Please Click Here For Additional Specifications On - Bus

Please Click Here For Additional Specifications On - Bus
. PL0306 Rev: 02/09/05
Coach No. E/ 7)
: I i — ales rp. +
Newell Coach Cor
Purchaser —_
Address ___
City, State, Zip
T Home a Bgsiness ee =
D Fax | E-Mail EB RET ot Si
— Effective Date
The following prices are effective Jor deliveries scheduled through Deceber 31, 2006. Subject to change
without notice prior to execution arid acceptance of coach order.
Model/Lenoth* Z/625
Z/F ASTronic 10-speed
Caterpillar C15 625 bhp
* Includes bumper surfaces
New standard equipment 10/28/04: Villa curved front convertible sofa bed, and lightweight granite or
marble flooring in 3 and 4 slide coaches.
New standard equipment 11/12/04: Caterpillar C15 625 h.p./2050 1b. ft, torque
New standard equipment 2/09/05: Silhouette shades with power operation, heated floors in galley and
bath, telescoping ladder in bay storage
PO Box 511 «e N Hwy 69 * Miami, OK 74355 * 918-542-3344 + FAX 918-542-2028
Custom Features Available Upon Request And Approval
Chassis And Body
Custom Newell Bridge-Construction Frame
Newell Custom Chrome and Stainless Steel Engine Compartment Package
Silver Leaf Electronic Data Display
Fast Idle Switch
Aqua-Hot Engine Coolant Preheater
Two-Stage Engine Compression Brake
Turbo Boost Gauge
Fuel Filter/Water Separator
Racor Fuel/Water Separators For Generator and Aqua-Hot
Matched Rear Axle Ratio
Polished Aluminum Wheels With Stainless Steel Trim
Power Steering
Full Air Ride |
ZF Independent Front Suspension With Anti-Roll Linkage And Disc Brakes
ZF Wide Base Drive Axle Suspension With Disc Brakes
ZF Steering Tag Axle Suspension With Disc Brakes
“Automatic Traction Control
Newell Coach Air Leveling System
Air Brakes With 6-Channel ABS Anti-Skid System
Air Horns
Automatic Air System Dryer
Heavy-Duty Trailer Hitch, Max. 14,000 Pound Load, 8,000 Pound Receiver Bar and Ball
Fire Extinguisher In Engine Compartment; Two Halon Extinguishers In Interior
Engine Driven Driver's Area Heater and Air Conditioner
Aircraft Style Aluminum Body Construction
A1r Powered Entry Door With Keyless Locking
Pantograph Bay Doors (Except Under Slide-Outs) With Central Locking System
Baltek Mat Reinforced Fiberglass End Caps
Integrated Fiberglass Bumpers
Stainless Steel Sill Moldings
Stainless Steel Headlight Band Trim
One-Piece Fiberglass Liner For Tankage Bay With Drain
Heated, Electrically Adjustable Chrome Rearview Mirrors
Separate Electrically Adjustable Chrome Wide Angles Above Rearview Mirrors
Pantograph Windshield Wipers With Intermittent Feature
Gas Struts On Selected Bay Doors
Fully Insulated Sandwich Floor
Insulated, Carpeted Storage Bays
Page 2
Insulated, Heated Tankage And rlumbing Bay
Insulated Double Pane Windows (Except Windshield And Entry Door)
Sprayed Urethane Insulation In Sidewalls and Roof
Window Sizes And Locations Customized To Floorplan
Roll Up Screen Door At Main Entry Door
Girard Power Operated Patio Awning |
Girard Power Operated Window Awnings
Spare Parts Kit
Glendinning Electric Shore Power Cord Reel
Turbocharged Diesel Generator On Vibration Insulating Hydraulic Mounts
Generator Hush Box Forward Of Front Axle
Generator and Aqua-Hot Exhaust Through Roof
Generator Start Switches At Dash And Galley
Powered Generator Slide
Automatic Generator Fire Extinguisher And Shutdown System
Generator Buddy Plug
300 Amp 12 Volt Main Engine Alternator
