Manhattan 177191 computer TV tuner Install guide

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Manhattan 177191 computer TV tuner Install guide | Manualzz


Model 177191



Thank you for purchasing the MANHATTAN

Stick, Model 177191.

® Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ATSC Hybrid

With this handy component package, you can receive ATSC / Clear QAM /analog broadcasts* on notebook and desktop computers, then also have the option of scheduling and directly saving programs to a hard drive for replay or transfer to a Cd. In addition to supporting SdTV, HdTV and ePG, features include:

• A compact design that requires no external power

• Advanced functions such as digital video recording, automatic channel

scanning, customizable favorites and time shifting

• Plug and Play and USB installation; Windows compatibility

• Lifetime Warranty

* All channels are subject to coverage and may change over time. Reception can depend on the type and condition of your existing aerial, and an aerial upgrade may be required. Confirm coverage in your area. Also, it’s strongly recommended that an outdoor antenna be installed to optimize reception for the best possible image and audio quality.

System Requirements

• Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 30 MB HDD space recommended

• Sound card for audio

• DirectX 9.0 or above

• VGA graphics with overlay support

• Windows XP SP2 / Vista

Package Contents

• Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ATSC Hybrid Stick

• USB extension and multi-function cables

• Remote control (CR 2025 battery included)

• RF adapter

• Portable antenna

• Software/driver CD

• Quick install guide

Multi-function cable

USB extension cable

Remote control

RF adapter


USB 2.0 Stick


HArdwAre ConneCTionS

Matching the cables to the connections:

• Connect the portable (digital) antenna to the stick;

• Connect the stick to a USB 2.0 port on the computer (using the included

USB extender cable is necessary)

NOTE: When switching to analog reception, replace the included portable antenna with an analog antenna, as the portable antenna can’t receive analog signals.

SofTwAre inSTAllATion


With the computer on and connected to the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ATSC Hybrid Stick through one of the computer’s USB ports, insert the included driver/software CD in the Cd-RoM drive.

1. Windows will automatically search for new hardware. When “USB ATSC

Hybrid” is found and recognized by the system, the initial startup screen will

display. Click “Cancel” to continue.

2. On the subsequent screen, select “Software Install” to contine with the driver


3. With the Install screen displayed, click “Next.”

4. Click “Install” on the next screen.

5. When prompted to install devices, click “Continue Anyway.”

6. When the Completed Installation screen displays, click “Finish” to complete

the driver installation.


With the driver installation completed, select to install the TotalMedia software.

1. On the initial screen, choose the setup language, then click “Next” to continue.

2. On the next screen, click “Yes.” Arcsoft TotalMedia will begin installing.

3. To change the destination folder, click “Browse,” then click “Next.” NOTE: The

“recommended” option is your best choice.

4. On the next screen, click “Next.” The program will start copying files to your


5. When the Completed Installation screen displays, click “Finish” to complete

the TotalMedia installation.

IR Receive

With the TotalMedia installation completed, select to install the IR Receive software.

1. On the initial screen, choose the setup language, then click “Next” to continue.

2. Click “Install” on the next screen.

3. When the Completed Installation screen displays, click “Finish” to complete

the IR Receive installation.

4. When prompted by the system, restart the computer.





5. Confirm that the ATSC and the Remote application icons appear on your


6. Go to the Control Panel, then select System System Propertiesdevice

Manager to confirm the “Hybrid ATSC/QAM Stick” listing appears, indicating

a successful and complete driver/software installation.

remoTe ConTrol

1 2 3 4







1 MUTe — Volume on/off

2 SOURCE — Switch among S-Video,

Composite & TV


between full & default screens

4 TOTALMEDIA — Open/close the

TotalMedia software

5 0-9 — Channel numbers

6 ESC — Return to previous view

7 FAST FORWARD — Advance the




through the on-screen menu

9 CH +/- — Move up/down through the


10 Vol +/- — Adjust the volume

11 SNAPSHoT — Take a picture of the

on-screen image

12 ReC — Record / Stop recording the

current program

13 STOP — Stop viewing recorded

program and return to current




AutoScan doesn’t lock onto any program channels.

• Confirm that there’s ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee)

broadcasting in your area.

• Re-position the antenna to obtain a stronger signal, then try AutoScan again.

(You can also try using an outdoor antenna.)

• Confirm the correct country is selected on the TotalMedia Scan Function screen.

Fewer channels are received compared to the previous viewing session.

• The antenna may have been moved or re-positioned, or may have something

placed near it causing interference, such as an aluminum can.

• Bad weather may be affecting your reception.

• Some first-time ATSC-broadcast providers alter their broadcast power daily,

which can affect your reception quality

During viewing, the screen blacks out or freezes.

• This is due to a weak signal, with the same likely causes as those above.

Video is okay, but the audio doesn’t work.

• Check the sound card or the volume setting.

The remote control doesn’t work.

• Check the battery.

• Make sure the remote is being used within 5 m (16 ft.) of the stick, and that

there are no obstructions affecting reception of the remote control signal.

The image on screen occasionally freezes or slows.

• Check that the system requirements are being met, particularly Pentium 4.

• Check that the VGA driver is properly installed and updated.

• Avoid running other high-CPU-loading software, such as games and CAD.



• Input terminal: 75 Ohm IEC (DIN) connector

• Receiving frequency: 48.25 – 863.25

• 8VSB / QAM64 / QAM256 / FM

• Bandwidth: 6

• 8 x 3.6 x 1.5 cm (3.1 x 1.4 x 0.5 in.); 34 g (1.2 oz.)


• Number section filtering: 32 PIDs (maximum)

• Engine: software

• Stream capture: PES & TS

A/V Format

• Video: MPEG-II Main Profile and Main Level

• Audio: MPEG-II Audio Layer I and II

Analog Support

• Supports NTSC tuner systems

• Full-motion display 30 fps @ 640 x 480 (NTSC)

Digital Support

• Supports ATSC / Clear QAM digital TV systems

• 1920 x 1080 resolution




offers a complete line of PC Components,

Peripherals, Cables and Accessories. Ask your local computer dealer for more information or visit us online at

Copyright © MANHATTAN

All products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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