69900 $59995 $8995 $44950 $129500

69900 $59995 $8995 $44950 $129500


Wind / Foot Controllers








The EWI4000S MIDI wind instrument has many of the long sought-after controls and functions that are necessary for expressive performance. This model features a lower price and several improvements to the design as well. It now features a built-in sound module, direct

MIDI IN and Out, onboard effects and several other updated operating functions. With the sound module and the instrument all in one unit, players can move freely on the stage by using MIDI and audio wireless transceivers. With easily accessible controls for breath, vibrato, glide time, and bend width, users can adjust the settings of the EWI4000 to their specifi c playing style.

• User-customizable Electronic Wind Instrument

• Built-in analog modeling synth sound module

• MIDI in and out for controlling other sound modules

• Touch-sensitive keys with octave roller

• Sensitive breath sensor for expressive dynamics







The Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller takes wind MIDI control to new levels of performance and playability. With precise, responsive wind and lip sensors, a choice of single-reed or recorder type mouthpieces, and a range of fi ngering modes, the WX5 makes expressive wind control more accessible than ever before. Connected to your favorite MIDI tone generator, it gives experienced wind players a new medium for expression in a familiar format and is even playable enough for beginners. This exciting instrument provides expressive control and nuances that are simply not available with keyboards or other MIDI controllers.

• Wind MIDI controller with customizable features • Connect to any MIDI tone generator or keyboard

• Single-reed or recorder type mouthpieces

• Wide range of fi ngering modes

• Pitch bend wheel and key hold button


physical modeling sound module with direct

WX connection #YAVL70M .........








If your keyboard or sound module sports a “breath controller” input then you will defi nitely want to plug in a BC3A to see just what fun you have been missing. This unit is a lightweight headset that features a small mouthpiece which may be angled for your comfort and specifi c fi t. Blowing with varied pressure transmits MIDI information to your tone generator to allow very expressive changes in volume, vibrato or any parameter that you select within your instrument. Keyboard and MIDI guitar players can now add nuances that were very diffi cult or impossible to achieve with other methods.







The PK-5A Dynamic MIDI pedalboard lets you play a variety of sounds from any external MIDI device, leaving your hands free to play your favorite musical instrument.

Easy one-foot operation gives you complete command over four separate performance modes, letting you play bass lines as well as harmonies, drums and percussion sounds, or even sound effects. Two-function footswitches provide instant control over a wide variety of useful parameters and you can also set the PK-5A’s

Performance Modes to transmit on any MIDI channel and switch to other channels simply by selecting the appropriate footswitch.

• Dynamic one-octave MIDI pedalboard • 13 different levels of velocity sensitivity • Transpose over a 9-octave range

• 4 separate performance modes: bass, poly, drums, SFX

• Adds new expressive potential to any musician’s performance

• Headset style breath controller

• Connects to “breath control” input on many keyboards and sound modules

• Flexible mouthpiece for maximizing fi t

• Sensitivity adjustment for tailoring “breath” amount

• Lightweight design for comfortable wear







The PK-7A is the ideal foot controller for the

Roland VK series combo organs. This

20-key pedalboard allows for pedal bass control, complete with

Pedal Attack and Pedal Sustain functions, adding even more authenticity to your organ performances. It features

2 footswitches for controlling Rotary slow/fast and Rotary Brake operation as well as VK parameter data like Seq Start/Stop, Preset Up/Down,

Orch Glide, etc. This unit allows you to unleash the true depth of your

VK and makes for a very portable yet powerful organ package.

• 20-key MIDI pedalboard

• MIDI Merge function for enhanced MIDI control

• Built-in hold switch (damper)

• Separate expression, hold, foot-L, and foot-R outputs

• No power cable required when connected to VK-77 or 88 www.bhproaudio.com

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Footswitches & Pedals



FSC-384 / 385





The FSC-384 is a single footswitch with one 1/4” TS

(mono) jack ideal for changing amp channels.

FSC-385 Dual-footswitch version

FSC-385 2-space black anodized version

#HOFSDL .....................................








The FSC-501 is a latching switch (push-on/push again for off) ideal for guitar amp channel switching, on/off effects units.







The FSC-502 is a momentary switch (normally open).

Ideal for use as sustain pedal, patch-advance switch/ punch-in/out switch for multi-track recorders.

FCS-503 momentary switch (normally closed) #HOFSMNC..........








The FSC-604 is a selectable momentary switch (open/closed) ideal for use as a sustain pedal, patch-advance switch, or punchin/out switch for multi-track recorders.







The FS-6 is a fl exible dual footswitch that allows each switch to be set for either latch or momentary operation.







The SP-1 is a non-latching momentary switch for use as a sustain foot pedal or FS controller for synthesizers and drum machines.







The SP-2 is a heavy duty piano-style sustain pedal with a rubber-coated shell and chrome foot pedal. (6-ft. cable with 1/4” jack)


FC 7





The FC7 is a durable volume controller that allows you to adjust the volume or the effects of your instrument. (6-ft. cable with 1/4” jack)







The FS-1 Foot Switch provides simple control of on/off functions like channel/effects switching on guitar amps.







The FS-1 Foot Switch provides simple control of on/off functions like channel/effects switching on guitar amps.


FS-5L / 5U





The FS-5L is a sturdy metal, latch-type momentary footswitch with an LED to indicate the pedals status.

FS-5U Unlatch-type momentary footswitch

#ROFS5U ...................................................................................



FC 5





The FSC-501 is a latching switch (push-on/ push again for off) ideal for guitar amp channel switching, on/off effects units.


FC 3





The FC3 is a dual-zone piano style sustain pedal with a unique continuous zone that allows for different types of sustain. (6-ft. cable w/ 1/4”jack)


FC 4





The FC4 is a piano-style sustain pedal that can also be utilized as an FS controller for synthesizers and drum machines. (6-ft. cable w/ 1/4” jack)







The EX-P is a universal expression control pedal with a built-in polarity switch that ensures compatibility with most brands of controllers and keyboards (molded construction with integral cable).







The EV-5 is an ultra-compact expression pedal that can control a wide range of functions and effects parameters in real time.


Drum Machines / Percussion Pads



Performance Pad






Performance Pad is a self-contained percussion performance station and controller, equipped with 8 velocity-sensitive pads and a built-in drum machine with 50 presets and 50 drum kits. The unit includes inputs for bass drum and hi-hat pedals, and a line-level in for connections to audio playback devices. The unit is capable of 16-voice polyphony, and

12 simultaneous sounds are accessible from the pads.

• Dynamic Articulation for pads adds nuance, expressiveness

• 16- and 24-bit sample/DAC resolution

• 24-bit stereo and headphone outputs

• Built-in drum machine with 12,000-note sequencer

• MIDI output for external triggering

• Mounting holes for easy drum kit attachment

• Large LCD screen







The Alesis

SR-16 is a classic 16bit stereo drum machine designed for composition, recording, and accompaniment applications. It features

233 realistic, natural drum sounds (supplied both dry and sampled with digital reverb). This compact drum machine provides complete MIDI implementation, a footswitch input, fl exible programming and editing features and 12 velocity-sensitive pad buttons.

• 233 realistic, natural drum sounds

• 12 velocity-sensitive pads with Dynamic


• 50 preset & 50 user Kits

• 200 user & 200 preset patterns

• 16-voice polyphony

• (4) 1/4” outputs (2 stereo pairs)

• 2 footswitch jacks



The SPD-20 Total Percussion Pad is an electronic percussion multi-pad with

700 high-quality percussion, drum, and instrument sounds built-in. It is equipped with 8 velocity-sensitive rubber pads, four dual-trigger inputs for triggering

SPD-20 sounds from external pads and other triggering devices and onboard multi effects including reverb, delay, chorus and fl anger.





• 700 high-quality drum and percussion sounds • 8 velocity-sensitive rubber pads

• Internal memory: 99 patches, 8 patch chain • 14 voice polyphony

• Sound parameters: instrument, level, pitch, decay, pan, curve, effect send level

• (4) dual-trigger inputs for external triggers • Built-in multi-effects







The HPD-15 HandSonic is an electronic hand percussion multi-pad with 600 realistic acoustic and electronic percussion sounds and versatile real-time control. It features a 10” rubber pad with 15 parts, a built-in sequencer and onboard effects include reverb and multi-effects processors. It uses triggering capabilities technology from Roland’s V-Drums, and a built-in pressure sensor allows for realistic muting and pitch control of sounds.

• Electronic hand percussion pad w/ V-Drums technology • 300 percussion and drum sounds from around the world • D-Beam controller, dual ribbon controllers, three control knobs • 10” rubber pad with 15 parts for triggering • Built-in multi-effects processors

• Dual-trigger input and hi-hat control jack



The Electribe RmkII is an innovative

Rhythm Synthesizer with an expanded list of new preset patterns that cover every type of modern dance music.

It features an intuitive interface for creating beats and tweaking them in real time, powerful cross modulation options and a “Motion Sequence” function that records knob movements. The ER1mkIIs onboard sounds can be used in conjunction with its external audio input to create unconventional rhythms and effects.





• 256 patterns, 16 songs • Step Sequencer for easy input of patterns

• Low Boost and Delay effects • Preset patterns covering every type of dance music

• “Motion Sequence” function records knob movements • Audio input function for gate effects www.bhproaudio.com

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Drum Machines




The Dr. Rhythm DR-880 is a powerful drum machine with innovative features including: a Hi-Z instrument input for guitar & bass, a coaxial S/PDIF output,

3 independent insert effects and proprietary COSM amp modeling. It provides

440 world-class drum and percussion sounds, 40 bass sounds (with COSM bass-amp models) and a unique “EZ

Compose” feature for quick, hassle-free programming.





• 20 velocity-sensitive pads • Guitar/bass input, multi-effects, COSM amp models

• TSC with Sound Shape function and Ambience • 1,000 patterns (500 preset, 500 user)

• Coaxial S/PDIF digital output • Stereo RCA & (2) 1/4” outputs

• (4) Footswitch and expression-pedal inputs







The Dr. Rhythm DR-670 is a featurepacked drum machine with a unique pad interface designed like a bass guitar neck for easy programming of rhythm/bass lines. Its unique “Direct Pattern Play” function allows users to assign internal patterns to 16 pads for triggering in realtime, and preset and user patterns can be easily chained together to create up to

100 songs.

• 255 drum and percussion waveforms • 16 velocity-sensitive pads

• 200 Preset or User patterns • Stereo 1/4” & 1/8” stereo headphone outputs

• Unique Direct Pattern Play function • Pedal Switch input

• Powers via: AC or battery power



The Dr. Rhythm DR3 is an affordable drum machine designed for guitarists and songwriters. Great for jamming or practice, the DR3 provides 13 velocity-sensitive pads,

BOSS’ best acoustic and electronic drum kits and a great selection of bass sounds.

It can power via batteries, and an optional footswitch can be used to control many of the useful functions.





• 100 Preset Styles and 100 User styles

• Realistic drum, percussion, and bass sounds

• Rhythm Progressions with 3 variations of Intro, Verse, Fill, and Ending

• TSC with Sound Shape function and Ambience • Stereo RCA & (2) 1/4” outputs

• Footswitch input for easy live control • Powers via: AC or battery power







The Zoom

RT-223 is a battery operated drum machine with

511 rhythm patterns, 70 preset drum kits, 127 user-programmed kits, 39 sounds and 12 bass sound sources. Its FAST

(Formula Assisted Song Translator) song creation function simplifi es song arrangement, and speeds up the process of assembling songs with repeated patterns and sequences.

