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Dynasty 210
Maxstar 210
High-Quality, Versatile
TIG Welding Solutions
Setting New Standards for TIG Welding
Performance in the 200-Amp Class
Continuing the long legacy of dependable
Miller solutions, Dynasty 210 and Maxstar
210 welders deliver even more of what you
need to get high-quality work done —
quickly and easily.
Exceptional TIG and stick performance in
easy-to-use, versatile, portable machines.
That’s what you expect from Miller. That’s
what you get with the new Dynasty 210
and Maxstar 210 welders.
Easy to use
All models include Pro-Set™ technology:
Dynasty 210
• Pre-set welding parameters
• Speeds up setup time
• Eliminates guesswork and improves welding results
Easy to update and expand
• Front-panel memory card data port
• Fast, easy software updates and feature expansions
Class-leading portability
• Stand-alone power source weighs 50 pounds or less
• Dual carry handles and a carrying strap enable oneperson transport
Improved performance on aluminum
Available on Dynasty 210 DX models only
• Revised starting sequence improves performance on
anodized aluminum
• AC frequency control allows adjustment up to 400 Hz
for a more-focused arc that’s ideal for thin materials
• AC balance control allows adjustment to optimize
oxide removal (cleaning action) and reduce head on
the tungsten
• Lowers heat input for less chance of warping/damage
Improved performance on
low-amperage applications
ore stable and consistent arc at 1 amp
• Ideal for aerospace, microelectronics and medical
equipment applications
Auto-Line™ power management technology
Connects to almost any type of available
input power and produces a steady, highquality arc — so you can work in more places.
• Universal location flexibility: Allows operation on primary
current ranging from 120 – 480 V, single- or three-phase,
50 or 60 Hz
o manual adjustments or linking mechanisms:
Makes setup easier and adds flexibility to work in many
different types of locations
etter weld quality, uninterrupted protection:
Even during significant primary power fluctuations,
Auto-Line technology maintains steady welding output
for consistently high-quality welds
raws fewer amps: Allows work in more locations;
reduces load on worksite generators, freeing up power
to operate other tools
Wireless remote compatible
Cooler Power Supply (CPS)
The new Dynasty 210 and Maxstar 210
welders are fully compatible with Miller
wireless remote control solutions —
so you can work the way you want.
Available on select Dynasty models;
standard on Dynasty water-cooled
• Save time and money:
No cord tangles or failures
• Improve weld quality:
Precise operator control
• Get more done: Work faster and safer
• Experience convenience: Up to
300-foot range (with hand control)
and long battery life
• Integrated 120 V, dedicated-use
esigned to power the Coolmate™ 1.3
on and off with welder
• Cooler-On-Demand™ operates the
cooling system only when needed —
reducing noise, energy use and
airborne contaminants pulled
through the cooler
Maxstar 210
There’s a Dynasty 210 or Maxstar 210 that’s right for you.
AC* or DC
New Features
Dynasty/Maxstar 210
Dynasty/Maxstar 210 DX
60 – 80%
50 – 99%
70 – 150 Hz
20 – 400 Hz
Soft square
Soft square, advanced square,
sine, triangle
Pulse frequency (PPS)
0.1 – 500 PPS
Pulse peak % time
5 – 95%
Pulse background % amp
5 – 95%
Start parameters
0.20, 0.40, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8
0.20, 0.40, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, general
Fixed (0.2 sec)
Off – 25 seconds
Pulse frequency (PPS)
0.1 – 250 PPS
0.1 – 500 PPS
Pulse peak % time
Fixed (40%)
5 – 95%
Pulse background % amp
Fixed (25%)
5 – 95%
CPS available
(Cooler Power Supply)
* Dynasty models only
** Only available on CPS models
More Quality.
More Versatility.
Get more of everything you want
in a TIG welder.
The new Dynasty®210 and Maxstar®210 welders are
designed to address the challenges you face every day.
They deliver multiple solutions to help ensure the flexible
performance you count on — so you can complete a
wide variety of jobs with outstanding weld quality.
Learn more about how Miller is setting new standards
for TIG welding performance in the 200-amp class.
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The Power of Blue®
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