Page 1 Page 2 1.8-170 MHz plus 415

Page 1 Page 2 1.8-170 MHz plus 415
 E му N o M atter What” Wi ОЕ: anty Your MFJ product c comes with MFJ s famous No Matter What™ one
| year limited warranty. MFJ will repair or replace your MFJ products (at our option) no matter what for a full year.
CF RE EE E I nstruction Manuals on most MFJ products. Visit € our web site or write or ‘call 800-647-1800.
Morse Code
Po Hold near your receiver -- it instantly displays CWin English!
I | Automatic Speed Tracking . . . Instant Replay . . . 32 Character LCD...
High-Performance or To Computer Interface . . . Battery Saver...
Isyour CWrusty?:. MFI- 461
- Relax and place this -
tiny pocket size MFJ
Morse Code Reader near
your receiver's speaker . . .
Then watch CW turn into solid text
messages as they scroll across an
easy-to-read LCD display. |
No cables to hook-up, no computer,
no interface, nothing else nee ed!
Use it as a backup in case you mis-
copy a few characters - - it makes WM
working high speed CW a breeze - -
even if you're rusty.
Practice by copying along with the
MF J-461. Ill help you learn the
code and increase your s eed as you
instantly see if you Te right or wrong.
Eavesdrop on interesting Morse 5
code QSOs from hams all over the 4. Bothtop and bottom lines scroll. | More Features
world. It's a universal language Two-line LCD display has 32 large 1/4 When it’s too noisy for its mic p pickup,
that’s understood the world over. inch high-contrast characters. connect MFJ-461 to your radio with a cable.
Automatic Speed Tracking | MF] Instant Replay Battery saving feature puts MFJ-461 to
МЕ AutoTrak™ automatically locks on, — The last 140 characters can be instantly sleep during periods of inactivity. It wakes
tracks and displays CW speed up to 99 replayed. Lets you re-read or check copy up and decodes when it hears CW.
Words-Per-Minute. if you re copying along side the MFJ-461. Uses 9 Volt battery (not included).
Simply place your MFJ- 461 close to High Performance Modem True Pocket Size
your receiver speaker until the lock LED Consistently get solid copy from MFJs — Fits in your shirt pocket with room to
flashes in time with the CW. — high performance PLL (phaselock loop) spare - smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
Four Display Modes modem. Digs out weak signals. Even tracks Tiny 2'/x3'/x1 in. - 5% ounces.
1. Bottom line scrolls and fills with text, slightly drifting signals. | Po Accessories
then that entire line is displayed on top Of course, nothing can clean up and | MFJ-26B. Soft leather protec-
line until bottom line refills -- makes read- copy a sloppy fist, especially weak signals
tive pouch. Clear plastic over-lay
ing text extra easy! Automatically displays with lots of QRM/QRN.
for display, push button opening,
speed in WPM. | - Computer Interface с strong, pocket/belt clip secures MFJ-461.
2. Same as 1, without speed display -- "The MFJ-461’s serial port lets you dis- ~~ MFJ-5161. MFJ-461 to computer serial
gives you maximum text display. play CW text full screen on a bright com- port cable (DB-9).
3. Top line scrolls, bottom line displays puter monitor -- just use your computer MFJ-5162. Connects MFJ-461 to
speed in Words- -Per-Minute. | — serial port and terminal program. + + radio’s external speaker 3.5 mm jack.
celebrating. sur 30th Year Annivers sarv 1972-2002
International | Dealer Link: http: // php
7 MFJ ENTERPRISES, INC., P.O. Box 494, Mississippi State, MS 39762
И, ET Voice: (662) 323-5869; 8-4:30 CST, Mon-Fri.; FAX: (662) 323-6551; E-Mail [email protected] mijenterprises com; Add s/h.
Visit our web site . . tip: ww jTenierprises.coñ
1.8-170 MHz plus 415-470 MHz .
HF/VAF/UTT SWR Analyzer — |
- Covers 1.8-1 70 MHz and 415-470 MHz ... SWR... Complex RF Impedance: eE and
Reactance(X) or Magnitude(Z) and Phase(degrees) . . . Coax cable loss(dB) ... Coax cable length
and Distance to fault ... Return Loss . . . Reflection Coefficient . . . Inductance. . . Capacitance .
. . Battery Voltage. LCD digital readout . . . frequency counter . . . side-by-side meters . . . Ni-MH/
-269 c te
170 MHz and 415 to
battery saver, low battery warning, smooth
reduction drive tuning. Use as signal source
for testing/alignment.
Built-in CoaxCalculator™ -- calculates
coax line length in feet given coax length in
electrical degrees and vice versa for any fre-
quency and any velocity factor (great for
building matching sections and phasing
lines) -- an MF J-269 exclusive!
New 12-bit A/D converter gives much
better accuracy and resolution than common
8-bit A/D converters -- an MFJ-269 exclu-
Super easy to use! Just set the
bandswitch and tune the dial -- just like your
transceiver. |
1.8 to 170 MHz Range Features
MFJ-269 gives you a complete picture of
your antenna. Read antenna SWR and
Complex Imped-ance 1.8 to 170 MHZ. +
Built-in frequency counter. |
- Read Complex Impedance as series
equivalent resistance and reactance (Rs+jXs)
or as magnitude (Z) and phase (degrees).
Also reads parallel equivalent resistance and
reactance (Rp+jXp) -- an MFJ-269 exclu-
You can determine velocity factor, coax loss
in dB, length of coax and distance to short or
open in feet.
You can read,
SWR, return
loss and reflec-
tion coefficient
at any frequen-
Cy simultane-
ously at a sin-
gle glance.
Also reads
match efficiency.
Also read
inductance in —
uH and capaci-
tance in pF at
RF frequencies.
You can
measure SWR
and loss of
coax with any
characteristic impedance from 10 to over
600 Ohms, including 50, 51, 52, 53, 73, 75
93, 95, 300, 450 Ohms =~ an MFJ-269 exclu-
sive! For more information see MFJ -259B,
New 415 to 470 MHz Range features
Just plug in your UHF antenna coax, set
the frequency and read SWR, return loss and
reflection coefficient simultaneously. You
can read coax cable loss i in dB and match effi-
You can adjust UHF dipoles, verticals,
yagis, quads and other antennas and deter-
mine their SWR, resonant frequency and
You can test and tune stubs and coax
lines. You can manually determine velocity
factor and impedances of transmission lines.
Adjust and test RF matching networks
and RF amplifiers without applying power.
Has easy-to-read LCD logarithmic SWR
bargraph and SWR meter for quick tuning.
charger circuit . . . battery saver... low battery warning . . . smooth reduction drive . . .
Take it anywhere
Fully portable, take it anywhere --
remote sites, up towers, on DX-peditions.
Built-in “N” connector.Free N-to- 50-239
adaptor. Use 10 AA Ni-MH (See page 56)
or Ni-Cad or alkaline batteries (not incl.) or
110VAC with MFJ-1312D. Measures
4Wx2Dx6%H inches. |
MEFJ-269 SWR Analyzer Accessories
MFJ-39C. Tote your MFJ-269 anywhere
With this genuine MFJ custom
carrying case. Has back pocket
A with security cover for carrying
L dip coils, adaptors and acces-
y sories. Made of special foam-
filled fabric, the MFJ-39 cush-
ions blows, deflects scrapes, and
protects knobs, meters and dis-
plays from harm.
Wear it around your waist, over your
shoulder, or clip it onto the tower while you
work -- the ful y -adjustable webbed-fabric
carrying strap has snap hooks on both ends.
Has clear protective window for fre-
quency display and cutouts for knobs and
connectors -- use your MFEJ SWR Analyzer“
without ever taking it out of your case. ——
Authentic MFJ leather logo distinguishes the
real thing from imitators!
MFJ-269 SWR Analyzer Accessories |
New! MFJ-99C. SWR Analyzer Power
Pack. 10 Pack MF] SuperCell™ Ni-MH bat-
teries, and MFJ-1312D Power supply for
MFJ-259B/MFJ-269 SWR analyzers.
— New! MFJ-98. MFJ-269 Accessory
Pack. MFJ-39C custom Carrying Pouch for
MFJ-269, MFJ-66 dip coil adapters, MFJ- —
1312D AC power supply and MFJ-92AA10
ten pack Ni-MH batteries.
New! MFJ-98B. MFJ-269 complete
accessory pack! Pouch, batteries, dip coils,
power supply.
— жене о се
Reads comp
"MF J-259B reads SWR ... Complex RF
Loss . . . Reflection Coefficient
out... covers 1.8-170 MHz . . . frequency counter . . .
ance... Su
lex imped
| | Impedance: Resistance (R) and Reactance (X) or Magnitude -
(Z) and Phase (degrees) . . . Coax cable loss (dB) . . Coax cable length and Distance to fault ...Return
... Inductance . . . Capacitance . . . Battery Voltage. LCD digital read-
side-by-side meters . . . Ni-Cad/Ni-MH charger
circuit . . . battery saver . . . low battery warning . . . smooth reduction drive tuning . . . much more...
The world's most popu-
lar SWR analyzer just got
incredibly better and gives
you more value than ever!
MFJ-259B gives you a
_ complete picture of your anten-
na’s performance. You can
read antenna SWR and
Complex Impedance 1.8 to 170
MHz. |
‘Read Complex Impedance
as series resistance and reac-
tance (R+jX) or as magnitude
(Z) and phase (degrees).
. You can determine velocity
factor, coax cable loss in dB,
- length of coax and distance to
a short or open in feet.
You can read SWR, return
loss and reflection coefficient
at any frequency simultaneou.
ly at a single glance. — |
“Also read inductance in
uH and capacitance in pF at
RF frequencies.
Large easy-to-read two
line LCD screen and side-by-
side meters clearly display your
Built-in frequency count-
er, Ni-Cad charger circuit, bat-
tery saver, low battery warning
and smooth re-duction drive
tuning and much more.
Super easy to use! Just
set the bandswitch and tune the
dial -- just like your transceiv-
er. SWR and Complex
Impedance are displayed
Here’s what you can do
Find your antenna’s true
resonant frequency. Trim
dipoles and verticals.
Adjust your Yagi, quad,
loop and other antennas, change
antenna spacing and height and
watch SWR, resistance and
~ reactance change instantly.
You’ ll know exactly what to do
by simply watching the display.
Perfectly tune critical HF
mobile antennas in seconds for
super DX -- without subjecting
your transceiver to high SWR.
Measure your antenna’s
2:1 SWR bandwidth on one
band, or analyze multiband per-
formance from 1.8 to 170 MHz!
Check SWR outside the
ham bands without violating
FCC rules. |
Take the guesswork out of
building and adjusting matching
networks and baluns.
Measure distance in feet to
a short or open in faulty coax.
Measure length of a roll of coax,
coax loss, velocity factor, imped-
ance. a
Measure inductance and
capacitance. Measure resonant
frequency and approximate Qof
traps, stubs,
lines, RF chokes,
Adjust your
antenna tuner for a
perfect 1:1 match
without creating
the beginning! The
MEJ-259B is a com-
plete ham radio test
station including --
frequency counter, RF
signal generator, SWR
Analyzer™, RF
Resist- ance and
Reactance Analyzer,
Coax Analyzer,
Capacitance and
Inductance Meter and
Fully portable,
take it anywhere -- re-
on DX-peditions. Use
10 AA or Ni-Cad bat-
teries (not included)
or 110 VAC with
- MFJ-1312D. Rugged
: all metal cabinet is
- only 4x2x6%/-”.
How good
is the MF J-259B?
MFJ SWR Analyzers™
work so good, many antenna
manufacturers use them in their
lab and on the production line --
saving thousands of dollars in
instrumentation costs! Used
worldwide by professionals
everywhere. |
More SWR Analyzers™
MFJ-249B. Like MFJ-
259B, but reads SWR, true
impedance magnitude and fre-
quency only on LCD. No
meters. — | |
MFJ-209. Like MFJ-249B
but reads SWR only on meter.
No LCD/counter. |
tuned circuits and
And this is only
Take it anywhere
mote sites, up towers, .
Via moive
>= Ly alin i lh .
MFJ-66. Plug
these MEI dip
meter coupling __
- coils into your MFJ
SWR Analyzer™
and turn it into a
sensitive and accu-
irate band switched
idip meter. Set of
two coils cover 1.8-170 MHz
- depending on SWR Analyzer“.
