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Parts List and Bike Preparation
Please be sure to read our instructions thoroughly
before attempting installation.
• Check Parts list supplied with your kit to be sure all parts are handy.
• First, park the motorcycle on hard pavement or concrete to insure the
bike will be stable during the installation. If you can mount the bike on a
stand with tie-down straps, this will help secure the motorcycle.
• Follow the manufacturers guidelines for disconnecting the battery. This is
important to prevent damage to the electrical system.
We suggest keeping your lights on all the time, we do not furnish an
“on-off” switch. It is important to be sure that the wire you use will turn
off when the bike is turned off. Otherwise, you will end up with a dead
battery. Nobody likes that.
Clearwater lights include a simple and high quality means of connecting to the
motorcycle’s electrical system.“Posi” devices made by Posi-Products are used
to securely and safely make electrical connections on the bike. You can view
instructions on the proper installation of the Posi-Products on the manuals page of
our website or on Posi-Product’s web site at They simply
screw together and mate the wires.
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Mounting The Lights
Fender Mount Overview:
Note: Bracket and bolt sizes not given in parts list due to a design
change in Multistrata 2010 and later. Below are the specifics:
2009 and earlier: Bracket: 660 Bolt: M6x45 Spacer: 1/2”x3/4”x6mm
2010 and later: Bracket: 680 Bolt: M6x60 Spacer: 1/2”x1-1/4”x6mm
• One side at a time, remove both fender bolts. Be sure to keep fender
from hanging in a fashion that damages it. Use a wire tie or piece of wire
to hold the fender until you are ready to install the new bolts. Inspect the
female threads on the brackets for dirt or foreign substance. If possible,
use compressed air (wear protective glasses) or small bottle brush to
clean the threads
• Pre-assemble the lights, mounting bracket, shoulder washers (if
needed) and spacers with new bolts. Add 1 or 2 plastic washers to
shoulder washer to make up for the difference in the thickness of the
front fender if needed.
• Gently screw all bolts in hand tight. Inspect the bolt length and spacer
alignment before tightening the bolts. Assembly will resemble the
diagrams below.
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Mounting The Volume Control Knob
Mounting The Volume Control Knob: (Bar Mount)
• Mount the Volume Control Knob to handlebar by using supplied
bracket, bolt and clamp.
• Route wires from lights and volume control knob bracket to area
under left side of forks. Connections can be made here and be kept
• Hint for High Vibration installations: To keep the Volume Control Knob from
rotating itself under high vibration, put a dab of silicone adhesive under the knob
and let it dry. Then push the rubber knob back on. The friction of the glue under
the knob will keep it in place.
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Wire Routing:
• Be sure to route wires so that they cannot become tangled or caught
in either a suspension part or steering part. Check movement of both
steering and suspension before riding the bike.
• It is sometimes helpful to follow existing wire routing.
• Main power needs to be connected to a switched hot. This means one
that turns off with the key. An Auxiliary hot can be used as an alternative.
Using the supplied Posi-twist connectors, connect the wires according
to the accompanying color wire diagram. Attach ground lug to ground
on frame tab or other suitable location. Be sure not to use a low beam
headlight wire on H4 headlight bikes.
• Find a good solid ground point for the black wire terminal ring.
• Use a Posi-twist to connect the green wire from the volume control
knob to the two green wires from the lights (3 wires).
• Use a Posi-twist to connect red wire from the fuse holder to the red
wires from lights and volume control knob (4 wires)
• Connect ground/black wire to black wires from lights and volume
control knob (4 wires)
• If you would like to use the high beam feature (recommended), use a
posi-tap to connect the white wire from the volume control knob to the
high beam headlight hot lead (+). This will be on only when the high
beam is illuminated.
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Aligning the Lights:
Ask an assistant to help you with this procedure. Make sure the bike is on
level ground and have an assistant sit on the bike. With a right angle board
or object, position the board on the floor and slide it up to the light. The goal
is to adjust the lights so that the light is level with the ground.
Passengers and luggage may alter the alignment of the light, so further
adjustments may be needed. You may find that a slight downward angle (5
degrees) is helpful.
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