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Network Closet Solutions
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Solutions for your network closet
Environmental rack
Rack cable
HD cable
Protecting your IT equipment is vital to the success of
your business. Installing the right back up power, power
distribution and other power accessories determines how
long your equipment will run during a power outage and
how efficiently your equipment will run during a normal
business day.
We provide efficient power solutions to distribute power to
and within the rack, as well as cable management solutions
to ensure your closet is organized and your footprint is
being used effectively. Better yet, we also offer remote
monitoring and management capabilities. Therefore, you
don’t have to run to the closet every time there is an issue
with power, you can view and manage it remotely on your
To ensure a reliable, efficient and safe networking
environment, keep three key things in mind: organization,
protection and management.
Rack power
distribution unit
Strain relief bars
eep servers, switches and storage
equipment safe and secure
• Clear the rack area of cluttered network cables
• Improve airflow and reduce cooling costs
• Secure equipment from unauthorized access
istribute and provide safe and clean power
to IT equipment during power outages, surges
and voltage problems
rovide reliable and redundant power
solutions for critical systems
Management software
• Maintain service level agreements
UPS back up
• View your power network and all equipment
attached to it from your remote/virtual machine
• Aggregate multiple UPS/power instances
onitor your temperature/humidity
eceive instant access to alerts and monitor
your environment remotely
Extended battery
Water leak detector
Eaton’s Network Closet Solutions
• Initiate a virtual machine move or graceful
shutdown in the event of an extended outage
Choosing the rack to place your equipment in is vital to the
overall health and function of your infrastructure. Eaton
racks enable you to store, power, manage, secure and cool
your critical IT equipment. Additionally, they add an extra
layer of security for environments that may store critical
information such as credit card, banking or human resource
data. Depending upon square footage of your environment
and the amount of equipment you need to support, there
are a few different options to choose from.
Cable management
Depending on the type of rack you have, there are multiple
options for you to manage your cables efficiently and
increase your airflow. By implementing these simple
management tools, you can be ready for any moves, adds
or changes you are making to your rack and you can prevent
accidental failure from cable strain or human error.
Four Post Rack options
Four Post RackTM
Eaton’s Four Post Rack offers
an open, accessible and
unrestricted architecture
for cable-dense networking
equipment. The labeled
U-spaces assist with the
deployment of hardware
while the open design
provides unobstructed
airflow into and out of
equipment. You should also
consider cable management
accessories and provisions
for mounting vertical power
strips for your environment.
Vertical cable management
Side cable management channel
Enclosed rack options
S-Series rack
Eaton S-Series racks
supports a broad range
of rack accessories, as
well as power distribution,
management and protection
products, to provide a proven
platform that you can depend
on to support your critical IT
operations. The fully-welded
steel frame can store up to
2,200 pounds of equipment
and the frame ensures zero
leakage around the front
perimeter. Additionally, split
rear doors provide easy
access to your equipment
and maneuverability within
your environment.
Waterfall system
Overhead cable management
Active equipment cable manager
Eaton’s Network Closet Solutions
Protection of your equipment and the design of your
environment are critical to uptime and efficiency. Eaton
offers products that protect your power infrastructure,
ensuring the design addresses the specific needs of your
network and during a power event, doesn’t leave you in the
There are a number of reliable and redundant solutions
you can install easily to ensure the uptime and efficiency of
your rack.
The life of your UPS is dependent on how
good its batteries are. Eaton’s ABM technology
extends the life of our batteries by up to 50%.
To back it up, we offer three-year warranties
on all of our single phase UPS batteries. The
predictive analysis built into ABM tests the
batteries of the UPS every 30 days and the
UPS will alert you if there are any issues. No
one else in the industry offers this level of
advanced predictive diagnosis.
Meet service level agreements
Maximize reliability
In a rack environment where you require more run time
during a power outage, an extended battery module (EBM)
is your best solution to meet service level agreements.
You can add anywhere from one to four EBMs to your UPS
(depending on rating) and extend your runtime from minutes
to hours for VOIP and telephony services. Eaton’s EBMs
are designed to pair specifically with our UPSs, ensuring a
smooth installation and reliable backup solution.
A 2N or redundant UPS solution is one of the most reliable
designs. Here, all equipment is supported by two UPSs.
Eaton provides smart software, so in the event one UPS fails,
the equipment knows it is supported by another UPS and
will not shut down, giving you continual uptime and time to
fix the problem. Once the primary UPS is back online, the
equipment switches back to relying on it.
A UPS paired with an extended battery module will help extend runtime to meet service
level agreements.
Eaton’s Network Closet Solutions
Outlet level control
Rack power protection and control
UPS load segments are managed groups of receptacles that
can be independently controlled to provide protection. They
can also be used to cycle hung servers, extending runtime
for critical loads. For optimal performance in the event of a
power outage, non-essential loads are plugged into different
load segments than those that are essential.