• Lightweight portable drum machine

• 511 Rhythm Patterns : (440-factory, 71-blank)

• Touch-sensitive drum pads, Groove Play pad assignment

• FAST(Formula Assisted Song Translator) song creation function • Built-in multi-band compressor/EQ & multi-effects • Line input for external audio

• Powers via: (4) AA batteries or optional AD-0006 AC adapter







The Zoom


SB-246 is a rhythm machine designed for creating all styles of

Hip Hop. It features 529 authentic Hip

Hop sounds and an easy-to-use loop pattern sequencer for putting together complex tracks. Equally at home on stage and in the studio, the SB-246 can operate continuously for 8 hours on four AA batteries, making it ideal for portable applications.

• 529 authentic Hip Hop sounds

• 210 preset patterns produced by Beat Kangz

• 24 bass sound sources

• Loop pattern sequencer optimized for Hip Hop

• Built-in multi-band compressor/EQ & multi-effects

• Stereo (L,R) 1/4” outputs

• Powers via: (4) AA batteries or optional AD-0006

AC adapter


Sampler/Sequencer Workstations








The SP-404 is an easyto-use portable sampler capable of recording and looping samples in real-time. Samples can then easily be assigned to any of the large twelve trigger pads, processed using 29 different effects, edited with powerful sample-editing tools and then stored as .WAV or

.AIFF fi les on up to 1GB

Compact Flash media cards. A built-in microphone makes for quick setup and recording with no cables to connect.

• 12-voice sampler with 12 pads and built-in microphone

• Create up to 24 patterns with up to 8000 notes

• 29 expressive effects controlled in real-time via

3 front-panel knobs

• Import or export .WAV or .AIFF via up to

1GB CompactFlash

• RCA line I/O, MIDI in • Battery or AC powered













The MPC1000 combines great feeling, velocity/pressure sensitive pads into a

64-track MIDI sequencer with 32-voice

Stereo Digital Sampler. Although it inherits the same legendary “feel” and

“groove” of older MPC’s, it adds welcome new features, including: two Qlink sliders, two separate multi-effects processors, resonant multi-mode fi lters, 4-way sample layering and velocity switching per pad, and standard multiple audio outputs.

• Pattern-based 64-track sequencer with 32 MIDI channels

• 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with up to 128MB ram

• Transfer/store via Compact Flash (2GB) max. or USB port

• Master and dual multi-effects engines

• 1/4” balanced inputs, 1/4” unbalanced outputs, digital I/O S/PDIF (coaxial)







The MPC2500 is a professional sampling music production center that combines a 64-track MIDI sequencer with a

32-voice, 16-bit stereo digital sampler. It features 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads for more natural and effi cient drum programming, two internal effects processors, extensive connectivity and a host of new features including Chop

Shop- the ability to slice loops, automatically assign them to a pad, and synchronize the resulting loops/phrases to any tempo without changing pitch.

• 64-track, 32-voice music production sequencer • Extensive sample editing including resampling, slice, pitch-shift and more • Classic MPC “feel” and “sound” with 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads • New features include: Patched Phrase, Grid Edit, Effect and

LFO sync • 10 built-in outputs, 2 MIDI inputs/4 MIDI outputs, USB port for Mac/PC connection • MPC and .WAV fi le compatible

The 8-voice SP-606 is a table-top sampler/ sequencer capable of importing or sampling direct from its stereo analog/digital inputs or audio supported USB port. Audio can be synchronized, edited and sequenced using

BPM sync control, powerful sample sculpting tools, and an internal 4-track, 18,000 note sequencer. Capable of truncating recorded audio automatically, the SP-606 is ideal for quickly building sample libraries

• 8-voice polyphonic with 4-track 18,000 note sequencer

• Velocity-sensitive pad bank, expressive D-Beam, and three assignable knobs

• 45 effect algorithms including Mastering Effects

• Compact Flash storage (512MB max.) .WAV/AIFF formats

• Computer control integration with P606 Virtual

Groove Box software


MPC4000 Plus

Advancing the legend of beat-making MPC’s, the MPC4000 is a powerful 24/96k sampling/sequencing workstation featuring up to 512MB of samples, a full-featured multi-timbral sampler, four channels of 56-bit effects, CD importing, storage and more. Mix, edit, sample, re-sample and sequence as many as 128 songs internally with up to 128 tracks per song then burn and export fi nal products to disk for external mastering via computer.





• 64-voice polyphonic • Q-link sliders control fi lters and effects

• Simultaneous linear and pattern-based sequencing with full re-sampling

• 1/4” balanced and digital S/PDIF I/O standard • 16/24-bit linear .WAV format

• USB, CD-ROM and SCSI import/export options www.bhproaudio.com

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Sampler/Sequencer Workstations



Electribe ES1mk11

The ES1mk11 is an ideal rhythm sampler for DJ’s and dance producers wanting to incorporate audio material into rhythm patterns quickly and easily. Its Time

Slice function divides audio into individual samples and allows for altering steps and tempo without affecting the pitch. Motion Sequence can then record real-time fi lter and effects directly into the preloaded or custom patterns laced with your own custom samples.

• 100 (mono) or 50 (stereo) samples/95 sec. (mono) or 47.5 sec. (stereo)

• 128 patterns, 16 songs, 86 pre-loaded samples • Master Effect (normal, motion sequence, BPM sync), Insert Effect (11 types) • SmartMedia Card slot (64MB total)


Electribe ESX-1





The ESX-1 Rhythm/Sampler combines a sample-based sound set with the ability to record your own samples. Samples can be sliced and divided at their rhythmic peaks allowing individual muting, pitch, fi lter, or effecting, while phrase loops can be assigned to Stretch Parts, freely adjusting tempo without affecting pitch. While recording in Realtime or Step mode, a powerful arpeggiator, ribbon controller and slider are available for further expressive control.

• 16 total instrument parts • 384 max. internal samples/285 (mono) seconds 128

(stereo) max. • All knob movements recorded by Motion Sequencing • Dual-tube output for increased warmth and presence • 256 patterns/64 songs

• Import/store samples via Smart Media card (128MB max)


Electribe EMX-1

The EMX-1 is a creatively expressive dance and hip-hop production sequencer that combines powerful synthesis models, samplebased drums, and unique organic sounds into a stylish and durable chassis. Produce crisp leads, textured beds, morphing waveforms, and more with 9 drum, 5 synth, and an accent part for added dynamics. Ideal for DJ’s and producers, the EMX-1 can produce a vast amount of sound from such a small package.









• Multiple modeling synthesis styles (16 algorithms total)

• Over 200 percussion and 70 synth samples internal

• Intuitive realtime/step-time recording with Motion Sequencing and expanded pattern lengths • Audio input allows outside source to run through fi lters and effects







The MC-808 combines a powerful 128-voice synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer into a single box with 8 motorized faders—ideal for live performance recall.

Build and manipulate tracks from scratch by incorporating hundreds of internal patterns, arpeggiations, and effects with externally-sampled or imported audio. Up to 512MB of samples can be accessed internally, transferred to computer through USB and imported/exported in .WAV and .AIFF formats.

• 128-voice synth, sampler, and sequencer workstation

• Create 16-part sequences from over 1000 user patches and 128 drum kits • Sample or import external audio to be edited, processed, and mixed

• Multi-effects processing including mastering and pitch shifter • 1GB CompactFlash backup

• 1/4” I/O, USB connection with editor software







The MV-8800 is a complete desktop audio production solution. The unit consists of a programmable 64voice polyphonic drum machine with 16 velocity-sensitive pads and an extensive drum kit library, an automated 24-track hard disk recording and mixing section with extensive effects processing and mastering tools, and a built-in CD burner. The unit supports WAV and AIFF recording fi le formats, and reads sample fi les from Roland and Akai.

• Integrated desktop audio production workstation

• 24-track hard disk recording, mixing, and mastering

• Drum machine with 16 velocity-sensitive pads

• Internal 40GB hard drive and CD burner

• Large back-lit LCD

• Versatile effects and drum set sound library

• USB, MIDI, coax and optical SPDIF, 1/4” analog connectivity


Synthesizer Workstations

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com







The Motif ES6 is a highly expandable 61-note, 128-voice polyphonic synthesizer workstation that easily integrates synchronized audio and MIDI into one streamlined production keyboard. Along with its enhanced sound set, the ES6 provides an extremely fl exible effects processor, almost 2,000 internal waveforms, 1,800 arpeggiator phrases, and a deep sample layering modular synthesis system capable of producing all the expressive nuances of Analog Modeled,

FM, Piano, Percussion, and AWM-generated drum sounds.

• Huge number of internal waveforms with Modular Synthesis

Plug-in System

• Quick song creation with Phrase Factory Arpeggiator

• System software control integration with DAW’s

• External storage via 128MB SmartMedia or USB to Device port

• mLAN for multi-channel network MIDI and 24bit/96kHZ audio I/O




# KOTR61



The Korg TR is a 61-key synthesizer workstation with up to 512 programs, 384 combinations, and 24 drum kits comprising its comprehensive 64Mb sound set. Although double the size, it’s based on the classic

Triton sound engine. Several new sample waveforms are taken from the fl agship Oasys synth while still maintaining the same expressive rhythmic patterns, arpeggiators and sophisticated multi-effects capabilities of the original Triton. Reliable USB MIDI capabilities and SD storage up to 1GB are built-in.

• 61-key synth workstation based on classic Triton engine

• 16-track sequencer with up to 200-song, 200,000-note capacity

• Record immediately using song recording templates and Auto Song

Setup function

• Dual polyphonic arpeggiators with over 200 built-in patterns

• Quick “category select” of Programs and Combinations

• Sampling option available







The MOTIF XS6 is a professional 61-key workstation keyboard with

128-voice polyphony. The unit is equipped with a huge library of sounds, a large back-lit LCD, and an expanded controller section featuring a ribbon controller. The 16-track sequencer allows for audio recording and playback in .WAV and .AIFF fi le formats, while providing seamless co-integration with DAW software such as Digital Performer,

Logic, Sonar, and many others.

• 61-note keyboard with Initial Touch and Aftertouch

• 1024-voice sound library, 64 drum kits

• Arpeggiator with 6,000-phrase programmable collection

• 16-track, 130,000-note sequencer with .WAV/.AIFF audio

• 8 assignable knobs, 8 assignable sliders

• Ribbon controller, pitch and mod wheels

• (2) DIMMS Sample RAM slots

• Analog 1/4”, MIDI, Ethernet, SPDIF and USB connectors


Fantom X-6





The Fantom X6 is a 61-note, 128-voice version of the fl agship Fantom series keyboards. Now with 8-tracks of audio recording capability, Roland has provided greater creative options by integrating almost 1GB of expanded internal and external wave memory seamlessly into a powerful sequencing, sampling instrument. Real-time audio editing, extensive effects processing, and convenient .WAV/.AIFF fi le exchange make the sonically inspiring Fantom X6 an ideal production tool for studio or live performance R&B, Rap, Electronic, or contemporary Pop music.

• 61-note/128-voice polyphony/Up to 1GB internal wave memory

• Skip Back Sampling automatically records phrases and recalls them instantly • 4 x SRX, 544MB RAM, and 1GB PC Card slot (Smart

Media/CompactFlash) expansion • Color LCD screen

• Record directly to RAM automatically syncing Audio/MIDI

Fantom X-R 128-voice polyphony Synth Rack/over 1GB sound expansion/USB & PC Card storage #ROFXR ...........................


800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Synthesizer Workstations








The MM6 is a 61-key programmable keyboard synthesizer with 32-voice polyphony and a host of control knobs and switches, expressed in a high-tech, lightweight form. The 418 high-quality voices and 22 drum kits are culled from the renowned MOTIF series sound library, and an arpeggiator, along with a collection of multi-genre play-along preset rhythm patterns, is also available.

