Self-Service Kiosk Pre Installation Checklist

Self-Service Kiosk Pre Installation Checklist
Self-Service Kiosk Pre Installation Checklist
Outlined below are the various software and hardware pre-deployment requirements for
facilities receiving and installing both Group Fitness and Payment Self-Service Kiosks.
Environment Requirements
Both Group Fitness and Payment Kiosks require a 240V power outlet and a Network data
point to be installed within a one metre vicinity of the Kiosk install location. The data point
should be patched into the network and the network point tested to ensure it is free from
faults, prohibiting network drop outs.
The Kiosk should not be placed in wet areas, areas prone to flooding, or in aquatic or
reception prone to have chlorinated air that could cause rust, corrosion or component
Network and Software Requirements
Kiosk is a .NET based external links module that connects to the links database through a
Kiosk Client via a Windows Service. This service can sit on the local Kiosk PC if the links
database is housed internally and is configured to simply point to a local links database
instance. In the event that the database is housed in another physical location such as a
datacentre, the Windows Service will have to be installed on a PC within the network of the
location the database resides. This can either be on the SQL server, or another server that is
reachable via the internet, that can also connect to the SQL server.
The locally installed Kiosk Client will then connect over a specified port to the external IP
address of network housing the database. Firewall rules for traffic port forwarding will need to
be established to ensure Kiosk requests can be sent and received from the local site to the
The Windows Service requires a database user level authentication in order to function
without error. This database user is usually created at the installation, however if client
machines are using Windows Authentication, a user will need to be created that has the
‘LinksUser and Public’ attributes attached to it against the Links Database, under User
Mapping, within SQL Management studio. Links support is able to offer assistance in the
creation of this account, if queries or uncertainties arise.
The LinksKiosk software requires the client to be on at least Version 9.4 of Links for Group
Fitness Kiosks OR at least Version 9.8 of Links if utilising Credit Card or Full Payment Kiosks.
Additional Requirements for Credit Card Payment Kiosks
Credit Card Payment Kiosks require the installation of LinksPay as a method to facilitate billing
a client for credit card purchases. A LinksPay application form will need to be completed
and sent to LinksPay one month prior to Kiosk Installation. The LinksPay ‘LinksService’ will also
need to be installed on either the local server housing links or on the Kiosk itself. The service
will need to be able to have permanent internet access to the following URL;
Self Service Kiosk Pre Install
August 2013
A Till will also need to be created within Links as a method to differentiate between sales
from the Kiosk and Point of Sale.
Hardware Requirements (if PC is supplied by Client)
All Links Kiosks are purchased and shipped with either a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC
included. The included PCs are pre-configured to work with all components and peripherals
within the Kiosk and are placed through Anti-Virus and a seven day test period before
shipping. This ensures the Kiosk and by extension all of its components are in fully functional
and in good working order.
If a client wishes to supply their own PC for use within the Kiosk, the following mandatory
requirements will need to be met to ensure that the Kiosk functions to an acceptable
Software Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 / Windows 7 (non home edition)
Additional Software: Microsoft .NET 3.5sp1, Microsoft .NET 4 Frameworks
Access Level: Local Administrator account to install and configure the Kiosk client
Hardware Requirements:
4-6 USB ports
2 Serial Ports
The Client IT contractor will need to be present on the day of Kiosk Installation with a PC with
all the above requirements satisfied. At this stage the client supplied PC will be installed within
the Kiosk and all peripherals installed, tested and configured.
A cost will be incurred if Links is to return to site to configure the supplied PC if the above
requirements have not been satisfied on the day of delivery and installation. Notice of 2
weeks will be given to the client, to ensure ample time for these requirements to be
Links Configuration Prior to Installation
Links Kiosk Varieties ( Group Fitness, Payment) are reliant on Sessions within Links being setup
appropriately in order for the sessions to be displayed and a booked into from the Kiosks. This
entails ensuring that each session to be available has;
the applicable Membership and Visit Pass types for booking attributed to it
an accounting Service Code for Members and Casuals
a minutes prior to booking value for Members and Casuals
a minutes after booking closed value
print ticket flag box checked
Self Service Kiosk Pre Install
August 2013
Where the above requirements are not satisfied for each desired Session for the Kiosk,
bookings through the Kiosk will not be possible. Due to the time taken to setup Sessions for
Kiosk properly, it is advisable to complete the above steps in the weeks prior to receiving the
An Access Point within Links will also have to be created prior to installation of the Kiosk, so as
visit deduction for Visit Passes, and an attendance recorded for Members can occur.
Warranties and Spare Parts
Each Kiosk comes with a 12 month warranty, which covers failure of physical parts and
peripherals during this time. The plan does not cover malicious damage, or damage
resulting from the Kiosk being exposed or placed in areas containing water, corrosive
materials, or chlorinated air. Links should be consulted as to the installation location of the
Kiosk to ensure this does not occur.
Kiosks delivered and configured outside of Melbourne Metropolitan areas will be shipped
with a ‘spare parts’ package, containing a selection of peripherals for replacement were a
fault to occur during the warranty period. At the cessation of the 12 month warranty period,
these packages can either be purchased or returned to Links head office in the Pre Paid Post
bag provided.
At the end of the 12 month warranty period, a Kiosk maintenance contract can be entered
into, which covers servicing and maintenance, as this is not covered under the standard links
support contract.
Additional Support
If any assistance is required in relation to preparing for Kiosk installation for any of the above
requirements, please email support at [email protected] or contact the
office on 03 9938 4567.
At the time of installation, it is advisable to have key personnel present so training can be
given in relation to basic troubleshooting, changing of paper reams for receipts and a set of
troubleshooting and reference documentation can be transferred.
Self Service Kiosk Pre Install
August 2013
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