Tote your
No MFJ-259B
ki with this
genuine MF]
ag custom car- -
ying case.
as back
pocket with —
cover for carrying dip coils,
adaptors and accessories. Made
of special foam-filled fabric, the
MEJ-29C cushions blows, .
deflects scrapes, and protects
knobs, meters and displays from
harm. Has clear protective win-
dow for frequency display and
cutouts for knobs and connec-
tors. Authentic! |
MF] -731.
Exclusive MFJ
tunable RF filter
allows accurate
| MFJ SWR and
| impedance meas-
f urements between
| 1,8-30 MHz in
presence of strong
| fields. Has
virtually no effect on measure-
ments. Works with all SWR
MFJ-92AA10. Ten recharge-
able 1.5 mAh Ni-MH MFJ
SuperCell™ AA batteries.
ccessory Pack. Carrying
pouch, Dip coil Adapters and
power supply.
— New! MFJ-99B. Deluxe
- Accessory Pack has 10 Ni-MH
batteries, power supply, pouch
and dip coils. - |
The MFJ-229 covers 270 to
480 MHz. You can select any
desired frequency range for
Examples: Tune from 280
- determine velocity factor,
impedances and estimate
losses of transmission lines.
You can adjust and test RF
matching networks and RF
Ar alyzer™
_ Read SWR of any to 295 MHz, 320 to 350 MHz or amplifiers without applying
МЕГ229 antenna from 270 400 to 450 MHz, etc. power. SW < ustom
to 480 MHz. Tuning knob has a built-in Use as signal source for nalyzers
Just plugin 10:1 vernier reduction drive for testing and alignment. 24 to 350 MHz
your antenna coax, set the fre- extra smooth precision tuning. Built-in “N” connector a |
quency and read SWR! ‚You can use the MFJ-229 to includes free N-to-SO-239 UHF |
Easy-to-read LCD displays adjust dipoles, verticals, yagis, adaptor. Has Battery Check and MF] 220A
frequency and SWR and has a quads and other antennas and Power Saving feature. For 50 2. 49 MHz:
logarithmic SWR bargraph for determine their SWR, resonant — Ohm systems. Use 10 AA batter- J| MFJ-220B.
precision tuning. Two line high- frequency, and bandwidth. ies or 110VAC w/ MFJ-1312D. 34-69 MHz:
contrast LCD has 32 huge 1/4 You can test and tune stubs 3%/1Wx6'/Hx 13D”. | MFJ-220C,
inch characters. and coax lines. You can MFJ-219B. 45-91 MHz;
MFJ-220D, 67-135 MHz;
MFJ-220E, 90-176 MHz;
I MFJ-220F, 190-350 MHz;
| MFJ-220G, 140-260 MHz.
Specify frequency range.
Allow 4 weeks for these models,
| Similar to MFJ -229, less
PLCD display. Has meter for
| SWR and jack for external
| frequency counter, 2'Wx7'/2
| Hx 2'4D inches.
check and set FM
deviation, measure
beamwidth, front-to-
back ratio, ‘sidelobes,
measure feedline loss
in dB, analyze audio
quality with a scope
RF Current
Meter reads
true RF current!
measures actual RF cur-
. rents flowing in antenna
elements, radials, ground
wires and on the outside of
* coax feedlines. Study and
optimize your antennas for
peak performance.
It's also great for track-
ing down RFI- -causing cur-
rents on household wiring.
IF 10-160M SWR Analyzer™
MEJ-207 Plug in coax, find SWR |
of any HF antenna on any
band 10-160 Meters. Jack
for external frequency
inter. 9 V battery or 110 VAC with
J-1312D, $14.95. 7'/-Hx2'/-Wx2'/:D.
1.5-250 MHz Dip Meter
MEJ-201 : Solid state grid dip
meter covers 1.5-250 MHz $%
in 6 bands. Thumb wheel
- tuning, color code readout,
oils, earphone jack and battery
eck. Use 9V battery. 2Wx2'/Dx7H.
MFKJ Antenna Bridge
FJ-204B Measure resonant fre-
quency, resistance to S00
Ohms. Resistance bridge,
null meter, tunable oscilla-
CN |
RE e Мет
J-1312, $14.95.7'/Hx2'Wx21/:D”.
driver (1.8-30 MHz). 9V or 110 Vac
and much, much more!
. MEJ's revolutionary handheld 2 Meter FM
SignalAnalyzer™ lets you measure signal
strength with over 60 dB dynamic range and
measure actual feedline loss in dB.
Plug in any scope and your MFJ-224
becomes a service monitor! Lets you visually
analyze modulation wave forms, audio distor-
tion, noise and instantaneous peak deviation. :
Tune in any signal between 143.5- 148.5
MHz. Built-in discriminator-meter function
makes accurate tuning simple and easy.
You can plug in headphones to help you
tune in and identify signals easily. There’ $
- MFJ-854's sense coil simply snaps over
wires and cables for fast measurements on its
easy-to-read meter. о
Select from five ranges to measure > actual
RF current from 30 mA to 3 Amps full scale.
A sixth range has a variable sensitivity con-
trol for quick, fast checks. At maximum sensi-
tivity, RF currents of 1 mA or less will yield a
usable meter deflection. This function is espe-
cially useful for tracking RFI pickup on house-
hold wiring and cables.
It is sensitive enough to use an MEJ SWR
Analyzer as the source to drive your antennas.
Here are some important features:
Accurate: Linearity compensation circuitry
MFJ VHF SWR Analyzer™
MFJ-208 VHF SWR Analyzer“
na from 138-156 MHz.
Jack for external frequency
E counter. 9 V battery or 110 VAC with
* MFJ-1312D, $14.95. 7'/Hx2/:Wx2'/.D,
Adjust almost any antenna
100 MHz. Hand-calibrated
resistance scale, expanded capaci-
tance range and exclusive built-in
range extender. 4'/Wx2Hx4D in,
6 Meter 2 WR Analyzer™
ame as MFJ-
МЕГ-217 ers 30-56 MHz for 6 Meters
and commercial VHF radio.
u Jack for external frequency
@ counter. 9 V battery or 110 VAC - MFJ-
1312D, $14.95. 7'/-Hx2!/2-Wx2'/.D inches.
finds the SWR of any anten-
MFJ RX Noise Bridge
. 3 1
for maximum performance, 1 to Hz to well over 150 KHz in 3 ranges. *%Hx'/:W
08 but cov-
asure signal strength + more with MEJ Meter FM SignalAnalyzer™
also a battery check function. |
Here are some countless jobs that your
. MEJ FM Signal Analyzer“ can perform ..
Plot field strength patterns, Position anten- ..
nas, Measure preamp gain, Detect feedline
faults, Track down hidden transmitters, Tune
transmitters and filters, Check and set devia-
tion anywhere in the band plus much more! '
Analyze audio quality with an oscillo-
scope, Solve FM radio problems fast, Scan the
band, Tune in and identify signals, Tune trans-
mitters and filters.
Uses 9 Volt battery (not included).
Measures 4Wx2'hDx6"/H inches.
ME J RF Current Meter accurately measures true RF current
assures accuracy especially at low RF currents.
Wide Range: Measures RF current from as
little as 1 mA to 3 Amps in six ranges.
Full HF Coverage: Accurate from 1 MHz
to 30 MHz and useable beyond.
Low Interaction: Sense coil has minimal
effect on circuits under test.
Handles most cables: Accepts cables up to
approximately 1/2 inch in diameter.
Battery Saver: Press-to-test power circuit
- turns unit off automatically after 15 seconds.
Long Battery Life: Meter draws 3-mA,
battery’s service life approaches shelf-life.
Rugged: All-aluminum 2'/Wx5'/Hx1'4D
in. case and G-10 PC board, (incl. sense coil).
“Professional Function \
Generators |
This unique unit is the
only compact, battery -
operated function genera-
or designed for travel or bench use.
Based on an XR-2206 integrated
5] circuit, it provides square, triangular,
SE and sine waves continuously from 1
x1D in. Frequency range switch; external power
jack, (3) 5-Way binding posts Use IV battery
Gives precision sine, square and tri-
angular wave forms from 1 Hz to 1 MHz in 6
decade ranges. Amplitude adjustable 0-12 volts
peak-to-peak. DC offset is adjustable from -6
to +6 VDC. Output is short circuit protected
with output impedance of 400 Ohms.- Sturdy
\__ black all metal cabinet. 110VAC. J
Covers 1.8 to 60 MHz
New! Now covers 6-Meter band and
- has Antenna Bypass Switch! |
Don’t go mobile without it!
— Dont leave home without this mobile
tuner! Have an uninterrupted trip as MFJ-
945E extends antenna bandwidth and elim-
“ inates needs to stop, go outside and read-
just your mobile whip. Handles 300 Watts.
| Super Compact Size
— Small 8Wx2Hx6D ınch black alu- ~~
minum cabinet uses little room. Cross-
Needle meter shows SWR, forward and
reflected power -- at a glance. It reads for-
ward/reflected power in 300/60 and 30/6
Watt ranges. ON/
“OFF lamp switch.
Meter lamp uses
Fast, easy tuning
MFJ-941E gives you a 300 Watt antenna tuner that covers
everything from 1.8-30 MHz -- plus you get a lighted Cross-
Needle meter with on/off switch (light uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC
‘with MFJ-1312D), antenna switch and 4:1 balun . . . MFJ's lighted
— Portable Antenna Tuner
Tiny . = N MEJ's _ Operate all -1601
ÓXOx2'/ MEJ-971 | smallest МЕ) 9018 bands 1.8.30 MH 160 0
“inches | | (5x2'/x6) and MHz -- any-
matches most affordable where with any | À
the pop- 200 Watt PEP transceiver -- using random
ular MFJ SSB, CW QRP Transceivers.
Tunes coax, balanced lines, random wire
1.8-30 MHz. Cross-Needle SWR/Watt-
meter has 2 power ranges: 30, 300 or selec-
table 6 Watt. Perfect in-shack or mobile!
Antenna Tuner/Artificial Ground
Turns random wire into an effective antenna!
MFJ-934 combines a versatile antenna tuner with an artificial
ground. It turns a random wire into an effective antenna that
‘works. It’s great for traveling, emergency or as a makeshift
antenna. | Ш | |
| You get all the best features of the MFJ-941E Cross-Needle
Antenna Tuner and the MFJ-931 Artificial Ground in a single com-
pact 10/Wx3"/Hx8D inch cabinet -- and the MFJ-934 cost less.
You get a 300 Watt full featured, general purpose antenna tuner
that covers 1.8-30 MHz. It has a two range, lighted Cross-Needle
Meter that lets you read SWR, forward and reflected power all in a
glance and a 4:1 balun for balanced lines. Plus, you get an effi-
cient airwound inductor, special high current/voltage 12 position
“inductor switch and two 1000 volt air-variable capacitors. it tunes
all types of antennas and feedlines including random wire, coax
and balanced lines. | |
The MEJ-934 is unique because it has a built-in artificial
ground. A ground matching knob lets you switch in inductance to
bring an attached wire to a low impedance current point to form an
artificial ground. A push button lets you use the Cross-Needle
Meter to monitor for maximum ground current.
With an artificial ground to work against, you’ll be surprised to
see how well a random wire can work. Don’t be surprised if you
“ can work the world without hours of calling CQ. When you don’t
need the artificial ground feature, you can use the MFJ-934 as
full featured tuner. | |
Convenient placement of controls
makes tuning fast and easy while in
МЕ] smallest Versa Tuner
Versa Tuner. Match dipoles, vees, random
wires, verticals, mobile whips, beams, bal-
anced and coax lines continuously from
1.8-30 MHz. A 4:1 balun for balanced
lines is built into this MFJ-901B tuner.
motion. Antenna switch lets you bypass
tuner andstill use the SWR/Wattmeter.
Back panel has SO-239 connectors for
transmitter and coax and a wing nut post
| for your ground. _ a. |
В 1000 Yolt Capacitors
Efficient airwound inductor gives you
Call your dealer for your best pr ice! lower losses and more Watts out. 1000
MEJ-945E Volt capacitors. Covers 1.8 to 60 MHz.
Use it at home in your base station when
you're not in your RV, boat or car.
Mobile Mounting Bracket
— Mobile mount, MFJ-20. Add shipping
for bracket if ordered separately. 1 Year
No Matter What™ warranty.