• Professional sounds from MOTIF library

• Real-time pitch and mod wheel controls

• Built-in arpeggiator and 8-track sequencer

• 249 internal effects with reverb, chorus, master EQ, and variations

• Performance memory for all edits, settings

• Full connectivity includes MIDI and USB, headphone out

• Dual pedal inputs, stereo audio output

• Compact and lightweight for easy transportation







The MiKO is a completely portable multi-media production and playback instrument designed for modern-day electronic artists and DJ’s.

Based on a Windows XP platform, the MiKO features extensive control with 37-keys, assignable knobs and faders, navigation transport controls, a 15” touchscreen LCD and a dedicated DJ section with graphite-travel cross fader. Record up to 64 tracks of 24/96kHz audio for 15 hours, run over 200 plug-ins at once and even produce full-screen/full-frame HD video with the help of a dual component VGA connection.

• 37-key multi-media performance workstation • Run over 200 plug-ins, record up to 64 tracks of audio and burn CD/DVD’s

• Professional balanced 4in/6out input section with dual mic pre’s and phantom power • Complete built-in DAW with up to a Dual

Core 64-bit processor • Firewire, USB and Ethernet connections







With a 61-note synth-action, uncompromised audio quality, and extensive sound creation capabilities, the K2661 is designed for the professional studio and performing musician. Its sound set includes over 600 of Kurzweil’s best programs and setups, KB-3 mode, and

Triple mode, all processed through the creatively inspiring KDFX multi-effects processor. Although extremely fl exible for sound creation, the K2661 is also an incredibly powerful MIDI controller, capable of controlling multiple sources simultaneously for maximum fl exibility in any style of music.

• 500 programs/100 setups easily expandable • KB3 mode Tone

Wheel Organ modeling uses 8 sliders and wheel as drawbars

• Triple Mode combines 127 different algorithms to create stunning, more “analog” sounds • Simultaneous sample and sequence capability (RAM tracks) • 8-channel ADAT I/O or stereo S/PDIF

• Sample storage via SCSI or 128MB SmartMedia







The fl agship K2600XS represents the culmination of Kurzweil’s many years of experience on stages and in countless studios around the world. Top touring acts and programmers praise its superior sound quality while musicians look to it as the ultimate all-in-one compositional tool. This workstation features an excellent performance control set, stunning KDFX 24-bit studio-grade processing and the included

KB-3 Tone Wheel Organ modeling mode. In addition to its own sampling capabilities, the K2600SX will load sound data in most other major formats making its sound library immense.

• 88-note fully weighted sampling synthesizer workstation

• (8) sliders, (2) ribbon controllers, (6) pedal inputs and breath controller input

• Extensive sample-processing and importing capabilities

• Live Mode for real-time external audio processing

• (8) balanced 1/4” outputs, AES and S/PDIF I/O

RM326 Triple-Strike Piano ROM #KURM326...............................



Synthesizer Workstations

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com


Fusion 8HD





The Fusion 8HD is a unique 88-key synthesizer workstation featuring four different synthesis types including: Sampling/Sample Playback,

Virtual Analog, FM Synthesis, and Physical Modeling. Combining this synthesis power along with professional 24-bit I/O, a 32-track

MIDI sequencer with true 8-track hard-disk recording, and up to

192MB of internal RAM for custom or imported samples, you begin to understand how the Fusion allows musicians an almost limitless palette of tools for creating professional live or studio projects.

• 88-key fully-weighted sampling workstation with 8-track, 24-bit audio recording • Synthesis types: Sample based, Virtual Analog,

FM and Physical Modeling

• More than 800 preset programs with 200 mixes

• 32-track sequencer with arpeggiator with 1,000 preset patterns

• Import samples via USB or Compact Flash to internal 40GB hard drive

• New hall of sound banks • 56 lbs

Fusion 6HD 61-key version #ALF6HD ..................................








The M3-61 is a 61-key sampling workstation keyboard with 120-voice polyphony, a large color touchview screen that doubles as an X/Y control pad, a huge multi-sample sound library, and and extensive

DAW co-integration functionality. The proprietary EDS sound-generating system is derived from Korg’s renowned OASYS and KARMA synth engines, and the unit may be used as a virtual VST, RTAS or

Audio Unit plug-in.

• 61-key sampling workstation keyboard and programmable synth

• Huge 1,600+ drum sample library, 1,028 multi-samples

• 170 dynamics, multi-effects, amp and speaker simulators

• Touchview LCD, (8) drum pads, (8) assignable slider controls

• Open Sampling System with cross-fade looping, time stretch

• 16-track, 210,000-note sequencer

• MIDI, TOSLINK optical SPDIF, 1/4” TS phone connectivity

M3-73 73-key version of above #KOM373 ..............................


M3-88 88-key version of above #KOM388 .............................








The Juno-G is an affordable, user-friendly workstation that packs a studio’s worth of sound, sequencing, and audio recording into one amazing instrument. At its core is the same high-powered processor found in the Fantom-X series, providing a library of rich and diverse patches with fi rst-class performance features. Add to this an audio/

MIDI recorder with dedicated transport controls and mixer plus USB connectivity for easy WAV/AIFF fi le and patch data transfer.

• 61-note workstation with 128-voice polyphony

• 16-part MIDI sequencer with 4 stereo audio tracks

• Powerful “Fantom-X-quality” sound engine

• Large friendly display and front panel controls

• Arpeggiator, Chord Memory and multi-effects built in

• USB port for MIDI communication & data transfer

• Infrared D Beam controller

• PC card slot

• Includes free Calewalk Sonar LE software







For musicians who can’t accommodate a choir or group of background singers for their gigs or recording sessions, Roland proudly presents the VP-550 Vocal Designer Keyboard. Much more than a traditional vocoder or harmonizer, it uses breakthrough vocal-modeling technology to bring the highest-quality, interactive vocal sounds to a dedicated instrument. Spectacular classical choirs, soulful gospel choirs, pop and jazz voices, male & female ensembles, vintage vocoding, and lush string/vocal hybrids are all quickly addressable with its streamlined interface.

• 49-key interactive real time backing vocal generator

• Perfect for solo performers and houses of worship

• No hidden menus and lots of dedicated controls

• Also equipped with high-resolution vocoder modeling

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Synthesizer Workstations





# YAS08



The S08 gives you professional quality sound and a full-size weighted keyboard in a lightweight package. The vast sound set is easily managed with the Category Search feature and built-in USB interface makes computer connection fast and easy. Its keyboard has been specially designed to accommodate both the need for weighted feel and quick response across the entire length of the keyboard, allowing you to enjoy smooth, weighted action regardless of which voice you play.

• 88-note weighted action synthesizer

• Balanced hammer-effect keyboard mechanism

• Large sound library with “Category Search”

• 64 voice poloyphony

• Built-in USB MIDI interface

• Onboard 24-bit multi-effect processors

• 16-part, multi-timbral SMF playback sequencer

• SmartMedia card slot

• Sequencing and voice editing software included


S90 ES





The S90 ES combines a stunningly natural acoustic piano sound with all the sonic fl exibility of the award winning Motif ES. A new multi-velocity, stereo grand piano sample, the new sound board simulation and the half-damper capability (when used with the

Yamaha FC3) all ensure a rich and realistic acoustic piano sound.

Add to this the ability to install up to three PLG expansion boards and you have the makings of a very powerful and versatile machine.

The S90 gives you the solid feel and response of a professional digital piano along with the ability to handle just about any gig that might come your way.

• 88-key weighted action synthesizer with aftertouch

• 53 MB of memory is dedicated to the new grand piano voice

• 228MB of wave memory holds an enormous sound library

• Accepts up to three optional PLG expansion boards

• Studio Connections software allows the S90 to act as a plug-in

• Powerful arpegiator draws on a library of 1787 phrases







The PC161 is a 61-key, 64-voice performance controller featuring the sound set of the acclaimed PC2 series keyboards, superior effects from the award winning KSP8 processor, and impressive live/studio controller capabilities. The musical expression of the PC161 is made possible by superior sample processing, editing, and control.

Its sounds include the Kurzweil Triple-Strike Piano, electric pianos/organs, a stunning string and percussion collection, the built-in

Orchestral ROM expansion, and more.

• 61-key performance controller with 64-voice polyphony

• Dual stereo effects processor is superior to any in its class

• Sound set from PC series with optional Classic Keys expansion available

• Comprehensive MIDI control with optional Super Ribbon controller

• Balanced 1/4” TRS outputs

• 23 lbs







Musicians have been asking for a fully-weighted 76-note performance keyboard for years and with the new PC1SE players can now gain all the advantges of piano style action in a much easier-to-transport package. Kurzweil has wrapped their famed Triple-Strike Piano, a host of other breathtaking sounds and impressive contoller capabilities into a professional package that will make make a noticeable difference in tight stage setups. Its road proven design, unique Classic Keys ROM and pressure sensitive keyboard make it the perfect centerpiece of your rig.

• 76-note, fully-weighted performance controller

• Both Orchestral and Classic Keys ROM expansions included

• Award winning effects section bring sounds to life

• 128 user setups each with 4 independent zones

• Full featured arpeggiator and numerous front panel controllers

• High-resolution effects processor delivers full and rich sound

• Flash ROM upgradeable


Synthesizer Workstations

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com




# KOX50



Featuring a compact, light-weight design, the 61-key X-50 performance synthesizer is loaded with 512 programs and 384 combinations derived from the world-renowned Triton synth engine. It utilizes a powerful effects section, dual polyphonic arpeggiators with 256 patterns, and individual outputs for further external mixing. Sounds are auditioned with one button press and are organized conveniently into 16 categories for quick and easy selection.

• 61-note performance synthesizer with 62-voice polyphony

• 512 programs and 384 combinations

• Convenient, lightweight design for studio or live performance

• 4-channel audio outputs, 4 effect processors, dual polyphonic arps

• USB MIDI connection with stand-alone or innovative plug-in sound editor

• Multi-mode allows external control

• Compact size fi ts in even the tightest workspace







The microX is a compact 25-key synthesizer designed to integrate easily into today’s computer-based music systems. Its advanced control functions provide 64 external control templates for popular software synths and DAW programs along with the expressive manipulation of more than 1,000 internal programs and combinations that cover the most popular musical genres and production styles. Dual polyphonic arpeggiators with 251 phrases and up to four high-quality effects at once adds to the microX’s creative potential.

• 25-key synthesizer with 62-voice polyphony

• 64Mb ROM with 640 programs and 384 combinations

• 64 built-in control templates for software and DAW control

• 4 individual outputs and USB connection (MIDI only)

• Synth engine based on famous Triton series

• Up to four stereo effects at once







Ideal for both veteran and beginning synthesists, the intuitive Juno-D is an inexpensive 61-note, 64-voice polyphonic synthesizer designed to provide users with one of the most expressive, full-featured keyboards in its class. Direct access buttons easily select between 640 patches, 20 rhythm sets and the powerful arpeggiator’s 400 phrase templates, all which are easily manipulated and processed via 5 front-panel controls and 47 different multi-effects.

• 61-note synth with aftertouch, 64-voice polyphony and fl exible real-time control

• 640 expressive patches with 20 rhythm sets

• Patches are organized in categories and are selected via Direct Access buttons

• Multi-chord memory for one-fi nger chord triggering

• 47 multi-effects, 8 reverb types and 8 chorus types

• USB interface and Mac/PC editing software included

• Built-in “D-Beam” controller







The S03 is a very affordable synthesizer that features over 700 incredible voices as well as full XG/GM compatibility. Its huge waveform memory draws on the S-series library and covers everything from punchy basses and expressive strings to breathtaking synthesizer textures and avant-garde sounds. Just as important as the waveforms themselves, a high-quality effects processor is an essential part of a synthesizer’s voice architecture and the S03 is equipped with rich reverb and chorus effects as well as a wide selection of various effects such as delays and distortions.

