DR-520.WiFi Portable HD DVR with Wi-Fi

DR-520.WiFi Portable HD DVR with Wi-Fi
Portable HD DVR with Wi-Fi
User Manual
The DR-520.WiFi is a high definition Wi-Fi DVR system and is part of our RecordCam™ series of DVR products in our
SafetyPlus™ product line. It is designed to be mounted on the windshield of the vehicle and has a built-in 120° CMOS
camera with IR night vision. The system records in HD 1080P and the recordings are stored on a Micro SD card (32GM max)
which can be retrieved from the system or the unit itself to view the video files. The unit can have the time and date
programmed into it and will display the time and date of each recording. The system also has a built-in 2.7" color LCD screen
for on-site playback of the recordings and a built-in microphone for audio recording.
3. Car charger port
4. USB port
9. Indicator
10. SOS/WiFi
12. HDMI out
5.IR lights
6. Micro-SD card slot
7. Suction cup holder
8. Touch Screen
13. Microphone
14. Speaker
15. Lens
What’s in the box: Pro-1701 DVR system, Suction Cup Mount, Car Charger, USB Cable and User Manual.
Charging the Battery:
1. Connect the DVR to car charger through Mini-USB port. The DVR will power on automatically and enter standby mode.
The red indicator light will turn on to indicate that the unit is charging.
2. Connect DVR to computer via USB cable. The DVR will power on automatically and enter an option menu letting you
select between “Mass Storage (MSDC)” and “PC-Cam”. Press “UP/DOWN” to choose the desired mode and “REC/OK” to
select the option. The system will then start charging.
[Note] During charging, the DVR can be turned on and off manually. Once the unit has been fully charged, the red
indicator light will turn off.
Battery Level Indicators:
Installation and Removal of Micro SD card
1. In the direction as indicated, insert the Micro SD card into the slot until it is held firmly.
2. To take the Micro SD card out, lightly press the Micro SD card to eject it out.
- Before inserting or removing the SD card, please make sure to turn OFF DVR system.
- Please make sure to insert the SD card correctly into the DVR system. Failure to do so may result in damage to the SD
card or the DVR system.
- When the SD card is inserted into the DVR, the unit will automatically format the SD card as the default storage unit and
any data on the SD card will be unreadable.
- If the Micro SD card is incompatible with the DVR system, please re-insert the or replace the SD card.
- 4GB-32GB/C4-C10 Micro SD card supported.
Operation Instructions
Turning the DVR On/Off
1. To turn on the system manually, press and hold the power button for 1 second. To turn power off, press and hold the
power button for 3 seconds.
2. Connect the DVR unit to the car charger in the vehicle. When the vehicle ignition turns on, the DVR will switch ON
automatically. When the ignition turns off or when the car charger is disconnected, the DVR will turn OFF automatically
within 10 seconds (as per setting).
System Setup
In Video or Photo mode, touch the LCD screen and then press the Menu->DOWN->REC/OK key to enter the System Setup:
- G-Sensor: On/Off. When G-sensor is ON, the DVR unit will protect and lock the current recorded video file once the
G-sensor has been triggered by hard impacts or shocks from traffic accident.
- File Type: Emergency Video / Common Video / Photo. Select the specified type of files to browse in playback mode.
- Sounds: Voice Recording On/Off, Key Sound On/Off and Volume.
- Power Save: Off / 10 sec. / 30 sec. Select this option to turn off the screen automatically after DVR continue recording for
10 sec. or 30 sec. As default, power save is ‘Off’ and DVR screen stays on indefinitely.
- Date & Time: Date and time adjustment.
- OSD Language: English / Russian / Korean / French / Portuguese / Chinese, etc.
- Light Freq: 50Hz/60Hz
- TV out: PAL/NTSC
- Format: Format the memory card. Select to format the memory card at the first use.
- System: Factory Reset / System Info (Version) / Card Info
- Delay shutdown: On/Off. As default, 10 sec. off delay is ON, to avoid any improper shutdown command caused by power
interruption during recording.
Recording Video and Setting Video Recording Menu
1. Recording video
After power is turned ON, the DVR enters Video Mode as default. The
icon will be displayed at the upper-left corner
of the screen. Press the ‘REC/OK’ button or touch ‘OK’ on screen to start video recording as long as the correct Micro SD
card been inserted into the system. During recording mode, the red icon
will flash.
- When the DVR is mounted on the windshield with car charger connected, it will power ON and start recording
automatically once car ignition is turned on.
2. Set Video Options
Press the Menu key on LCD screen to enter the setup mode for video options.
- Resolution: 1080P (30fps) / 720P (60fps)
- Seamless (Loop Recording): Off / 1min / 3min / 5min. Select this option to store and cycle the video files by 1 minute, 3
minute or 5 minute recordings per section.
- Date Stamp: On/Off. Select to stamp the date and time on video screen as watermark.