35 Amp 12 Volt Generator Engine Alternator
Independent 12 Volt Chassis And House Systems
Emergency Start 12 Volt Battery Merge
Six 8D Concord Lifeline AGM Batteries For House With Master Switch
“Two 8D Lead Acid Flooded Batteries For Engine Start With Master Switch
Statpower ProSine 3000 Watt Inverter/Charger
Heart Echo Charger For Engine Start Batteries
Remote Inverter/Charger Control Panel With Data Display
120/240 Volt, 50 Amp, Two Leg Electrical System
Automatic Shoreline/Generator Transfer Switch
Shoreline Splitter Cord (50 Amp, 2x30 Amp, 1x30 Amp, Or 20 Amp Hookup)
AC Voltmeters, Two
AC Ammeters, Two
Land Line Telephone Wiring
Burglar Alarm, Entry Door Switch
Security Alarm, Bedroom Switch
Storage Compartment Lights With Automatic Switches
Two Attic Style Ventilation Fans
40 Channel CB Radio With Controls In Mike
Master Switch At Entry Door For Interior Lighting
Digital Clock With Alarm In Bedroom Or Rear Lounge
Entertainment Systems
Premium AM/FM Cassette Audio System With 6-CD Changer and Satellite Radio
Five Premium Audio Speakers
42 Inch Plasma Screen TV In Front Overhead
Home Theater Dolby 5.1 Receiver For Front Salon
Remote Control For Front Salon System
Page 3
20 Inch Flat Screen TV In Bedruom
In-Motion Satellite Television System With Dual LNB
DSS Receivers, Salon Area and Bedroom
Amplified Television Antenna
Entertainment Center Front Overhead Cabinet
Cable Television Connection
Driving Controls
Vehicle Monitor System (VMS) And Readout Screen
SmarTire Tire Pressure And Monitor System, Front Tires Only
Genuine Leather Color Coordinated Custom Instrument Panel
Outside Thermometer
Radar Detector
SmartWheel Burl and Color Coordinated Leather Steering Wheel
Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column
Automotive Style Suspended Brake Pedal
Flip-Down Color Rearview Television Monitor
Interior Features And Cabinetry
Deluxe Driver’s Seat With Air Ride and Villa Slim Line Recliner Copilot Seat
Driver's Console With Storage
High Pressure Laminate Finish Cabinets
European Type Concealed Hinges
Suspension Drawer Glides
Positive Latches On Drawers
Flush Style Door And Drawer Fronts
Premium Concealed Hinges On Interior Passage Doors
Solid Surface Premium Countertops with Bullnose Edge
Rectangular Corian Kitchen Sink
Flush Galley Sink Cover
Pullout Pantry In Most Floorplans
Custom Decor Selection
Queen Or Wider Island Bed In Most Floorplans
Fitted, Quilted Designer Bedspread With Pillow Shams Or Pillow Flap
Hinged Bedboard With Powered Opener
Custom Lined Cab Window Draperies
Vista Cordless Window Shades
Power Operated Windshield Privacy Shade and Cab Sun Shades With Driver and Copilot Controls
Villa Convertible Sofa
Viila Reclining Chair
Phantom Living Room Table Or Desk In Most Floorplans
Page 4
Living Systems
Newell Custom Aqua-Hot Diesel/220 Volt Electric Hydronic Heating System With
Continuous-Flow Water Heater
Heated, Insulated Tankage Compartment
Ducted Roof Air Conditioning, Three A/C Units On 42” And Smaller, Four A/C Units 43° And Larger
Stacked 220 Volt Washer And Dryer Units
Digital Thermometer With Exterior And Tankage Bay Sensors
Fresh Water And Holding Tank Fluid Level Monitors
Sub Zero 700 Flush Cabinet Style Refrigerator/Freezer With Ice Maker
Sharp Microwave/Convection Oven
Two Burner Gaggenau Electric Cooktop, Recessed With Flush, Hinged Cover
Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher
Garbage Disposal