• 61-note multitimbral synthesizer

• Comprehensive library of onboard sounds

• Large back-lit LCD screen

• Category Search for quick voice location

• 64 different effect types

• Combines professional sound quality with affordability

• Perfect for aspiring musicians

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Synthesizer Workstations



Nord Lead 2X





The Nord Lead and Nord Lead 2 are among the most popular virtual analog synthesizers ever built, and they have continued to build on a good foundation with the Nord Lead 2X. Not wanting to change an already brilliant concept, the designers added more polyphony for layered sounds, extra internal memory for sound storage and higher operating resolution. Excellent build quality, loads of knobs, and distinctive analog sound have made this unit a top choice among musicians worldwide.

• 49-key analog modeling synth

• 20 voices, 4-part multitimbral

• Unique stone modulation wheel

• Arpeggiator with 4 octave range

• Wooden “Pitch Stick” for smooth pitch control

• Knob values can be “morphed” with mod wheel

• Separate Oscillator, Filter, Amplifi er, and Modulation sections

Nord Lead Rack rack version of the above #CLNR2X..............








The MO6 carries the same massive 175MB wave ROM and synth engine found in the fl agship MOTIF ES series, leaving no doubt as to its readiness to handle any type of music production situation. Whether you are gigging, songwriting, doing studio sessions, or integrating into a computer music environment, the MO6 can adapt to each of these applications and their special demands and provide just the right feature set for each situation. And, like the Motif, it includes a well laid out

Song and Pattern for getting your ideas down fast.

• 61-note production workstation

• Phrase Factory produces complete grooves for song inspiration

• Real-time control knobs and sliders for instant tweaking

• Remote mode for control of DAW’s and SoftSynth’s

Yamaha MO8 88-note weighted hammer action version of above

#YAMO8 ................................................................................



Triton Extreme 61-key





The Triton Extreme carries an impressive 160MB of wave ROM which now includes the entire sample sets from the Trance Attack,

Orchestral Collection, and Vintage Archives expansion boards. Also included is the best material from the Dance Extreme, Studio Essentials and Pianos/Classic Keyboards collections. A unique feature of the Extreme is the tube-driven Valve Force circuitry that can be used as an insert effect or on the fi nal outputs to add a bit of warmth or snarl to your sounds and samples. It also allows you to connect a

CD-R/RW drive or USB storage device for easy data transfer.

• 61-note keyboard workstation • 120 notes of polyphony

• Selectable vacuum tube processing • USB and CompactFlash data storage • Large intuitive TouchView display

Korg Triton Extreme 88-key 88-key weighted hammer action version of above #KOTE88 ....................................................








The Radias is a 24-voice synthesizer featuring Korg’s Multi-Modeling

Technology (MMT) derived from the fl agship OASYS. It offers a variety of synthesis algorithms together with multiple effects, wave shaping, modulation sequencing, and a new comb fi lter and formant-motion vocoder. 256 programs, each capable of having four discretely-controlled timbres, 32 drum kits, and 16 formant motion sets are combined with audio inputs, effects, step sequencers, and an arpeggiator, resulting in brand new sonic possibilities.

• Confi gurable 24-voice synthesizer with 49-key keyboard/control module

• Advanced modeled and formant waveforms, ring mod, noise, syncs and more

• 11 waveshaping types, 3 mod sequencers, 2 step sequencers

• Built-in mic with 16-band vocoder, records up to 7.5 seconds of incoming audio • 9 possible simultaneous effects

• USB connection, Sound Editor/Librarian included


Synthesizer Workstations

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com


A6 Andromeda





The Andromeda is a true 16-voice analog synthesizer that delivers fat bass lines, huge pads, and extreme sound effects—all under the control of a high-speed Motorola processor. Digital control of the fully-analog signal path has allowed for the incorporation of total programmability, oscillator auto-tuning and a large back-lit LCD with high-resolution graphics. The futuristic front panel features 72 knobs and 114 buttons with an assignable ribbon controller for fast real-time programming.

• 61-key analog synthesizer with 16-voice polyphony

• (2) analog oscillators and (2) analog fi lters per voice

• MIDI syncable analog-style step sequencer

• Velocity and pressure sensitive keyboard

• Extensive modulation matrix for advanced programming







The ION is a 49-key Analog Modeling Synthesizer featuring 512 presets ranging from lush pads and ambiences to solo leads and the more esoteric textures. Its 4-part multi-timbral engine offers voices comprised of 3

Oscillators, 3 Envelope Generators, 2 Filters (with 16 types), and 2 LFO’s, with up to 8-voice polyphony, and 30 real-time parameter knobs for real-time control. All 4 parts can have an independent insert effect, utilize a syncable arpeggiator, and can be routed to their own external output, making the expressive ION an electronic musician’s affordable dream.

• 49-key Virtual Modeling Synth with 512 presets and 8-voice polyphony

• 30 real-time controller knobs

• 4-part multitimbral with individual effect inserts

• Dual 1/4” balanced inputs, (4) 1/4” balanced outputs

• 40-band polyphony-independent Vocoder

• 20 lbs







TI Polar

The VIRUS TI POLAR is a powerful 37-key, 80-voice synthesizer that fi nally integrates Pro Audio with a musical instrument loaded with 512 RAM patches and 2048 (rewritable) ROM patches. This advanced stage/standalone instrument links to your computer with VIRUSControl, a companion software product that ports the unit seamlessly into a host sequencer as a sample-accurate VST/AudioUnits instrument, providing simultaneous 2-way audio, control surface functionality, and MIDI connectivity.

• Innovative integration of a hardware synthesizer into a software environment • New Wavetable and Amazing Hypersaw oscillator models

• Multi-mode builds impressive layers, splits or polyphonic arpeggiators

• Dual DSP core provides superior low-latency, delay compensated performance • Studio grade 24-bit/192kHz balanced analog and

S/PDIF I/O • High-speed USB 2.0 compatible

Virus TI Keyboard 61-key version of above #ACVTIK ..........


Virus TI Desktop desktop version of above #ACVTID ...........








The V-Synth is an instrument for those who like to go beyond the accepted norm of today’s generic synthesizers and dive head fi rst into programming their own new and fresh sounds. To take advantage of its variable oscillator design and semi-modular sound engine, Roland has made physical and sonic interaction a true part of the musical process with a host of conventional and unconventional onboard controllers. The twin D Beam infrared sensors, Time Trip

Pad, and touchscreen help make this machine an almost indispensable sound design tool.

• 61-note synthesizer with multiple oscillator technologies

• Audio sampling and processing for unique waveform creation

• USB for .WAV/.AIFF fi le transfer and MIDI functions

• (2) stereo Line outputs, stereo Mic/Line input and S/PDIF digital I/O

VC-1 D-50 card for V-Synth #ROVC1Q ....................................


800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Synthesizer Workstations








The SH-201 is a 49-key analog modeling synthesizer with a thick, professional sound but logical layout for even the most novice synthesist.

Two oscillators generate sound from multiple internal waveforms, including the famous Supersaw waveform, and can even manipulate external audio from CD/MP3 players, etc. Its high-quality effects, combined with 34 arpeggiator patterns, instant hands-on control, and a USB connection make the SH-201 an ideal live or studio performance synthesizer.

• 49-key analog modeling synthesizer

• Hands-on control of all sound creation elements

• Built-in delay, reverb and overdrive effects

• One track recorder captures loop phrases and knob tweaks

• VSTi Editor software included for computer DAW integration

• External inputs (RCA) for audio manipulation


Nord Modular G2





The Nord Modular G2 is a 37-key modular hardware synthesizer system that allows users to build their sound piece by piece from a PC/MAC editor, in a simple and intuitive way, following your desired signal fl ow. Imagine the way a guitarist connects his pedals and boxes; the G2 provides a wide spectrum of modules consisting of traditional synth building blocks such as oscillators, fi lters, envelope generators, modern effects, and specialpurpose modules. All modules can be connected in any desired structure, audio routed in and out, and stored internally for instant live recall.

• Over 160 Modules in 16 categories

• 32 banks of 128 patches/8 banks of 128 performances

• 32-voice polyphony dependent on Module complexity

• 4 channels of audio input and bussing for processing

• 24-bit/96kHz audio quality

Modular G2 ENGINE rack version #CLG2ENGINE .............








The R3 is a 37-key, 8-voice polyphonic modeling synthesizer and vocoder. The sound engine uses proprietary Multiple Modeling

Technology to create a rich analog sound, and the unit includes a nice complement of built-in effects, easy-access controls, dedicated indicators, and a fl exible arpeggiator. The vocoder section includes a group of 16 easily-customized formant motion data sets.

• 37-key modeling synthesizer and vocoder

• Velocity-sensitive keys, dual-timbre, layering, and keyboard split

• 128 programs, 16 formant motion data sets for custom vocoding

• Built-in arpeggiator and effects processing

• Gooseneck microphone included

• Pitch and modulation wheels, (9) control knobs

• Dedicated display and indicator complement







Featuring the same sonic quality as its big brother ION, the Micron is a compact 37-key 8-voice polyphonic Analog Modeling Synthesizer that offers great analog realism in a lightweight, portable keyboard. Up to 20 fi lter types are included, along with 2 LFO’s with multiple wave shapes and sample and hold. The Micron is 32-part multi-timbral and offers a programmable step sequencer, arpeggiator, rhythm sequencer for drum kits, and dynamic real-time phrase sequencer.

• 37-key Analog Modeling Synthesizer with 8-voice polyphony

• Over 500 presets programs, 200 preset pattern sequences and 250 preset drum rhythms

• Fully compatible with ION programs

• Balanced 24-bit audio I/O

• High-resolution, full 360° knobs

• Up to four high-quality effects at once


Synthesizer Workstations

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com


Nord Stage 88





The Stage 88 is a digital piano that combines classic organ models, electric and acoustic pianos, and a powerful synth section into one comprehensive, professional performance keyboard. Organs include the Hammond B-3, Vox Continental, and Farfi sa. Pianos range from the Clavinet, Wurlitzer and Rhodes, to an acoustic Steinway

D, Yamaha C7 and Upright Swedish Piano Factory. And fi nally, the synth section offers you three types of synthesis, Subtractive, FM, and Wavetable, all with simple, expressive control of the parameters necessary for building dynamic layers and leads.

• 88-key, medium-weighted hammer action

• 3 classic organs, 4 acoustic pianos, 3 Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet,

Yamaha CP80

• Powerful synth with 10 analog waveforms, up to 3 operator FM synthesis, and 32 wavetables

• Comprehensive effects section

• USB connection for fast, simple updates

• 40 lbs


Nord Electro 2





The Electro 2 is designed to provide the best emulations of traditional electromechanical keyboard instruments available. It combines the energy of a B-3 organ and fi ve carefully multi-sampled electric piano instruments faithfully into a lightweight chassis weighing a mere 20 pounds. The Rhodes Mk I Stage and Suitcase Pianos, Wurlitzer 200A, and custom modifi ed Clavia Electric Grand Model G and Mega Clavinet

D6 are all provided, with the Mega Clavinet D6 offering every fi lter and pickup variation of the original.

• Modeled B-3 and 5 multi-sampled electric pianos (additional Stereo

Grand Piano included)

• 61 or 73-key versions with true, responsive feel

• Modeling of unique frequency characteristics throughout entire dynamic range

• Authentic digital modeling of the B-3 chorus, vibrato, and tone wheel tuning

• USB connection for quick downloads of new piano samples

• 20 lbs







Since its introduction in 1979, the CX-3 has been the perfect choice for those looking for the sound and feel of a true tonewheel system without the high expense, regular maintenance scheduling, and diffi cult transportation logistics of a full B3. Korg has constantly been refi ning this instrument, and the latest revision adds re-balanced drawbars, an improved Chorus/Vibrato emulation, selectable key triggering, and a noise parameter to get even closer to the sound and feel of the real thing.

