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Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 3.0
Reduce the time and cost of deploying desktops, laptops, tablets, and servers
Data Sheet: Endpoint Management
Symantec Ghost™ Solution Suite is an industry leading and award winning solution for imaging and deploying desktops,
laptops, tablets, and servers. From a single management console, you can quickly and easily migrate to the latest operating
systems, inventory machines, deploy software, and perform custom configurations across multiple hardware platforms and OS
types including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Symantec Ghost™ Solution Suite 3.0 introduces the Altiris Deployment Solution 6.9 console and its core capabilities while
adding key functionality from Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 including Ghost Cast Server, DeployAnywhere, Recovery Kit, and a
streamlined no-cost database installation.
Easy to use management console
With Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 you can do
everything you need to manage your
systems, all within a single console, and all
without leaving your desk. Use the intuitive
and fast interface to build jobs to perform all
of your computer management tasks. A
single job can include every step needed to
provision and manage a machine, including
disk configuration, OS deployment, network
configuration, and software deployment.
Simply drag a job onto a computer or group
New features for Deployment
Solution 6.9 customers:
New features for Ghost Solution
Suite customers:
• Integration of Deployment
• Dynamic machine groups
Solution 6.9 console, database
• Integrated support for no-cost
and agent (see our user guide
for more information on the
• Upgraded WinPE
• Integration with Ghost Cast
vastly expanded capabilities)
• SQL 2014, SQL Express 2014
• Updated operating system
support, SQL 2014 Support
• Ghost Recovery Kit added
• Updated hardware support
(UEFI 32bit and 64bit)
• Support for Windows Server
2012 R2, Windows 8.1, Mac
of computers, and then run it immediately or
OS X 10.10
schedule it for after-hours. It’s that easy. The console includes multicasting
• Upgraded WinPE and LinPE
capabilities, support for adding, modifying, and deleting computers, jobs and tasks,
and support for managing virtual computers and thin clients. It’s also easy to restrict
access to the console functions and managed systems with role-and-scope-based
security, so only authorized staff can access and manage appropriate systems. Our centralized management console increases
IT productivity and helps lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for desktops, laptops, tablets, and servers.
Reduce deployment co
cossts, complexit
complexityy, and time
Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 makes it easy to deploy new endpoints. For example, you can build a reference system using the
unattended OS installation wizard, including adding core software and required configuration. Once your reference system has
been built you can automatically take an image and mass-deploy to your new and existing systems, fully hardware independent
and in any remote locations around the world. As part of the deployment process you can add system/group specific software
and configuration items, and fully customize individual machines based on a range of attributes. You also become part of a
vibrant community that shares best practice and tools to help you along the journey.
Data Sheet: Endpoint Management
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 3.0
In addition to supporting a wide variety of hardware types, Ghost Solution Suite also supports multiple operating systems,
including Windows®, Mac® and Linux®. Deploying desktops, laptops, tablets, servers and thin clients has never been easier.
Key benefits include:
• Single deployment solution for desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, and thin clients
• Allows administrators to configure and schedule tasks from a centralized console, including rolling out software, upgrading
operating systems, executing commands remotely and targeting computers based on specific hardware and software
• Supports heterogeneous operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux
• Secures access from unauthorized personnel
• Simplifies image management and reduces the number of images needed for deployment by using DeployAnywhere™
technology to deploy hardware-independent images
• Provides image multicasting to minimize bandwidth usage and speed the deployment of new images
• Enables the use of the Microsoft® Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE) and Linux to accelerate and
automate Windows and Linux deployments
Simplified in
ventoryy, sof
softtware and configuration management
OS deployment and configuration is only part of the battle. Once a computer is in day-to-day usage ongoing tasks like
inventory, software management and basic asset management are also important areas that must be addressed. Ghost
Solution Suite 3.0 makes it fast and easy to deploy, configure, and upgrade software on managed devices including being able
to group machines based on application versions for easy targeting.
Ghost Solution Suite also enables power users to perform advanced automation and customized scripting. Whether it's support
for server-side scripting or conditional error handling, Ghost Solution Suite provides unparalleled job and task management.
The Ghost Recovery Kit allows OEMs, VARs and system integrators to provide a recovery option to customers, ensuring that
machines can be quickly and easily restored, with no special end user know-how required.
tem Requirements
Ghost Solution Suite Agent: (DAgent and ADLAgent): Agents require network connectivity and 10 MB of disk space. Other
system requirements are the same as for the host operating system.
Ghost Solution Suite Server: Symantec recommends running server components on a modern, dedicated server with a 1-GHz or
faster processor with 1 GB or more of RAM. At an absolute minimum, this server should have a PIII-compatible 600-MHz or
newer processor with 1 GB RAM.
Note: If the database will be hosted on the same computer as your Ghost Solution Suite Server, a minimum of 1 GB memory,
with an additional 1 GB, is recommended. Computers hosting additional PXE servers and file shares should meet the
requirements of the operating system hosting these components.
Automation Requirements: Microsoft recommends 512 MB of memory for computers booting WinPE. At a minimum, you
should have 384 MB to avoid boot errors.
Note: If the SQL Server Express database is installed from within the Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 installer, then .NET Framework
3.5 or above is also a prerequisite.
Data Sheet: Endpoint Management
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 3.0
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