MD 441 U
MD 441 U
MD 441 U Microphone
The MD 441 U is a microphone of exceptional quality: its acoustic properties come as close as
possible to those of a condenser microphone. Accurate signal response and low distortion are
ensured, even with the highest sound pressure levels. Surface: all metal body with black
simulated leather finish, sound inlet basket: nickel plated
• Excellent feedback rejection
• Excellent sound quality
• Spring capsule mounting—low sensitivity to handling noise
• Hum compensating coil—reduces electrical interference
• Five position bass roll-off switch—compensates for proximity effect
• Brilliance (treble boost) switch—added speech intelligibility
• Integral pop filter
Technical Data
Pick-up pattern
Frequency response
30–20,000 Hz
Sensitivity (free field, no load) (1 kHz)
1.8 mV/Pa ± 2 dB
Nominal impedance
200 Ω
Min. terminating impedance
Dimensions in inches
10.63 x 1.3 x 1.4
approx.15.87 oz
Optional Accessories
Locking stand adapter
MZA 441
21' XLR microphone adapter
Foam windshield
MZW 441
Optional Accessories
1 Flexible stand adapter
MZQ 441
Architect’s Specifications
Super-cardioid studio microphone, hum compensating coil, five position bass control, brilliance
switch, integral pop filter, frequency response 30–20,000 Hz, sensitivity (free field, no load)
1.8 mV/Pa ± 2 dB at 1 kHz, nominal impedance 200 Ω, min. terminating impedance 1 k,
dimensions 270 x 33 x 36 mm, weight approx. 450 g.
Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, 1 Enterprise Drive, Old Lyme, CT 06371
Telephone: 860-434-9190 • Fax: 860-434-1759 • Web:
Sennheiser Mexico: Av. Xola 613, PH6, Col. Del Valle 03100, Mexico, DF. Telephone: (525) 639-0956. Fax: (525) 639-9482
Sennheiser Canada: 221 Labrosse Ave, Pte-Claire, PQ H9R 1A3. Telephone: 514-426-3013. Fax: 514-426-3953
Manufacturing Plant:Am Labor 1, 30900 Wedemark, Germany
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