Netatmo unveils Presence, the smartest outdoor security camera

Netatmo unveils Presence, the smartest outdoor security camera
Netatmo unveils Presence, the smartest outdoor security camera,
that detects people, cars and animals
Netatmo, an innovative company developing consumer electronics for a better and connected
lifestyle, unveils Presence, the outdoor security camera able to detect and report about people, cars
and animals.
Once installed outside, Presence analyses in real-time if someone loiters around the home, a car
enters the driveway or a pet is in the yard. It understands what it sees and notifies the user if
something is detected in the monitored area.
Presence won 4 awards at the renowned “2016 CES Innovations Awards” in the following categories:
“Smart Home”, “Digital Imaging”, “Tech For A Better World” and “Embedded Technologies”. For the
fourth consecutive year, Netatmo has been honoured for its success.
Presence does outdoor security better
Presence embeds the revolutionary Smart-SightTM feature. Smart-SightTM uses a breakthrough deep
learning algorithm able to detect the presence of people, cars and animals.
The camera allows the user to know instantly what’s happening outside his home
and informs him with smart notifications: “Person seen”, “Car seen” or “Animal
Presence alerts the user if something is wrong at the vacation home, helps the
user to feel safe after recent criminal activity in the neighborhood or warns when
the delivery man brings a package and no one’s home to receive it.
“Presence goes way beyond existing outdoor security solutions on the market. As
the only consumer outdoor security system using a sophisticated deep learning
technology, Smart-SightTM, Presence is able to analyse and report precisely what’s
happening outside the home. It provides the best response to the fast growing
demand of outdoor smart security systems”, explains Fred Potter, Founder and
CEO of Netatmo.
Presence protects day and night
At night, discreet watching and recording is
possible with Presence’s powerful infra-red
night vision. Presence also has an integrated
smart floodlight. When it’s activated, the
camera captures bright color videos even in
the midst of the night. In addition, the smart
floodlight can be set to detect and scare off
any unwanted visitors or to light up the way
when it’s dark.
Presence, to be notified about what matters
Presence’s notifications and recordings are entirely customisable. The user decides whether or not to
be notified or record when Presence detects a person, a car or an animal. Presence alerts only when
Presence runs the Smart-ZonesTM function. The user can select specific zones for motion detection
alerts: around the garden shed, the gate or the garage door. Presence sends detailed notifications
when something happens in these user-defined areas.
Data storage to meet everyone’s needs and respect privacy
Presence comes with all features included: smart notifications, Full HD video recording and storage
as well as the timeline of events. Presence stores videos locally on an internal micro SD card and may
automatically transfer the footage to a personal FTP server.
Storage is entirely free and doesn’t incur any additional subscription or fee.
Data transmission from the camera to the user’s smartphone is secured by end-to-end bank-level
encryption, to guarantee the highest level of protection.
Furthermore, the Netatmo account security system alerts the user immediately if his Presence
camera is accessed from a new device or a new IP address that hasn’t been approved.
Effortless DIY installation and powerful connection
Presence’s DIY installation is straightforward: the camera just replaces an existing outdoor light. It
takes no time for the user to enjoy a sophisticated security camera system with a powerful smart
Presence connects through Wi-Fi to the home’s internet.
The app is accessible from a smartphone, a tablet, a PC/Mac or an Apple Watch. Through the dashboard,
the user streams live video of what is going on around the house. The timeline screen lists past events and
allows the user to review past videos.
Presence, an impressive outdoor camera with a sleek design
Presence is a Full HD outdoor camera capturing stunning images under any light condition.
Its extensive 100° field of view and unprecedented 20 meters detection range provide exceptional
Presence is completely weatherproof: it’s protected to an IP66 standard and resists sun, ice, rain and
Presence has a beautiful sleek and minimalist design. The durable aluminium body of the camera
makes it timeless and strong.
An award winning camera
Presence won 4 awards at the renowned “2016 CES Innovations Awards” in the following categories:
“Smart Home”, “Digital Imaging”, “Tech for a Better World” and “Embedded Technologies”. This is
the fourth consecutive year Netatmo has been honoured for its products’ success.
Presence is being exclusively presented in Las Vegas at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), at
the following locations:
- CES Unveiled, Mandalay Bay on Monday, January 04, from 4 to 7.30PM
- Pepcom’s Digital Experience, Mirage Hotel on Tuesday January 05, from 7 to 10:30PM
- CES 2016, Booth n° 73900, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-C, from January 06-09
Technical specifications
Deep learning algorithm to detect
people, cars and animals
Integrated smart floodlight
Stunning 1080p Full HD videos
Extensive 100° field of view
Long range detection up to 20m/65ft
4MP CMOS sensor
Pinch-to-zoom into the video to see
every detail
Powerful infra-red night vision
Local micro SD card included with a
possible video back up through FTP
End-to-end bank-level encryption
Easy DIY setup: replace an existing
outdoor light
Wi-Fi connection
Fully weatherproof
Availability and compatibility
Presence will be available from the third quarter of 2016.
Presence App is entirely free. It is compatible with iPhones featuring iOS8 and Android 4.3 and above.
Presence web-App is also available on PC and Mac.
About Netatmo
Founded in 2011, Netatmo is an innovative company developing consumer electronics for a better
and connected lifestyle. Netatmo carefully designs their products’ mechanics, electronics and
embedded software. Netatmo industrializes them with the finest quality standards and designs the
mobile and web applications that unleash their capabilities.
Netatmo’s smart products fall into three categories: security, environment and heating.
The first device launched by the company, the Weather Station for Smartphone, allows owners to
monitor the environment in more than 170 countries. It’s the world’s crowd-sourced weather
observation network. In November 2013, Netatmo launched their Thermostat for Smartphone,
dedicated to the European market. Designed by Philippe Starck, it helps users to save 37% energy to
heat their home. Netatmo launched Welcome in 2015. Welcome is an indoor security camera with
revolutionary face recognition technology to distinguish who is home and to alert immediately about
At CES 2016, Netatmo unveils Presence the first outdoor security camera with breakthrough deep
learning technology, able to detect and report about people, cars and animals.
Netatmo is widely recognized for its products each year at the prestigious CES Innovations Design &
Engineering. In 2016, the brand has been honoured for Presence with 4 CES Awards.
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