HP Color Loserlet 4700 series printer oncl CM473O MFP Series

HP Color Loserlet 4700 series printer oncl CM473O MFP Series
Browse our HP Color LJ 4700 Catalog or our HP Color LJ 4730 Catalog
HP Color LaserJet 4700 series printer
and CM4730 MFP Series
4700n * 4700dn * 4700din = 4700ph+
CM4730 * CM4730f * CM4730fk * CM4730fm
Print office documents and marketing material * Re9ize Ihe advantages of color—For professionel
results and brilliant color every time, count on
in brilliant color with crisp detail on a ra nge of HP ColorSphere toner and ImageREt 3600. The
reliable, all-in-one design of Original HP Color LaserJet
Papers. Wa tch prod uctivi ty Soar with P rint ; print cartridges provides you with trouble-free printing,
d f f " d . page after page, cartridge after cartridge. HP's color
COPY, scan, an ax functions | пед rated into access controls help you protect your investment, while
one rel Ia ble device still reaping the benefits of color when you need it.
Control who has access to color printing capobilities
li nd monitor color printing
Brilliant color out of the box COG Menor cesar paving
* Get more done. Print color and black-and-white
documents at speeds up to 31 pages per minute С O | O rS h = re
(ppm) with the HP Color LaserJet 4700 series printer, ©
and up to 30 ppm with the HP Color LaserJet CM4730 HP TONERS
MFP series. Packed with power, this MFP series is a
complete office solution—with print, fax, copy, and | Standard and available features vory occording to model. See “Technical
send-to functionality. ? Specifications” on page 6 lor more details.
2 HF Digitol Sending Sofware 4 is optional (not included, sold separately).
Software is server-based, server required. Tal is included.
Easy for IT and end users
* Enjoy best-in-class HP Jetdirect embedded networking.
Transfer information quickly and reliably for increased
efficiency. HP Web Jetadmin offers remote installation,
configuration and proactive management—including
color control. The HP Embedded Web Server performs
remote diagnostics, sends e-mail aleris, provides job
tracking and accounting, and automates supplies
Let the device work for you. HP Smart Printing
Technology? works with the device and HP print
cartridges to make automatic adjustments for reliable,
consistent results every time you print. Simply and
conveniently replace cariridges with HP SureSupply™
shopping and online ordering.‘
* Easy to use— Your time is precious, so you want an
effortless printing experience. The HP Color Laserjet
CM4730 MFPs award-winning HP Easy Select Control
Panel redefines usability.’
Expandable functionality
* Take a break from reloading paper. The HP Color
Laserjet 4700 series printer offers an amazing input
capacity of up to 2,600 sheets, and the HP Color
LaserJet CM4730 MFP series handles your busy
workgroup with an input capacity of up to 1,600
sheets. Both products feature a 100-sheet multipurpose
tray and 500-sheet input trays.’
* Effortlessly deliver finished output. You'll save time with
scalable finishing features. Add the stapler/stacker with
job offset to the HP Color Laserjet 4700 series printer to
slaple your documents or separate print jobs for easy
retrieval. For the HP Color LaserJet CM4730 MFP series,
choose the 500-sheet stapler/stacker to staple up to 30
pages or the 700-sheet 3-bin mailbox to assign print,
copy, and fax output to diferent mailboxes or assign
users to each tray.’
* Boost productivity with a multifunction product.’ The HP
Color Laserjet CM4730 MFP series delivers the some
great printer capabilities as the HP Color LaserJet 4700
series printer, plus offers your workgroup easy, high
quality two-sided scanning, copying, and fax via the
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).
Preserves your budget
* Designed for the way you work —This MFP series
delivers the office functions you perform 96% of the
lime—letter and legal-sized printing. While tabloid
printing and copycentric fealures are nice to have, ore
they worth the extra expense? Avoid the up to 65%
higher purchase prices of comparable digital devices
and the up to 36% higher total cost per page.“ When
you're locking for an MFP that truly fits your usage
needs, consider a purchase that makes the mos!
financial sense—relevant functionality at a price thal
makes sense.”
