: 20 V–
Protection class of device: IP 20
Protection class of device: IP 20
38 The range | [email protected]®
Article no.
Flush-mounted device
Room temperature controller
Sensor unit, 1gang
Sensor unit, 2gang
Control element with room tempera-
For transmitting switching, push-
For transmitting switching, push-
ture control function for controlling
button, dimming and blind commands
button, dimming and blind commands
commercially available actuating
to an [email protected]® actuator.
to an [email protected]® actuator.
drives or analogue actuating drives
Only to be used in combination with
Only to be used in combination with
(continuous controllers) in connec-
[email protected] ® 1gang rockers.
[email protected] ® 2gang rockers.
tion with HA-M-0.6.1, HA-M-0.12.1.
With display of set-value temperature.
Only to be used in combination with
[email protected]® room temperature
controller cover plates CP-RTC-xxx.
(H × W × D)
71 mm × 71 mm × 30 mm
71 mm × 71 mm × 23 mm
71 mm × 71 mm × 23 mm
Technical data
Display elements:
Control element:
Control element:
LCD Display showing operation
Switch contacts top/bottom
Switch contacts top/bottom
Display elements: LED as
Display elements: LED as
Protection class of device: IP 20
light for orientation or display of
light for orientation or display of the
Mounting depth: 14 mm
switching state
switching state
Protection class of device: IP 20
Protection class of device: IP 20
Mounting depth: 9 mm
Mounting depth: 9 mm
Article no.
Power supply
Binary input, 4gang
Power supply with integrated choke.
Records AC/DC signals of 10 to 230 V via 4 channels.
Fast diagnosis due to LED display for operational
The information of the signal evaluation can be used for
readiness and errors.
controlling [email protected]® actuators or for recording
status information.
(H × W × D)
90 mm × 72 mm × 64 mm
90 mm × 36 mm × 64 mm
Technical data
Display elements: Operational load/overload LED
Inputs: 4
Rated voltage: 230 V~, +10 %/-15 %
Protection class of device: IP 20
Secondary: 30 V, +2 V/-2 V
Module width: 2 MW
Rated frequency: 50 Hz /60 Hz
Outputs: 1
Rated current: 640 mA
Protection class of device: IP 20
Module width: 4 MW
[email protected]® | The range 39
Article no.
Switch actuator, 4gang
Dimming actuator, 4gang
For switching 4 independent 230 V~ loads. Each contact
Multi-channel universal dimming actuator for controlling LEDs,
has a manual operation function independent of auxiliary
incandescent lamps, 230 V halogen lamps, low-voltage halo-
voltage for additionally displaying the contact setting.
gen lamps with conventional or electronic transformers, and
dimmable energy-saving halogen lamps. For dimmable retrofit
LED lamps (LEDi). Increasing the maximum load via channel
bridging possible. The outputs can be switched parallel in any
combination. Outputs automatically recognise the connected
load. In addition, the operating mode can be selected manually. Status indication of the channels via LED.
(H × W × D)
90 mm × 72 mm × 64 mm
90 mm × 144 mm × 64 mm
Technical data
Outputs: 4
Display elements: Outputs status indication via LED
Suitable for: AC1
Rated voltage: 230 V~
Rated current: 16 A, at cos φ 0.8
Rated frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
Output voltage: 230 V~
Outputs: 4× dimming channel
Suitable for: AC3
Suitable for: 230 V incandescent lamps and low-voltage
Rated current: 8 A, at cos φ 0.45
halogen lamps
Protection class of device: IP 20
with conventional transformers or electronic transformers
Module width: 4 MW
Rated power: 10–315 W/VA
Suitable for: LEDi and energy-saving lamps; typical
Rated power: 2–80 W/VA
Protection class of device: IP 20
Module width: 8 MW
Blind actuator, 4gang
Heating actuator, 6gang
Heating actuator, 12gang
For controlling 4 independent blind
For controlling thermoelectric
For controlling thermoelectric
or roller shutter drives. The outputs
actuating drives in heating/cooling
actuating drives in heating/cooling
are inversely blocked. The bus can be
systems. The outputs are protected
systems.The outputs are protected
connected via enclosed terminal block.
against short-circuit and overload.
against short-circuit and overload.
(H × W × D)
90 mm × 72 mm × 64 mm
90 mm × 72 mm × 64 mm
90 mm × 144 mm × 64 mm
Technical data
Outputs: 4
Outputs: 6
Outputs: 12
Suitable for: AC3
Suitable for: ohmic
Suitable for: ohmic
Rated current: 6 A, at cos φ 0.45
Rated current: 160 mA
Rated current: 160 mA
Output voltage: 230 V~
Protection class of device: IP 20
Protection class of device: IP 20
Protection class of device: IP 20
Module width: 4 MW
Module width: 8 MW
Article no.
Module width: 4 MW
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