Product Leaflet: MicroMasticating technology Masticating juicer

Pre-sales leaflet for Canada (2016, May 14)
Philips Avance Collection
Masticating juicer
• MicroMasticating technology
• Metallic Grey
• LED feedback
• Extra filter
Unleash all the goodness into your glass
MicroMasticating extracts up to 90%* of the fruit
Philips innovative MicroMasticating technology is designed to open up the cells of your fruits and vegetables to squeeze the
maximum of your ingredients. After juicing all parts can be rinsed clean in 1 minute thanks to its no sieve design.
Extract all the goodness from fruits and vegetable
• MicroMasticating extracts up to 90%* of the fruit
• Juice all your favorites, including bananas and mangos
• Include leaves, greens and nuts in your drinks
• Pre-clean function squeezes last drops of juice out
A juicer you can finally rinse clean
• Easily detachable and rinsed clean without any kitchen tool
• Unique no sieve design for cleaning in under 1 minute
• Innovative drip stop keeps your counter clean
• LED lights give you reassembly feedback
Thoughtfully designed for your kitchen counter top
• Slim juicer with all integrated parts
• Juice directly into your glass
• Inspiring recipe book included
• Detachable parts can be stored in the pulp container
Avance Collection
MicroMasticating technology
QuickClean in 1 minute
Fruits and vegetables have many thousands of cells that contain juice, vitamins
and other vital nutrients. Philips innovative MicroMasticating technology is
designed to open up the cells to squeeze the maximum of your favorite
ingredients and will help you to get up to 90%* of your fruits into the glass and
not as waste.
With an easily detachable design and rimless parts, this juicer can be quickly
cleaned using only tap water. Because there are no sharp edges, the fibers or
particles of ingredients are rinsed away in seconds.
No sieve design
Soft fruits to hard vegetables
Make delicious healthy juices from soft fruits and hard vegetables. You can
juice all your favorite combinations and use this products even for those
especial starch ingredients that are normally very difficult to juice such as
bananas or mangos.</
Our unique no sieve design allows the juice to flow seamlessly to your glass
going through a filter that removes any unwanted part from the juice and is so
easy to clean that you don’t need any brushes.
Innovative drip stop
Leaves, greens and nuts
Leaves and greens full of fibers are also great ingredients for healthy juices and
they can all be processed in this juicer. Wheatgrass, spinach and many others
could be an important health adder to your daily juices with MicroMasticating
technology. You can even use certain kind of nuts, like the almond to prepare
almond milk.
Fully integrated drip stop allows you to stop between juicing sessions and
keep your counter top clean at all times. Simply push the bottom of the juice
outlet and without wetting your fingers the juice flow will stop.
LED feedback
Pre-clean function
LED gives you feedback when operating this juicer. After reassembling you will
know when the product is ready to juice again of if you still need to place the
parts in the right places. Everything with your safety in mind.
The pre-clean function is a special program that squeezes last drops of juice
out of the juicer while cleaning the inside of your product at the same time.
This will help you to get the best from your fruits and vegetables and avoid
that valuable juice goes to waste in the cleaning process.
Slim design
The optimized design with 11cm width allows you to keep the juicer always
on your counter top, making it ready to juice at any time. It takes very little
working space in storage as well as when in use because it is fully integrated,
so you don’t need any external compartments when juicing.
data subject to change
2016, May 14
Avance Collection
Directly into your glass
Integrated storage
Juicing directly into the glass allows you to tailor each glass to the taste of
your family members, to avoid using and having to clean unnecessary parts and
keeps your counter top clear.
All smaller removable parts of the juicer, such as the tray, the pusher and the
juice jar can be stores inside the pulp container. This way you keep all parts
safety stored and always know where to find them for your next juicing
Inspiring recipe book
Selection of your recipes and ingredients is an important part of your juicing
experience. In this book we provide inspiration in 40 recipes and give you full
guidance on the health benefits you get from those recipes.
Please note that this is a pre-sales leaflet. The contents of this leaflet reflect the best of our knowledge per date and country mentioned above. The contents of this leaflet are subject to
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Recipe booklet
2-year worldwide
General specifications
Product features
User manual
Dishwasher safe
Non-slip feet
On/off switch
Safety lock
Capacity jar
Capacity pulp
Cord length
Metallic gray
Material accessories
Material jar
Material of main body
Material waste
> 90% recycled materials
100% recycled paper
Technical specifications
Metal safety lock
50-60 Hz
200 W
220-240 V
Country of origin
Made in
* Internal tests on 1000g each of grapes, apple, black berry, strawberry, tomato, watermelon, orange and pomegranate.
data subject to change
2016, May 14
Version: 2.1.1
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