Vivid color and powerful performance
If you want brilliant print quality that exceeds your
expectations every fime you print, but you don't want to
make a lot of adjustments or sacrifice fast printing speed
and flexible features, these devices are for you. For
vibrant color documents and expandable paper-handling
capabilities, choose the HP Color Laserlet 4700 series
printer with an input capacity of up to 2,600 sheets as
well as finished output with the optional 750-sheet
stapler/stacker with job offset.’ The HP Color LaserJet
CM4730 MFP series expands on the performance and
output quality of the HP Color LaserJet 4700 series printer
by offering the ability to copy, scan, fax and digitally
send documents to e-mail or network folder. [You cannot
upgrade the printer to include these features.) The MFP
also offers a standard input capacity of up to 1,600
sheets and a choice of paper handling output solutions
with the 700-sheet, 3-bin mailbox or the 500-sheet,
3 Using genuine HP supplies ensures amilability af all HP printing leatures.
4 To luam more about HP SureSupply™, visit www hp.com/go/ SureSupply.
5 Buyers Lab gave HP à "Pick of the Year” award in December 2006 for
"Cutslonding Achievement lor the User Interface Design cf its Multifunction
& Purchase figure is based on cost comparisons with comparable
workgroup-class digital devices available as of June 7006. Total Cost Per
Poge [TCPP]) figure based on short and longdife consumables, hardware,
and service al 6,000 pagesmonth: color TCPP queted, mono (black
hos a 20% cost advantage.
7 Source: Proprietary study of general office paper use worldwide, Lyra
Research Inc.
Get the best-in-class color laser
solution that meets your workgroup's
demanding performance and print
quality needs.
In-house color marketing
Print short-run color documents in-house, quickly and
affordably. When you print materials in-house, you have
control over the process: you ensure that printing is
effective, efficient, and affordable, and that any private
company information stays safe. Printing frequently
updated materials on-demand, such as promotional
material or brochures, means that you can make changes
at a moments notice and never waste printed material
due to obsolete information. You also save the time and
cost of inventory management, Companies ranging from
small to large report that HP's affordable, best-in-class
color solutions deliver money to their bottom line. Some
ways, such as improving your image and adding impact
to marketing publications, are indirect. Others are direc
and measurable, such as productivity gains and tangible
cost savings with in-house color printing.
HP ColorSphere toner
With HP ColorSphere toner, your prints will shine with
uniform gloss and a dynamic range ef color, The toner
features gloss levels that are significantly improved ever
previous HP color toners when printing on glossy paper.
Improved melting and fusing technologies work in sync
with the toner to enable superior toner release and flow.
The result is brilliant, intense colors and excellent photo
quality output for your business documents,
HP's color toner enables a finer range of colors because
each toner particle conforms lo an extremely consistent
size and shape. This consistency allows particles to be
placed on the page with the precision needed to produce
a wide range of colors with the most subtle differences in
shading. HP ColorSphere toner is also designed fo
enable faster printing time. The toner particles are
chemically grown around an optimallysized wax core,
producing particle sizes that are designed to work with
HP's fusing technology for faster printing without
sacrificing quality.
Intelligent printing
Designed with office workgroups in mind, the product is
simple to install, use and maintain.
* Integrate documents into workflows with the HP Color
Laserjet CM4730 MFP series. Optional HP Digital
Sending Software facilitates document workflow and
enhances business communications by enabling Optical
Character Recognition (OCR), and sending fo shared
network folders and fax services, including LAN fax,
Internet fax, and Windows" fax services.
“ HP completely redefines the term usability with the HP
Color LaserJet CM4730 MPP's radically simple,
award-winning HP Easy Select Control Panel. Take
advantage of your MFPs complete feature set with an
intuitive interface that clearly displays all available
applications. The HP Color Laserjet 4700 series printer
control panel offers complete, timely information about
the printer and print jobs. Designed for quick and easy
troubleshocting, the control panel displays up to four
lines of text and animated graphics simultaneously.
