Replacing a Toner Cartridge

Replacing a Toner Cartridge
When replacing Toner:
Check the contacts on the cartridge and if needed, clean as
described below.
Take a swab/Q-tip and dip in rubbing alcohol, making
sure to squeeze out any excessive liquid
2. Rub swab all around the rubber rollers (only) removing
dirt and grime.
Replace old cartridge with new cartridge making sure the
plastic strip is removed. Carefully place the new cartridge in
the slot without force. If you put the new cartridge in correctly
it should go in easily without needed to apply force. Gently
close the cover without slamming.
Changing/adding Paper:
Adding or changing paper should also be done without force. If
force seems to be needed then the paper must be in there
incorrectly and could damage the machine.
Connection Problems:
If not connecting to network, check the network cable to be
sure it is seated firmly (machine and wall jack ends). If
connection issue continues, then power cycle (turn off and on)
the machine. If after basic maintenance /troubleshooting,
there are still connection issues, e-mail Libraryhelp with a list of
symptoms of no connection and what you have already done.