S uper Val - / 4 T 1 mer
Cross-Needle meter shows SWR, forward and reflected power
all at a glance in 300/60 and 30/6 Watt ranges. |
8 position antenna switch lets you select 2 coax lines, ran-
dom wire/balanced line or dummy load (direct or through).
Efficient 12 position airwound inductor gives lower losses
and more power out. Has 4:1 balun, 1000 Volt capacitors.
Beautiful aluminum cabinet has a durable scratch-proof multi-
color Lexan front panel matches your rig perfectly and fits right
into your station. Measures compact 10% Wx27/¿Hx7D inches.
Random Wire Tuner
_ wire and MFJ's Antenna Tuner. Small
enough to carry your hip pocket (2x3x2
inches). Handles 200 Watts output. Match
high and low impedances by interchanging
input and output. SO-239 connectors.
MFJ-931 Artificial RF Ground
The MFJ-931 effectively places
your rig near actual earth ground
potential even if your rig is onthe
second floor or higher with no earth
ground possible! It electrically places
far away RF ground at your rig.
How’s your RF ground? Do you
have RF “hot spots” that “bite” you when you
transmit? Do you have RF feedback that causes
your rig to quit working on some bands? Do you
have TVI/RFI that makes your neighbors hard to
live with? Do you get weak signal reports because of extreme
ground losses or radiation pattern distortion? These problems
could be caused by poor RF grounding, especially if your rig is on
a second floor with no ground at all. Even if you have a good
ground, a long connection wire can ruin its effectiveness by isolat-
ing a true RF ground from your rig. 7'/Wx3'/Hx7D inches.
MFJ-931 creates an artificial RF ground! It resonates a ran-
dom length or wire thrown along the floor and produces a tuned
counterpoise. This ground effectively places your rig near actual
earth ground potential even if your rig is on the second floor or
higher with no earth ground possible. Covers 1.8 to 30 MHz.
Quality pre-made RG-8X coax patch cables
Molded, weather resistant PL-259 connectors let
. MFJ-931
N, you conveniently hook up your transceiver and acc-
O. essories. Heavy rubber boots protect bend points.
MFJ-5850. 50 foot coax cable with quality PL-259
— connector on, one end w/ open end on other.
MF J-5818. 18 foot coax cable with PL-259 on each end.
MFJ-5806. 6 foot coax cable with PL-259 on each end.
MF J-5803. -3 foot coax cable with PL-259 on each end.
http://www. | 5
MFJ 300 Watt R
Ter Indu
tor Tuner
World's only 300 Watt AirCore™ Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner gives you
absolute minimum SWR . . . Covers 6 Meters thru 160 Meters . . . true peak.
reading lighted Cross-Needle meter . . . tunes a
antenna switch . . . dummy load . . . balun . . . No Matter What"
Covers 6 Meters
thru 160 Meters!
Call your dealer
Jor your best price!
MFJ-969 gives you MFJ°s
superb AirCore™ Roller
Inductor and full 6 Meters through 160
Meters coverage! :
You get everything you’ve ever wanted
including . . . 300 Watts PEP SSB full fea-
tured antenna tuner, widest matching
range, full-size lighted Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter reads true peak forward
power, QRM-Free PreTune™, 8 position
antenna switch, built-in 50 Ohm dummy
load, heavy duty 4:1 balun -- all in a
tough, attractive cabinet. MF J’s famous 1
year No Matter What™ warranty.
AirCore™ Roller Inductor
MFJ-969’s AirCore™ Roller Inductor,
gear-driven turns counter and spinner knob
gives you exact inductance control fo
absolute minimum SWR. |
Mis] -94 9
More hams use MF J-949s than any
other antenna tuner in the world!
Why? Because the world’s leading
tuner has earned a worldwide reputation for
being able to match just about anything.
Full 1.8-30 MHz Operation
Custom designed inductor switch, 1000
volt tuning capacitors, Teflon® insulating
washers and proper L/C ratio gives you
arc-free np worries operation with up to
300 Watts 1.8 to 30 MHz.
| Tunes any Antenna
Tunes out SWR on dipoles, verticals,
inverted vees, random wires, beams, mobile
whips, shortwave receiving antennas . . .
nearly anything! Use coax, random wire or
balanced lines. Has heavy duty 4:1 balun.
Custom Inductor Switch
The inductor switch is the most likely
component to burn up in any antenna tuner.
MEJ's inductor switch in the MFJ-
949E was custom designed to withstand the
balanced lines. Has heavy duty 4:1 balun.
extremely high RF voltages and currents
that are developed in your tuner.
Ne |
http://www.mfjenterprises. com
- MF exclusive AirCore™ Roller
Inductor has an air core that can’t burn up!
You get ultra high-Q, the lowest loss, high-
est efficiency and highest power handling
of any roller inductor in ham radio.
MEJ’s exclusive Self-Resonance
Killer™ keeps potentially damaging self-
resonances away from your frequency.’
Huge self-cleaning wiping contact
gives you excellent low-resistance connec-
tion without contact arcing or burning.
Solid 1/4 inch brass shaft, self-align
bearings -- smooth non-binding operation.
Covers 6 through 160 Meters
The MFJ-969 covers all frequencies
from 160 Meters thru 6 Meters, including
the “magic band” -- the widest matching.
range of any full featured antenna tuner.
Match any antenna
Match dipoles, verticals, inverted vees,
‘random wires, beams, mobile whips, SWL
receiving antennas -- nearly any antenna.
You can use coax cable, random wire or
8 position Super Antenna Switch
Lets you select two coax fed antennas,
random wire/balanced line or built-in
‘dummy load through your MFJ-949E or
direct to your transceiver.
Full Size Lighted Cross-Needle Meter
Has MFJ’s full size 3 inch lighted
Cross-Needle Meter (not a puny “meter”
you can’t read). Lets you easily read SWR,
ny antenna ... 8 position
New true Peak Reading
Cross-Needle Meter
MEJ’s new ActivePeak
Reading Circuif™ accurately
reads true peak forward
power -- an MFJ exclusive. -
- MFJ°s lighted Cross-
| Needle SWR/Wattmeter reads
y SWR, true peak forward and
- average reflected power
simultaneously on 300 Watt
or 30 Watt ranges.
| Lamp has on/off switch
and uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-
1312D. ActivePeakReading Circuit" can
also use a 9 volt battery.
_8 Position Antenna Switch
MFJ’s 8 positions let you select two
coax fed antennas, random wire/balanced
line or built-in dummy load for use through
your MFJ-969 or direct to your rig.-
| ORM-Free PreTune™
MEFJs QRM-Free PreTune'“ lets you
pre-tune MFJ-969 off-the-air into a built-in
dummy load without causing QRM.
Pre-tuning into a dummy load makes
tuning your actual antenna quick and easy!
Full Size Dummy Load
The MFJ-969 has a full size non-induc-
tive 50 Ohm dummy load. You’ll find it
handy for tuning, testing, repairing rigs,
setting power level, adjusting mic gain, etc.
— Superior Cabinet
New tough aluminum case has a
scratch-proof multi-colored Lexan front
true peak forward and average
reflected power simultaneously on
300 Watt or 30 Watt ranges.
Lamp has on/off switch, requires
12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-
1312D. |
ORM-Free PreTune™
MEJ's QRM-Free PreTune™
lets you pre-tune your MFJ-949E off-the-
air into its built-in dummy load! Makes
tuning your actual antenna faster and easier.
Plus Much More!
Full size built-in non-inductive 50 Ohm
dummy load, scratch-proof Lexan multi-
colored front panel, superior cabinet and
construction and more! 10%x3'/x7 inches.
o щи
Has nearly all the features
(except dummy load) of the
. MFJ-949E -- the world’s lead-
/ MFJ-948 -- an econo MFJ-949E for only $129.95! \
ing 300 Watt antenna tuner -- for an incred-
ibly low price! Features include custom
deisgned inductor switch, 1000 volt tuning
capacitors, full size 3 inch lighted Cross-
Needle meter, 8 position super antenna
switch, heavy duty 4:1 balun, full 1.8 to 30
MHz operation, MFEJ’s famous No Matter
What™ one year limited warranty. Black.
10'2x3'/x7 inches. _
ower Meter Series
The Cadillac of ham radio! If you simply will not settle for less than )
A functional and simple front panel layout
lets you select power ranges, bands or make
SWR readings intuitively.
The GrandMaster™ series feature an SWR
scale that expands the full view of the meter.
3:1 SWR is centered at mid-scale to give you
precision and wide-range measurements.
All GrandMasters™ feature peak and aver-
age, forward and reflected power readings and
have selectable power ranges. |
Each GrandMaster™ is housed in an all
metal cabinet with rubber feet and protected by
durable speckled black paint. A designer injec-
tion molded grey front panel perfectly matches
any transceiver. 7'/Wx3'4Hx4/D inches.
Air dielectric SO-239 connectors with gold
plated center pins gives superb performance to
MEJ GrandMaster |
the Cadillacs of ham radio! If you simply will
not settle for less than the best accuracy and pre-
cision these MFJ GrandMasters™ are for you.
You get a large 3/x1'/1 inch precision illu-
minated meter for easy wide-angle viewing. A
highly visible black and red meter scale on a
bright white background makes it quick and
curacy and precision these MFJ GrandMasters are for you.
All GrandMaster™ Meters are precisely fac-
tory calibrated for accurate measurments.
Choose from four MFJ GrandMasters™
MF -870. HF SWR/Power Meter. Covers
1.6 to 60 MHz. 30, 300, 3000 Watt power
ranges. |
MFJ-872. HF/VHF SWR/Power Meter.
Covers 1.8 to 200 MHz. 5, 20, 200 Watt power
ranges. | Е
MF J-873. VHF/UHF SWR/Power Meter.
Covers 125 to 525 MHz. 5, 20, 200 Watt
power ranges. —
Meter. Covers 1.8-525 MHz. 5, 20, 200 Watt
power ranges. |
MF] gives you its famous No Matter What"
one year limited warranty. MFJ will repair or
replace (at our option) your GrandMaster™
easy to read SWR, forward or reflected power.
Meter lamp requires 13.8 VDC or 110 VAC
beyond 525 MHz.
This new MF] Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter Covers HF thru VHF --
1.8-60 MHz, 144 MHz, and 440 MHz bands --
for an incredibly low price!
MF] large 3 inch HF or VHF Meter
Extra-Large 3 inch Cross-
— Needle Meter reads SWR and.
peak/average for forward and
eflected power. Power ranges: 200/2000
“Watts forward and 50/500 Watts reflected.
Reads SWR from 1:1 to 8:1. SO-239 connectors.
Meter lamp uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D. Measures
71'/x4'/x3'h inches. Black aluminum cabinet.
— MEFJ-817. Similar to MEJ-815B but for
VHF/UHF. Reads SWR and peak/average for for-
“ward and reflected power in 2 power ranges:
| 200/20 and 50/5 Watts.
my ka dirham am
This is the world’s most popu-
| | lar and most affordable VHF
. | SWR/Wattmeter. |
do It has a built-in Field Strength
ow “æ Meter. Covers 144 and 220 MHz. —
Read forward and reflected power in 2 ranges -- 30 or 300 Watts.
Reads SWR from 14 thru 220 MHz. | | |
MFJ-812B also reads relative field strength from 1 to 220 MHz.
Has binding post for field strength antenna. 2 color meter. Measures a
super compact 4'/:x2'/1x3 inches, Eggshell white. | |
MFJ-816. Similar to MFJ-812B but for HF. Two
scales--30/300 Watts. SWR from 1.8-30 MHz. Toroid
current pickup gives uniform sensitivity. 2-color meter
scale. |
HF Compact
MEFJ-864's Cross-Needle Meter reads for-
‘ward and reflected power and SWR simultane-
ously at a single glance. It features separate
HF and VHF/UHF directional couplers, each
with its own SO-239 connectors.
This lets you connect your HF and VHF/
UHF transceivers at the same time. You can
then monitor SWR and power of either trans-
ceiver at the flick of a switch. Others have a
single set of connectors -- you have to plug
and unplug to use separate HF or VHF rigs.
Power ranges: 30/300 Watts forward and
6/60 Watts reflected. Each power range for
each band is individually calibrated. Schottky
diodes are used for best accuracy. |
Single knob operation makes it easy to use
and the meter is lighted for easy reading.
; MFJ-815B MEFJ-815B covers 1.8-60 MHz.