* An always-on, internal clock improves product
availability for both the HP Color Laserjet CM4730 MFP
series and HP Color LaserJet 4700 series printer. Once
configured, the product can be configured to
automatically wake up from sleep mode so that it is
ready to work when you are.
HP color management tools
The HP color access control solution makes color printing
and copying more affordable than ever by helping you
control who uses color and when they use it:
* Control color copying. Color copy lockout allows IT
administrators fo password-protect the HP Color Laserlet
CM4730 MFP series as a black-and-white only copier,
so you can control when and how color is used in your
Assign color access to specific users or workgroups.
Use either your printer's embedded Web server or HP
Web Jetadmin’s fleet configuration capability to
designate who has access to color printing. That way,
people who truly need color—such as your sales team
and marketing department—can use it.
Assign color access by application. Designate
certain applications for printing color and others for
printing black-and-white to ensure that users only
print color on their most important print jobs and
that other printouts—such as Web pages—are always
Shut down color completely or temporarily disable
color capability. Disable color printing on shared
printers— locking out all individuals and
workgroups —so you can save your color resources
for special projects or seasonal needs. IT administrators
can set print settings to control color printing using
HP Web Jetadmin's Print Driver Pre-contiguration Plug-in.
Track color use by job, by user, and by device. HP Web
Jetadmin's Report Generation Plug-in generates realtime
and periodic usage reports that make it easy to track
color use by job, by user, and by device. Plus, it allows
you to easily allocate costs to individual departments.”
8 Billing solutions are an optional feature available of on additional cost
through HP's solution partners,
HP Color LaserJet 4700 series printer
1 750-sheet stapler stacker
with job offer sioples up lo
30 sheets for instant reports
or presentations
à Automatic two-sided printing
at full engine speed
3 100<heet multipurpose
handles heavy custom io
up lo 58Ib bond [220g m")
4 Five universal 500-sheet in
Irays suppor! paper up lo 37/b
bond (120g/m’)
5 Control panel simultanecushy
displays up fo four lines of text
and animated graphics
& Front door allows convenient
access to all four HP prin
cartridges and lies seven
40G8 HP high- noe
embedded hard disk
B 544MB total memory quickly
and easily les com
print jobs
9 Hi-Speed USE 2.0 por
10 Host USB accessory port
11 Bidirectional IEEE-1284-C
parallel port
12 HP letdirect Fost Ethermel
embedded print serves
13 Twa open EIO slots
HP Color Laserjet 4700ph+ printer shown
Series at a glance
HP Color LaserJet
4700n Printer (Q7492A)
= 100-sheet multipurpose tray and
500-sheet input tray 2 for a
600-sheet capacity
* 500-sheet output bin
* 128MB RAM
= One empty DIMM slat and two
empty flash memory slots
= HF Jetdirect Fast Ethernet
embedded print server
* Two open ElO slots
HP Color LaserJet
4700dn Printer (Q7493A)
HF Color LaserJet 470On plus:
« Additional 128MB RAM for
256MB total memory
* Automatic two-sided printing
HP Color LaserJet
4700din Printer (Q7494A)
HP Color LaserJet 4700n plus:
* Two additional 500-sheet input
trays for a 1,600-sheet capacity
* Additional 128MB RAM for
256MB total memory
= Automatic hwosided printing
* Printer stand
HP Color LaserJet
4700ph+ Printer (07495)
HP Color LaserJet 4700n plus:
* Four additional 500-sheet input
trays for a 2,600-sheet capacity
+ 750.sheet stapler/stacker with job
offset in place of the 500-sheet
oulput bin
= 40GB HP high-performance
embedded hord disk
+ Additional 384MB RAM for 512MB
total memory
* Automatic two-sided printing
= Printer stand
HP Color LaserJet CM4730 MFP series
1 50sheet ADF seonner
processes two-sided documents
of full speed
2 HP Easy Select Control Panel
provides efloribess interaction
with the MFP
3 100sheet multipurpase 1
handles heavy custom media
up to 58lb bond (220g/m?)