High Performance Marine Water Pump, 120 Volt
Auxiliary Water Pump, 12 Volt
Automatic Fresh Water Fill
Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Tankage Compartment Trim
Deluxe Hot/Cold Water Faucet In Tankage Compartment
Everpure Dual Cartridge Water Purifier
Grohe Decorator Galley Water Faucet
Designer Quality Lavy Fixtures |
Grohe Automatic Temperature Controlled Shower Valve
Gray Water Holding Tank Bypass Valve
Air Operated Dump Valve, Main Drain
Dual 120 Volt Auxiliary Air Compressors, Automatic
Smoke Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Girard Power Operated Patio Awning With Remote Control And Wind Sensor
Girard Power Operated Window Awnings, Three
Choice of File Paint Schemes
Premium Pamt With Super Clear Coat Finish
Four Colors, Including Roof
Clear Film Rock Protection On Front
Page 5
J 001.— Walk-In Rear Closet With Walk-Through Bath
№ 003.—~ Rear Bath
005.— Rear Lounge
007.— Center ik-Around Bed With Long Front Slide-Outs
00X-Custom Floorplan
100-Frame And Chassis
101-Spiral Entry Steps, Turning Aft
103—Straight Entry Steps
107- Nese Mount Generator In Double Hush Box
LI 108- A/600 Allison World Transmission And
Caterpillar C15 600 hp/1850 ft. 1b. Torque
109-A/515 Allison World Transmission And
Detroit Diesel Series 60 515 hp/1650 ft. Ib. Torque
201-Phantom Suite Living Room Glide-Out With Linear Ball Bearing ( i A
Suspension, Air Seal And Flat Floor
J 202-Bedroom Glide-Out With Linear Ball Bearing Suspension, Step
In Floor Under Bed, and Air Seal
Ed 203-Bedroom/Rear Lounge Glide-Out With Linear ( 2 -K )
| Ball Bearing Suspension, Flat Floor, and Air Seal
A 204-2nd (Opposing) Bedroom/Rear Lounge Glide-Out With Linear (3-T )
‘Ball Bearing Suspension, Flat Floor, and Air Seal
A 205-2nd (Opposing) Living Room Glide-Out. With Linear Ball Bearing ( Ч- с Р)
Suspension, Air Seal, And Flat Floor
206-Sunroof With Screen Over Rear Closet Or Rear Bath
Ba 208—Euro-style High Mount Exterior Rear View Mirrors
E] 210-Front Entry Door Location In Lieu Of Mid Location (Requires Option 107 —
Side Mount Generator
J 211-Additional Entry Door (Two Total)
Page 6
200.1-Body Wiridow Ventilator Schedule
Recommended (Standard) Picture Window Locations
=== Living Room, Driver Side
“w= [ving Room, Co-Pilot Side
mo Galley
Bedroom Opposite Headboard, Emergency Egress
re All Slide-Out End Windows
Recommended (Standard) Ventilator Locations With Attic Fan Operation
wm Cab Driver Side, Slider
«(ab Co-Pilot Side, Slider
a» Dinette Driver Side, Awning
Bedroom, Opposite Bed Headboard, Awning
——e==* Bedroom Behind Headboard, Awning EPS
Optional Additional Awning Ventilator Locations
1 Living Room, Driver Side
J Living Room, Co-Pilot Side
НЫ} Galley
Bathroom Behind Stool (In Lieu Of Cabinet)
Specify Special Location(s)
Page 7
300—Heating, Air Conditioning, And Living Systems
301- Roof. Mounted Ducted Air Conditioning
301.1-Three Air Conditioning Units, 42” and Shorter
301.2-Four Air Conditioning Units, 43” and Longer
303.1-Sub Zero 700 Flush Cabinet Style With Icemaker
303.2-Sub Zero 701 Undercounter Refrigerator And Freezer Units
303.3-Side-By-Side Refrigerator With Water And Ice In Door
307-Two Station Door Intercom System
309-Yard Lights/Three Standard, Each Additional $
310- Central Vacuum With Attachments
311- Cubby Vacuum With House Manager
312-Washer and Dryer
312.1-Washer and Dryer. Stacked, 220 Volt
312.2-Delete Washer and Dryer
313-Trash Compactor