• 61-key tone wheel organ modeling system

• Two sets of nine drawbars and “waterfall” keyboard

• Split keyboard mode for Upper and Lower zones

• Natural wood case for a timeless appearance

• MIDI in, out, and thru

BX3 dual-manual version of above #KOBX3 .............................








With its authentic solid wood cabinet and vintage “waterfall” style keys the VK-8 delivers the warm, rich sound characteristic of yesterday’s organs. Its distinct aged look, familiar control layout, and responsive tone make the VK a very inviting and enjoyable instrtument to play. Players will also appreciate having a good selection of high-quality onboard instrument sounds such as electric/acoustic pianos, strings, bass, and synths to add to its versatility.

• 61-note combo organ with defeatable velocty-sensitivity

• Sophisticated rotary speaker modeling with overdrive effect

• Authentic solid wood cabinet and vintage keys

• (2) MIDI inputs for second keyboard or optional pedalboard

VK-88 dual-manual version of above #ROVK88 ..................


PK-7A MIDI pedalboard #ROPK7A .......................................


800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Synthesizer Modules



Nord Electro 2 Rack





Most general sound modules have a hard time truly recreating the complex nature of the electromagnetic keyboards that have become staples in modern popular music. The Nord Electro 2 Rack is a dedicated sound module that concentrates on bringing you the fi nest B-3 organ, electric piano, clavinet and acoustic piano reproductions without the hindrance of cluttered menus. The front panel electric drawbars feature 9 userconfi gurable settings, and the effects section includes everything from overdrive to ring modulation to complement the onboard sound set.

• Electromechanical keyboard and Tonewheel organ module

• Complete B-3 organ modeling with full rotary speaker simulation

• Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet programs

• Split mode simulates upper and lower organ manuals

• Features a very fl exible effects section

• 48 user memory locations for storing complete setups







The VK-8M Organ

Sound Module puts

Roland’s acclaimed

Virtual ToneWheel organ sound in a convenient desktop unit with nine harmonic bars and retro-style wood panels.

COSM Amplifi er and

Rotary Speaker Modeling further complement these authentic sounds, while an audio input and Active Expression feature let players fade in an external tone with an optional pedal. Players can also dive into more detailed sound parameters like leakage level and rotary woofer speed to dial in their own signiture sound.

• Desktop organ module with acclaimed Virtual Tonewheel sound

• 36 User registers for storing custom sounds

• 4 COSM amp types w/overdrive & rotary speaker modeling

• Compact design fi ts into any keyboard setup

EV-5 optional expression pedal #ROEV5 ..................................








For drummers and MIDI composers on a budget, the DM5 offers professional performance features and an excellent selection of drum, percussion, and special effect samples. It includes an ultrafast trigger-to-MIDI converter with 12 trigger inputs, 5 programmable parameters for each trigger, 21 programmable drumsets, and four audio outputs for discrete processing and control The large LCD makes programming a breeze and it puts over 550 sounds into a single rack space with many sounds recorded in true stereo. The Expanded Dynamic Articulation feature allows drum sounds to change volume, tone, and pitch, depending on how hard they’re struck.

• 16-voice drum/percussion sound module

• (4) 1/4” outputs for discrete processing and control

• 21 programmable drumsets

• Large LCD screen

• An excellent drum replacement tool for mixing

• Random Sample feature adds variation to static parts

• MIDI in, out/thru

• Over 550 sounds including stereo samples with ambience

• 1/4” headphone output with level control

• 12 Trigger input jacks with 5 adjustable parameters







Yamaha was one of the fi rst companies to introduce the concept of

“physical modeling” to the marketplace and the monophonic VL70-m is still recognized as a very expressive sound generator, especially when used with a breath controller or wind synthesizer. Complex vibrations and resonances are mathematically recreated to produce tones and sonic artifacts that lend breath and elastic playability to its programs.

The optional breath controller adds an extra level of performance control.

• Monophonic physical modeling module

• (2) 1/4” audio outputs with MIDI in, out and thru

• Front panel wind and breath controller inputs

• Large graphic display and built-in effects

• Expert Editor gives full access to all physical modeling parameters

• Analog Editor provides analog-style graphical interface

• Visual Editor uses easy-to-understand palettes and buttons

• Use from a keyboard, MIDI guitar or Wind controller

BC3A optional breath controller #YABC3A ...................................



Synthesizer Modules








The MUSE Receptor is a versatile 24-bit/96k rack-mountable multi-timbral sound and effects module that runs standard VST instruments and effects. It combines the power of a computer with the ease-of-use, portability, and reliability of dedicated synth and effects hardware. Up to 16 simultaneous VST instruments and 57

VST effects sources are routed within its mixer-like architecture.

The Receptor defi es obsolescence with new instrument and effects plugins be created daily.

• Powerful multi-timbral sound module for VST instruments and effects

• Convenient, intuitive operation for both live or studio use

• 16 channels of audio and 57 effects at once

• Excellent sonic quality with 24-bit/96kHz converters

• Ethernet and MIDI I/O

• Balanced 1/4” inputs and outputs

• Front panel high-Z instrument input

• Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O

• Windows And Mac compatible editing software

• 2 U rack mount chassis







The PC2R puts the same sonic quality and life-like sound set of the acclaimed PC2 series into a single-spaced, 64-voice (128-voice expanded) polyphonic sound module. Providing some of their best sounds available, the PC2R combines the outstanding Triple Strike Piano, KB3

Tone Wheel mode, built-in Orchestral ROM with the KDFX multi-effects processor and 24-bit digital co-axial output. The result: an ideal rack for delivering the truly lush, dynamic sounds required by both professional composers and performers.

• 64-voice polyphonic w/over 500 programs and 64 setups internal

• Voices include: piano, electric piano, strings, leads, woodwinds, synths, bass, percussion

• Balanced 1/4” outputs and bit-selectable AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital output on co-axial connector

• 4-programmable zones split/layered

• Fully programmable KB3 organ mode

• Mastering quality 24-bit dual effects engine via KDFX

PCX-1 64-voice polyphony #KUXP1............................................


PCR-2 Classic Keys ROM #KUPCR2 ............................................



Virus TI Desktop





The Virus TI Desktop is a professional 80-voice polyphonic programmable desktop/rack mount synthesizier. The synth, though digital, exhibits a hands-on, old-school analog work surface, with knobs and switches forever, and a fat, bottom-rich sound, complementing cutting-edge features such as 24-bit/192kHz resolution along with USB and SPDIF digital connectivity. The unit also features the obligatory programmable arpeggiator, proprietary Virus Sound Engine synthesis, and abundant multi-effects.

• Removable wood-fi nish side panels or rack-ears for mounting versatility

• Dual-DSP system typically accommodates over 80 stereo voices

• Analog 1/4’’, MIDI, SPDIF, and USB connectivity

• 9 parallel oscillators per voice, 3 LFO’s

• 2 multi-mode fi lters plus analog fi lter

• 2,048 ROM patches, 512 RAM patches

• 129 built-in programmable multi-effects

• VIRUSControl VST for plug-in-like sequencer integration







Featuring the same extensive waveforms, expandability, and 128voice polyphony as its keyboard brother, the RACK ES provides a huge number of musically-inspirational tools for Hip-Hop, R&B,

Electronica, and more. More than 1,700 arpeggiator grooves and patterns, an expandable Modular Synthesis System, and seamless

DAW integration for complete control of RACK voices, editing, and effects make the RACK ES a pivotal component of a professional production studio.

• Expandable voice, effects and polyphony via two Modular Synthesis Plug-in slots

• Over 1,200 voice and drum kits accessible via front panel

• 8 simultaneous effects with 2 Master effects

• 18 different synthesis fi lter types

• Studio Connections Recall Editor for seamless DAW integration

• 24-bit stereo S/PDIF coaxial and optical connection

• 128 programmable performances

• Each 16 part with its own 3-band EQ www.bhproaudio.com

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Synthesizer Modules








The Fantom-XR is a professional 128-voice rackmount synthesizer that combines full 16-bit .WAV and .AIFF sample import/playback capabilities with an already huge selection of internal sounds and further expansion via 6 SRX expansion slots. Samples can be edited, stretched, and processed utilizing powerful multi-effects, COSM modeling, and mastering dynamics. Ideal for both studio and live use, the XR also adds a programmable Arpeggiator and Rhythm Pattern generator for more creative potential.

• 128-voice sampling synthesizer with expressive 4-tone stereo multiplex synthesis

• 16MB sample memory expandable to 528MB

• Internal audio phrase recording and RAM playback

• Full-featured sample editor with sample conversion utility (PC/Mac)

• USB fi le transfer and optional PC Card storage up to 1GB

• 3 Multi-fx processors, reverb, chorus and mastering effects

• Front panel headphone jack

• Back-lit LCD screen

• 1U rackmount




# EDSD20



Now there’s a compact, portable, USB bus-powered MIDI sound module perfect for your laptop or desktop recording needs, the

Edirol SD-20. Its compact size and streamlined design makes it easy to connect and create music anywhere while directly accessing programs from your controller or keyboard. It gives you a wide enough range of sounds to cover almost any task, and with its USB and serial ports this box will work with your computer no matter what its age.

• USB bus-powered MIDI 64-voice sound module

• MIDI input with USB and serial connections

• Optical S/PDIF output and (2) RCA analog outputs

• Includes AC adaptor and driver CD-ROM







The SD2 Orchestral Wizard is a pocket-size sound module designed to be used with your computer, master keyboard, MIDI guitar, or just about any other instrument with MIDI output. It features a new Stereo Grand Piano, a large selection of orchestral voices and a library of drum and percussion loops to fi t every style. This great

“all-in-one” sound source can be used to greatly enhance standard

MIDI fi les as well as compliment your home studio compositions and recordings.

• Compact 32-channel sound module

• Multi effects include reverb, chorus, delay, and rotor slow/fast

• 290 orchestral sounds

• 292 GM sounds • Over 1,000 percussive sounds







In the tradition of Kurzweil’s highly popular and successful Micro Piano comes our newest half rack module, the ME-1 Micro Ensemble. This low-cost module features a wide variety of piano, keyboard, and synth sounds along with strings, guitars, basses, voices, and drums—a total of 256 programs in all. The samples and synth programming are taken directly from the PC2 Series instruments, including their newest stereo triple strike acoustic piano sample, and their new multi-strike electric pianos. For versatility the Micro Ensemble can also be transposed up or down, up to an octave and tuned +/- 99 cents.

• Half rack sized 32 voice sound module

• (2) 1/4” unbalanced outputs with 24-bit DAC’s

• Program library includes new Triple Strike acoustic piano

• 30 effects combinations available

• Highly-visible LED dot matrix display

• Rear panel 1/4” headphone output

• Quality sounds for a reasonable price


Digital Pianos








Featuring the high-quality sounds of the Kurzweil

Micro-Piano, the SP Series

Stage Controllers feature

32 programs and 32 factory setups in an affordable,

32-voice, weighted-action, dual-MIDI zone design. The sound palette includes grand pianos, dual-hardness tine electric pianos, FM electrics, ensemble strings, and a tone-wheel organ—ideal as a basic studio controller or fi rst-time digital piano for aspiring musicians.

• Fully-weighted, assignable controller with velocity and aftertouch capabilities

• 32-voice polyphony with 32 programs and 32 setups

• MIDI transmits on 2 channels receives on 1

• 9 built-in effects • 52 lbs

• 88-note, professional fully,-weighted stage piano

• Compact, light, and portable with

28 onboard sounds

• Independent control of two external tone generators

• Panel Lock prevents inadvertent control changes







The CP33 draws on Yamaha’s many years of professional stage piano production to create an instrument that combines the best features of their previous top models with some added bonuses. For a fully-weighted action keyboard, it is both compact and lightweight, with an uncompromised acoustic piano sound and truly responsive feel. It also features USB connectivity as well as a good selection of other useful sounds such as electric pianos, strings, and organs. The Mono Piano setting is designed specifi cally to stand out during live performance.