You can leverage rack power distribution units or ePDUs to
protect equipment within your rack. By leveraging different
technologies, you can monitor and control the power at
the individual outlet, switch power on and off, remotely
shut down the power during an emergency power outage
or simply distribute power efficiently and safely. Switched
ePDUs can ping servers and switches, as well as auto cycle
non-responding devices. You can schedule routine outlet
cycling to proactively fight hung servers. Eaton’s broad line of
ePDUs allow you the customization and protection you need
within your rack.
Eaton Managed ePDUs allow you to monitor and control
critical factors such as voltage, current and power factor, at
the individual outlet level. This information allows you to make
the right decision when it comes to enegy consumption in
your data center.
By integrating our UPSs and ePDUs with management
software, you can view and control your environment from
any computer on the network server.
Two individually
controlled groups
of outlets
Outlet level control
on Managed ePDUs
Design for reliability
In most traditional power designs, you have one UPS
supporting your servers, switches and storage devices. In
this type of environment you are prone to having to shut
down your equipment during a power failure or if the UPS
needs maintenance or replacement.
Maintenance bypass
Automatic transfer switch
Eaton maintenance bypass units enhance power availability
to your rack and provide an additional level of reliability to
your power distribution design. Utility power runs through
the maintenance bypass to the UPS, and then supports the
rest of the equipment in the rack. Should the UPS need
to be replaced, you can switch power directly from the
maintenance bypass to the equipment, and replace or fix the
UPS without having to shut down your equipment.
Eaton automatic transfer switches (ATS) provide power
redundancy to equipment with one or two power supplies.
The ATS automatically transfers the power from a primary
source to a secondary source if there is a problem with
the primary. Once the primary source is restored, power
transfers back through it.
Front view
Rear view
During maintenance, an easy flip of the switch routes power directly
from the maintenance bypass to your equipment.
Leverage automatic transfer switches to maintain power distribution to
the rack.
Eaton’s Network Closet Solutions
Management of your networking closet is a key factor when
considering efficiency, reliability and uptime. Whether
you need to manage at the rack level, or if you want to
remotely manage, there are a number of options for you.
UPS level monitoring/management
Remote monitoring/management
By leveraging software, you have the ability to monitor and
manage your network closet remotely. This gives you more
time to focus on higher priorities and gives you peace of
mind when you are not near your equipment. Installing these
solutions is fast, easy and affordable.
For in-rack monitoring, leveraging a UPS with an LCD screen
is the way to go. You can limit the use of software and have
local access to multiple settings through GUI. Eaton’s 5PX
UPS delivers real time stats of your UPS, including battery
level, runtime and the health of the machine. You can also
access the UPS’s managed load segments and see which
equipment is pulling the most or least power and will help
you better equalize your power distribution. If you are unable
to connect to your environment through a laptop or call
tech support for alarms, this solution allows you to manage
everything at the touch of a button.
Additionally, think about leveraging rack power distribution
units that also have LCD screens on them. Eaton’s Advanced
Monitored and Managed ePDUs offer a sleek LCD screen
that allows you to view power consumption at the outlet level
and help you calculate power usage effectiveness.
Eaton’s 5PX LCD menu gives you vital
UPS information at the touch of a button
Eaton's IPM integrates seamlessly into VMware's Vcenter dashboard
Intelligent Power Manager
Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software gives you all the
tools you need to manage power devices in your physical or
virtual environment. The solution ensures system uptime and
data integrity by allowing you to monitor, manage and control
the devices on your network remotely.
Remotely monitor and manage multiple devices across your
network from a single interface; this can be integrated into
an already existing platform, such as VMware, Microsoft or
Measure power consumption and kWh to calculate power
usage effectiveness
Trigger live migration for virtual machines during power
Outlet level current and power metering
Eaton offers managed and advanced monitored technologies
for our rack mount power distribution units. You can manage
and monitor power at the individual outlet level and measure
power consumption, helping you calculate power usage
effectiveness ratings. You can also switch the power on and
off at the outlet level should you have servers or storage
devices that need to be shut down for maintenance or
replacement, enabling you to just shut down one piece of
equipment without taking your whole rack offline.
Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity
Eaton’s Environmental Rack Monitor and Environmental
Monitoring probe enable you to remotely monitor the
temperature, humidity, and status of devices. This can
be done via a standard Web browser, providing greater
management control and flexible monitoring. Installation is
simple and you get email notification should temperatures
change outside of normal range. You can also initiate alarm
thresholds and initiate system shutdown at critical levels.