314.1-Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher
314.2-Delete Dishwasher
4 310-Instant Hot Water
E 317-—Freezer, 100 Pounds, On Slide
OOF 0080008 KO
400—Interior Cabinetry And Decor
Ad | 401.1-Curved Front Phantom Galley
|. | 401.2—Straight Front Galley
402—Special Patterned Laminate Trim On Living Room Columns
402.1-Living Room
402.2—Bedroom or Rear Lounge
0 403—Villa Three-Phase Recliner In Lieu Of Fixed Base Swivel Recliner
J 404 Kiri Recliner In Lieu Of Fixed Base Swivel Recliner
NM 405—Desk With Straight-back Chair In Opposing (Curb Side) Living Room Glide-
Out, In Lieu of Phantom Table ==
406-Convertible Bedroom With Fold-Up Wall Bed
J 406.1—Including Fabric Sofa and Kiri Recliner
406.2—Including Leather Sofa, and Kiri Recliner
407—Villa Co-Pilot Recliner Accessories
Da 407.1-6 Way Electric Powered Adjuster
Page &
407.2-Electric Powered Recliner
407.3—Electric Powered Footrest
408-Tub/Shower With Corian Facing and Deluxe Radius Enclosure
In Lieu Of Standard Shower
411-Galley Sink
411,1-Single Rectangular Corian Model 8058S Sink
411.3—Double Rectangular Corian Model 8715/8028 Sinks
412—Solid Surface Countertops
412.1-Solid Color
412.2-Patterned Color
413- Countertop Edge Trim (In Lieu Of Standard 3/4” Roundover)
413.1-3/4” Roundover Edge
413.1.1— 3/4” Roundover, Single Color
413,1.1— 3/4” Roundover, Sandwich Color
413.2— 1/4” Roundover Edge
413.2.1-- 1/4” Roundover, Single Color
413.2.2— 1/4” Roundover, Single Color With Lip At Galley Only
413.2.3— 1/4” Roundover, Border Edge
413.2.4— 1/4” Roundover, Border Edge With Lip At Galley Only
413.3— 1/2” Triple Vertical Edge
413.3.1— 1/2” Triple Vertical, Single Color
413.3.2— 1/2” Triple Vertical, Sandwich Color
414—Phantom Walls Leather Covered In Lieu Of Fabric, Front Area
415—Villa Curved Front Convertible Sofa Bed (Requires Extension Of
Drivers Side Front Slide-out To Unfold To Bed)
416—Genuine Leather Upholstery
416.3-Driver and Copilot Chairs
418—Joey Bed Slide-Out Floor, Specify Bay and Side
418.1-Short (Up To 38" Deep), $ each
¢ ”
418.2-Long 4 À ’ ) ‚ $ each» 7, DUAL, TEA Vel
424—Gaggenau Cooktops
424,1-Two Burner Black Ceramic Electric, Recessed
424.2-Four Burner Black Ceramic Electric
425—Slide-Out Gaggenau 220 Volt Electric BBQ Grill Mounted In
Exterior Bay
Page 9
J 434—Outdoor Entertainment Center With Pullout 20” Flat Screen Television,
DSS Receiver, And Telephone Jack
440-Lucite Glasses Cabinet (Not Available With Front Entry Door)
440.1-Over Entry Door With Clear Mirror
440.3—Crystal Glasses To Fit Glasses Cabinet, Set of 12
440.5-Delete Glasses Cabinet
442-Window Furnishings
442.3—“Silhouette” Style Shades, All Locations
442.5—Power Operated Window Shades
448.1-Gramte or Marble Flooring, 12” x 12” Tiles, Galley=
Bath And Entry Steps, all except 3 and 4 slide coaches
448.2—Lightweight Granite or Marble Flooring, 12” x 12” Tiles, Galley,
Bath And Entry Steps, 3 and 4 slide coaches
448.3—Granite Or Marble Half Bath Lavy Top
448.4—Granite Or Marble Night Stands
448.7—Granite Or Marble Lavy Top With Single Bowl
449—Custom Carpeting
449.1-Standard Carpet Inlays Over Phantom Suite Floor
449.2-Non-Standard Carpet Or Carpet Inlays
450—Coordination With Customer Decorator, Minimum Charge
451-Upgrade To Premium Interior Laminates
501.1-Girard Powered Patio Awning With Powered Window
Awnings As Required
501.2-Additional Patio Awning, Co-pilot Side
501.3—Delete Patio Awning
501.4-Delete Window Awnings