4 Side door allows convenient
access fo four, albin-one
HP paint cortridges Five
FOO heel, 3-bin mailbox
allows. you to sort by user,
print, copy, or fox jobs
6 Fulspeed, automatic
lwo-sided printing
7 Three odjusioble 500-shest
три! rays suppor! paper up lo
32Ib bond [120g/m)
8 Foreign interface
harness for thi
paperhandling solutions
9 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports
10 IEEE-1284C porallel port
11 HP Jeldirect Fast Ethernet
embedded print server
12 КМ! fax port
13 One open ElO slot to add even
more functionality, including
Apple networking
14 _448MB loto! memory quickly
ond easily handles complex
prin jobs
15 40GB HP Mah pericemoncs
embedded disk
HF Color Laserjet CM4730fm MFP printer shown
Series at a glance
100-sheet multipurpose tray
Three 500-sheet input trays
500-sheet output bin
not available
not available
— HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet print server
Built-in automatic two-sided printing
* 40GB high performance hard drive
HP LaserJet MFP Analog Fax Accessory 300
500-sheet stapler stacker
not available
700-sheet, 3-bin mailbox
Technical specifications
| d7C0n 4700dn 4700dim 4700ph+ CMATI0 MFP СМАТЗОРЕ МЕР CM4T30kk MFP | CMA730fm MFP
1974 7495 (CB4B1 A] [CB482A} |CB483A)
Frist and copy speed” Lip te 31 pom Lip te 31 pp, letter (color and binch-asd=hilel; Up lo 30 ppm, legal (biachasd=hile]
Fs! poge oul, prisking Less than 10 seconds lator, Ready; bow than 16.5 seconde kat, Power Seren Loss than 10 scandy for, Ready, | Lest than 12 second lefler, Ready;
bois her 17.5 secerda letior, Postre lets hon 75 seconds foie. Fovaroen
Frist resolution 600 к S00 dps, wth HP mage 3500
Copying Mol aenidable Up bo 797 copiez: reduce or enlkaige from 15 lo 400% [om wasnes gaia), 25 to 200% [le ADF}
Fusing Med endnble Optional via ha Fox speed: wp bo 11.6 kbps; ¡BIG compression, haa fas poling.
OER eoodcosang lo «plo 10 locabons speed deal fup bo 1050 samba), put fox
aachen, and або diobng Hs supported
Scanning Piolo dable Color Roibad iconser or ADF; vp lo 600 x $00 dpi 3051 {Rofbed], up ka 600 « 300 dps 3044 [ADF]
Mean input mode: copy. e-mail, lar, secondory email, olde, workflow
Digital 1endag Mol aeaduble Via optional HP Digital Sending Soltwosc iscondory email, sendicdolder, sendio- for,
authentication, digial lax [indie LAM, Wiedows" 2000, Intemei); format: PDF, PEC, TIFF AUTIFF
. x ae AE RTS
Avodabile rmemery oh Expandable via one avallable DINDA dol lor memory and ho evallable Bosh memory cord alols lor loni Sa A RD Ceac Rar halo Eo coa dad rate zu
cordi or third porty solutions
Mamery, maximus SAMAR EAM SI2MB RAM
Maximan monthly duey cycle” 100,000 pages | 175,000 pages
Recommended monthly volume” 3,000 6 10,000 pages | 5,000 de 4,000 page
Media = Е =
Popes hordlirg Кей! maskrpurporis roy, S00-sheas! ray 3 Hi shaet meolbpurpose | WO FO shart maslipusposar tery, S00H-shesst input ga, 2, 3, ol for 0 dolol of 1,600 thests