Meter no matter what for one full year.
: NEE hr BOL Hi
Meter uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with optional
adapter, MFJ-1312D.
The attractive all metal black cabinet has a
tough vinyl cladding that won’t scratch off.
You won't find a tougher, longer lasting finish
anywhere. MFJ-864 measures a compact 7'/
Wx2'/:Hx2'/s D inches. |
MFJ-862 covers 144/220/440 MHz,
Similar to MFJ-864 but covers 144/220/440
MHz. 30/300 Watts forward, 6/60 Watts
reflected ranges. 5*/x2'/x2'/* inches. Has one
sensor for all three bands. |
MEJ-860 covers 1.8 to 60 MHz. Similar
to MFJ-864 but for 1.8-60.MHz only. Push
button selects 30/300 Watts forward, 6/60
~ Watts reflected. Compact 4'/2x2'/:x3 inches.
MFJ Field Strength Meters
These new easy-
to-use MFJ antenna
meters show the de
strength of the actual
field being radiated
from your antenna.
You can use it to
determine the basic
radiation pattern of
your antenna and see
which direction your EC
signal is strongest. You can make changes to your antenna and instantly
know if it radiates better or worse. You can compare one antenna to
another. Find out which HT antenna radiates the strongest signal? |
Measure your HF antenna now and compare it later to make sure its
performance is still up to par. Adjust a ground lead, artificial ground, —
counterpoise or tune your transmitter or antenna tuner for maximum field
strength. You can check for RF floating around the shack that may be
caused by faulty antennas or poorly shielded equipment. Demonstrate
the concept of gain or antenna polarization. Find hidden transmitter bugs
at office or house. Usable from 100 KHz to 500 MHz. |
MFJ-802. Telescoping dipole antenna (40 in. extended) re-duces influ-
ence of surrounding objects. More reliable and repeatable readings than
MFJ-801. Huge 3” meter spans width of case. Sensitivity control. Jack
for MFJ-802R remote RF sensing head. 25/¿Wx4Hx1'/D 1.
MFJ-802R. Place this RF sensing head where you want it and read
your field strength remotely where you can control your transmitter or
rotate your beam. Requires shielded two conductor cable (not incl).
23sWx3%Hx1D in. MFJ-802X, MFJ-802/802R combo. |
MFJ-801. Great general purpose field strength meter. Easy-to-read 1%
inch meter. Sensitivity control. 20 inch (extended) monopole. Finger
contact on side increases sensitivity when needed. 2°/sx3*/s x1 in.
it Ro ще
© MFJ-801
MFJ-802 | | 7
« . +
Gives you ou absolute minimum SWR . . Simple 2-knob tuning Ce Lighted
Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter . . . New AirCore™ Roller Inductor . . . + 6-position
МЕ] 5 innovative
Differential-T™ Tuner uses a
differential capacitor that
makes tuning easier than ever.
Gives minimum SWR at only
one setting. Broadband cover-
age ends constant re-tuning.
The MFJ-986 is a rugged roller induc-
tor antenna tuner that handles 3 KW PEP
SSB amplifier input power (1500 Watts
PEP SSB output power). Tunes 1.8-30
MHz continuously, including MARS and
all the WARC bands.
. MFEJ’s exclusive AirCore™ Roller
Inductor gives absolute minimum SWR --
something tapped inductors just can’t do.
3-digit turns counter plus a spinner
knob gives precise inductance control so
you can quickly retune your frequency.
A lighted peak and average reading
Cross-Needle meter shows SWR, forward
and reflected power at a single glance!
You get a 6-position antenna switch
that lets ypu select two coax lines and/or
random wires (direct or through tuner),
balanced line and external dummy load.
The MFJ TrueCurrentBalun™ for bal-
anced lings minimizes feedline radiation
that causes field pattern distortion, TVI
and RF in your shack. Ceramic feedthru
insulators for balanced lines withstand high
voltages and temperatures.
Differential-T Tuner™ ,
A new Twist on a Proven Technology
Replacing two variable capacitors with a
single differential capacitor gives a wide
range T-network tuner with only two controls
-- a tuning capacitor and a roller inductor.
Simple 2-knob tuning makes tuning
MI J-262D compact Tune
additional cost.
MF] AirCore™ Roller 57 inductor
МЕ. exclusive super heavy duty AirCore™
MFJ's exclusive Self-Resonance Killer™
keeps potentially damaging self-resonances .
away from your operating frequency. |
Large, self-cleaning wiping contact gives
excellent low-resistance connection without con-
tact arcing or burning.
A solid 1/4 inch brass shaft with self-align
\éaringe gives smooth non-binding rotation.
antenna switch . « « « Balun for balanced lines . . . 1. 8-30 ) MHz coverage...
Easy 2-knob tuning
— «Covers 1.8-30 MHz
* Peak and average" Cross-
Needle Meter |
» Differential capacitor
e Roller inductor with —
3-digit turns counter
* TrueCurrentBalun“
* Antenna Switch
more power into your antenna.
~~ Wide-spaced tuning capacitor plates let
you run high power without arcing.
Lighted Cross-Needle M eter
MF J’s lighted Cross-Needle Meter
shows you SWR, forward and reflected
power simultaneously. It reads peak or
average power on 2000 or 200 Watt ranges. -
Lamp has on/off switch and uses 12
J VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D.
Rolier Inductor has an air core that can’t burn up!
You get ultra high-Q, the lowest loss, highest effi-
ciency and highest power handling of any roller
inductor in ham radio.
MF] TrueCurrentBalun™
reduces feedline radiation
Most tuners use a voltage balun that
forces equal voltages on the two antenna
halves. It minimizes unbalanced currents
only if the antenna is perfectly balanced --
ÿnot the case with practical antennas.
The MFJ-986 uses a true current balun
to force equal currents in the two antenna
halves -- even if the antenna is not perfect-
ly balanced!
7 dollars let you
when you'r re ready? The MFJ-962D
lets you use your barefoot rig now.
When you're ready .
a powerhouse linear amplifier at no
The compact MFJ-962D handles
1500 Watts PEP SSB amplifier input power (800 Watts PEP SSB
amplifier output power). It’s perfect for AMERITRON's best selling
800 Watt AL-811H or 600 Watt AL-811 amplifiers.
962D is new and improved! New features include MFJ’s
AirCore"“ Roller Inductor, new aluminum-skirted knob set includ-
ing a weighted deluxe spinner knob, ultra compact size (10% x4 x
easier than ever. You get minimum SWR at
only one setting and a broadband response
that ends constant re-tuning. You'll spend
your time QSOing instead of fooling with
your tuner. -
— The compact 10%/:x4/2x15 inch cabinet
has plenty of room to mount the roller
inductor away from metal surfaces for
highest Q -- you get high efficiency and
Why settle for
a mere 300 Watt
antenna tuner
when a few extra
add real power
. you can add
for linear amr
1FJ AirCore™ Roller Inductor, Compact Size, Lexan scratch-proof front panel
-.. handles AMERITRON's AL-811H!
The MFJ TrueCurrentBalun™ gives
superior balance over voltage baluns and
minimizes unbalanced current. This -
reduces field pattern distortion, concen-
trates your power for a stronger signal --
plus it reduces TVI and RF in your shack
caused by feedline radiation.
No Matter What“ Werranty
Protected by one year limited warranty. ,
Call your dealer for your best price!
In stock at ham dealers everywhere. —
107% inches) and scratch-proof multi-colored Lexan front panel.
Two transmitting tuning capacitors and MFJ's exclusive
AirCore™ roller inductor gives you precise control to get your
SWR down to an absolute minimum.
You get an extremely wide matching range from 1.8 to 30 MHz
continuously, including MARS and WARC bands. -
MEJ”s AirCore'* roller inductor has an air core that can’t burn
up. You get ultra high-Q, low loss and MFJ’s exclusive Self-
Resonance Killer™ that eliminates damaging self-resonances.
MFJPs lighted peak and average reading Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter makes tuning quick and easy. At one glance you |
can read SWR, forward and reflected power in two power ranges.
Meter light uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D. -
A 6-position ceramic antenna switch lets you select 2 coax
lines (direct or through tuner), random wire and balanced lines.
. You get a heavy duty MFJ TrueCurrentBalun™ for balanced
lines. High-voltage ceramic feedthru insulators let you operate
high power into balanced feedlines.
the world! Why? Because MF]
make the world s finest legal limit antenna tuner...
In Stock at ham dealers everywhere!
Call your dealer for your best price
MFJ-989C a
HF] AirCore* Roller Inductor
Super Heavy Duty Components
*Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter
*Antenna Selector
TrueCurrent"“ Balun
«Built-in Dummy Load
*Made in U.S.A.
- MFJ uses super heavy duty
components -- roller inductor, vari-
able capacitors, antenna switch and
balun -- to build the world's most
popular high power antenna tuner.
The rugged world famous MF J-
989C handles 3 KW PEP SSB ampli-
fier input power (1500 Watts PEP SSB
output power). Covers 1.8 to 30 MHz,
including MARS and WARC bands.
MF J’s AirCore™ Roller Inductor,
new gear-driven turns counter and
weighted spinner knob gives you exact
inductance control for absolute
minimum SWR. |
You can match dipoles, verticals,
inverted vees, random wires, beams,
mobile whips, shortwave -- nearly any
antenna. Use coax or balanced lines.
You get everything you’ve éver
wanted in a high power, full featured
antenna tuner -- widest matching
range, lighted Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter, antenna switch,
built-in dummy load, balun -- all in a
sleek, compact cabinet. | |
MFJ builds the world's most popular
high power antenna tuner using these
super heavy duty components...
MEFJ AirCore™ Roller Inductor
— MELJ's exclusive heavy duty
AirCore™ Roller Inductor has an air core
that can’t burn up!. Get ultra high-Q, low-
est loss, highest efficiency and highest
power handling of any roller inductor in
ham radio. |
MF J’s exclusive Self-Resonance
Killer™ keeps damaging self-resonances
away from your operating frequency.
ых че ДЕЙ
"Large, self-cleaning wiping contact
gives excellent low-resistance connection
without contact arcing or burning.
Solid 1/4 inch brass shaft, self-align
bearings give smooth non-binding rotation.
‘Competing tuners use a lossy, low Q,
solid plastic core with erratic electrical con-
tacts and have potentially damaging self-
“resonant frequencies. This can cause
excessive heating and melt the core!
New Gear Driven Counter
A new precision gear driven 3-digit
turns counter lets you accurately reset your
roller inductor for quick band changing.
Weighted spinner knob on roller induc-
tor gives you smoother flywheel tuning.
: Treating
ap есь |
Look inside . . . you'll see two super-
heavy duty transmitting variable capacitors
that can handle 6000 volts. Extra wide
(0.27 inch) stator plate spacing gives you
arc-free operation. |
Specially shaped plates give low
minimum capacitance when unmeshed.
This and a hefty 250 pf maximum give you
an extremely wide matching range -- even
TE Bar Tg
on 160 and 10 Meters. |
The nearest competing “legal limit”
‘tuner has variable capacitors physically
smaller than MFJ-989C’s. Theirs is rated
at 4500 volts -- a full 25% less than the —
MFEJ-989C. Theirs is more likely to arc --
- not what you want in a “legal limit” tuner!
Super Antonna Switch
MFJ-989C°s super heavy duty antenna
switch is made of two individual ceramic
wafers wired in parallel. Extra wide spaced,
heavy duty contacts handle extreme voltages
and currents. We've never burned one up!
You can select two coax antennas
# (directly or through tuner), balanced line/
random wire, or built-in dummy load.
F228 TrueCurrent™ Dion
MEJ's super heavy duty TrueCurrent“
balun for balanced lines uses two giant 2/2
inch toroid cores. It’s wound with Teflon®
_ wire connected to high-voltage glazed
ceramic feedthrough insulators.
The MFJ-989C lets you safely operate
high power into balanced feedlines without
han any other legal limit antenna tuner in
uses super heavy duty compon ents to
core saturation or voltage breakdown.
Some “legal limit” tuners have inferior
voltage baluns with smaller diameter toroid
cores and use soft plastic feedthrough insu-
lators that can arc and melt.
More reasons why the MFJ-989C is the -
world’s finest high power antenna turer:
Built-in Dummy Load
A full-size 300 Watt non-inductive 50
Ohm dummy load is built into MFJ-989C.