Pro Keys 88





The Pro Keys 88 is a hammer-action 88-key digital piano with the professional sound and features of keyboards costing far more.

Fourteen of the most popular instruments are sampled using 64MB of sample ROM, with

30MB being dedicated to a dynamic 3-layer

Yamaha C7 Grand. Loaded with features, it offers 126-voice polyphony, dedicated MIDI controls, a USB interface, and single, split, and layer capabilities with three velocity levels.

• 88-key fully-weighted hammer action with

126-voice polyphony

• Sounds include: Yamaha C7, DX7, Hammond B3,

Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Strings and more

• 3 reverb spaces, chorus, and tremolo

• Dedicated volume for master, layer, and split

• Dedicated MIDI controller buttons and

USB interface

ProKeys 88SX 88-key semi-weighted version with 7 sounds & USB interface #MAPK88SX ....


• 88-note Scaled Hammer Action

• 32 notes of polyphony

• Includes 20 built-in rhythms

• Auto-Accompaniment function

• High-quality stereo sampled piano

• Perfect for an apartment or dorm room

• 8 digital effects plus brilliance

• 1 Song, 2-Track Song Memory

• Includes: SP-3 sustain pedal & AD-12

AC adapter

• MIDI In/Out and (2) pedal inputs


Privia PX-110





The PX-110 represents a remarkable value in an affordable digital piano. Its slim design and light weight make it very portable while its Tri-element ZPI sound source with separate high, medium, and low-velocity layers adds to its responsive piano tone. The scaled hammer action keyboard is very solid and really allows you to dig in during those fortissimo passages, while the Bass Refl ex System delivers clear low frequency even at higher volumes. In addition to grand piano tones, the PX-110 also includes sounds like strings and pipe organ that can be layered or split across the keyboard.


800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Digital Pianos








Featuring the same outstanding quality sound set (less KB3 mode) of the Kurzweil PC2 at a remarkably affordable price, the PC1X is a powerful 88-note, 64-voice polyphonic, weightedaction performance controller. The sound set ranges from a comprehensive collection of drum kits, world percussion, and synthesizers, to musically expressive pianos, strings, woodwinds and more. Truly a superior-sounding studio controller and performance instrument for professionals and beginners alike.

• Over 500 programs with 64 factory/

128 programmable setups

• Highly programmable KB3 mode realistically models classic B3 organ tone

• 88-note, 4-MIDI zone fully-weighted controller with 64-voice polyphony

(expandable to 128)

• Over 500 programs with 64 factory/128 programmable setups

• Expressive 4-MIDI zone controller, velocity-sensitive w/aftertouch

• Expandable via ROM 2 (Classic Keys)

• Dual-effects engine derived from award-winning KDFX effects board

• Balanced output with selectable digital AES-EBU or S/PDIF RCA coaxial output

• Fully-assignable switches, sliders, pedals, wheels and optional ribbon controller • 55 lbs

• Dual-effects engine derived from award-winning KDFX effects board

• Fully-assignable switches, sliders, pedals, wheels, and optional ribbon controller

• 50 lbs







Used by top artists in the music industry, the PC2X-O combines superior musical expression with outstanding sound quality and powerful controller capabilities. This expandable

88-note controller is velocity-sensitive, fully-weighted, and features Kurzweil’s 64-voice Triple Strike Piano, multi-strike electric pianos, strings, orchestral instruments, percussion, synths and more. The KB3 organ-modeling mode has also been included to provide an ultra-realistic tone-wheel organ to an already comprehensive sound set worthy of professional performance and composition.







Similar to its high-end brother, the RD300SX offers

128-voice polyphony, an 88-note individually-sampled grand piano, and hundreds of Roland’s best instrument sounds into a musically expressive, great-feeling keyboard that’s easy to operate and easy to transport.

The RD300SX’s Progressive Hammer-Action mechanism is more compact and lightweight,

• 64MB of some of Roland’s best instrument sounds, 480 tones expandable via 2 SRX expansion slots

• 88-note, more compact, lightweight

Progressive Hammer-Action mechanism

• 64MB of some of Roland’s best instrument sounds, 480 tones expandable via 2 SRX expansion slots

• 88-note Progressive Hammer-

Action effectively simulates a real grand-piano’s action

• Powerful internal effects processing with reverb, chorus, and 65 insert effects, Master EQ

• 85 rhythmic patterns with

45 arpeggiator styles

• Rugged cabinet build with large graphic LCD and balanced outputs • 53 lbs

• Dedicated function buttons and knobs, and handy Setup mode for quick storing and recall

• 78 multi-effect types for subtle or drastic tone coloration • USB/MIDI interface for easy computer connectivity • 34 lbs







The RD700SX is an 88-note, 128-voice Progressive

Hammer-Action Keyboard loaded with some of the best stereo-sampled piano and instrument sounds available.

Its intuitive operation features a switch for instant onetouch piano performance operation, realistic tone-wheel organ sounds with graphical editing, and dedicated knobs and sliders for quick sound shaping and editing.

Ideal for performers needing simple operation, great sound, and one of the most realistic, responsive keyboard actions available, the RD700SX is sure to please.


Digital Pianos









Drawing on its vast experience with both acoustic and electronic instruments, Yamaha has designed an instrument that strives to bring all of the dynamic sounds and performance nuances of an actual 9-foot concert grand into a compact digital piano. Its modern design yields a very compact footprint, while retaining an expansive sound, delivered through speakers conveniently tucked into the rear cabinet and pedal frame. There are 64 notes of polyphony, 10 of Yamaha’s best keyboard voices, 50 built-in songs, plus a spacious digital reverb. Even with all of these features the N100 does its best to keep the advanced technology transparent while delivering a truly inspiring digital piano.

• 88-note graded hammer action keyboard

• 3-level Dynamic Stereo Sampling Advanced Wave Memory

• Sleek design with back-lit touch controls

• (3) piano-style foot pedals with half-pedal effect

• Built-in 20Wx20W stereo amplifi er and speaker system







The P70 is an affordable 88-key digital piano designed with the beginning student in mind. The Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action and internal 6-watt speakers allow the basic sound set of 10 stereo voices to be reproduced faithfully with an expressive, natural response. Great for learning music, 50 preset songs are available to practice along with by simply muting the right or left hand and letting the P70 play the accompaniment.

• 88-key 32-voice digital piano with Graded Hammer Standard action

• Sounds include grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, harpsichords, vibes and strings • Compact, lightweight design

• Action allows a seamless transition from practice to acoustic performance

• 50 preset songs for practice or listening • 28 lbs

P70S silver version of above #YAP70S .......................................


L70S stand for silver version #YAL70S .......................................


L70 stand for black version #YAL70............................................









The P-140 is an attractive 88-key 64-voice digital piano with an advanced Graded Hammer Action. With the subtle touch response of a real piano, the P-140 expressively controls three separate layers of stereo samples, not just the volume, but the harmonic content as well.

A fourth layer recreates a piano’s sustain resonance when the damper pedal is pressed. Its 14 voices are amplifi ed by built-in 6-watt speakers, processed with reverb and chorus, and can be recorded into 3 songs capable of 2 tracks each.

• 88-key digital piano with 64-voice polyphony and a

Graded Hammer action

• 3-layer Dynamic Stereo Sampling with 4th (resonance layer)

• 14 distinct voices with 3 variations each • Dual 6-watt speakers

• 2-track recorder great for practicing songs • 39 lbs

P-140S silver version of above #YAP140S ................................


L140S stand for silver version #YAL140S ....................................


L140 stand for black version #YAL140 ........................................








The CP300 is an 88-note, 128-voice Graded Hammer Action digital piano provided with a complete palette of sound, 50 Panel Voices,

480 XG voices as well as a meticulously-sampled stereo grand piano. Each sample is expressed according to the delicacy and expression of touch, accurately emulating a real acoustic piano. The

CP300 also features a 16-track Song Recorder, built-in effects, and a powerful 60-watt sound system, ideal for both performers and composers.

• 88-note, 128-voice polyphony with realistic

Graded Hammer Action

• 50 Panel Voices, 480 XG voices and Dynamically-Sampled acoustic piano

• 16-track Song Recorder w/223 songs and internal fl ash memory

• Digital reverb and effects, layer and split mode, PC serial interface

• Powerful 60-watt speaker system • 71 lbs

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Digital Pianos








Featuring an attractive, solidsimulated Rosewood cabinet and powerful

60-watt amplifi er, The RE-220 is an 88-key weighted hammer-action digital piano designed to enhance practice and performance. Derived from the acclaimed

PC2 sound set, the

RE-210 provides 37 incredible sounds that are dynamically-programmed, as well as three pedals for greater expression, processed using high-quality effects, and recorded (layer/split included) into the built-in 2-track recorder. The RE-210’s refi ned looks and affordability equally compliment its truly simple function and great sound.

• 37 rich sounds taken from the highly regarded PC2 sound set

• Solid-simulated Rosewood cabinet with 88-note hammer-action and

60-watt sound system

• Sounds included: Triple Strike Grand Piano, lush strings, classic electrics,

FM electric, organs, brass, bass, percussion, and more

• Three pedals, all expressively tailored to individually enhance each onboard sound • 2-track Song Recorder • 121 lbs



Built into an attractive rosewood fi nished cabinet with twin 20watt powered speakers, the

Yamaha YDP223 is an 88-note,

64-voice digital piano with a





realistic Graded

Hammer Action and 14 acoustic and electric instruments including a dynamic stereo concert grand piano. Featuring built-in effects, a

2-track song recorder, and twin amplifi ers producing 20 watts per side, the YDP223 fi lls the room with a sound that is perfect for both home entertainment and instructional use.

• 14 sounds including Stereo Grand Piano sample

• 88-note, 64-voice polyphonic

• Graded Hammer Action emulates touch response in upper and lower registers of a real acoustic piano

• 50 song preset with accompanying songbook

• MIDI and TO HOST serial connectors for computer notation, composing and song recording







The Roland

MP-60 is an 88-note progressive hammer-action digital piano capable of providing 64-voice polyphony for expressive stereo sampled pianos, electric pianos, harpsichord, strings, acoustic bass, and more. Built into a black satin cabinet with a high-quality sound system, the MP60 also features reverb, chorus, and Sympathetic Resonance Effects, a built-in 2-track recorder with metronome, dual headphone jacks, and a Split and

Layer mode for independent or simultaneous 2-voice playback.

• Ideal fi rst piano for the beginning student

• 65 preset songs and 2-track Song Recorder w/metronome

• High-quality stereo sound system w/dual headphone jacks and MIDI I/O • Solid black cabinet with damper, sostenuto, and soft pedals for more dynamic feel • 92 lbs







The FP-7 is an

88-key digital piano with 128voice polyphony, designed for use in the home.

The keyboard features built-in stereo amplifi cation and speakers, 88 full-sized keys with 100 levels of adjustable touch sensitivity, a large library of realistic, GM2 system voices, and a 3-track “scratchpad” sequencer. The FP-7 is loaded with over 60 different multi-effects, and ships with Windows-based SONAR

LE software for MIDI sequencing on a PC.

• 88 keys with adjustable touch sensitivity

• Large 300-voice “meat-and-potatoes” sound library

• 80 Session Partner backup rhythms with 2 variations each

• Over 60 built-in effects with reverb, EQ, chorusing

• Pedal inputs for Damper, Soft and Sostenuto

• ¼” and 1/8” Analog, MIDI, and USB I/O connectors

• Audio Key .WAV fi le playback • Large back-lit LCD screen










The G-70M is an unparalleled interactive music workstation that incorporates technologies from across the Roland product range.

