for Backup Camera
Installation video’s are available on www.letsyada.com to see step by step
installation instructions.
Detailed instructions and warnings can be found in the User's Manual provided.
Note: Camera installation on diesel vehicles may require different wiring install.
1 Hook the monitor to the suction cup mount and attach to windshield.
Power using the 12V/24V adapter provided.
Remove overlay and adjust angle as needed.
2 The camera needs to be connected to a reverse light. The connection
provides power to the camera, and to notify when the vehicle is in reverse.
Determine the best route for the camera cable from the top of your license
plate to the inside of the vehicle. You may need to drill a small hole.
Run the camera cable through to the inside of your car to the tail light
3a At your taillight, remove the light bulb socket from the reverse light housing.
Camera Cable
Determine the reverse light power wires for your car, designating the
positive and negative wires.
Connect the camera cable to the power wires of your car using the snap lock
splice connectors. Connect the camera’s red wire to reverse light’s positive
wire. Connect the camera’s black wire to reverse light’s negative wire.
Use pliers to squeeze the metal tabs then snap the plastic cover closed.
Reverse Light Power Wires
3b An alternative way to power the camera is by plugging directly into an
available 12V socket inside of your vehicle.
Run the camera cable securely inside of the vehicle, connect to the 12V
direct power adapter then plug into an available 12V socket.
By installing the camera to a 12V socket, the image appears as soon as
power is detected. Please read important details about this installation in
the user’s manual.
Backup Camera
4 Remove the license plate.
Standing with the license plate in one hand and the camera in the other
hand, slide the camera along the top of the license plate.
Peel off the lining of the double-sided tape already attached to the camera
and press firmly to the license plate to secure the camera.
Stick on back of plate
Attach the license plate to the vehicle.
5 Adjust the vertical angle of the camera.
Power the monitor and check for successful installation prior
to tucking away the cable and putting together your tail light housing.
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