ViewSonic Pro8500 Projector Setup

ViewSonic Pro8500 Projector Setup
ViewSonic Pro8500 Projector
Setup & Troubleshooting Instructions
Basic Setup
1. Remove the projector from the packaging and place it on a stand or table facing the screen or wall you want to
project the picture onto.
2. Remove the lens cover. Connect the power cord to the projector and a wall outlet or heavy duty extension cord.
Connecting Your Source
1. To connect to a laptop computer, connect the VGA cable (included) from the monitor output of the laptop to a VGA
input on the projector. This is a blue 15-pin connector on the projector and a similar 15-pin connector on the laptop.
2. To connect a Mac laptop you'll need a DVI to VGA adapter between the VGA cable and the laptop, a DVI to VGA
cable, or a DVI to HDMI cable.
3. To connect a DVD player or other video source, connect the composite video cable (yellow ends) between the
yellow “video in” connector on the projector and a similar video out connector on your DVD player. Some DVD
players and other video sources can be connected with the HDMI cable (included).
4. To connect a USB flash drive or other USB source like a digital camera, connect the larger end of the USB cable to
the USB A input on the projector then connect the smaller end of the USB cable to your device. If the included USB
cable does not fit, please use the USB cable that came with your device. If you are using a USB flash drive,
connect it directly to the USB A input. The projector will automatically display the thumbnails for viewing or you can
manually select USB Reader from the source selection bar. Use the four directional buttons or the page up/down
button to move between thumbnails or folders. Press ENTER to view your selection or open a folder.
Connecting Audio
1. This projector has a small built-in speaker. To connect a laptop to the projector sound, use the included 1/8” audio
cable (green ends) between the laptop audio output and the projector audio input (small blue connector labeled
“Audio A”). Use the “Audio Settings” menu on the projector and/or the volume control on your laptop to adjust the
sound volume.
2. For louder sound you can connect the audio output from your source to a PA system or portable stereo. When doing
this, the audio does not need to connect through the projector at all. Connect a suitable cable from your source
(laptop or DVD player) to your audio system. If you rented a portable PA system from ATS, suitable cables and a
separate instruction sheet will be included.
Testing and Adjustment
1. Press the power button on the projector to turn it on. In about a minute an image should start to appear on your
screen as the projector warms up.
2. Move the projector closer to the screen if the image is too large, and farther from the screen if the image is too
3. Adjust the foot on the front of the projector to point the image up or down to match the height of your screen.
4. Use the menus on the projector to adjust the shape of the image if it is not square with your screen.
5. Turn the lens ring on the front of the projector to adjust the focus until the image is sharp.
6. Turn on your source (laptop, DVD player, etc). Press the left arrow button on the projector to select the input your
source is connected to. Once you have done that, the image your source is sending should appear on the screen.
1. Nothing appears on the screen at all, screen is dark:
Make sure the lens cap is removed from the lens.
Make sure there is power to the projector and it is turned on (power button should be lit up).
Allow a minute or so for the projector to warm up.
Turn the projector all the way off and back on. If the screen is still dark, the projector may be malfunctioning.
2. Only a blue screen appears, no image from the source.
Make sure a cable is connected from the output of your source to an input on the projector. This projector also
has a VGA out which will not work as an input.
Make sure your source is turned on and outputting an image. Many laptops require you to press a function key
on the keyboard to turn on the external VGA monitor output. The key may be labeled “CRT/LCD” or have a
picture of a monitor on it. Hold “Function” (near the shift key) and press this key to toggle the VGA output on
and off. Sometimes this output may also be controlled by right-clicking anywhere on your laptop screen and
selecting “Properties”, then the “Settings” tab and adjusting which displays are active.
Press the left arrow button on the projector to select the input where the cable from your source is connected.
3. Image is not bright enough.
Close blinds, cover windows, turn off lights to darken the room, especially any light shining directly on the
Move the projector closer to the screen. This will produce a smaller but brighter image.
Press the power button twice to turn the projector off, then wait 2 minutes until the cooling fan turns off before
unplugging the projector power cord. This allows the projector to cool safely before losing power.
Questions? Call toll-free 1-888-418-9037 or email [email protected]
For urgent technical support outside of business hours call 1-815-230-1911.
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