tor a toñal ol 400 sheets ву, ЗОНА toys 2 | Foy SOD60sf ira 2, shoot ADF
3, 4 lor a total of A, 4, 5,4 for a lol
1,605) sheets 2600 sheets
Chips SO kat as oupué bin 750 shee! wale Sta lado coi bin 500 se POD: bel Ti mesilla:
2 ps A Sth CR prep SAN] |
Sines —Mlicuiposs hoy: 4 rT "ТИ недо ВНЕ МР ИМ 256 mal; lees lagal, lem, de o 1 $71 [76 к 127 mm) io B.5 x А" [216 я 3156 mal; oie, legal, executes,
aninwiren, eevlopes (Ma. 1), commercial] S00-sheot mput inoys: 508 к 8.37 [148 = 2%) rem] 10 [Pde 10, commercnl |; 300-thest inp baa: 5.8 = B37 (148 710 sm) le
8.5 x 147 {216 x 356 mon]; leter, legal, executive; cadet dann fol supported hor audamañr Eve nided dir la Led arre DES. ей suppóried ler axioma: tuedided
EA FE RS EL LT E EE иесищине
Ve Mabipurpare hoy: 16 lo БАНЬ Боли (0 io 220g/ m" Automatic tao sided SON heet ingrata | Multgparpose nay 16 lo GOR bond [50 to F20g mm]; Automohc hen-taded printing ond, 500 chee ip
opticaol Jbin moilbos, ropling =h ha optional sopler/Vocker: 1640 JJ bond (50) 10 12097] ways, opfional Thin malbou, optional кори vaciar 16 to J21h bond {60 lo g/m‘)
Туре Foper ¡pian. prepgosied isterheod. prepusched bond, recyclod. colos Eght, imemedme, heavy sota hemoy, mugh, qicsry, heovy qory, logh|. onspomncees, lobed. envelope, cond doce
Interiaces Bicrectional EEE-T284C poslel port Hi Speed LER 70 port, two open BO shots, forsgn interlace los | Brdrectionol IEEE-1784C pormitel por HiSpeed LEB 70 port, ore opes EIC dol kon ine
third party solutons, Fica! LISE accessory pod Boma. Hos USE accessory port
te a Ka Pe mr Г ea na ET a par
longuoges HP POLE, HP POS. HP posticript level 3 emulalica, dimol FOF prirsing [v 1.4) PAL [Printer Management
Fons 973 intemal Trauïype lost scoloble la HF PCL and HP poshicript level 3 smukation; odeditonal [Gt solutions | 0 intemal Traeliypa ooh scalable wm HP PLL ond HF postsipt level 3 emulation; additional loal solution.
nadal via Bath memory avaiable via Roth memory
Chant operating roma JP" Hare, XP" Pecuiiional, Sener 2000; Mas OS Ta and higher Maz CS X Windows Vila" ES, Visa mdd, XP" Bb, slim" Server 2007 aBó, Windows" Sere 2003
10.1 er higher: ephienal: 057, UNID", HF OpenVMS aña, MP wha; Misc O5 X vi0.2, vi0 3, # 10.4 or later
Hebéodk aperefing idem" Via Le HP Joidir=s prial server: 1 Home, XP Prolemianal, XP" dba Server 2009: Матвей inde iso" Compatble, Yale" Pau, XP, Server 2004, XP”, 2004 Ea PP 6464,
Novell Mfrs 3.2, 4.2, 5.5, &.x (NOPS: Moc OF B.5 or higher; Red Hol linux da, 7a; SUSE | {Ma only supporied on Windows" 2003 cad Wisdows® 1: Pec on [Prd only om Windows" 2003 and
[тих x HR 10.30, 11x; Sclaria 2 бк, 26. 7, E [SAARC symtoms only]: IBAN ADC 375 er higher Windows" 17); Novell 3.1 cad later, Moé C6 X v10.2 v 10.3, v 10.4 or later; Bad Hal lines 7.x ond
MPER: Cótris Masofrome: Windows" Terminal Senicai: optional: 062, UND, HP Cpesvivs hotor: SUSE Lisux 8.2 ond laser; HPUX 10.20, Mu Ti: Soloria 25 ond loter [SPARC syshwms calyk IBM