502-Acrylic Designer Table Lamp For Living Room Table
503--Safe, Key Lock, Location
505-12.5 Ft. Telescoping Ladder On Carrier Rack In Bay Storage
BCodoo E
Page 10
600-Plumbin /
602-Holding Tank Drain Valve Adr Operated, Curb Side
603-WasteMaster Power Drain System (Includes Option 602)
605—Bath Accessories and Fixtures
К 605.1- Choice of Colonial Or Contemporary
One Lavy Faucet Set
Three Towel Bars
One Towel Ring
One Paper Holder
ed 606-2nd Lavy Located In Standard. Water Closet, Corian Top
24 607-Half Bath, Including Commode, Corian Lavy Top
500—Audio Video Systems And Electronics
805-Weatherproof Portable Patio Speakers In Bay Storage
806-Salon Satellite DirecTV And Home Theater System
806.1 32” LCD HD TV In Front Overhead, And DSS Receiver
806.2 42” HD Plasma TV In 4" Slide, and HD Satellite Receiver*
806.4—Subwoofer For Salon Home Theater
807—GPS Navigation, To Driver and Co-pilot Rear View Monitors
808-D VD Player (One-Specify Salon Or Bedroom)
808—Second DVD Player .
809-Bedroom Satellite DirecTV System
809.1- 32” LCD HD TV and DSS Receiver
809.2- Upgrade To HD DSS Receiver *
809.35} HD Plasma Screen TV With HD DSS Receiver“ LG SOPXSD
809.4— Home Theater With Subwoofer For Bedroom Television System
ml 810-Behind The Mirror” Flatscreen TV In Bath Vanity Upper Cabinet
L] 811-Moto-Sat Datastorm Internet Satellite System
но с
|} 901-Extra Colors (4 Included), $ extra each
ml 902-Custom Paint Design
№ 903-Super Clear Coat
* Not all DirecTV high definition channels are received on in-motion satellite systems
Page 11
Special Options:
Total Coach Price
Page 12
See Continuation Sheet, attached
Special Options:
me qe КЕ poe MO WET Li U
oF men daa Sora _
FPulLour Dec See u) Ded Risse.
[J A я —
EA A = at Contar sl CORNE — —K DN eee fd ONT
L] See Continuation Sheet, attached
Total Coach Price
Page 12
SETTLEMENT Cash Deposit Submitted With Order
Allowance For Trade-In (See Additional Terms and Conditions) ц
Less Payoff Owing To:
Cash To Be Received At Delivery
Balance If Financed
Settlement verified by Date
Page 13
P.O. Box 511 « North Highway 69 e Miami, OK 74355 « (918) 542-3344 » Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 13
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 5-2-06
51 Charge for the special vanity light Bellacor #53966 added on
change order #11, item 47.
52 Installation of customer furnished lavy sink added on change
order #3, item 18.
53 | Charge for the downdraft vent system at cooktop added on
Special Options, page 12.
54 Customers marble selection is Crema Marfil.
Change order #1
item 10
added on change order #11, item 46.
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: ML A HA
Written by: Jim Cossairt
P.O. Box 511 e North Highway 69 « Miami, OK 74355 ® (918) 542-3344 » Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 12
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 4/10/06
50PX2/B in lieu of the LG model LG50PX5D.
Net Total of Change Order
removed LY /
Written by: Lisa Reading
= roduction
P.O. Box 511 » North Highway 69 « Miami, OK 74355 e (018) 542-3344 » Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 11
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 3/30/06
sconces #1WX Satin Nickel, with Opal globes, quantity of
two, in lieu of customer furnished reading lights.
45 Delete power retracting bedriser. Note added to print in
error. No credit given because customer was not charged for
this option.