- Motion Detection: On/Off. The DVR can be set to record ONLY when motion is detected. This can be useful while your
car is parked. In this mode, the DVR will record automatically after sensing motion and continue recording for 10 seconds
afterward. The DVR will return to standby mode if no other motion is detected.
Taking Photos and Photo Setup Menu
1. Taking Photos
Press the power key to enter video recording mode as default. Press the “Mode” button to enter Photo mode. The
icon will be displayed on the upper-left corner of the LCD screen.
Hold the DVR firmly and press “OK” on the LCD screen or press “REC” button to take photos. Photos will be stored into SD
card automatically.
2. Set Photo Menu
While in Photo Mode, press the “MENU” and “REC/OK” buttons to enter photo menu settings.
- Resolution: 12M / 10M / 8M / 5M / 2M
- Exposure: EV -2.1 / -1.0 / 0.0 / +1.0 / +2.1
Playback Mode
1. Browse Files
After the DVR powers ON and enters Video Recording mode, press the “MODE” button twice to enter the PLAYBACK
mode. Press the “UP/DOWN” button to browse through the video files or Photo files.
[Note] If the File Type (in System Setting) is selected for “VIDEO”, then only VIDEO files (loop recording files) are available
in PLAYBACK mode. If file type is selected for “EVENT”, then only emergency video files (from G-sensor or SOS) are
available in PLAYBACK mode. If the file type is selected for “PHOTO” then only photo files are available to browse in
2. Delete and Protect
In playback mode, Press the “MENU” key to view the “Delete” and “Protection Lock” options. Press the “UP/DOWN” and
“REC/OK” to navigate and select the options “Delete the current” and “Delete All”. Press the “REC/OK” button to select
your option. You may add a lock to the file. Locked files are protected files that cannot be deleted until unlocking it.
Connection to computer via USB Cable
USB Backup Mode (MSDC)
You can upload your videos and pictures to your computer by using the provided mini-USB cable. Connect to your
computer while DVR system is powered off and the display will show 2 options: MSDC / PC-CAM. MSDC allows you to
upload to computer. Select the MSDC option and your computer should now unload all photos and videos.
[NOTE] To watch recorded videos, please transfer videos from the SD card to the computer. This DVR is compatible with
Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating system as well as Apple OSX operating systems.
Connect the DVR to your computer while the DVR system is powered off and the display will show 2 options: MSDC /
PC-CAM. PC-CAM allows you to use the DVR as a web cam. Select the “PC-CAM” option and you will now be able to video
chat with friends on Skype or Messenger.
Connection to TV via HDMI Cable
Connect the DVR system to your home TV via HDMI cable (if available). When connected, the DVR screen will turn black
and the TV screen will show the playback menu files (Video or Photo). Press the “SOS” button to select the desired file and
press the “REC/OK” button to select your choice.
App and WiFi connection to Smart Phone
By using the downloadable App and WiFi function, you are able to monitor the DVR, record videos and take photos
directly from your iOS or Android smart phone. Most importantly, through WiFi connection, you can download and store
the video files into smart phone directly from the SD card in the DVR system. To use the WiFi function, please follow the
steps below.
Open the App Store on your smart phone and search for “iSPO CAM”. Once you find it, download and install the app
to your phone. After installation, the iSPO CAM
app icon will appear on the main desktop of your smart phone.
To activate the WiFi function, stop video recording manually, then press the “SOS” button. A “WiFi connecting”
message will appear on the DVR screen.
Enter the SETTINGS menu on your smart phone, Turn on the WiFi wireless network and connect to “A5-A000001”.
Enter the defaulted password “1234567890”.
4. Press the
app icon on your smart phone to open iSPO CAM App. You can now monitor the DVR system from your
phone. Use the buttons in the app to take videos/photos and download video files from SD card in the DVR to your
smart phone.
- The WiFi connection between DVR and smart phone must be Point-to-Point. If you want to change to a different Smart
Phone and still use the WiFi connection, please make sure to disconnect the current WiFi connection first.
- WiFi App supports Android 2.3 or higher and iOS 6.0 and higher.
During normal operation, improper operation of the system or incorrect SD card may cause the DVR to freeze. Please press
the small RESET button on the bottom side of DVR system to power down the unit. Turn on the DVR system manually and
DVR will automatically restore the factory default settings.
Technical Specifications
Screen size
2.7″ 960x240 TFT-LCD Resistive TOUCH
170° A+ class Glass lens
OSD language
Video resolution
1080P (30fps)/ 720P (60fps)
Video format
H.264 codec, AVI
Photo size
Photo format
Memory card
Micro-SD card, support from 4GB-32GB/C4-C10
Power frequency
TV output
USB port
Mini-USB 2.0
Power supply
Car charger, DC12V-24V adapt to 5V/1000mA
3.7V / 350mAh
Operation system
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8,MAC OSX 10.3.6 or above
[Note] We do our best to reflect the specifications above accurately. However, periodic updates and changes may occur
after this manual was printed. We reserve the right to change the parameters without prior notification.
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