AD 3.25 avd later: MPEJ Caria Metofrora Server: Window" Terminal Service
Mebvork protocol veproried” Via Las HF jetdimel peral sereer: TORAP OP Direc! Modi: mary sequin software bom the MOS sender or 3rd Pets: DHCP, MTTE, HTTPS, Fort 9100, 1 Dimees Media, LFO, IP, MUDA, ICHMPrA, Apple Bongsu
party vandar (PD, FIR, 8), X/SPX, DC/UWC, AppleTall, Aug Apple Rmderou compribl, NDS,
Bindary, NICE Talaal, SUP IGMP, BOCTE/DHCE, WANS, S408 + 1, y De end v 3, HTTP
FE, 'NS-Dicoverg; Pad: FE PEZ Aue. Apple Bonjoer Compatible, Telnet, SUF
GAP, BOCTP DHCP, WinG, SHMPy 1 Ave 3, TFIP HTTR HTTPS, Pert 9300, LPD, IF Direct Made;
Dimensions par bay d Бу №) 20527150 70.5 E 235 by MEA dE 27872 Fl x 25.7 0 454" 494295225454"
1797 (571 = 508 24.7" [591 x 578 IA" [530 = TIS 54.7 (430 x 715 [7RÁ x 637 x 1153 mm) [Hide x 529 2 1153 mm)
x 582 mm] 828.4 me) «10106 mm) x 13755 man) a
Мен! 103. 1b [47.7 ka) HOF Els (48.9 bag) 2306 (104.3 2888 (130.5 kg) 273k (124 bg) ___ 20816 {14 kg]
What's in Ba box Printer, HP betlivect Font Etseeret embedided print serves. power coble, and documentation | MFF HF jeidreci Fast Ethemet embadded priné server, power cond: IEEE 1264-C paralial cable; soltwose
on CI, indoos: docementation: Gating Storied Guide, hilcopacitr 11,000-page block asd 10,000-poge dre and docementafics on CO inbos documentaobon: Crfing Hored Crede: hal copociy
Cyon, magenta, and pobce HP Color Lovorket priré coriridges” viih HE Coloriphere Toner, one 100-1heei RNa Layer Se eT CT pe ae with FF ColorSphers
mubipunpode leny cra S00 phased inpead roy loser, KM ma po oy, S00 sheet input ima. 2, 3, 4; Он АЖ
Alo includes 7000 phos: Automatic 4700 pha 700m pha: 40GB CIMTIO pho: VF Lowrie | CATION pha: CAAT phat:
hwo-saded prinfing Pinker sand embedded hard diva, MEP Analog Far — | 300ahasi voplerfuocher | 200-shest, bin mois
diri y apli oa Acomióry 300, phorna
bs offs cond, Fox rial Guide
Ervinameanta! ranger A
rester Operating: 50° bo Bé* F (10 la 30° Cf smcommended: 62.68" lo 77° F (17 io 25° 0) Operating: 597 1a Ba" F [15° 10 30° Cf meommendad: 63° ba 75 F | 17 0 25°C)
Prestireres [byyukandie] Operating: 10 ю ВО %; recommended: 20 to 70% Operating: Kho 70 %; recommended: 20 10 60 %
aude Ц Dio 7500 E [0 к 7300 m) Dio 8530 № [010 2600 m)
Ama =
Fret Actes: 67 ELA}; Ready: 77 BA) Act: 6.8 BA), copy; 6.3 BAL printing: Ready: inowddble
Presser [bayside | Ван: ЗО ВА), vandby: 31 dB Are 52 ЦА), copying: 50 dBA), prsling Beody: inowhble
Paquin int vhoge” 10 10 127 [210% 50/40 Hz (+2 He 220 o 240 V (210%, 50/80 ir [22 Fa] 110 197 VAC 110%), 50/60 He [£2 Hi)
Poser comumplson”
clive, pricing 567 wuts М emis 623 ry FU wally
Aiea, BION TEO aña
E... DL. ¡E pee = BS warty
andl _55 wahl A wait En mm _ ;
Presa 17 ent la 25 ah
OH чи 0.3 mii 0 47 rot
Typical Eleciucity Contemplion (TEC) 6573 kvéh/rfoek —EMERGY STAR" qualbed model, se: hi. ww hpeomyiga/enssgyar 7.731 heh — ENERGY STAR" quairbed model. see: Big www hp.com, ga emerson