You'll find it handy for transmitter |
tuning, testing and repairing rigs, setting
power level, adjusting mic gain and more.
Some “legal limit” tuners don't have a
built-in dummy load. They want you to
pay for external loads that get in your way.
Lighted Cross-Needie Meter
Lighted Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter
lets you monitor SWR, forward and reflect-
ed power simultaneously. Read both peak
and average power in two power ranges.
Meter lamp requires 12 VDC or 110 VAC
with MFJ-1312D.
M в т €
Ear pomp et fp mney gum om ns
ML a i i ET Eds AL AD ia hee
The compact MFJ-989C slides right
“into your operating position -- you”ll hardly
know it’s there. It’s just 10°/Wx4"/;Hx15D
“inches. Do you want a bulky “legal limit”
tuner that’s bigger than your amplifier?
New Lexan Front Panel
The MFJ-989C has a new nearly inde-
~ structable multi-color Lexan front panel.
Its detailed logging scales and legends will
be legible for a lifetime of DXing.
: >
Eupor Conciruciion
MEJ-989C uses PEM nuts (not self-
tapping screws), wing-nut ground post (not
a cheap nut), fire-retardant epoxy glass PC
board (not canvas based), heavy gauge wire
thru-out (not small gauge), locking com-
pound on nuts/bolts (not loose hardware).
No Matter What" Warranty
Every MFJ-989C is protected by MEJ's
famous one year No Matter What™ limited
warranty. We will repair or replace your
MFJ-989C (at our option) for a fuil year.
ma Cato (mear a
RL a da 6Ы Ea Sd A re WT ве
We're here to help keep your MFJ-
989C performing flawlessly -- no matter
how long you own it -- call 662-323-0549.
МЕ] ersaLoad™ kW Dummy Load
VersaLoad™ KW
dummy load lets
; You tune up fast! Run 1KW
CW or 2 KW PEP for 10 min-
utes. Run 1/2 KW CW or 1
KW PEP for 20 minutes.
Run continuous duty with 200 Watts CW
or 400 Watts PEP. Complete with derating
curve. Quality 50 Ohm non-inductive resistor.
Use transformer oil (not included).
Low VSWR to 400 MHz. Under 1.2:1 to
30 MHz. | 1.5:1 for 30-300 MHz. 2:1 for 300-
400 MHz. Ideal for testing both HF and VHF
rigs. Has SO-239 connector and vented for
safety. Removable vent cap. Carrying handle.
Th inches high by 6% diameter. |
MFJ-250. Includes transformer oil (no
MF] painstakingly designed the MFJ-267
curate power measurements,
Designed-in-accuracy is the result of a
carefully designed directional coupler, an
accurate active peak reading circuit and a pre-
cision d’ Arsonval meter movement.
This a super verstile station accessory with
a true-peak reading SWR/Wattmeter and a 50
Ohm dry dummy load in combination.
Frequency coverage is 1.8-54 MHz.
Extra-Large 3-inch Cross-Needle Meter
reads true-peak or average power. Reads for-
ward and reflected power and SWR on a high-
ly visible dual cross-needle meter movement
MFJ 6 Meter Antenna Tuners
ve MFI-906
MET Dry Dummy
MF] UHF/VHF/HF Dummy Loads
1.5 kW UHF/VHF/HF Dry Load
This is ham radio's
most versatile 50 Ohm
dummy load. It does it
all -- works with all
radios from 160 Meters
~ through 650 MHz and
from QRP to the full
1500 Watt legal limit.
You get SWR below 1.3 to
650 MHz and below 1.1 at 30
MHz. Handles 100 Watts for 10
minutes, 1500 Watts for 10 seconds.
Cds LT
Strong lightweight aluminum construction.
3Wx3Hx9D inches. |
Comes with MFJ's famous No Matter.
What“ one year limited warranty.
Made in U.S.A. |
MEJ-264N. Similar to MFJ-264 but with
‚type “N” connector.
at a single glance. Meter circuit/
lamp uses 12 VDC or 120 VAC
with MFJ-1312D. Meter circuit
can also operate with a 9 V bat-
tery. Power ranges are 300/3000 Watts for-
ward and 60/600 Watts reflected. Reads PEP
or average power and SWR from 1:1 to 8:1.
- MFJ-267
50 Ohm dummy load works with all radios |
from DC through 60 MHz. Wattmeter can be
switched between dummy load or an external
antenna. SWR below 1.3:1 at 30 MHz. 100,
Watts for 10 min., 1.5 kW for 10 sec. Strong
all-black aluminum construction with perfo-
rated cabinet. 4'wWx3'sHx10D in. RFI tight
"J 6 Meter/ VHF/UHF Antenna
MF J-906 6 Meter tuner. Low SWR with
most any cpax fed antenna. You'll get more
power out of your transceiver and into your
antenna for more DX. Lighted Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter shows SWR, forward, reflect-
ed power, 300/60 and 30/6 Watt ranges. Order
MFJ-1312D for meter lamp. Built-in bypass
switch, handles 100 Watts FM, 200 Watts SSB
PEP. Works with solid state and tube rigs, 50-
60 MHz. 8Wx2'/Hx3D inches.
MFJ-903. Like MFJ-906. Less
meter/bypass switch. 5Wx2'/Hx3D inches.
other interference 3
by reducing unwanted harmon- Te.
ics going to|your antenna. At the same time
your HF signal passes on through with low
loss so you can snag rare DX.
If your harmonics are causing TVI prob-
lems, an MKJ-704 can keep your neighbors
happy while you have fun with ham radio!
Nine Chebyshev poles, MFJ’s exclusive .
TeflonDielectric Technology™ capacitors, Hi-
MF J-921 Dual Band VHF tuner covers 2
Meters and 220 MHz. Built-in SWR/Watt-
meter measures SWR in 2 power ranges: 300
or 30 Watts. Meter is usable for both 144
MHz and 220 MHz bands. Low SWR with
practically any antenna. Handles 200 Watts.
Designed to match a wide range of impedances
for both mobile/base operation. SO-239
input/output connectors, wing nut post ground.
Eggshell white and black aluminum cabinet.
8x2'/2x3 inches fits just about anywhere.
MFJ-924. covers 440 MHz band only.
Q inductors, ground plane shielding and
ÿ an RF tight cabinet give you excellent
R TVI and RFI protection. a
These exclusive Teflon Dielectric
Technology™ capacitors give you —
extremely low loss and eliminate voltage
breakdown and capacitor heating -- even at
full legal power with a 2:1 SWR load!
Handles full legal power from 1.8-30
MHz. SWR below 1.3 to 30 MHz into 50
Ohms. Attenuates above 40 MHz.
Measures a compact 3x3x9 inches. Handy
mounting tabs. |
http://www.mfjenterprises. com
Dry 300 Watt VHF/HF Dummy Load
st re
Air cooled, non-induc-
tive resistor in a perforated
metal housing has SO-239
connector. | |
Full load for 30 sec-
onds. Silk-screened derat- —
ing curve to 5 minutes. Handles
300 Watts. SWR below 1.1:1 to
30 MHz, 1.5:1 from 30 to 650
MHz. Measures a super compact 2'/4x2'/:x7”,
~~ MFJ-260CN. Similar to MFJ-260C but
with type “N” connector.
| Coax Patch Cable
MFJ-5803. 3 foot coaxial line with PL-
259 connectors. Shipping code A
Industrial Grade Transformer Oil
MFJ-21. 1 gallon of industrial grade trans-
former oil, (no PCB). Ship-Code C. a.
; | al
| |
Pg N
Load with Precision S WRK/Wattmeter
\ | Ne
Le EEE |
Sl habe
- €
Frnt’ :
This compact dual band VHF/UHF antenna
tuner has a single meter that reads SWR and |
power. No zero adjustment needed. It covers
VHF from 136 to 175 MHz and UHF from
420 to 460 MHz. You can read power up to
150 Watts in 2 ranges: 60 Watts or 150 Watts.
It’s a great antenna tuner for HTs, mobile rigs
or amplifiers up to 150 Watts. Its super-com-
pact size lets you take it anywhere -- measures
a tiny 4x2'/x1'/1 inches -- you can put it in |
your shirt pocket! Carry it with you in your
car, camping trips, etc. Tuning tool included.
Low Pass TVI Filter reduces harmonics MFEJ Compact VHF/UHF
WR/Power Meter
НН MFS-844 = Perfect for mobile
hams! Handles 200
- Watts and measures
a SWR and Power in
three power ranges: 15W, 60W,
and 200 Watts. Multi-colored
meter makes for easy reading. Meter is extra large
and highly visible. Covers 144 and 440 MHz.
Insertion loss is 0.3 dB or lower with 50 Ohm
impedance. SO-239 connectors. Compact 3.75W
x3H x1.25D inches. Made of die-cast metal.
| Tear |
| MFJ-1704 selects any of 4 antennas or
center ground position. Replaceable light-
ning surge pro-
4 tector helps pro-
mé tect against dis-
” tant lightning
induced surges
” MFJ-1702C and static.
2.5 kW
| Extremely low
SWR. Isolation better than 50 dB at 30
MHz and better than 50 dB
MFJ-1708 Do you
tube type transmit-
№ ters and receivers of
your youth?
| It was a real |
chore to switch your antenna from transmit
to receive and back -- it still is!
This neat little MFJ automatic T/R switch
senses transmitted RF and switches your
MFJ Tune-Up Matchmaker""
mm MFJ-212. Tune up your
without transmitting!
=" Avoids overheating/ arcing
caused by high SWR and long tune-ups.
— Automatic T/R switch bypasses MFJ-212
‘ to prevent damage. Handles 300 Watts.
Works with all radios 160-6 Meters.
3'/x11/x4 in. Use MEJ-1312D.
MFJ AmplifierSaver"" Interface
, MFJ-914. This lets you safe-
| ly tune up your kilowatt linear
¥ amplifier at full peak power
age power to a low safe level
N to prevent overheating power
supply stress. Plugs into your rig’s CW
key jack. Simply press Pulse Tune button
and tune your amplifier normally for maxi--
mum power output. ‘Uses 9V battery (not
MTF J Mobile Antenna Matcher
MFJ-910. Matches mobile
antennas 10 through 80
Meters. Get more power into
your antenna! 2'/x2'/2x1'/
$ inches -- easily fits in your
- glove compartment. | |
| MFJ W9INN Balun Box
| — MEJ-912. Converts cd
unbalanced coax to bal-
anced ladder transmis-
sion line. Giant 2-core
4:1 balun wound with , 1
Teflon* wire. 3'/1x2'/:x7 RIRE в
in. Ceramic feed-thru insulators. Full legal
limit. SO-239 connector.
{antenna tuner for 1:1 SWR |
for best linearity. Keeps aver-
antenna from receive to transmit using a
relay. It shorts your receiver antenna input
to ground to protect your receiver. It also
provides an auxiliary contact closure to
ground during receive (opened in transmit)
for an "On-the-Air" sign or other use.
Instead of using RF sense to switch the
antenna, a control line input lets your
key/keyer or PTT line switch the antenna.
An adjustable time delay circuit gives
you delayed switching. This prevents your
antenna from switching between dots and .
MEJ AutoTuner Extender™
MFJ-914. Does your HF
limited matching range?
a MFJ-914 transforms
E your antenna impedance
“ by as much as 10 times!
“Puts nearly any antenna into the range of
your automatic or manual tuner. 160-10
Meters. 300 Watts. Bypass position.
MFJ Lightning Surge Protector
MFJ-270. Safeguard
your equipment from
; static electricity and
% lightning induced
surges on 50 Ohm
o coax. MFJ’s Guardian
Angel™ Lightning Surge Protector has an
Ultra-fast gas discharge tube that safely
shunts up to 5000 amps of peak impulse
current harmlessly to an independent
ground. SWR less than 1.1:1. Less than
0.1 dB loss. Use up to 1000 MHz. 400
Watts PEP. SO-239. |
The MFJ-270 doesn’t protect against a
direct lightning hit. |
MFJ-97. Replacement gas tube.
MFJ-270N. Same as MFJ-270 but has
‘low-loss N-Connector.
~ High Pass TVI Filter
MFJ-711. MF)’s Shield
Breaker™ high pass filter
effectively suppresses annoy- |
ing TVI! Wipe out TVI caused by broad-
cast, commercial, two-way, amateur and
CB radios operating below 30 MHz. Use
between cable/antenna and TV/VCR. For
75 Ohm cable or 300 Ohm twin lead.
rig’s automatic tuner have
sex Switches
Negligible insertion loss. 50 Ohms.