46 | The four special sconce lights at the dinette and sofa are to
be Bellacor Tapered Cylinder wall sconce, #53953, wave
pattern, brushed nickel, in lieu of the Bellacor #42339
Limoges Flared. Sconces called out on change order #6,
item 24.
| 47 Rear lavy vanity light to be Bellacor #53966 Oval Shade
Three light bar, wave pattern, brushed nickel, in lieu of the
Bellacor #42355 called out on change order #6, item 26.
48 | The special sconce lights and lavy lights added on item #46
and #47 are rated for a 100 watt bulb. Install 75 watt
household bulbs in all five of the lights in lieu of the 100 watt
a | Readin ng Ч ights hts i in th So Kins и a be je Be esa Cub bix 1 min. | E a rder e. |
item 42
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: Xx AN 7 A
Written by: Lisa Reading
P.Q, Box 511 « North Highway 69 e Miami, OK 74355 e (918) 542-3344 e Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 10
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner:
furnished in lieu of our standard lights, nc #700980. Lights
must be 12 volt and no wider than 4”.
43 Add clear mirror to the four closet doors in the bedroom.
Date: 3/20/06
Net Total of Change Order
Approved. DX _ on NJ
Written by: Lisa Reading
P.O. Box 511 » North Highway 69 e Miami, OK 74355 ® (918) 542-3344 eo Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 9
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 3/16/06
40 Coach to have custom blending as indicated on paint
41 Selected paint colors:
1) L3894 Diamond Black Met.
2) 79786 Slate Gray Met.
3) MA168.55 Bright Silver Met.
4) 28051 Magnetic Red Met. (WA379E)
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: {г | L
> A
Written by: Ken Hicks |
copy distribution
O Karl Blade
O Customer
O Production
P.O. Box 511 e North Highway 69 e Miami, OK 74355 » (918) 542-3344 » Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 8
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 3/2/06
35 | Add Moto Sat Datastorm internet satellite system.
36 | Add Niles Repeater remote extender to outside bay at
speaker jacks.
37 | Customer furnish LG 15” wireless TV transmitter to go in
front overhead cabinet.
38 Delete blue flex light ground accent lighting.
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: E ‚ À MI
Written by: Boyd Vanover
copy distribution
О Karl Blade
O Customer
O Production
P.O. Box 511 e North Highway 68 » Miami, OK 74355 e (918) 542-3344 = Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 7
Coach Number: 810
Coach Name/Owner: Date: 2-28-06
Arpa Blonde Sycamore laminate in lieu of the unavailable —
Arpa Sap Pear.
Delete the laminate flooring as called out on Contract
Special Option Sheet, page 12.
Add “engineered wood flooring” Mirage Floor Yellow Birch
with Idaho stain except at bedroom, rear bathroom and
Delete telescoping clothes rods... not practical with closet
Cooktop to be Seaward Princess Gourmet model #G-3247
3-burner, drop-in type.
Galley sink to be Teka #125-010 stainless steel undermount
type in lieu of standard.
Short Joey Bed to be a 42” in lieu of a 58°.
Interior Spec Sheet
Change order #1,
item 9
Contract Special
Options, page 12
Change order #3,
item 16
Item #418.1
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: DK Y A АД À 1 С
Written by: Jim Cossairt
copy distribution. о.
o Karl Blade
o Customer
О Production
Р.О. Box 511 « North Highway 69 = Miami, OK 74355 e (918) 542-3344 = Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 6
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: ] Date: 2-23-06
и if
} 5 ЗЕ Rear DVD “layer lo ее | = _ DVDIVE = rit HA
123 Standard yard lights now to be three ITC lights each side in | item #300
stainless steel sill and one ITC light at entry mounted at yard
light height.
Change order #1,
24 Four special sconce lights (two at dinette.and-two at sofa) item 3
. | are to be Bellacor #42339 “Limoges Flared One-Light Wall
Sconce” with-brushed nickel finish... they are 75 watt
| halogen bulb, 120 volt. Change order 41.
item 3
25 Two standard reading-tights at bedroom... the Bellacor lights
are too-iarge to fit at the bedroom location.
