Soft Folding Bedguard

Soft Folding Bedguard
safe & secure
folding bedrail
user guide
assembly instructions
Please read these instructions fully before you begin to assemble your bedrail. You should
have the following components.
A 1 x fabric barrier
B 2 x loop ended bars
C 2 x hinged bars
D 2 x straight bars
E 2 x curved bars
If any parts are missing do not attempt to use your bedrail. Only use parts supplied by
Mothercare with your bedrail.
Clean your bedrail with a damp cloth and water or a mild detergent. Do not use harsh or
abrasive cleaning agents.
safety notes
assembling your bedrail
Unfold your main fabric barrier until it clicks and locks securely in the extended position. Lay
this section out on the floor with the hinges facing down away from you (these will be away
from the child when the bedrail is assembled).
Slide the longest section of the hinged bar into the fabric where shown and push the shorter
bar inside the tube of the barrier. Press in the small silver stud on the shorter bar and push in
completely. Once correctly located the silver stud will pop into place. Repeat on the other
• It is not recommended that this bedrail is used by children under the age of 18 months
or when the child is over 5 years of age.
• It is recommended that this bedrail is only used by children that are able to climb in and
out of bed unaided.
• This bedrail is only suitable for a maximum mattress thickness of 25cm.
• This bedrail should not be used on a sleeping surface that is more than 60cm from
the floor.
• This bedrail should not be used as a substitute for a cot, as it cannot provide the same
level of safety as a cot.
• This bedrail should be checked regularly. Please pay particular attention to all locking
mechanism and hinges
Push the loop ended bars together, to form the horizontal bar of the bedrail. Thread one end
through the edge of the fabric where shown. The end of the hinged bars can now be slotted
into the loops.
Push the straight bars through the loops and into the hinged bars, ensuring that the small
silver studs are facing upwards. By pressing the small silver stud, through the fabric, you will
be able to continue to insert the straight bar by up to 10cm. This allows for adjustments to
accommodate different mattress sizes. Always make sure the small silver stud has popped
into place to lock the bar.
Now simply slide the curved bar over the straight bar until the second small silver stud pops
into place. There are 5 holes in the curved bar to allow further adjustments. Repeat on the
other side of your bed guard.
installing your bedrail
Set the distance between the upright portions of your bedrail so that it is equal to the width of
your mattress. Make sure all silver studs are correctly located and the guard is secure.
WARNING: To prevent the risk of strangulation. It is essential that when the bedrail is fitted
into position, there is a gap of at least 25cm between each end of the bedrail and the
headboard/foot of the bed. The end of the bedrail should be roughly level with your child's
shoulder when lying in bed. Replace your mattress and check that both sides of the bedrail
grip the sides of the mattress. Always check that your bedrail is secure.
min 25cm
min 25cm
operating your folding bedrail
using 2 barriers on opposite sides of the bed
You may require a barrier on both sides of you child's bed. Simply assemble 2 Lindam
bedrails as instructed, but omit the curved bars and one pair of straight bars.
The 2nd bedrail simply slots over the straight bars of the 1st. Ensure the small silver studs pop
securely into place. Again these allow for adjustment to accommodate different mattress
To give you easier access to your child the Lindam Safe & Secure Soft Folding Bedrail is
designed to fold downwards. Simply squeeze the 4 coloured buttons (2 on each hinge)
simultaneously and fold the upper portion of the bedrail downwards.
When you put your child back to bed simply fold the guard back up until it clicks. Always
check that your bedrail is secure.
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