Vibration Bark Control Collar Troubleshooting

If it is the collar itself that does not appear to be activating, there are some things we can look
at to resolve this concern.
When was the last time the battery was changed?
The battery should last three to six months with normal usage.
To test collar:
Test Mode
1. Begin with the Collar in the OFF position.
2. Turn to the ON position until the LED shows Orange.
3. Immediately turn to the OFF position after seeing the Orange LED.
4. Turn to the ON position. The LED will flash Orange and you are now in test mode.
5. Blow into the microphone and the Orange LED will flash to indicate that the microphone is working. Note – the
microphone is the small port near the battery.
6. Scratch lightly between the Vibration Points to indicate the vibration is working.
7. If the LED light does not flash and there is no vibration, ensure that the battery is properly
installed, and/or replace the battery.
8. Turn OFF to end the test mode. The test mode will also time out after 30 seconds and resume
normal operation.
Alternate testing method –
Slide Probes across a rough surface for at least 10 inches while blowing into speaker port (the speaker
port is the small hole near the battery). The Vibration Bark Control Collar should Vibrate. If collar does
not vibrate, try a rougher surface. Tip – We recommend a plastic cutting board for the rough surface if
one is available.
If we can tell the collar is physically working, but the pet is not responding: Is the pet wearing any other
collars or leashed or bandanas with it on? If so, it is recommended that the pet only have this collar on
by itself. Proper position for the collar is high on the neck up under the chin.
Place the collar on the pet when they are in a standing position looking straight ahead for proper fit. If
the dog is sitting or looking up, the neck will expand during fitting causing the collar not to activate
Collar Lights:
There is no test light included with this unit as it has no static correction. The unit does have LED lights
on it that you can check as detailed below.
No light = Normal unit operation if turned off or dead battery if turned on
Blinking red = Low battery indicator (1 flash every 4 seconds)
Rapid Flashing red = Vibration delivered (4 flashes)
Orange Flash = Test Mode
Some pets may need a different type of training tool, like a static bark control collar. It may be that
temperament and what they respond to is the reason, not necessarily anything the customer or the pet
is doing “wrong.”
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