the Sony VPL-PX40/PX35 Projector

the Sony VPL-PX40/PX35 Projector
The Key to Smart Presentations
…the Sony VPL-PX40/PX35 Projector
Leave a lasting impression. With its brightness of
3500 ANSI lumens* and a high contrast level, the
VPL-PX40 is the easy and effective way to view
presentations in any environment or lighting condition. Its 3D Gamma Correction and 3D Digital Comb
Filter features, plus an RGB Enhancer for RGB and
DDE for video, combine to make pictures always
look their best.
*The Brightness of the VPL-PX35 is 2600 ANSI lumens.
**ANSI lumens is a measurement unit defined by the National
American Institute IT7.228. Since there is no uniform method
of measuring brightness, specifications may vary among manufacturers.
Complete the experience. An integrated stereospeaker system delivers audio to support the presentation visuals for even greater impact.
Presentation Tools
A laser-pointer, mouse function and 4-times Digital
Zoom – all included on the supplied remote-control unit – help to make presentations run smoothly
and keep the audience enthralled.
The projector itself – the main presentation tool –
goes virtually unnoticed, because of near-silent
The broad installation capabilities of the VPL-PX40/
PX35 enable the projector to be mounted on the
ceiling or floor, or installed in a rear-projection system. Installation flexibility is further enhanced by
the choice of two optional lenses. With the Direct
Power On/Off Function the projector can
be turned on or off quickly using a circuit-breaker
switch on a switchboard, and, for added security,
the VPL-PX40/PX35 incorporates a passwordauthentication system.
For Powerful Presentations
…the VPL-PX40/PX35
Picture Quality
High Brightness and Contrast
Smart APA
With a new optical system incorporating Sony LCD
panels and a 265 W UHP lamp, the VPL-PX40 offers
outstanding brightness of 3500 ANSI lumens, while
the VPL-PX35 provides an impressive 2600 ANSI
lumens. High quality images can be projected even
in high ambient light conditions, producing an
extremely highcontrast ratio.
Dot phase and image size or shift can be automatically adjusted to their optimal settings according to
input signals.
High Resolution
By using three
0.99” XGA LCD
panels the
delivers clean and
detailed reproduction of all images.
Digital Signal Processing
The VPL-PX40/PX35 achieves high picture quality
with Sony original Digital Signal Processing technology. The VPL-PX40/PX35 provides digital signal
processing by adopting a newly developed driver
for the LCD panel that directly accepts digital signals; thus the projector is capable of projecting
images with high accuracy.
3D Gamma Correction
The 3D Digital Gamma Correction circuit simultaneously provides superb grayscale reproduction and
helps to improve overall
picture uniformity.
Dynamic Detail Enhancer (DDE)
This unique Sony technology generates high quality
images through the Interlace/Progressive conversion processor. Signals of film-originated sources
converted through 2-3 and 2-2 pull down process
are detected, resulting in extremely accurate image
RGB Enhancer
For a crisper RGB image, the VPL-PX40/PX35 is
equipped with an RGB Enhancer function. A simple
adjustment provides heightened image quality to
match any image source – whether text, photos,
or graphics.
Presentation Effectiveness
4-times Digital Zoom
Useful Remote-Control Unit
To help convey a clear message, the 4-times Digital
Zoom function allows users to zoom in on any part
of the projected image during a presentation.
The supplied remote-control unit is
equipped with keys to control various projector functions, for smooth,
persuasive presentations every
time. It has an integrated mouse
function for point-and-click control
of a USB-connected computer, and
it can work as a laser pointer to
direct the audience’s attention and
guide them through the presentation.
Stereo Sound
Users can improve the impact and effectiveness of
presentations with stereo audio output from the
built-in stereo-speaker system.
Input Versatility
Multiple Inputs
Using a built-in high-performance scan converter,
the VPL-PX40/PX35 accepts a wide range of input
signals: composite video, S-Video, Y/R-Y/B-Y,
Y/PB/PR and RGB video, as well as analog and digital computer signals. A variety of DTV signals
720/50p, 1080/60i, and 1080/50i) are also fully supported, extending its potential even further.
DVI interface
The VPL-PX40/PX35 accepts digital signals directly
thanks to its DVI interface.
The Benefits of Networking
Optional Lenses
The VPL-PX40/PX35 can even be controlled via a TCP/IPbased network connection, which also enables users to
receive maintenance information. This functionality is
ideal for offices and schools equipped with a Local Area
Network (LAN).
Two optional lenses are available, giving users the ability
to customise the VPL-PX40/PX35 to perfectly suit any projection environment.
❚ Fixed short-focus lens
❚ 1.5-times zoom long-focus lens
❚ Throw ratio*: 3.35-4.9:1
for rear projection
(Optical Axis Angle:
0 degree)
❚ Throw ratio*: 0.9:1
*Throw ratio is the distance between the centre of the projector lens and
the screen, divided by the screen width.
Back-to-Front Tilt
The VPL-PX40/PX35 can be tilted
upwards or downwards by 90 degrees.
This flexibility greatly expands the projector’s application possibilities.
Digital Keystone Adjustment
Keystone distortion, caused when the projection angle is
not properly calibrated, can be easily corrected within a
wide adjustment range of +/- 20 degrees. The necessary
adjustments can be easily made via the On-Screen Display.
On-Screen Display (OSD)
The OSD, which provides
easy projector control, is
available in a choice of nine
languages: English, French,
Spanish, German, Italian,
Japanese, Chinese,
Portuguese, or Korean.
Direct Power On and Off
With this function, standby mode can be skipped over to
activate the VPL-PX40/PX35 immediately. And thanks to a
cooling fan with drive circuitry that works even after the
power has been cut, the projector can be turned on or off
using a circuit-breaker switch on a switchboard.
Password-Authentication System
This function restricts unauthorised use of the projector.
Once a password has been set, the VPL-PX40/PX35 cannot be used without it.
Throwing Distance
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