Mounting holes. | |
MFJ-1704N. “N” connectors.
MF J-1702C 2-position coax switch has
a center ground position and lightning
surge protection! 50 dB at 450 MHz. 50
Ohm. Unused terminal is automatically
grounded. Less than 0.2 dB insertion loss
and SWR below 1.2:1. Heavy duty cavity
type ‘construction. SO-239 connectors.
Mounting holes. 3x2x2 inches. MFJ-
1702CN. Type N. DC-1.1 GHZ.
… dashes or between syllable and words.
— Works on all modes -- CW, AM, SSB,
FM and digital modes. Handles 200 Watts
SSB PEP. Compact 4Wx2*%Hx1'/:D in.
Has SO-239 coax connectors for anten-
na, transmitter and receiver. Has control
input, auxiliary contact closure to ground,
time delay screwdriver adjustment, power
jack. Requires 12 VDC or 110 VAC w/ MFJ-
1312D. | |
MFJ-30, Golden Classics of Yesteryear,
on vintage transmitters/receivers.
$1 dB Step Attenuator, 1 dB steps
MF J-762. This will be your most useful
ham shack accessory! 50 Ohms. Usable to
500 MHz. 250 milliwatt maximum input.
BNC connectors. Shielded stages.
Connect between receiver and antenna and
use an S-meter as a precision calibrated
field strength meter. Prevent receiver
blocking, cross-modulation. Determine
gain and loss. Ideal for fox hunting.
Evaluate linearity. Measure input and out-
put level differences. Isolate circuits.
Extend the range of your sensitive equip-
- ment. 6'Wx21/:Hx1'/:D inches.
| MFJ AC Line Monitor
= MFJ-850. Color coded
scale lets you read voltage
from 95-135 Volts. 2%
Accuracy. |
2'/¿Wx2'/Hx1'/:D inches.
Great accessory for the
ham shack and motor
MF] RFI Free Choke Kit
MFJ-701. Eliminate common —
RFI problems by simply winding |
the offending cable around RFI §
— suppressing toroids. 4 square — f
ferrite toroids are formulated especially for
eliminating RFI from .5 -200 MHz. Wind
on all kinds of cable, computer ribbon, TV
coax, power, telephone, etc. .
MFJ High Current ultiple DC Power Outlets
MFJ-1118, $74.95. Lets you power
two HF and/or VHF trans- ceivers and six
or more accessories from your transceiv-
er's main 12 VDC supply. —
= cable with ring tongue terminals. Binding
posts are spaced for standard dual banana
plugs. Heavy duty aluminum construction.
—12'/x2%/1x2'/ inches.
MEJ-1116 Two pairs of super heavy duty 30 -MFJ-1117. For powering four HF/VHF
amp 5-way binding posts connect your radios (two at 35 Amps each and two at 35
transceivers. Each pair is fused and RF Amps combined) simultaneously. Tiny 8x2x3
bypassed. Handles 35 Amps total.Six inches. | |
MEJ-t112 Pairs of heavy duty, RF bypassed 5-way MFJ-1116. Similar to MFJ-1118. No 30
binding posts let you power your acces-
~ sories. They handle 15 Amps total, are
: protected by a master fuse and have ап
~ ON/OFF switch with “ON” LED indicator.
Built-in 0-25 VDC voltmeter. Six feet
super heavy duty eight gauge color-coded
HF Power Cord for most rigs
"Fits Yaesu, Icom & Kenwood
_e 10 Feet Long
12 Gauge Multi-
strand soft Wire
e With 2 Fuses &
Fuse Holders
amp posts. Has “ON” LED and 0-25 VDC
voltmeter. 15 amps total.
MFJ-1112. Similar to MFJ-1116. No
on/off switch, LED, meter, fuse. |
Protected by MEYs famous No Matter
What™ one year limited warranty.
(Quality MJ Connectors Y
New! VHF Power Cord
b Uy MEJ's super high capacity Ni-MH
standard Nicads at about the same price!
Or 1
MFJ's new POWER Haus"“ battery charg- — A
ers are perfect for charging your MFJ or other
~ brand Ni-MH or Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries.
À. MFJ-633. Intelligent Ultra-Fast
Battery Charger. | a
Charges “AA”, “AAA”, “C”, “D” and 1 or
2 pieces of 19V” Ni-MH or Ni-Cd Battery
types. It has a 2 and 4 battery charging selec-
tion. Great Versatility in one charger! E. “€
An intelligent active IC detects both posi- В Мо,
tive and negative, and monitors the voltage di N 2
level during charging process. Ni-Cds and Ni- mode automatically | |
MHS of all Capacity can be fully charged. The MFJ-633 will automatically switch to
You get two separate sets of ultra-fast . |
| в trickle charge mode when a full charge is suc-
charging compartments to optimize energy cessfully completed. |
efficiency. The discharge mode is activated by CU | |
the press of a button and it switches to charge A deep conditioning mode helps to rescue
12° |
use them to their full potential.
batiery charge
A. MEJ-633 FT
rs f
http://www.mfjenterprises. com
“AA” batteries have twice the power of
These MFJ 1800 mAh, 1.2 volt batter-
| 1es greatly extend the operating time of —
a. S l n / e S your electronic device. E
MFJ Ni-MH “AA” batteries have no |
— nn detrimental memory effect that are the — |
trademark of Ni-Cad batteries so you can |
They are perfect for your MFJ-259B | E. Ds
or MFJ SuperCells"”
A batteries damaged by memory effect.
for Most rigs 7
Fits Yaesu, Icom & Kenwood MN
* 15 Feet Long = SN
| | MFJ-7701, SO-239 to SO-239 Adaptor ..... each
UA «12 Gauge Multi- MEFJ-7702, PL-259 to PL-259 Adaptor ...... each
strand soft Wire MFJ-7703, PL-259-to-BNC right angle .... . each |
e With 2 Fuses MFJ-7705, N male to SO-239 Adaptor . . . .... each
MF J-7706, NMO to SO-239 Adaptor . . . . . .. each
, & Fuse Holders MFJ-7708, BNC male to SO-239 Adaptor . .. each
Call for bulk discounts! | NO 1-800-647-1800 for bulk pricing information.
Super high capacity 1800 mAh Ni-MH AA batteries
These super Ni-MH “AA” batteries have ÉWICE the power of standard Ni-Cads!
|. | | — MEJ-92AA01 each. ‘ SWR Analyzer™ with its built-in battery
MFJ-92AA10, 10 Pack. charging circuit.
FJ SuperCell™ AAA Batteries
MFJ-92AAA01. AAA Ni-MH —
rechargeable batteries. 600 mAh, 1.2 volt
batteries. MFJ-92AAA04, 4 pack AAA
Ni-MH batteries. — |
MFJ SuperCell™ 9 volt Battery
. MFJ-929V. 9 Volt SuperCell™
rechargeable Ni-MH battery. 160
mAh. Standard charge: 16 mA for
15 hours. Fast charge: 32 mA, 7.5
Charging status LEDs keep you informed to
your battery(ies) progress. |
It's super versatile and easy-to-use. MEJ-
633 has a removable dust cover and an AC 12
Volt, 500 mA wall adapter is included.
MF J-633 quick charges 2-4 “AA” or
‘AAA” Ni-MH or Ni-Cd rechargeable cells in
an hour or less -- only takes 1 7 hours to fully -
| charge 1300 mAh AAs!
Do not charge alkaline batteries.
B. MFJ-631. “AA” Charger. Charges
2-4 Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries in 14 hours by
trickle charging. It charges only “AA” Ni-
MH/Ni-Cd batteries. Has red charge status
LED, removable dust cover and it plugs direct-
ly into the nearest AC wall outlet.
Power your HF transceiver, 2 meter/440 MHz mobile/base and accessories
with these new 25 or 45 Amp MFJ MightyLite™ Switching Power Supplies’
No RF hash . . . Super lightweight . .. Super small . . . Volt/Amp Meters . . .
heavy, bulky supplies that can give you a
painful backache, pulled muscle or hernia.
MFJ’s 25 Amp MightyLite™ weighs
just 3.7 Ibs. -- that's 5 times lighter than an
equivalent conventional power supply.
~ MFJ’s 45 Amp is even more dramatic -- 8
~ ventional power supply is
times lighter and weighs just 5.5 pounds!
| - No KF kash!
These babies are clean . . . Your bud-
dies won’t hear any RF hash on your sig-
“nal! None in your receiver either!
Some competing switching power sup-
plies generate objectionable RF hash in
your transmitted and received signal.
These super clean MFJ MightyLites™
meet all FCC Class B regulations.
‘Low Ripple . . . Highly Regulated
Less than 35 mV peak-to-peak ripple
under 25 or 45 amp full load. Load regula-
MFJ Super Compact MightyLite
‘MFJ’s new adjustable voltage switch- "No RF Hash! - MFJ-4225MV
ing power supplies do it all! Power your чо 25 Amp
HF or 2M/440 MHz radio and accessories. a
— MEFJ's MightyLites™ are so light and
small you can carry them in the palm of о
your hand! Take them with you anywhere. MEJ-4245MV
No more picking up and hauling around
45 Amp
tion'is better than 1.5% under full load.
Fully Protected |
“You won't burn up our power supplies!
They are fully protected with Over Voltage
- and Over Current protection circuits.
Worldwide Versatility |
MFJ MightyLites™ can be used any-
where in the world! They have switchable
AC input voltage and work from 85 to 135
VAC or 170 to 260 VAC. Replaceable fuse.
MightyLites™ . . . Mighty Features
MF] MightyLites™ feature a front-
panel voltage control. It lets you vary the
output voltage from 9 to 15 Volts DC and
gives you a highly regulated voltage output.
You get an easy access front-panel with
five-way binding posts for heavy duty
and a cigarette lighter socket for mobile
accessories. MFJ-4245MV has two sets of
quick-connects on the rear for accessories.
Large 3 inch dual meters are brightly
illuminated to make it easy to monitor load
voltage and current.
A whisper quiet internal fan efficiently
“cools your power supply for long life.
Two models to choose from...
MEJ-4225MV. 25 Amps maximum or
22 Amps continuous. Weighs 3.7 pounds.
Measures 5%/Wx4'/:Hx6D in. |
MFJ-4245MV. 45 Amps maximum o
40 Amps continuous. Weighs 5.5 pounds:
Measures 7'/:Wx4*Hx9D in.
TM 25 Amp Switching Power Supply
This is the smallest power supply in ham radio! 57/.Wx3Hx54/D inches fits anywhere!!!
New! 25 Amp
MFJ-4125 is like the popular
MFJ-4225 MV but much smaller
and doesn’t have meters or the cigarette —
lighter socket. В | N
MFJ-4125 features 5-way binding posts
for high current radio connections and a
pair of speaker type push-on terminals for
low current accessories. |
MFJ-4125 т
25 Атр a
о 254 “
I tn
This :
Super light ©
“and com- -
pact supply weighs only 3.5 lbs. and meas- a
ures an unbelievable 5'/:Wx2'/Hx5?4D ©
“Current Protection.
“internal cooling fan that generates a
It features super pro-
tection modes such as
Over Voltage
Protection and Over
Has a whisper quiet
No Hash!
emendous amount of air flow to help keep
‘components cool.
MF -4125 has switchable AC input volt-
age. 110 VAC at 47-62 Hz and 220 VAC at
47-63 Hz. Super regulation. Works with
AC input 85-135 VAC or 170-260 VAC.
MEF] 30/22/12 Amp Regulated DC Power Supplies
MF J-4035MV has a Massive heavy-duty 19.2 pound transformer . . . No RF hash . . . Adjustable Ito
14 VDC... front panel quick connects . . . cigarette lighter socket for mobile accessories . . . More!
MEJ-4035MV |
, components cool. 9/,Wx6Hx9"/;D inches.
MEJ's heavy duty con-
Your MFJ-4035MV is protected by
excellent for powering HF
or 2 Meter/440 MHz trans-
ceiver/accessories. :
A massive 19.2 pound transformer
makes this power supply super heavy duty!
It delivers 35 amps maximum and 30 amps.
continuous without even flexing its mus-
cles. Plugs into any 110 VAC wall outlet.