Eaton’s Network Closet Solutions
Eaton’s recommended products for your
networking power needs
Enclosure Model
Part Number
Height U Width, in
Depth, in
Approx. Unit Weight, lb
Weight Capacity, lb
Eaton S-Series Rack - with Sides (42U)
Eaton S-Series Rack - with Sides (42U)
Eaton S-Series Rack - Open (42U)
Enclosure Accessories
Part Number
From Factor
Horizontal Ring Managers - 2U
2U, 17 in wide
Panduit PatchLink Horizontal - 2U
2U, 17 in wide
Cable Strain Relief Bars - 6” depth
1U, 17 in wide
Standard Velcro Straps
Side Cable Chase Take-up Spool
Vertical Manager-Side Cable Chase - 40U
0U, 40U tall
UPS Model*
Part Number
Rating (VA/Watts) Input Connection
Output Receptacles
Dimensions (H x W x D in)
Weight (lb)
Evolution 650VA RM 1U
5-15P (8 ft)
(4) 5-15R
1.7 (1U) x 17.2 x 14.4
Evolution 1550VA RM 1U
5-15P (8 ft)
(4) 5-15R
1.7 (1U) x 17.2 x 21.9
5PX 1500VA w/ Network Card-MS
5-15P (8 ft)
(8) 5-15R
3.4 (2U) x 17.2 x 20.6
5PX 2000VA w/ Network Card-MS
5-20P (8 ft)
(4) 5-20R, (4) 5-15R
3.4 (2U) x 17.2 x 20.6
5PX 3000VA w/ Network Card-MS
L5-30P (10 ft)
(6) 5-20R, (1) L5-30R
3.4 (2U) x 17.2 x 20.6
*UPS comes with 4-post rail kit . See product pages for additional UPS and accessories including EBMs, 2-post rail kits, and network cards.
ePDU Rack Mount
Distribution Models
Part Number
For use with
Input Connection
(H x W x D in)
Basic, 1500VA Horizontal ePDU
3000VA UPS or UPS with L5-30R
L5-30P (15 ft)
(20) 5-20R
1.7 x 17.0 x 3.5
Basic, 1500VA Vertical ePDU
1500VA and below UPS or UPS with 5-15R
5-15P (15 ft)
(18) 5-15R
48.0 x 1.5 x 1.5
Basic, 2kVA Vertical ePDU
2000VA UPS or UPS with 5-20R
5-20P/L5-20P* (15 ft)
(18) 5-20R
48.0 x 1.5 x 1.5
Monitored, 1500VA Vertical ePDU
1500VA UPS or UPS with 5-15P/5-15R
5-15P (9 ft)
(12) 5-15R
1.75 x 19.0 x 7.0
Switched, 1500VA Vertical ePDU
1500VA and below UPS or UPS with 5-15R
5-15P (9 ft)
(16) 5-15R
68.0 x 1.9 x 2.0
Basic, 6000VA Vertical ePDU
6000VA or UPS with L6-30R
(4) L6-20R
3.4 x 19.0 x 6.0
Managed, 6000VA Vertical ePDU
6000VA or UPS with L6-30R
L6-30P (10 ft)
(20) C13, (4) C19
68.0 x 2.2 x 2.6
* These units ship with an adapter allowing for 5-20P input plug.
MBP or eATS Distribution
Part Number
For use with
Input Connection
Dimensions (H x W x D in)
HotSwap MBP 1500VA 120V
1500VA and below UPS or UPS with 5-15P / 5-15R
5-15P (3 ft)
(6) 5-15R
2.1 (2U) x 3.8 x 17.3
HotSwap MBP 2000VA 120V
2000VA UPS or UPS with 5-20P / 5-20R
5-20P (3 ft)
(6) 5-15R
2.1 (2U) x 3.8 x 17.3
HotSwap MBP 3000VA 120V
3000VA UPS or UPS with L5-30P / L5-30R
L5-30P (3 ft)
(5) 5-20R
2.1 (2U) x 3.8 x 17.3
Eaton eATS 1500VA 120V
1500VA and below UPS or UPS with 5-15P / 5-15R
5-15P (6 ft)
(8) 5-15R
1.7 (1U) x 19.0 x 9.8
Eaton eATS 2000VA 120V
2000VA UPS or UPS with 5-20P / 5-20R
5-20P (6 ft)
(8) 5-20R
1.7 (1U) x 19.0 x 7.0
Eaton eATS 3000VA 120V
3000VA UPS or UPS with L5-30P / L5-30R
L5-30P (6 ft)
(8) 5-20R
1.7 (1U) x 19.0 x 7.0
Eaton eATS 3000VA 208/230V
3000VA UPS and below with C20/C19
C20 (6 ft)
(1) C19, (6) C13
1.7 (1U) x 19.0 x 9.8
**Other MBP and eATS Options available.
Intelligent Power Manager
Part Number
Intelligent Power Manager for 1-10 nodes
Free download @
Intelligent Power Manager, Silver Edition for 11-100 nodes
Intelligent Power Manager, Gold Edition for unlimited nodes
Network Card-MS Web/SNMP
Environmental Monitoring Probe
For use with Network-MS Card
Environmental Rack Monitor
120V 5-15P Input, 1 TH Module
Water Leak Detector
3ft, Works with EMP or ERM
Open Source Development Kit
Free download @
Eaton’s Network Closet Solutions
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