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Smart Anytime, Safe Anywhere
Climax Home Portal Platform
Envisage and Enable a Connected Future
Climax Home Portal Platform
An IP/GPRS-Based Solution to Deliver Smart Home and Mobile Control Services
• Reliable and high-capacity IP/GPRS platform
• Visual verification
• Home automation
• Mobile control
• Remote monitoring
• Energy management
• Location tracking
The advancement of IP technology has created new challenges and
opportunities for the security industry worldwide. While monitoring
centers seek solutions to integrate IP/GPRS-based services such as
visual verification and home automation, the popular use of mobile
devices has also triggered end users’ demand to directly view and
control their homes from their smartphones or tablets.
The Climax Home Portal Platform (CHPP) is an IP/GPRS-based security
management solution designed to meet these needs by maximizing the
benefits of IP technology for both monitoring centers and end users.
Home Portal Server, the CHPP’s IP networking software, can be
customized to work seamlessly with the infrastructure of monitoring
centers, introducing new services yet allowing monitoring personnel to
continue using their familiar operational platform.
An All-in-One Solution for Security Professionals and Home Owners
The Climax Home Portal Platform provides monitoring centers and end users with new
and convenient ways to manage home security and other services
Benefits for the Monitoring Center
• Receive data from 10,000 to 100,000 security systems
• Operate all Climax control panels with IP/GPRS connectivity
• Store alarm videos/images on Home Portal Server for the CMS to view anytime
• ARN Gateway delivers alarm events in CID/SIA formats to the CMS
IP/GPRS Platform
Total Visual
Monitoring Solution
• View images/videos or live videos when alarms occur
• Use visual verification to reduce fines and wasted resources caused by false alarms
• Send alarm alerts to customers via SMS messages, emails or push notifications and enable
them to view alarm images/videos on mobile devices or PCs
• Real-time monitoring allows CMS to view images/videos of clients’ homes and properties
• Remotely control and monitor customers’ home appliances for their comfort
• Enable customers to manage home appliances by themselves via mobile devices or PCs
Home Automation
Energy Management
• Monitor customers’ domestic energy consumption to strategically boost energy efficiency
and reduce electricity bills
• View the GPS locations of Mobile PERS medical alarm users on Google maps
Location Tracking
Remote Management
Easy Programming
and Maintenance
Increase in
Recurring Revenue
• Remotely monitor and manage control panels, devices, events, areas, etc. via user-friendly
administration dashboards
• Conveniently program, maintain and upgrade alarm systems through intuitive interfaces
• Offer popular self-monitoring solutions such as visual verification and mobile control to build
customer loyalty, attract new clients and stimulate growth of recurring revenue
Benefits for the End Users
Mobile Control
Remotely manage
your alarm system
and home appliances
via Vesta Home, the
CHPP’s mobile
application, on your
smartphone or tablet
Total Visual Monitoring
Alarm Notification
Home Automation
Easy Programming
Receive alarm
images/videos for
visual verification and
view real-time
images/videos of
home and loved ones
via mobile devices
Receive alarm or
status reports on
your mobile device
and respond
Create a program to
automatically run
home appliances,
save energy, and
enhance security,
comfort and
Adjust the settings
of your alarm
system or home
appliances from
your mobile device
whenever needed
How the Climax Home Portal Platform Works
ARN Gateway
Home Portal Server
control panel
What is Home Portal Server?
Home Portal Server is the CHPP’s IP networking software. It
enables monitoring personnel to operate alarm systems via a web
browser and end users to manage their homes via a mobile
ARN Gateway
Server Installation
A web space is required for the setup of Home Portal Server. You
can either rent a web space and install the server in your location or
rent a server hosting service, which requires neither hardware setup
nor maintenance. After you have acquired the web space and
server, the Climax support team will install the software
environment for you.
SMS alarm reporting: The gateway enables Home
Portal Server to send SMS alarm reports and other
notifications to end users via a local telecommunications
network. You can activate the gateway’s SMS service
after inserting into the gateway a SIM card purchased
from a local telecommunications provider.
Home Portal Application
End users can access Home Portal Server via a mobile application
on iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Climax can customize the
application for you according to your server information. Please
provide us with your Apple and Android developer account
information and we will put your own Home Portal app on Apple’s
App Store and the Google Play Store for your customers to
ARN (Alarm Reception and Notification) Gateway
provides the following services for the CHPP:
Safe Home Portal Server registration: To access
Home Portal Server’s smart home services, end users
need to register on the server’s website. The gateway
allows the server to send SMS authentication messages
to end users after their registration, thus strengthening
the security of using the server’s services.
Alarm reception: The gateway receives event reports
from Climax’s IP/GPRS control panels and forwards the
data in CID/SIA formats via RS232 or IP to the CMS.
Making Simplicity the First Priority
The CHPP provides easy-to-use interactive interfaces for monitoring personnel and
end users to manage security and smart home services. The platform can be
accessed via a web browser or mobile application.
Web Access
The CHPP’s web browser offers three different interfaces for three types of account authorities:
end users, dealers and administrators. These three levels serve different purposes.
• End user level: This level allows the end user to manage an individual alarm system, receive
status reports, control system modes, adjust system settings, and operate devices.
• Dealer level: This level is designed for the dealer to monitor and manage the control panels
registered under the dealer’s name.
• Administrator level: This level is provided for the administrator to manage the entire Home
Portal Server.
The CHPP Administration Dashboards
User Management
Panel Management
Device Management
Event Management
Visual Verification
Location Tracking
App Access
The CHPP’s standard mobile application, Vesta Home, can be downloaded
from the App Store or the Google Play Store. With this app the end user can
manage his alarm system, receive event reports and view alarm
images/videos on a smartphone or tablet.
CHPP System Requirements and Specifications
Home Portal Server
Hardware requirements
Server type
Linux Server
Intel® Core™ i5 Processor or above (6M Cache, 2.8 GHz)
1T SATA Hard Disk Drive
Software requirements
IP address
One fixed IP address
Accounts & passwords
SSL Telnet Login Account & Password for software installation
FTP Account & Password to upload data to a designated web space
Application requirements
One Apple developer account
For the Push Notification Service and app publication on the App Store
One Android developer account
For app publication on the Google Play Store
Other requirements
One web space
For server hosting
One SMS service account
To send SMS authentication, reports and commands
One email account
To send email authentication and reports (Gmail SMTP recommended)
NIC supported data rates
10/100/1000Mbps (depending on the hardware)
Number of control panels supported
10,000 to 100,000 (depending on internet bandwidth)
Security system reporting protocols
Notification dispatcher
Via SMS, Email or push notifications
Event logs
One million
Image/video storage
Local storage
CHPP System Requirements and Specifications
ARN Gateway
Power supply
12V 1A DC adaptor
Backup power (optional)
Rechargeable 4.8V AA Ni-MH battery pack
SIM card
Purchased by the customer from a local telecommunications provider
NIC supported data rates
Number of control panels supported
10,000 to 100,000 (depending on internet bandwidth)
Security system reporting protocols
Automation software communication
CID/SIA protocol over RS232/IP
Notification dispatcher
Via SMS messages (when the gateway is connected to Home Portal Server)
Event logs
Operating temperature
-10°C to +45°C
Operating humidity
Up to 85% non-condensing
186.3 mm x 130 mm x 30.3 mm
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