It’s highly regulated with load regula-
tion better than 1%. Ripple voltage is less
than 30 mV. No RF hash -- it’s super clean!
Fully protected -- has over voltage pro-
tection, fold back short circuit protection -
and over-temperature protection. |
You get front panel adjustable voitage
“from 1 to 14 VDC with a convenient detent
set'at 13.8 VDC. A pair of front-panel
meters let you monitor voltage and current.
1 MEJ's famous No Matter What™ one year
limited warranty. We will repair or replace
(at our option) your product for 1 full year.
| MFJ 22/20 Amp Power Supply
MFJ-4322 delivers mili e:
22 Amps surge and 20
' Amps continuous at 13.8 emi
| VDC. Its massive trans- ДО
former, heat- sink and =~ ==
heavy duty construction weigh over 19
pounds. 8Wx4*/Hx11°LD inches.
MEJ 12/10 Amp Power Supply
MFJ-4312 delivers 12 _... |
Amps surge and 10 :
Amps continuous at 13.8 @
VDC. It weighs over . {i
13'2 pounds. ©
8Wx4*/Hx10'/:D inches.
Three sets of output terminals include a
pair of heavy duty five-way binding posts
for HF/VHF radios, two pairs of quick-con-
nects for accessories and a covered ciga-
rette lighter socket for mobile accessories.
A front-panel fuse holder makes fuse
replacement easy. Whisper quiet fan speed
increases as load current increases -- keeps
s | got older, my high frequency
hearing| loss was destroying my
ham radio for me...” Tr
— Martin F. Jue, KSFLU, President
and Founder MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
—— Tknow Pm not the only ham
who can't understand all the
speech in a OSO caused by high
Frequency hearing loss.
I developed a solution that I want to
share with my fellow hams.
I almost gave up my ham radio hobby
I have been a passionate ham radio
operator for over 40 years ever since I
Was a teenager. I loved every minute of
it. Still do, but I almost had to give it up.
© As 1 grew older (I'm 56 now) I found
myself asking "What did you say?" so
often it got downright embarrassing. I
can hear pretty good most of the time.
I just can't always understand what
people are saying and my left ear is
weaker than my right ear. -
It got to where I was having trouble
carrying on QSOs. I could hear, but I just
“couldn't quite make out all the words.
My hearing problem almost put a
stop to my lifelong hobby.
There was no way I was going to
give up ham radio. . .
Research showed me what to do
I searched the literature and spoke to
hearing and speech experts.
According to their research on the
intelligibility of speech in hearing
English words:
1. The frequencies important for
speech intelligibility are the consonant
sounds from 500 to 4000 Hz. They
contribute 83% of word intelligibility.
Frequencies from 500 to 1000 Hz
contributes 35% of word intelligibility
and 35% of sound energy.
Frequencies from 1000 to 4000 Hz
contributes 48% of intelligibility but
has only 4% of sound energy!
2. In contrast, frequencies from 12
to 500 Hz contributes 55% of sound en-
ergy but only 4% to word intelligibility.
In other words, nearly half the
speech intelligibility is contained in
1000 to 4000 Hz frequency range with
only 4% of the speech sound energy.
— On the other hand, the low frequen-
cies 125 to 500 Hz have most of the
speech energy but contribute very little
to intelligibility. . =
How I improved my ability to _
hear and understand OSOs
The research showed me what to do.
First, drastically increase the speech
energy above 500 Hz where 83% of
intelligibility is concentrated. |
Second, drastically reduce the
. speech energy below 500 Hz that con-
tributes only 4% of intelligibility.
Amateur radio communications
limit audio to about 300 to 2700 Hz.
I split the audio band into four over-
~ lapping octave ranges centered at 300,
600, 1200, 2400 Hz. |
I could boost or cut each range by
nearly 20 db to give me full control.
This let me maximize speech intelligi-
bility for most kinds of frequency loss.
My left ear is weaker than my right
ear so I split the output audio into left
and right channels with separate 2'/.
watt amplifiers. A balance control lets
me equalize the perceived loudness to
each ear. Now both ears help in
improving speech intelligibility!
I couldn’t believe my cars!
I built one and hooked it to my rig.
I boosted the high frequencies, cut
the low frequencies, set the volume
and adjusted the balanced control so I
could hear each side equally loud.
I couldn't believe my ears! Speech
that I could hear but barely understand
before was now highly understandable.
I got my ham radio back! |
With this concept, you'll understand
QSOs better and enjoy ragchewing and
contesting more, even if you don’t have
high frequency hearing loss.
Tt helped me so much 1 wanted to ;
share this with my fellow hams
I developed this into an accessory
that any ham can use.
I made it immune to RFI, added a
thing! Capture and amplify
—. MFJ-616
front panel phone
jack, on/off speaker o
switch, two selectable transceiver inputs,
‚а bypass switch for in/out comparison
- and built it into 100Wx2'/2Hx6D inch: 1
aluminum enclosure. Needs 12VDC. . nn
Other Uses |
Replace your rig's audio section for
superb audio. Eliminate hum, buzzes,
poor frequency response, low audio power.
Works with SSB, FM, AM, CW --
~ any voice mode. Use any rig -- ham, -
marine, aircraft, CB. Use for PA systems, -
internet phone, radio talk shows.
MF J-616 Accessories o
MFJ-392B. Matching high per-for-
mance communication headphones.
MFJ-281. Mylar cone speaker
emphasizes 600-4000 Hz for crystal
clear speech fidelity. Requires two. -
MFJ-1316. For 110 VAC operation.
Provides 12 VDC/1.5 Amps. |
MFJ-72. All-in-one MFJ- 616
Accessory Pack. Includes MFJ-392
headphones, two MFJ-281 speakers
and MFJ-1316 power supply. |
(IFT CyberEAR™
| Tiny powerfu
MFJ-388 MF) © |
plugs in and
loops over ear
~ -- captures
and amplifies sounds by 12
dB! Extends your hearing range, helps you
hear every word at hamfests and club talks -
- even if you’re on the back row! Great for
eyeball QSOs. Volume control, on/off
switch. For left or right ear. 3 interchange-
able ear plugs. Flesh color -- hardly notice-
able. Super lightweight -- 10 grams with
battery! Includes batteries. Hear even bet-
ter -- buy one for each ear! 30 day money
back if not absolutely delighted. Not a hear-
ing aid. | | | |
MFJ-389. Super |
CyberEAR™. Hear every-
sounds up to 50 dB! Left -
or right ear plugs, volume
control, extremely small.
\ Not a hearing aid.
MEJ's tunable super.DSP filter automati-
cally eliminates heterodynes, reduces noise and
interference simultaneously on SSB, AM,CW,
WeFAX, FAX, weak signal VHF, EME, satellite.
You get MFJ’s tunable FIR linear phasse
filters that minimize ringing, prevent data
errors and have “brick wall” filter response
with up to 57 dB attenuation 75 Hz away.
Only MF] gives you 5 tunable DSP filters.
You can tune each lowpass, highpass, notch,
and bandpass filter including optimized SSB
and CW filters. You can vary the bandwidth
to pinpoint and eliminate interference. |
Only MEJ gives you 5 factory pre-set fil-
ters and 10 programmable pre-set filters that
you can customize. Instantly remove QRM
with a turn of a switch!
‚ -MF)°s automatic notch filter searches for
and eliminates multiple heterodynes.
You also get MF °s advanced adaptive noise
reduction. It silences background noise and
‘QRN so much that SSB signals sound like FM.
The automatic notch and adaptive noise
reduction can be used with all relevant tun-
able pre-set filters. и |
Automatic gain control (AGC) keeps audio
level constant during signal fade.
Tunable bandpass [ilters
Narrow band signals like CW and RTTY
jump out of QRM when you switch in MFJ's
exclusive tunable FIR bandpass filters. |
You can tune the center frequency from 300
to 3400 Hz, and vary the bandwidth from 30 Hz
to 2100 Hz -- from super-tight CW filters to
wide razor-sharp Data filters. | |
You can use two tunable filters together. For
example, tune one to mark, one to space and set
bandwidth tight for a super sharp RTTY filter.
Tunable highpass/lowpass filters
You can tune the lower cutoff frequency 200
Wipe out noise and interference before it
gets into your receiver with a 60 dB null!
Eliminate all types of noise -- severe power
line noise from arcing transformers and insula-
tors, fluorescent lamps, light dimmers, touch
Add DSP to any Multimode
men MFJ-781 Add “brick wall” DSP Plug a MEJ- MFJ-780
ul filtering to any TNC or 780 “brick wall”
multi-mode data con- DSP filter into ue
troller. Copy signals buried in noise and QRM.
Under severe QRM, DSP greatly
improves copy of Packet, AMTOR, |
WeFAX, FAX, CW -- nearly any digital
mode. Automatic gain control, On/Off
Bypass switch. Plugs between transceiver
and multi-mode. Uses 10-16 VDC or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D. 4'/2x2'/2x5 in.
Only MF] gives you tunable a d prog
dB Null wi;
your MFJ-1278/B multi-mode and you
believe your eyes when you see solid copy
from signals completely buried in QRM!
rect DSP filter for Packet, AMTOR, Pactor,
RTTY, ASCII, FAX, Color SSTV, Navtex or
CW. Plug in a MFJ-780 and copy signals
that other multi-modes can’t. Some soldering
is required for this plug-in filter.
TE :
7 ее Y
U.S. Patent D374,010
to 2200 Hz and the upper cutoff frequency 1400
to 3400 Hz. This lets you create custom filters
for voice, data and other modes.
Signals just 75 Hz away literally
they are reduced 57 dB!
Automatic notch filter |
MFJ’s automatic notch filter searches for
"and eliminates multiple heterodynes in milli-
seconds. It’s so fast, that even interfering CW
and RTTY signals can also be eliminated. |
You can selectively remove unwanted tones
using the two manually tunable notch filters --
an MFJ exclusive. Knock out unwanted CW
stations while you're on CW.
Adaptive Noise Reduction
Noise reduction works in all filter modes and
on all random noise -- white noise, static,
impulse, ignition noise, power line noise, hiss.
The LMS algorithm gives you up to 20 dB
of noise reduction. Noise reduction 1s
adjustable to prevent signal distortion.
15 pre-set filters -- factory set
or you custom program
You can select from 15 pre-set filters. Use
for SSB, AM, CW, packet, AMTOR, PACTOR,
RTTY, SSTV, WeFAX, FAX or any mode.
If you don’t like our pre-set filters, you can
program your own -- an MFJ exclusive! Save
center frequency/bandwidth, lowpass/highpass
cutoffs, auto/manual notch, noise reduction --
all filter settings -- in 10 programmable filters.
Plus more...
A push-button bypasses your filter -- lets you
nes ouf noise
controtted lamps, computers, TV birdies, light-
ning crashes from distant thunderstorms, elec-
tric drills, motors, industrial processes . . .
It's more effective than a noise blanker
because interference much stronger than your
desired signal can be completely removed with-
out affecting your signal.
It works on all modes -- SSB, AM, CW, FM
-- and frequences from BCB to lower VHE.
You can null out strong QRM on top of weak
rare DX and then work him! You can null out a
strong local ham or AM broadcast station to
prevent your receiver from overloading.
Use the MFJ-1026 as an adjustable phasing _...
network. You can combine two antennas to
give you various directional patterns. You can Е
DSP for your MFJ-1278/B
disappear --
rick w
hear the entire unfiltered signal. .
2'/, Watt amplifier, volume control, input
level control, speaker jack, PTT sense line, line
level output. 9'/x2'/x6 inches. —
Plugs between your transceiver or receiver
and external speaker or headphones. use 12
VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D. Cable
Pack, MFJ-5184, includes receiver cable, DC
cable, 2 open-end TNC cables.
| New Features
MF Ps exclusive tunable Spotting Tone™ --
accurately tunes even the narrowest CW filter.
MEJ's exclusive Adaptive Tuning™ -- tuning
rate automatically becomes finer as you narrow
bandwidth -- makes narrow filters easy-to-use.
MFJ’s exclusive FilterTalk™ -- sends precise
filter settings in Morse code.
Has automatic notch with variable aggres-
siveness, new quieter 2'/> Watt audio amplifier,
new speaker switch keeps phones always active.
Manual and automatic notch can be used
together. Noise reduction, automatic notch and
custom filter you saved in memory is selected.
