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Consult Safety Instructions Before Use.
Install Battery Pack
Welcome to Flip UltraHD™
1 Slide battery latch to unlock.
2 Slide front panel down.
3 Position rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack with + and – at the
right side and Flip Video™ logo facing up.
Note: The battery pack is shipped partially charged. For best results, fully
charge (up to 3 hours) before use. Simply follow steps in the Recharge Battery
Pack section.
Using AAA Lithium Batteries
If you need a backup power source for your UltraHD, three
AAA lithium batteries will provide power for a limited period of time.
Note: Alkaline batteries do not provide sufficient power for reasonable
video camera usage and are not recommended.
Get Started
1 Press power button to turn on. Video camera setup appears
automatically the first time you power on.
Set Language
• Use + and – to select your language.
Set Date
• Use + and – to adjust current setting.
• Use < and > to select month/day/year.
Set Time
• Use + and – to adjust current setting.
• Use < and > to select hour/minute/am/pm.
Set Tones
• Use < and > to turn the tones on and off.
Set Recording Light
• Use < and > to turn the recording light on and off.
To Return to Video Camera Setup Later
Starting with the video camera OFF:
1 Press power button to turn on.
2 When UltraHD logo appears, press and hold record button until
•for setup
Record and Play
Record Videos
1 Press to start/stop recording.
2 Press and hold + and – to zoom in/out during recording.
Play Videos
1 Press to play/pause.
2 Press and hold + and – to increase/decrease volume.
3 Press < and > to view previous/next video.
Note: Press and hold < and > during playback to rewind/fast-forward.
Delete Videos
1 Press button. Select YES to confirm.
Note: Delete button is locked the first time you power on. To unlock,
press and hold delete button.
Connect to Computer
1 Slide USB latch down. USB arm flips up automatically.
2 Plug USB arm into USB port on computer.
3 The battery pack will begin recharging and you can install
pre-loaded FlipShare™ software on your computer.
Recharge Battery Pack
1 Slide USB latch down. USB arm flips up automatically.
2 Plug USB arm into USB port on computer.
3 Screen will display charging status.
displays to indicate charging in process.
displays to indicate a fully-charged battery.
• Fully recharging the battery pack takes up to 3 hours.
• Disconnect your video camera from the computer after charging
to help preserve the battery pack’s lifespan and performance.
Note: Your computer must be powered on for your video camera to charge.
Organize, Create and Share
Pre-loaded FlipShare software makes editing and sharing your videos easy.
FlipShare Features
Save videos to your computer.
Organize your videos.
Capture snapshots from your videos.
Create custom movies and greeting cards.
Share videos
by uploading directly to:
FlipShare Installation Instructions
Just plug in your video camera and follow these simple steps.
Windows XP
Vista/Windows 7
• Select OPEN FOLDER to view files. Open SETUP_FLIPSHARE.
Visit the FlipShare software HELP section
for detailed instructions on all features.
View On HD Television
1 Power off video camera and television.
2 Connect video camera to television with optional HDMI Cable
(sold separately).
3 Power on video camera and television.
• Video camera screen will be off when connected to television.
4 Switch your television to the appropriate VIDEO input.
• See television manual for instructions.
5 Press play button to start/pause playback.
Note: You can use any brand of
HDMI Cable that has an HDMI
Connector (for the HDTV) on one
end and HDMI Micro Connector (for
the video camera) on the other end.
Video Camera Features
Power Button
Wrist Strap Hook
Tripod Mount
HDMI Micro Port
Battery Latch
Recording Light
USB Latch / Arm
Recording Controls
Record Button
Play Button
Delete Button
Up/Down Buttons
Left/Right Buttons
Press to turn on/off.
Attach wrist strap (included in box).
Attach a tripod or other Flip Video accessory.
Connect HDMI cable accessory to your HDTV.
Connect accessories to your Flip™ video camera.
Slide to lock/unlock.
Red light turns on during recording. Built-in wide-range microphone is also located here.
Slide down to release USB arm. Connect to a PC or Mac USB port.
Recording viewfinder/playback screen.
Press buttons to record and preview videos.
Press to start/stop recording. During power on: Hold to return to video camera setup.
Press to play/pause playback. Press and hold to play all videos.
Press to delete. Press and hold to lock/unlock the delete button.
While recording: press and hold to zoom in/out. During playback: press and hold to increase/decrease volume.
While paused: press to skip to previous/next video. During playback: press and hold to rewind/fast-forward.
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Included In This Box:
Flip UltraHD Video Camera
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Wrist Strap
Soft Case
User Guide
Safety Instructions
Warranty Information
Flip Video Support:
To Reset Camera:
• Hold down the power button on the video camera for 10 seconds
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It is your responsibility to dispose of your waste equipment and
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local laws and regulations. The correct disposal of your old equipment and
batteries will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment
and human health.
Please use the nearest waste collection facility as directed by your municipality or
your retailer.
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