EMO CISPR 29: 19970 58022 РОВ Св BEN AH 19957404; EN &1000-3-3: 1995; EM CA 72-2005 / Es 59022-20068 Clais A, EN 61000 32:2000, EN 1000-33: 195%, EM
Sara: 1958 FOC Tila 47 CFR, Part 15 Chas A/ECES-007, have 3/COPala. 1998, CANTOS. 1.1958: 550741998. РОС Тана 67 CFE. Part 15 Claia A / ICPS-OC, bave 4 / GÉT2SS 1598, GB 1625,
EC Directive E9/I36/TEC, the Low Vollage Directive 74137/EEC. and carried: He 12003, EMC Dirociive 89/338, TEC and the Low Yohiage Disecliw 73773/EEC and comes er
CE Marking accordingly a CEMorking accordingly ———
Sylt Aare (TUN 5 Mark RZ Ds. ¥007,58], Awtoba [AS NZ 3250), Conoda (cLCAN/CSA Conoda (cULCAMN/CSA CF 3 Mo 60950: 103), USA JUELIL 6055017 FDAZ] CFE Chapler 1
CFE OHIO Peach [ICAA AYCE-AICIAS OI SCFN, LA MULLE SOASO; FCA-71 CFR Chapter 1 Subckaoçées | for lasers}. Closs | Lone TED Peodect.
Subchapter | for losers): Class 1 Lower/LED Product
Telecom or voilier TBR21:1978: EG 201 Fei: Tose, FX for A БАН СВОД ЕК
HF SursSupply™ enchied To lor mors about HP SareSupplye, plense visi wen hp.comga/ Sumbuppy —
Fost pp] emita Apr e Bo is Conlara, Eu lea, ers lp ula у
12 Caty pele es bebo os Ba aaa a al pepe jas o ad fa Ti ma pres strate Al poa ss aces de ea FF Lina bet as Pda ms hs, ml des ns dele pre a] a poll a dere laa fr e
HER comen o rad 0 [oben] piace [ait dont ha a ds td ga ho ope dea peto i, busied on Barons vu hake) begin placa a and dé bli der nr pda re raat pa
IT Edo of proc od oprobio ys combination on speared or more lores ga lo === hp.com,
EY AE er costra page rindo crm booed ol Res pares! poga coverage. Deckred ¡ld sober an acordo 6 ENTES N For maes bicentenario come! porq
Vd bas male | eg a bota form шла р отн pap A TO arar Бр Ada re res Pra eta a És hp ada a ara el area
Ordering information
HP Color LaserJet 4700 series printer
HP Color LaserJet CM4730 MFP series
Printer * HP Color LaserJet 4700n printer Q7492A — * HP Color Laserjet CM4730 MEP CB480A
* HP Color Laserjet 4700dn printer Q7493A * HP Color Laserjet CM47308 MEP CB481A
* HP Color LaserJet 470Odtn printer Q7494A — * HP Color Laserjet 4700fsk MEP СВАВЗА
* HP Color Laserjet 4700ph+ printer Q7495A = HP Color Lasérlet 4700fm MFP CB483A
Accessories * 500-sheet paper input feeder Q7499A * 500-sheet paper input feeder G7521A
* 750-sheet stapler/stacker with ¡ob offset" Q7003A = /50-sheet, 3-bin mailbox Q7523A
* Printer stand Q7501A * HP LaserJet MFP Analog Fax Q3701A
Accessory 300
+ HP Digital Sending Software 4 T1936AA
= HP AuleStore T1943 AA
HF Color LaserJet Print * Black Print Cartridge (11,000 pages) GQ5950A = Black Print Cartridge (172,000 pages) Gédé0A
Cartridge with HP * Cyon Print Cartridge (10,000 pages) Q5951A * Cyan Print Cartridge [12,000 pages) Gó4ó1A
Colorsphere Toner * * Yellow Print Cartridge (10,000 pages) Q5952A * Yellow Print Cartridge (12,000 pages) Cé4é2A
