IR-URC33 +
MANUAL (p. 2)
Universal Remote Control
Télécommande universelle
Universele Afstandsbediening
MANUALE (p. 16)
Telecomando universale
Mando a distancia universal
Egyetemes távirányító
Universaali kaukosäädin
Universal fjärrkontroll
Univerzální dálkové ovládání
Telecomandă universală
Γενικό Τηλεχειριστήριο
The 4/8-in-1 universal remote control is suitable for all TV sets (TV), DVD
players (DVD), digital and analogue satellite receivers and cable receivers
(CBL/SAT), video recorders (VCR), tuners (TUNER), CD players (CD), cassette
recorders (TAPE), amplifiers and other audio devices (AMP) from common
manufacturers. The universal remote control can execute almost all basic device
Button description
Some button functions may be different for different models.
SET - For setting the remote.
TV, VCR, CBL/SAT, CD, DVD, TUNER, TAPE, AMP – Device button
Power – On and Off
0-9 - Number buttons for selecting channels or entering the device code during
AV/TV - TV/Video button on your TV remote control or the TV/SAT button on
your SAT remote control or A/B in cable and CD mode.
Menu - Menu or OSD (On-Screen Display) or memory.
CH + /- - Channel up and down
VOL +/- - Volume up and down
Mute – Mute the sound
7 REW (fast reverse)
► PLAY (operate your DVD, CD etc)
8 FFWD (fast forward)
= REC (Record)
< STOP (terminate your operation)
Red, Green, Yellow and Blue for TV Teletext.
Television video
TV and text mixed
Teletext mode
Page hold
Displays info on the selected channel
Up, Down, Left, Right, OK, Exit -- Functions like the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT,
OK, EXIT, menu functions.
Make sure that fresh batteries have been inserted correctly into the remote
To make your remote control ready for use, you need to carry out one of the
following steps:
A. Setup by Brand Code
1. Switch on the device for which you wish to use the remote control.
2. Find the code number of your device brand in the code list from the
respective device group.
3. Press the SET button and the device button at the same time.
Release the two buttons as soon as LED lights up.
4. Enter the 3-digit device code within 10 seconds. If no entry within 10
seconds, the setup mode is automatically terminated.
5. The LED turns off if the code has been accepted by the remote control. If
the LED flashes twice, that means the code may be wrong, and the remote
control remains in setup mode, enter the correct code from the list again in
good time.
6. Check the function of the buttons on remote control. If it does not function
correctly, try another 3-digit device code (e.g. 010…) from the list under the
same brand. Repeat the steps 3 to 6 until all the basic functions operate
Note: Exit the setup mode by pressing the device button, or the setup mode is
automatically terminated if no button is pressed for 10 seconds.
B. Setup by Automatic Search
1. Switch on the device that you like to control. If it is a VCR insert a cassette.
2. Point the remote control at the device. Simultaneously press the SET and
Device buttons for three seconds. The LED should start flashing, that means
it is in Automatic Search now.
3. The OFF signal is automatically transmitted from the remote control to the
device (code scan). As soon as the device switches off, immediately press
any key (except SET key) to stop the Automatic Search.
4. Switch on the device again by pressing the “POWER” key. Check the
function of the other buttons on the remote control. If none of the buttons
function (i.e. the search cannot be stopped at the correct time) or the majority
of the buttons do not function correctly, restart the search (see steps 2 to 4)
to find a suitable code. If the majority of the buttons function correctly, setup
has been successful. Re-press the device button to save the code and to
terminate the setup mode.
Note: To automatically terminate the search, press any button (except the SET
button). The LED turns off and the search is terminated.
C. Setup by Manual Search
1. Switch on the device that you like to control. (If it is a VCR, please insert a
2. Point the remote control at the device. Press and hold down the set button
and then press the device button. (For less than 3 seconds, otherwise Auto
search is started) Then release the two buttons.