Its sound engine uses the largest internal wave ROM in Roland keyboard history and the arranger section includes 285 completely new styles with the latest intelligent chord-voicing technology.

The weighted professional action gives a responsive feel and the 9 front panel sliders and 3-D animated drawbars take full advantage of the onboard

Virtual ToneWheel system. There is also powerful lineup of vocal assistant features including the Vocal Harmonist, Auto Pitch Correct and Vocoder.

• 76-key professional arranger/ workstation with aftertouch

• Professional 16-track sequencer

• Color LCD touchscreen

• Music Assistant database,

Quick Search and Finder features

• USB connector for fi le exchange and MIDI transfer to PC

• Half-weighted velocity-sensitive keys with Aftertouch

• Realistic sampled instrument voices

• Pitch and modulation wheels


SD1 Plus





The SD1 Plus is a 76-key programmable arranger-workstation keyboard with 64-voice polyphony and a hi-tech, professional appearance. Equally at home on stage or in the studio, the unit is equipped with a large collection of GM, drum set, and synth presets, built-in multi-effects, a 16-track sequencer, and almost 300 accompaniment styles. The keyboard also features a phantom-powered microphone input, and a built-in 16MB sampler.

• Built-in 6GB IDE drive and 3.5’ fl oppy drive for storage

• Vocalizer function for keyboard-controlled harmonies with microphone

• Digital drawbars for realistic organ sound control • XLR and 1/4” mic inputs, 1/4”,

MIDI, and computer connectors



The PA800 is a professional arranger that combines the enhanced sonic capabilities of Korg’s powerful sound engine technology with the performance and production features of their established line of professional arrangement keyboards.

The Graphical Colour Touch Screen helps to make playing this power-packed instrument an intuitive, fast, and foolproof experience while the built in TC Helicon processor provides EQ, effects, and stellar 3 voice harmonization to your vocals. It provides a huge collection of musical styles created by top musicians from around the world as well as the most advanced chord recognition system in the industry.





• 61-key professional arranger keyboard with aftertouch • Easy and Expert modes with onboard multilingual Help System • On board sampler for importing and editing .WAV, .AIFF and Korg format fi les • Features SongBook Musical Database

• (2) USB Host and (1) USB Device connection

• 61-note interactive arranger workstation


Tyros 2





The Tyros 2 is an interactive workstation that draws on Yamaha’s many years of experience in the professional keyboard world. It combines the quality of sound, stylistic detail and ease of use of their Clavinova line with the incredible editing control over sounds and sequences of the Motif. Add to this the same onboard mixing and DSP effects technology that is found throughout their pro line, and you have a very powerful system in a portable package.

• Smooth and responsive FSX keyboard action

• Score, lyric and text display

• USB port for data exchange and MIDI control

• Import audio samples and waveforms







The PSR-S700 is a 61-key arranger-workstation keyboard with

96-voice polyphony, built-in stereo speakers, and a large, hi-res

LCD screen displaying both lyrics and score. The large 800-plus collection of realistic, AWM stereo-sampled sounds and Mega-

Voice accompaniment styles are fun to play and easily-accessed.

The keyboard is also equipped with a LAN connector for direct

Internet access sans computer, allowing for MIDI fi le downloading from Yamaha’s Internet Direct Connection service.

• Touch-sensitive keys

• 16-track, 30,000-note internal sequencer

• Music Finder with over

1,000 preset keyboard setups by song title

• 205 preset auto-accompaniment styles in 11 categories

• 34 Reverb, 29 Chorus and hundreds of DSP effects presets • Programmable Organ fl ute function for custom organ sound creation

• Pitch and mod wheel controllers

• 1/4”, MIDI, USB and LAN I/O connectivity www.bhproaudio.com

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com









High-quality authentic sounds combined with a vast library of authentic styles created by masters of Oriental music make the EXR-40 OR one of the most unique interactive arranger keyboards on the market today. Oriental instruments and styles are the theme, with 26 onboard drum sets catered for Oriental music to provide the proper rhythmic foundation. For quick and reliable access to your favorite sounds, use the row of front-panel User Tones buttons for instant recall.

• 61-key interactive arranger keyboard

• Stocked with Oriental instruments, rhythms, and styles

• Convenient one-touch settings

• 4MB of internal fl ash memory for musical expandability

• USB port for MIDI communication and data exchange

• 61 semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keys with Aftertouch

• 1,000-plus percussion sounds, 292 orchestral voices

• 202 auto-accompaniment styles with 4 arranger functions

• 60 Reverb, Chorus and other DSP effects presets







The SD5 is a 61-key portable arranger-workstation MIDI keyboard with 64-voice polyphony, built-in stereo speakers with dual 22-watt stereo amplifi cation, and a large back-lit LCD screen.

The keyboard features a large collection of realistic orchestral and percussion sounds, 2MB of sampling RAM, and a set of 10 digital drawbars for realistic organ performance. The surprisingly lightweight unit offers an intuitive interface and professional sound quality.

• 13 tunable Arabic scale setups • Microphone input and output with dedicated volume control

• Pitch and modulation joystick controller

• Built-in hard drive and 3.5” fl oppy drive







The PA50 combines enhanced sequencing functions, powerful performance features, a custom back-lit LCD, comprehensive arranging tools and impeccable sound quality. Included with its 660 editable sound programs is a set of very expressive solo instruments, sampled with a natural vibrato.

Four studio-quality effect processors are available and feature 89 different effect types. Four assignable pads, an assignable footswitch, the joystick, sync start, fade in and out, tap tempo, accompaniment reset and other front panel functions are available at your fi ngertips.

• 61-key professional arranger/ workstation • Traditional realtime and step time sequencing

• Touch-sensitive keys • 872 realistic sampled

AWM and XG voices • 19 drum kits

• 305 accompaniment styles

• Backing sequencer captures 8 tracks of

Style accompaniment • Two dual cone speakers with twin 15-watt amplifi ers







The PSR-S900 is a 61-key arranger/workstation keyboard with 128-voice polyphony, 12W stereo amplifi cation and speakers, and a large crystal-clear LCD screen. The unit features hundreds of realistic sampled AWM or XG sounds, MegaVoice accompaniment technology with authentic sounds and styles, and USB audio recording direct to a USB storage device. The on-board LANconnector allows for direct Internet access to download MIDI fi les or sounds.

• Vocal Harmony feature generates backing vocals from mic input • Pitch and mod wheels,

4 multi controller pads

• 6 Effect Blocks with reverb, chorus and multi-effects • 1/4” audio and pedal inputs, MIDI, USB and LAN connectors







The PX-575CS combines Casio’s Auto Accompaniment technology with fully-weighted piano action and a superb sound. It hosts a selection of 166 rhythms with a wide selection of styles, and its generous back-lit LCD can displays song lyric information in large easy to read lettering. The microphone input has its own adjustable volume level and the built in USB port makes song transfer to and from your PC quick and easy.

• 88-key fully weighted auto arrangement keyboard

• SmartMedia card slot for song storage

• Compact and lightweight design

• View the lyrics of Standard MIDI Files as they play

• Built in dual speaker sound system


Portable Keyboards / Arrangers








The Vega is a 61-key MIDI arranger keyboard designed to accommodate musicians performing Oriental music, featuring a 12-button Oriental scale converter right on the front panel. The sound engine is packed with sounds and styles from a variety of Oriental music traditions, and 4 auto-arranger functions with intros, fi lls, and endings. The unit is equipped with stereo speakers and amplifi cation, built-in effects and ample connectivity.

• 61 velocity-sensitive keys

• 12-button Oriental scale converter

• 450 Oriental percussion sounds, 27 Oriental sounds

• 1,000 GM and Live Percussion sounds

• 172 internal auto-accompaniment styles, 45

Oriental styles • 60 DSP effects presets

• 76 keys with Touch Response

• 489 GM- and XGLite-compatible voices

• 30 preset songs • Pitch-bend wheel

• 1/4” mic/line and headphone connectors,

MIDI In/Out/Thru • 4-way joystick controller

• Built-in 3.5” fl oppy drive







The YPG-225 is a portable 76-note keyboard with 32-voice polyphony, a built-in, 12-watt stereo amplifi er, and a pair of 2-way bass-ported stereo speakers. The keyboard offers a large, high-quality library of AWM sounds, including a realistic stereo-sampled Grand Piano with its own access button. Built-in digital effects processors and a Master 5-band EQ are available, along with a 6-track sequencer and the 30-song Yamaha Education Suite.

• Yamaha Education Suite personal tutorials

• Chord Dictionary displays notes and chord names

• 1/4”, MIDI, and USB connectors

• D-cell battery or AC power

• Built-in reverb, chorus, and harmonizing







The WK-3800 is a 76-key, 32-voice polyphonic portable keyboard with a 10,000-note, 6-track sequencer, 182 rhythm accompaniments, 400 DSP effects like reverb, chorusing, and EQ, and 620 GM preset sounds including pianos, synths, drawbar organs and drum kits. The unit also comes with 2-way bass-refl ex stereo speakers, 4MB of sample fl ash memory, and offers keyboard split and layering functions.

• 76 touch-sensitive keys

• 620 GM presets

• 400 digital effects

• Battery or AC power

• 6-track, 5-song sequencer, 16-part multi-timbral

• SD card storage slot

• 274 user-defi ned settings for customizing

• 182 Auto-accompaniments

• Headphone, 1/4” Pedal, USB I/O connectors

• 88 Graded Hammer-Action keys with Touch Response

• 150 auto-accompaniment styles, 30 preset songs • 500+

GM- and XGLite-compatible voices • Yamaha Education Suite personal tutorials • USB/MIDI I/O, Headphone out







The YPG-225 is a handsome, partially wood-grained portable 88-note keyboard with Graded Hammer Action and 32-voice polyphony, a built-in 12-watt stereo amplifi er, dual 2-way bass-ported stereo speakers. The keyboard offers a large library of sampled AWM sounds, including a realistic stereo-sampled Grand Piano, particularly enjoyable with the high-quality keyboard. The unit is also stocked with a built-in sequencer and digital effects, and the Yamaha Education Suite tutorials.

• Chord Dictionary displays notes and chord names • Built-in DSP effects

• Pitch-bend wheel

• Matching wooden keyboard stand







The PSR-E213 is a highly portable keyboard with 61 full-sized keys and 32-voice polyphony. Packed with realistic AWM Tone Generation and XGlite voices, the unit also has a built-in reverb, built-in stereo amplifi cation and speakers, a headphone output and an LCD screen. Ultra-compact and lightweight, the unit will operate off of 6 AA batteries as well, ensuring easy travel and storage.

• 362 realistic AWM and XGlite sounds

• 12 drum kits, 100 accompaniment styles

• 9 reverb effects • Yamaha Education

Suite 5 with 3 lessons, 102 songs

• Sustain pedal input • Built-in metronome

• MIDI input and output • AC- and battery-powered www.bhproaudio.com

800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Portable Keyboards / Arrangers



CTK 900





The CTK-900 is a lightweight portable arranger keyboard with 61 touch-sensitive keys and

32-voice polyphony. The unit features a large 600-tone library of Casio’s Zpi technology sounds, Rhythm, and One-touch auto-accompaniment presets, digital effects, built-in bassrefl ex speakers with 6-watt stereo amplifi cation, a 6-track sequencer, and a large, back-lit

LCD screen. The unit serves nicely for personal practice or family fun.

