XperiaTM in Business
Xperia in Business
Mobile Device Management
Read about how Xperia devices can be
administered in a corporate IT environment
Device management clients
Exchange® ActiveSync®
The my Xperia service
Third party Mobile Device
Management solutions
Device inventory
XperiaTM M2
XperiaTM M2 Dual
XperiaTM M2 Aqua
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XperiaTM in Business White paper
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Products covered
The services and features described in this document require the following
combination of products and software versions:
XperiaTM M2
Software versions (build number):
XperiaTM M2 Dual
Software versions (build number):
XperiaTM M2 Aqua
Software versions (build number):
Android version: 4.4.x
Note: xxx in software versions denotes a number 001-999.
To find the software version of a device, select About phone in Settings.
Limitations to services and features
Some of the services and features described in this document might not
be supported in all countries/regions or by all networks and/or service
providers in all areas. Please contact your network operator or service
provider to determine availability of any specific service or feature and
whether additional access or usage fees apply.
Document release date
August 20, 2014
XperiaTM in Business White paper
Mobile Device
Xperia™ devices that are deployed in your
organisation’s IT environment integrate easily with
a number of device management solutions.
Passcode policies supported:
• Password recovery enabled
• Require password
• Allow simple password
• Min password length
• Min password complex characters
• Require alphanumeric password
• Max password failed attempts
• Restrict password history
• Password expiration timeout
• Max inactivity time lock
Device policies supported:
• Allow Wi-Fi®
• Allow Bluetooth™
• Allow storage card
• Allow USB mass storage
• Allow browser
• Allow tethering
• Allow desktop sync
• Application blacklist/whitelist
• Require storage card encryption
• Allow roaming
• Require device encryption
• Allow camera
• Allow screen capture
• Allow USB debugging
• Allow non-market app installation
• Allow / Block / Quarantine (ABQ) list
• Unapproved in ROM application list
Device management clients
Xperia™ devices support device management with the built-in Microsoft®
Exchange ActiveSync® (EAS) client, the free ‘my Xperia’ service from Sony
Mobile, and the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) third-party
solutions. These solutions make it possible to manage both corporateowned, and personal Xperia™ devices (using a Bring Your Own Device
policy) over the air from a single management console.
When integrated into an MDM-enabled business IT environment, Xperia™
devices offer a comprehensive array of policies, device command/
administration features, provisioning support, and device inventory
collection functions. Xperia™ devices also support device management
features such as wireless configuration, settings and software updating,
enforcement of policies including adherence monitoring, and remote
wiping and locking of devices.
Exchange ActiveSync®
Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® enables mobile devices to synchronise
email messages, calendar and contacts with a Microsoft® Exchange
Server. EAS also provides device management capabilities and the
ability to control mobile devices in a server network. The Microsoft®
Exchange ActiveSync® implementation in Xperia™ devices has support for
Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® MDM features including security and
device policies as well as device administration features.
Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® enabled Xperia devices that are
deployed in a network can be controlled and monitored using Exchange
Server with password policies such as mandatory PIN or password usage,
minimum PIN or password length, and PIN and password resetting over
the air. You can also control the number of incorrect PINs or passwords
that can be entered before all data is deleted from the device. The support
for Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® device administration in Xperia
devices also gives administrators the ability to remotely perform a factory
reset to wipe a device of all data and configurations.
The my Xperia service
Sony Mobile Communications offers a free-of-charge basic MDM service
called my Xperia. The my Xperia service helps you to find a misplaced
Xperia™ device, and protects its private information by locking or even
remotely wiping all information on the device. The Locate function helps
you to find your Xperia™ device by locating it on a map.
XperiaTM in Business White paper
Mobile Device Management
Device commands supported:
• Add EAS account
• Add / remove email account
• VPN configuration
• Install certificate (VPN, apps, WiFi
or S/MIME)
• Track data usage
• Wipe storage card only
• Get rooting status
• Prompt new password
• Lock device
• Wipe device
• Locate device
• Sound an alert
You can lock your device and replace the existing screen lock (e.g. pattern,
PIN, password) on your device with a new PIN. When you lock the device,
you can also write a message that will be displayed on the screen of your
device when it is found. You can also display a phone number where the
finder can reach you. If you want to make sure that nobody gets hold of
any private information on your misplaced Xperia™ device, you can erase
your data remotely. You can choose to wipe the data from the internal
memory, the memory card, or both.
my Xperia features:
• Locate device on a map
• Set a sound alert on the device
• Lock device
• Set new PIN and screen message
• Remote wipe (Factory reset)
Third party Mobile Device Management solutions
Xperia™ devices support all major MDM providers through the native
Android device management APIs and the Sony Mobile APIs. Xperia™
devices have comprehensive support for over-the-air management
of settings, policies, device and application commands, as well as
provisioning and inventory.
Inventory management features
A wide range of device management tasks can be performed. You can, for
example, enforce password policies, remotely wipe the internal memory
and SD card of an Xperia™ device, reboot the device, or reset it to its
factory settings. You can also remotely remove or disable individual
applications on devices.
Device information
• Hardware inventory (Manufacturer,
Device model, Device features, Serial
number, IMEI)
• Operating software inventory (OS
version, Kernel version, Baseband
version, Software build number)
Apps information
• Installed apps
• App information (ID, name, version,
content, resources)
• Individual app usage
• Running apps
• Running services
Network information
• Subscriber ID
• Phone number
• SIM card ID (ICCID)
• Subscriber carrier network
• Current carrier network
• Data roaming setting (on/off)
• Wi-Fi information (SSID, MAC and IP
• Proxy hostname and port
• Bluetooth information (ID, MAC address,
paired devices)
XperiaTM in Business White paper
The my Xperia service uses the Google account on your device. If you are
using several Google accounts on your device, you can sign in with any
of them. You can connect several devices to the my Xperia service using
the same Google account. The my Xperia service is available at myxperia.
Device provisioning abilities include remote configuration of HTTP proxy
settings, Wi-Fi and APNs. Xperia™ devices support application inventory
features that let you get a list of all apps installed on a device and
retrieve information on the usage of individual apps. Furthermore, there
is extensive support for hardware inventory features, making it possible
to check what hardware is supported across the fleet of Xperia™ devices
in your network. In addition, you can make an inventory of the IP network
status of devices and get mobile network information for devices in the
Device inventory
With a large number of inventory management features supported by
Xperia™ devices from Sony it is easy to keep track of the equipment
used by an organisation. Administrators can get complete hardware and
software inventory as well as mobile-specific information such as IP and
mobile network status of managed devices.
Trademarks and acknowledgements
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granted herein are reserved. All other trademarks are property of their
respective owners.
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XperiaTM in Business White paper
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