* Magenta Print Cartridge [10,000 pages) Q5953A * Magenla Print Cartridge (12,000 pages) Q6463A
Connectivity accessories * HP Jetdirect 625n Gigabit Ethernet 17960G— = HP Jetdirect en1700 USB 2.0 Print Server 179886
Internal Print Server * HP Jetdirect en3700 USB 2.0 Print Server J7942G
« HP Jeldirect 635n IPvé/lPsec and 17961G (print only)
Gigobit Ethernet Internal Print Server * HP Jetdirect ew2400 Wireless USB 7.0 79516
* HP Jetdirect ew2400 807.119 Wireless 177516 Print Server (print only)
& Fast Ethernet External Print Server * HP Jetdirect 510x Parallel Print Server 17983G
(USB Hi-Speed] (print only)
+ HP Jetdirect en3700 Fast Ethernet 17942G * HP Jeldirect 300x Parallel Print Server 13263G
External Print Server (USB Hi-Speed) (print only)
* HP 611300 Bluetooth" Wireless 16072G + HP letdirect 635n ElO Print Server 17961G
Printer Adapter * HP Jetdirect 630n ElO Print Server 17997G
Memory and storage * 20GB HP high-performance ЕЮ JE073A = 128MB 200-Pin DDR DIMM Q7721A
hard disk * 256MB 700-Pin DDR CIMA QG7722A
* 128MB 200-Pin DDR DIMM Q7721A = 512MB 200-Fin DDR DIMM Q7 723A
= 256MB 200-Fin DDR DIMM QI 722A
* 512MB 200-Fin DDR DIMM Q7723A
Cables * Porollel cable, 3-meter IEEE 17284 A-C C2946A — * Parallel coble, 3-meter IEEE 1284 А.С C2946A
* Parallel cable, 10-meter IEEE 1284 A.C C2947A = Parallel cable, 10-meter IEEE 1284 A.C C2047 A
* HP USB cable, 1.83-meter (4-C) CÓSIBA
Supplies * Staple cartridge (5,000 staples) for C8O914 + Staple cartridge (5,000 staples) for CBO А
stapler/stacker with job offset stapler/stacker
* 110 volt image fuser Q7502A = ADF replacement Mylar sheets Gé4d96A
* 220 volt image fuser G7503A + ADF maintenance kit Q5997 A
* 110 volt image transfer kit Q7504A * 110 volt image luser Q7502A
+ 220 volt image fuser G7503A
* 110 volt image transfer kit G7504A
Service and support « Jwear warranty service, 4-hour response, U3795E = 3-year, warranty service, 4-hour response, HCTIéE
standard business hours (9x5) standard business hours (9x5)
= dear next business day response H3113E = 3-year, warranty service, 4-hour response, HCTISE
« Metworked hardware installation H2872E extended business hours [13x5)
and configuration * 3year, next business day response HC113E
+ Networked hardware installation and configuration UZ010E
Paper « North America: www. hp.com/go/everydaypapers * North America: www.hp.com/go/everydaypapers
* Contact HP vía phone: USA: 1-800-477-5010 + Contoct HP vio phone: 1-800-477-5010
Third-party solutions * www. hp.com/go/gsc * www.hp.com/go/gsc
15 Compatible with HP Color lasertat 4700dn, 4700€dtn, and 4700ph+ printer models only,
ló AD print cortridge page yields ore based al five percent page coverage. Declared yield value in accordance with ISO/IEC 19752. For more information, visit www hp.com/go/pogeyield.
Browse Our HP Color LJ 4700 Catalog or Our Color LJ 4730mfp Catalog
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