Fring and installation guide for iPhone

Installation and User Guide
fring version
For iPhone 2.0
About fring
fring is a native mobile VoIP application that allows you to make mobile calls and
send instant messages at no extra cost. fring calls are free [1], leveraging your
WiFi and 3G handset mobile internet connection.
Hardware requirements
In order to use our Beta version, you will need:
iPhone 3G, original iPhone or iPod touch with the 2.0 firmware (or above)
Internet connection (Not a WAP connection) on your iPhone.
Download fring on the App Store.
Note: Currently it is not possible to make VoIP calls over 3G/GPRS networks.
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Downloading fring
Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for fring on the Social Networking
download category. Follow instructions on your iPhone to download fring.
Registering to fring
A short registration process is required before you can begin to use
fring. The stages of this process are:
Nickname and Password Selection
Service Definition
Selecting your fring nickname and password
Once the installation is complete, an Installation Complete message appears
briefly. You are now ready to select your fring nickname and password.
If you have already registered with fring, choose 'Existing' and enter your
existing credentials to log in.
If this is your first use of fring, please choose "New' and follow the instructions
on the following screen:
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The registration screen allows you to select your nickname and the password you will
use to access your fring account. Email address is required for password retrieval
Note: Passwords must be at least 4 characters.
Press Register to move to the next screen.
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The next screen allows you to add your MundiCalls account details. Once you have
chosen your fring nickname and password, provide the details of your MundiCalls
account so that you can begin making and receiving VoIP calls.
Note: If you do not already have a MundiCalls account, send an email to and request for one.
Adding or Signing in to MundiCalls VoIP service.
Follow the instructions below:
1. Click on More and choose SIP from the list.
The following screen appears:
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2. Choose MundiCalls from the list. If MundiCalls is not listed, choose Other.
3. Enter your MundiCalls user id (same as IP phone number, i.e. 333xxxx)
and password assigned to you when you applied for MundiCalls service.
4. Enter the SIP proxy:
Press Subscribe.
You should be logged into MundiCalls and now be able to make outgoing calls using
your MundiTravel Mobility service.
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Making a SIP call
From the Call Options menu choose SIP call. Your call will be made using the
MundiCalls account you have added. Start making MundiTravel calls.
Remember to dial 1 + Area Code + Phone number for calls to USA and Canada
and 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone number for all other international
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