• 61 touch-sensitive keys

• 176 One-touch auto-accompaniment presets •

32 Drawbar registration setups

• 242 digital effects • 4MB fl ash ROM

• Headphone, 1/4” Pedal, MIDI I/O connectors

• D-cell battery or AC power

• 6-track, 5-song sequencer, 6-part multitimbral

• 600 Zpi PCM sample tones







The CTK-810 is a 61-key portable keyboard for beginners, with 32-voice polyphony and touch-sensitive keys. The unit is stocked with over 500 tones, stereo speakers, and dual 2.5W amplifi ers, 100-plus accompaniment rhythms with adjustable tempo, and runs on AC power or 6 AA batteries. The CTK-810 is a bargain, and a great way to get the little ones involved with music.

• 100 songs with 2-song record/playback

• 32 Drawbar registration setups

• Headphone, 1/4” Pedal, USB connectors

• Built-in metronome • AA battery or AC power

• 61 touch-sensitive keys • 515 tones • 120 rhythm pattern presets • 4 reverbs, 4 chorus effects







The PSR-E403 is a portable 61-note keyboard with touch-sensitivity and 32-voice polyphony, offering AC- or battery-powered operation, built-in stereo speakers and amplifi cation, and a large selection of high-quality GM and XG-Lite sounds and Auto-Accompaniment Styles. The keyboard itself features split mode with tuning and transpose functions. This inexpensive, feature-packed keyboard is a worthy alternative for beginning students and hobbyists.

• 61 touch-sensitive keys

• 1 00 auto-accompaniment style presets

• 13 effects, 26 harmony types,

50 arpeggios

• Sampled stereo Portable

Grand piano Sound

• Chord Dictionary and lessons

• Includes Survival Kit 1B with power supply, headphones, footswitch, and CD-ROM

• 504 GM panel voices • Back-lit LCD

• Headphone, 1/4” Pedal, USB connectors

• 61 standard-size keys with lighted-key tracking feature

• Bass and Chord part auto-accompaniment • 100 voices







The LK-100 is a 61-key portable keyboard with standard-sized keys and 12-voice polyphony. The unit comes with 100 sounds and 50 rhythms, 100 songs, Bass and

Chord auto-accompaniment, and a 3-step lesson system backed by a large graphic

LCD screen. The unit’s lighted-key feature enables the beginner to track the notes on the keyboard while playing along.

• 50 rhythms • Three-Step Lesson system for learning built-in song parts

• Headphone, MIDI, Microphone input connectors

• Back-lit LCD, AC and battery power







The SA-75 is an ultra-lightweight 37-key portable keyboard with

4-voice polyphony and a surprisingly large LCD screen. The unit comes with 100 PCM sample-based tones, 10 preset songs and

30 preset patterns, built-in stereo speakers, and a 1-watt stereo amplifi er. The keyboard includes a headset microphone, and operates off of 5 AA batteries.

• 37 mini- keys • LCD, AA battery power

• 30 preset rhythm patterns

• Headset microphone included

• 1/8” Microphone input • 100 PCM tones

• 10 preset songs with Melody-Off control button for sing- or play-along


Synthesizer Expansion Options


Roland Expansion Options

When fi rst introduced, the original SR line of Roland expansion boards offered a great way to expand the sonic possibilities of your card compatible synth easily. Now Roland has done it again with the new SRX line of sound expansion boards that not only add depth to your sound palette but breathe new life into your Roland SRX compatible keyboard or rack module. From symphonic to dance there is sure to be something available to suit almost every taste. The latest addition to the ever-expanding library is Classic EP’s, which promises to deliver Roland’s most detailed and playable collection of electric pianos to date.

SRX Sound Expansion Boards

Roland SRX-01 Dynamic Drum Kits #ROSRX01 ....


Roland SRX-02 Concert Piano #ROSRX02 ............


Roland SRX-03 Studio SRX #ROSRX03 .................


Roland SRX-04 Symphonique Strings #ROSRX04..


Roland SRX-05 Supreme Dance #ROSRX05 ..........


Roland SRX-06 Complete Orchestra #ROSRX06 ...


Roland SRX-07 Ultimate Keys #ROSRX07 .............

Roland SRX-08 Platinum Trax #ROSRX08 .............

Roland SRX-09 World Collection #ROSRX09 ........

Roland SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble #ROSRX10 ....

Roland SRX-11 Complete Piano #ROSRX11 .........

Roland SRX-12 Classic EPs #ROSRX12 .................







General Expansion Options

Roland MV8-VGA VGA & Mouse Expansion for MV-8000 #ROMV8VGA .................................................................


Roland VC-1Q D-50 V-Card for V-Synth #ROVC1Q ..................................................................................................


Roland M-512E memory card for many Roland instruments #ROM512G .....................................................................


Yamaha Expansion Options

Yamaha’s Modular Synthesis Plug-in System adds a complete synthsizer or sound-processing engine to any Modular-Synthesis Plug-in-compatible synthesizer. The PLG series not only gives you new sounds but also new synthesis architectures, new effects processors, extra polyphony, and more. It’s like placing an additional synthesizer or digital effects processor inside your existing keyboard, but at a fraction of the cost. Once a plug-in board is installed, you can access any of its voices directly and edit them from the front panel of the host synthesizer. You can also use a PC-based software editor

(bundled with each plug-in board) to edit any of the voices in detail.

PLG Sound Expansion Options

Yamaha PLG-150-AN Analog Physical Modeling expansion board #YAPLG150AN .........................................


Yamaha PLG-150-AP Acoustic Piano plug-in board #YAPLG150AP ...............................................................


Yamaha PLG-150-DR Drums plug-in board #YAPLG150DR ...........................................................................


Yamaha PLG-150-DX Advanved DX/TX plug-in board #YAPLG150DX ............................................................


Yamaha PLG-150-PC Percussion plug-in board #YAPLG150PC ......................................................................


Yamaha PLG-150-PF Piano plug-in board #YAPLG150PF ...............................................................................


Yamaha PLG-150-VH Vocal Harmony plug-in board #YAPLG150VH ..............................................................


Yamaha PLG-150-VL Virtual Acoustic plug-in board #YAPLG150VL ...............................................................


Yamaha PLG-150-XG XG plug-in board #YAPLG150XG ................................................................................


General Expansion Options

Yamaha AIEB2 analog and digital I/O expansion card #YAAIEB2 ..................................................................


Yamaha mLAN16E mLAN networking expansion card #YAMLAN16E ..........................................................


Korg Expansion Options

Korg offers a wide variety of expansion boards to enhance the capabilities of its already powerful synthesizer line. After installing these expansion options you will surely be able to take your creativity to the next level. The MOSS board, for example, adds 6 voices of Korg’s Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System from their legendary Z1 synthesizer. Prized for its unique sound and impressive physical modeling fl exibility, the MOSS expansion is easily installed and adds 13 oscillator algorithms and 128 new programs.

Other expansion boards in the library include the Concert Grand Piano and Future Loop Construction, adding sounds that will enhance both your studio and stage performance.

EXB Sound Expansion Options

Korg EXB-PCM01 Pianos/Classic Keys expansion #KOEXBPCM01 .............................................................................


Korg EXB-PCM02 Studio Essentials Expansion #KOEXBPCM02 .................................................................................


Korg EXB-PCM03 Future Loop Construction expansion #KOEXBPCM03 ....................................................................


Korg EXB-PCM04 Dance Extreme expansion #KOEXBPCM04 ....................................................................................


Korg EXB-PCM06/07 Orchestral Collection expansion #KOEXBPCM0607 ...............................................................


EXB Expansion Options

EXB-SMPL TR and Triton Le Sampling Upgrade #KOEXBSMPL .


EXB-DI ADAT digital interface #KOEXBDI ..........................


EXB-mLAN Triton mLAN interface #KOEXBMLAN ............


PA1X Expansion Options

PAXEXB01 Concert Grand Piano for the PA1XPro/PA1X #KOPAXEXB01 ..........


PAXEXB02 Latin & Latin Dance Board for the PA1XPro/PA1X #KOPAXEXB02 ..


EXBPMP3 MP3 Encoder/Decoder for the PA1XPro/PA1X #KOEXBPMP3 ...........



800-416-5090 www.bhproaudio.com

Keyboard Amplifi ers








The versatile SA-300 is built to handle any type of audio source you plug into it: keyboards, microphones, rhythm machines,and CD players. The SA-300 is powered by an internal 350W amplifi er, which drives a pair of high-performance 6.5-inch speakers; a 200W amp drives the 12-inch woofer unit for booming bottom-end support. With full-range, high-quality stereo 2.1 channel sound, sturdy construction, built-in effects, advanced anti-feedback control, two-piece transportability, loads of I/O options, and more, it is a traveling musician’s dream.

• Four-channel sound system with mic inputs • Wide Switch for big stereo effect, plus 3-band EQ • Lightweight and easy to carry yet powerful

• Low Boost switch for powerful low-end • Detachable woofer unit for easy transport


Ultratone K3000FX





The Ultratone K3000FX is a 4-channel, keyboard/

PA amplifi er featuring an internal 24-bit digital FX processor and Behringer’s FBQ Feedback Detection

System. It is equipped with four stereo line inputs with effects sends, an XLR microphone input on channel one and an onboard 7-band graphic EQ.

• 4-channel, keyboard/ PA amplifi er • (4) stereo line inputs with XLR Mic input on channel 1

• (2) XLR L/R line outputs • 15” BUGERA woofer and a custom-made 1” tweeter • 24-bit digital

FX processor with 100 presets • Onboard 7-band graphic EQ • FBQ Feedback Detection System

K1800FX 180-watt version # BEK1800FX ..........................................................


K900FX 3-channel, 90-watt version # BEK900FX ..............................................


K450FX 3-channel, 45-watt version # BEK450FX ...............................................




The SUMO 15 is a portable 15-watt, 2-channel keyboard/ PA amplifi er with an 8” full-range driver, built-in stereo effects, and a Pole cup on the underside of the enclosure to facilitate speaker-on-a-stick setups. It provides two input channels, one for a microphone and one for a stereo keyboard. This versatile unit is ideal for practice, live performance, or portable applications.

• Compact 15-watt, 2-channel keyboard amplifi er

• 8” Full-Range Driver

• XLR microphone input on channel 1 with effects

• Built-in stereo effects and low & high shelving EQ

• 1/4” Stereo Link output

• Low & high shelving equalization

• Headphone output • Pole cup for stand mounting











The Roland KC-550 is a 4channel, 180-watt mixing keyboard amplifi er with a 15” speaker and a horn tweeter. It is equipped with four input channels, an Output Select switch for selecting the monitor sound destination, a Shape switch for quick sound adjustment, and an XLR line output for direct connection to a mixing console.

• 180-watt keyboard amplifi er with 15” speaker & horn tweeter • Output select switch,Stereo Link In/Out

• 3-band EQ & Shape switch • Subwoofer output

(compatible with KCW-1) • XLR line output for connection to mixing consoles

KC-350 120-watt version with 12” woofer

#ROKC350 ......................................


KC-150 65-watt version with 12” woofer

#ROKC150 .......................................


KC-60 40-watt version with 10” woofer

#ROKC60 ..........................................


KCW-1 200-watt subwoofer for use w/KC-series amps

#ROKCW1 .......................................



SUMO 300




The SUMO 300 is a 300-watt,

3-channel keyboard amplifi er designed for both stage & studio applications. It features four stereo line inputs with post-fader effects sends, a 28-bit stereo effects processor, and an XLR microphone input on channel 1.

This full range, 2-way speaker system is equipped with a 15” woofer and a horn, and has a built-in handle and wheels for easy transport.


• 300-watt, 4-channel keyboard amplifi er

• 2-way speaker design, with a 15-inch woofer and a horn

• (4) stereo line inputs with post-fader effects sends

• (2) XLR L/R & 1/4” stereo headphone outputs

• Built-in 28-bit effects processor

• Master 3-band equalization section • Weight: 75 lbs

• Dimensions: 19” x 16.5” x 29” (W x L x D)

SUMO 100 2-channel, 100-watt version with 12” woofer

#ALSUMO100 .................................................


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