3. The LED lights up and the remote is in setup mode.
4. Press the Power button (On/Off button) approx. every 1.5 seconds. (If
the device you are searching for is a VCR, DVD player, CD player, Tuner,
cassette recorder, etc., you can also press the play button.) The LED light
should start flashing, i.e. the device is in Manual Search Mode.
5. As soon as the device you are searching for switches off (or is reactive),
check whether the other buttons on the remote control function correctly (do
not press Power button, or else it will move to next code). If the majority of
the buttons does not function correctly, press the button approx. every 1.5
seconds to initiate the reactive code (manual search is continued, see steps
4 to 5). If the majority of the buttons on the remote control functions correctly,
save the code by pressing the Device button to terminate the manual search.
Note: The Manual Search is automatically terminated if no entry occurs during a
30 seconds period.
D. Setup by learning function
The learning function is used to extend the pre-programmed codes. A fully
functional original remote control is required for learning programming.
1. Press down and hold the Learn button and press the device (e.g. DVD) that
you want to learn-in, then release both pressed keys. The LED starts flashing
and then the remote control is in learning mode for DVD codes.
2. Press and release the target button which you want to learn in(e.g. POWER),
the LED lights up.
3. Point the original remote control to the receiver LED (the same as transmitter
LED). Ensure that both remotes are approx. 30mm apart and facing each
4. Press and hold the source button on your original remote control until the
LED flashes 2 times and lights up for 2 seconds, and then flashes again. If
an error occurs, the LED flashes four times, lights up for two seconds and
then flashes again.
5. Repeat Step 2 to 4 to learn in more buttons.
1. To exit the Learning mode, press and release Device button.
2. In learning mode, the distance must be less than 30 mm between 2 remotes,
and the 2 remotes must be put in a straight line.
3. It will exit from the learning mode automatically if you do not press any key
within 30 seconds.
4. Press SET and 4 together to delete all buttons you have learnt-in under the
Device button, the LED will flash 2 times to confirm it.
5. If the memory is full, LED flashes 4 times then quits learning.
6. The last signal learnt in will overwrite the previous signal.
7. About 100 commands can be stored in this remote control and about 40
commands can be learnt-in for each device.
8. You can also specially store 4 frequently used buttons on the “Custom
keypad” by using the learning function.
E. Display Device Code
Call up the device codes which have been set in the remote control as follows:
1. Press and hold the set button, simultaneously press number 1 to display the
hundreds of the 3-figure code. Count how often the LED flashes. If the LED
does not flash, the number is Zero.
2. Press and hold the set button, simultaneously press number 2 to display the
tens of the 3-figure code.
3. Press and hold the set button, simultaneously press number 3 to display the
ones of the 3-figure code.
F. Volume Lock
This function is very practical if you wish to use just one device to control the
volume. In this case, you can use the function to set the volume and mute
button to AMP, regardless of which device you are using. The Volume and Mute
buttons on remote control still control the volume and mute of your amplifier.
1. Press the device button for which you wish to lock the volume.
2. Press SET and number button 5, the current VOL and mute will be locked,
LED flashes twice as confirmation.
Note: Press the Set button and number button 6 to unlock volume.
G. Write-protection of Device Codes
Proceed as follows to prevent device codes from being accidentally overwritten
or deleted.
1. Press the device button which you wish to protect
2. Press and hold down the SET button, simultaneously press number button 7
and then release both buttons. The LED flashes twice and the code is now
protected and cannot be overwritten/deleted.
Note: To cancel write protection, press and hold down the SET button,
simultaneously press number button 8 and then release the two buttons. The
LED flashes twice and the protection is cancelled.
H. Reset / Delete Function
To delete the codes which you have set in the remote control, press and hold
down the SET button, then press the 0 button simultaneously for more than
3 seconds and then release both pressed buttons. The LED flashes twice and
all the set up data and commands in the remote control are deleted.
Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not use cleaning solvents or abrasives.
No guarantee or liability can be accepted for any changes and modifications of
the product or damage caused due to incorrect use of this product.
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