Fluke 1621 Basic earth Ground Tester Fluke 1630 earth Ground

Fluke 1621 Basic earth Ground Tester Fluke 1630 earth Ground
Fluke 1621 Basic Earth Ground Tester
Earth ground tester for resistance measurement
The Fluke 1621 Earth Ground Tester is a rugged, easy-touse tester for three-pole ground resistance measurements
and two-pole ac resistance measurements.
Earth ground resistance is measured by installing
earth ground test electrodes, and testing with the Fluke
1621. Earth ground resistance measurements are used
to ensure safe operation and reduce power quality
problems. With a simple user interface and intuitive
functionality, the large, clear LCD display provides high
visibility results in daylight or poor lighting conditions.
The 1621 is lightweight making it ideal to test for
lightning protection levels and periodic check-ups during
routine maintenance.
• Three-pole earth resistance measurements
• Two-pole ac resistance measurements
• AC/DC voltage measurement
• Large dual backlit display
• Limit settings for automatic measurement evaluation
• CAT II 600 V
• Two-year warranty
Recommended accessories
Cable Reel 50 m
Ground/earth wire (162.5 ft)
Cable Reel 25 m
Ground/earth wire
(81.25 ft)
ES-162P3Earth Stake
Stake/reel set for
3-pole measurements
Recommended kits
Feature comparison on page 22.
Fluke 1630 Earth Ground
Clamp Meter
The Fluke 1630 Earth Ground Clamp Meter is able to measure
ground loop resistances—using the stakeless testing method.
This test technique eliminates the dangerous, and time consuming activity, of disconnecting parallel grounds, as well as
the process of finding suitable locations for auxiliary ground
stakes. You can also perform earth ground tests in places you
have not considered before: inside buildings, on power pylons
or anywhere you don’t have access to soil.
With the stakeless testing method, the Fluke 1630 Earth
Ground Clamp Meter is placed around the earth ground rod or
the connecting cable. No earth ground stakes are used at all.
A known voltage is induced by one half of the clamp and the
current is measured by the other half. The tester automatically determines the ground loop resistance at this grounding
connection. Gone are the days of spending time placing and
connecting stakes for each earth ground rod on your system—a
major time saver.
• Quick and easy use—no earth ground stakes are necessary
• Large, 35 mm (1.35 in) jaw opening
• Measures ground resistance from 0.025 Ω to 1500 Ω
• Measures ground leakage current from 0.2 mA to 30 A
• High and low alarming
• Automatic self calibration
• Rugged carrying case and resistance check loop included
• Two-year warranty
Fluke 1621 Tester
• Two cable reels with wire (1-50 m, 1-25 m)
• Three earth ground stakes
• One test lead (red and black 2 m)
• Two alligator clips
• Hard carrying case
Ordering information
Included accessories
Two measuring leads with alligator clips, 2 m
(6 ft), yellow protective holster, 9 V alkaline
battery (LR61), users manual, CD.
Basic Earth Ground Tester
1-50 m cable reel, 1-25 m cable reel, 3 earth
stakes, 2 test leads, 2 alligator clips, carrying
case, yellow protective holster, 9 V alkaline
battery (LR61), users manual, CD.
Basic Earth Ground Tester Kit
Rugged carrying case with belt, resistance
test loop, 9 V battery, users manual.
Earth Ground Clamp Meter
These products are for unpowered installations measuring grounding connections.
For more information, go to www.fluke.com/egt
Check price and availability at
Earth Ground Testers
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