26 Rear bath vanity light to be Bellacor “Limoges Oval Three
; Light Fixture” #42355 in brushed nickel finish. It contains
three 75 watt halogen bulbs, 120 volt.
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: TA < Y
Written by: Jim Cossairt
‘copy distribution
O Karl Blade
O Customer
O Production
Р.О. Вох 511 » North Highway 69 e Miami, OK 74355 » (918) 542-3344 e Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 5
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 2-20-06
Cv ST D — - карете = — 230v nc 10: БО Semel eR то
lieu of the 120v, nc #401060. The 220v oven is now
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: „РИ K
Written by: Lisa Reading
copy distribution .. -—
© Kar] Blade
O Customer
O Production
P.O. Box 511 e North Highway 69 e Miami, OK 74355 « (918) 542-3344 . Fax (919)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 4
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 2-8-06
chrome trim in lieu of the bone, nc #24343. Sheet, page 3
20 | Half bath favy sink to be Gemini #CR-25-96 Satin Nickel
stainless steel (10” LD.) in lieu of the normal 9 2" (8° LD.)
Stainiess steel sink, nc #600100.
19 | The Headhunter Superbowl commode now to be black with | Interior Spes
4 Net Total of Change Order
Written by: Jim Cossairt
Approved: A т
copy distribution...
O Karl Blade
O Customer
O Production
P.O. Box 511 e North Highway 69 e Miami, OK 74355 e (918) 542-3344 e Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 3
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 2-1-06
1 6 ‘Galley sink to be stainless steel in lieu of standard | Per Interior Spec —
17 | Add ceiling fan and light at bedroom Per Interior Spec
18 Customer furnished lavy sink to be Venetian Mosaic V-002,
SZ | 13% inside diameter (undermount type) in lieu of standard
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: © a pad En OK
Written by: Jim Cossairt
O. “Karl Blade: :
© Production
P.O. Box 511 e North Highway 69 e Miami, OK 74355 « (918) 542-3344 » Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 2
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 1-20-06
15 | The GPS system now to be the Pioneer AVIC-D1, nc
#801180, with the Sirius tuner, nc #801170, in lieu of the
Pioneer AVIC-88, nc #800990, 800580, 705270, and the
Visteon radio, nc #800740, 800760, 800770, 800780,
800790, 800890, 801000. The Pioneer monitors will remain
the same, one above the driver for the rearview camera and
one at the passenger for viewing the GPS system.
Net Total of Change Order
Approved: J Y
Written by: Lisa Readi J
Mow “Karl Blade |
o... Customer
o... Production
Р.О. Box 511 » North Highway 69 » Miami, OK 74355 = (918) 542-3344 . Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 1, Page 1 of 2
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Owner: Date: 1-19-06
í PS Ar pa 5 51 | RI 7 Gunsmo e Е С HI B LI fin is n in al Ш binet :
reveals in lieu of Brass or Chrome. |
2 All interior fixtures and hardware to be brushed Chrome or
brushed Nickel.
3 25 Special sconce lights in salon and bedroom to be selected
4%: | by customer
Wie He
4 NO coffee table.
5 Front DVD player to be combination DVD/VCR.
6 Two Joey Beds to be 92” in lieu of 94”.
7 Delete Black leather desk chair.
8 Isri co-pilot seat in lieu of standard Villa 8000 seat.
— 9. | Telescoping clothes rods where applicable and practical.
10 Marble color to be selected by customer to be different from
SA | original selection.
LL _ 11 Add 120 volt recep to rear closet breaker panel wall.
D DD of Change Order
Approved: e CAM (
Written by: Boyd Vanover
pla FP rom
joints a -
РРР, ны a
МИ >
0; Customer -
P.O. Box 511 e North Highway 69 « Miami, OK 74355 e (918) 542-3344 в Fax (918)542-2028
Change Order
Change Order Number: 1, Page 2 of 2
Coach Number: 810 Coach Name/Qwner: Date: 1-19-06
standard lights.
13 | Add rope light under edge of galley top in such a way where
lights will not be visible.
14 Add steam to shower.
—— Net Total of Change, Order
Approved: EX A / CM
Written by: Boyd Vanover
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