You get an accurate easy-to-use input level
indicator, improved manual notch in the CW
mode, adjustable line level output, more Mark-
Space frequencies and baud rates for data filters
and automatic bypass during transmit for moni-
\ the PTT line.
toring CW sidetone, voice or data by sensing
- = 1 ии al e EIA TEA dE
J interrerence
null out a strong interfering signal or peak a
weak signal at a push of a button. >
Easy-to-use! Plugs between transmitting
antenna and transceiver. To null, adjust ampli-
tude and phase controls for minimum S-meter
reading or lowest noise. To peak, push reverse
button. Use built-in active antenna or an exter-
nal one. MFJ’s exclusive Constant Amplitude
Phase Control™ makes nulling easy. |
RF sense T/R switch automatically bypasses,
your transceiver when you transmit. Adjustable
delay time. Uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with
MFJ-1312D.- 6'/2x1'/x6'/1 inches.
MFJ-1025, Like MFJ-
1026 less built-in active anten-
na, use external antenna.
MFJ's SSB/CW Audio Filters __ о
MEJ-752C. (left, bottom) All mode
¿dual tunable filter has variable band-
1 width 40 Hz to almost flat, elimi-
nates noise and heterodynes notch
depth to 70 dB, inputs for two rigs, switch selectable,
noise limiter, plus more. Use 9-18 VDC or 110 VAC
MFJ-1278/B automatically selects the cor- with MFJ-1312D. 10x2x6 inches.
MFJ -722. SSB/CW tunable 70 dB notch filter.
MFJ-751B. Zero in SSB/CW with tunable
eak and notch filters. 1%/:x4%/:x5 in. Tune
“300-3000 Hz. Vary bandwidth 80 Hz to nearly
flat. 50 dB notch. 12 VDC at 300 mA.
| 15
i —
Let this new microproces-
- sor controlled MFJ Contest —
Voice Keyer™ call CQ, send
‘your calland do contest =
exchanges for you in your
own natural voice!
Store frequently used phrases like “CQ
Contest this is AASMT”, “You're 59” . . . “Qth
is Mississippi” and more! Contest by pressing
a few buttons and save your voice.
You can record and play back five natural
- sounding messages in a total of 75 seconds.
EEPROM technology keeps messages stored
for up to 100 years -- no battery backup needed.
You can repeat messages continuously and
vary the repeat delay from 3 to 500 seconds.
Makes a great voice beacon and calling CQ is
SO easy. |
A receive audio jack lets you record and
play back off-the-air signals -- great help if you
didn’t get|it right the first time! No more
“Please repeat”. .
A playing message can be halted by press- |
ing the Stop Button, your PTT mic button or
by your VOX PTT line. A closure to ground
via remote control or computer can also halt
messages. | В
Has jack for remote or computer control ©
(using CT, NA or other program and its inter-
face). Lets you select, play and cancel mes-
sages. : |
The MFJ-434 is transparent to your micro-
| phone for recording.
not change when your MFJ-434 is installed.
Dual controls make it easy to tailor audio level
A to match your voice.
Al audio lines are RF filtered to eliminate
| RFI, audio feedback and distortion. An audio
isolation transformer totally eliminates hum
and distortion caused by ground loops.
It’s easy to use -- just plug in your 8 pin
a microphone cable and plug the MEJ-434
© shielded cable into your transceiver’s mic con-
nector. Internal jumpers let you customize it
to Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Alinco or Radio
Shack rigs. Use your station or built-in micro-
— Built-in speaker-amplifier lets you monitor
stored messages. 3.5 mm speaker/headphone
jack. SMT technology. Use 9 Volt battery, 9-
15 VDC or 110 VAC with optional MFJ-
1312D. 6/Wx2'/Hx6'/D inches.
MFJ-73. Remote Control Head with cable
for MFJ-434. |
phone -- your mic’s audio characteristics do
MFJ Desk Mic/Ham station console
Wil=J Professional
and PTT lock switches that allow you to ТОЙ = O AT it
МЕ-299 switch between long one-sided QSOs and fast © 7 ade > | \
two-sided conversations. a | te SERCO CE &
The frequency up/down switches let you A ! |
operate your transceiver at your desktop N * MFJ-393 This
microphone. 4 function keys (CALL, VFO, N = profes-
MR, PF) are for Kenwood transceivers only. a cut sional
An output level meter lets you adjust the through grade
Eo. | | output level to not exceed 0 dB. A Noise and . MFJ Boom-Mic Head--
phones set is for con-
testing, DXing and
traffic nets. Comfort
designed leatherette
padding lets you oper-
© >" * ate for hours at the rig.
~ Superb 3/4 inch thick padding on each ear
and headband. MFJ-393 is so super lightweight,
you won't even know they’re there! Headband
adjusts for perfect fit to keep out external noise.
Frequency response is enhnanced for commu-
nications to bring out speech fidelity you never
knew existed. Signals never sounded so clear!
The flexible microphone boom lets you posi-
tion the mic comfortably at an optimum distance
to minimize silibant sounds.
MF J’s frequency tailored microphone element
lets you bust through noise and QRM! 6 feet of
cable lets you move about your ham station!
Even casual operators will appreciate the
advantages of MFJ's superbly crafted Boom-Mic
headphones for hands-free operating and DXing
at an incredibly low MF] price.
— MFJ-393, comes with pre-wired adapter
A revolutionary triple radio input socket
makes it super easy to install for any model
transceiver: Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood and com-
patible transceivers. See cable chart below.
Built-in battery check circuit. Press power
switch and the level meter will show battery -
condition with power voltage for a few seconds.
( MFJ-297 Desk Mic
A high-sensitivity ceramic microphone ele-
ment (10.5 inches with FlexNeck™) bends and
stretches to your most comfortable operating
position. A fine mesh metal grill helps to
eliminate background noise.
MFJ-299 has a high quality compressor
amplifier with high, medium, and low selec-
tion switches. It always sends out a constant
and optimum level without distortion, regard-
less of audio input level.
MFJ-299 is equipped with a built-in graph-
ic equalizer with center frequencies of 270,
540, 1000 and 2000 Hz. Gives best audio qual-
ity for FM mode and max efficiency for SSB.
Has On-Air indicator and an output level
volume control. On-Air blinks on and off
when in receiving mode and will light up con-
tinuously when transmitting. | |
MF J-299 is equipped with PTT momentary
. MEFJ-297 speech frequen-
cy tailored microphone cuts
through noise and QRM.
Switch for powerful SSB
punch or full range broad-
cast quality FM/AM. Has
Silibant Sound Shield™,
momentary/locking PTT
switch, On-Air LED, Frequency up/down
button, output level control and more!
Compact 4Wx1'/:H6D inches with 11 inch
flexible boom. 1 Ib. Use 2 “AA” batteries.
NO Select cable from chart, below. "J
8 Pin Round Mic Plug 8 Pin Modular Mic Plug _ cable. Order MF J-393I for Icom and compati-
FJ Desk Mic] ICOM Kenwood YAESU ICOM Kenwood YAESU | bles, MFJ-393Y for Yaesu and compatibles,
MEJ-297 | | MEJ-53971 | MEJ-5397K | MFJ-5397Y |MEFJ-5397MX |MEFJ-5397MX |MFJ-5397MY | MFJ-393K for Kenwood and compatibles.
MFJ-299 | | MEFJ-53971 | MFJ-5397K | MFJ-5399Y |MFJ-5397MX |MFJ-5397MX [MFJ-5397MX
MFJ PTT Foot Operated Switch
a MFJ Deluxe Hybrid Phone Patch Add MELITOS j
MFJ-624D Deluxe Hybrid Phone Patch MEJ-624D the luxu- de
gives you crisp, clear, hum-free audio, and | ry of foot В
that’s what phone patching is all about. It’s control
- jumper selectable for Kenwood, Icom,
Yaesu, and Alinco rigs with 8 pin mic connectors. ion. JU TE.
—_ Youcanuse either VOX or push-to-talk. RF pi-filters an | A 1709 keeps your hands free for logging com- .
PC board construction eliminates RF feedback. Use with virtually any rig. Built-in VU meter puter operation and tuning. Greatly reduces
~ monitors phone line levels to prevent cross talk. Adjust null depth for maximum isolation be- fatigue and improves your efficiency -- could be
tween receiver/transmitter. Separate transmitter and receiver gain controls eliminate the need to | the difference between winning and losing a
readjust your rig after patching. Null control, standard phone connection, RJ-11. Jacks for speak- |
contest. 2'/Wx3'/Dx1'/:H inches with non-skid
er, audio in/audio out. 8x2x6 in. Use 12 VDC, 9V battery or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D. pad foot pedal. 1/4 in. phone plug. Ten ft. cord,
16 |
PTT transceiver
hl ЛАИЧАл!
- MF] Walkabout
Antenna covers 80
through 6 Meters .
MEJ-1899T ‚Work -
Walkabout antenna for the -
FT-817 and other QRP
rigs covers all bands 80
Meters through 6 Meters
including WARC bands. ‘
Its ten section telescop-
ing Whip is 52.inches fully --
extended and is 7 inches
when collapsed. The whip :.
unscrews from the 12 inch
compact for easy travel-
ing. Handies 25 Watts.
You change bands by
plugging the “wander В:
lead” into the appropriate =
socket on the base coil.
Fine tuning is done by
adjusting the telescopic
whip. Has BNC connector. -
Use adapter for SO-239.
VIFJ Accessories for FT-
DX walk- #
ing about! - 8...
. This MFJ E.
and other QRP rigs let you
|-.- Work exciting DX no mat-
+ ter where you are!
- MFJ Single Band
Walkabout Antennas
‘MFJ-1806T Highly
efficient sin-
gle band
antennas for the FI-817
Each 10-section tele-
| scoping whip is 51 inches
fully extended and collaps-
es to 5% inches and screws
into a base loading coil.
Handles 25 Watts. Has
= BNC connector. Use
base loading coil. It’s ultra- A © adapter for SO-239.
MFJ-1806T (6 Meters)
MFJ-1810T (10M), MF]-
№ 1812T(12M), MFJ-1815T
© (15M), MEJ-1817T(17M),
i MFJ-1820T(20M), MEJ-
© 1830T (30M) each.
— MEJ-1840T (40
- Meters), MFJ-1880T (80
- 8 Meters), each.
817 and other ©
ambient. Meets FCC part 15 class B, UL 1950 and CSA 22.2.
AP Transceivers
Tiny 10 ounce Switching Power Supply for the
— Yaesu FT-817 and other QRP rigs
This MFJ-4103
Miniature Switching Power
Supply can deliver up to 40
Watts (13.8 VDC at 2.89
Amps) of reliable power
anywhere in the world with
no RF hash! |
It's an incredibly tiny
4'/ex25/ x 1% inches and weighs just 10 ounces
including output power cord and connector. |
Output DC cable with a standard MFJ coaxial DC power con-
nector (2.1 mm ID, 5.5 mm OD) that fits most MFJ and other ham
accessories and QRP rigs. Sturdy adapter cable included for Yaesu
FT-817. Also works with the VX-5, VX-1 series Yaesu radios.
The MFJ-4103 has excellent specs and outperforms all other
switching power supplies made for the FT-817. It's RFI-free with
no RF hash. It's perfect for QRP rigs needing up to 2.89 Amps. |
It works for input voltages 100-240 VAC and power line frequen-
cies 47-63 HZ. Use the MFJ-4103 almost anywhere in the world by
plugging in an AC power cord with an appropriate wall plug for that
country (not included, laptop computer AC cord recommended).
‘Overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protected.
Has excellent 1% line and 5% load regulation and 1% peak to peak
ripple and noise. Operating temperature is 0-40 degrees C. Mean
time between failure is 100,000 hours at full load at 25 degree C
| MEJQRP Wattmeter/Dummy Load
| MEJ-840. Accurately checks the power output of
our FT-817 and other QRP rigs into a 50 Ohm dummy
load. 5 Watts full scale. Covers 160-2 Meters.
“Accurately checks battery charge. BNC connector.
4 =| MF J miniature Travel Iambic Paddle
- IMFJ-561. 1°/:Wx1%/:Dx*/:H in. Full-size feel
for smooth, easy CW. Precision formed from
resilient phosphorous bronze. Stainless steel
* base. 4 ft. cord, 3.5 mm plug.
MF] 2 Meter/440 MHz FT-817 Antenna
MFJ-1717PL, foldover dual band flexi-duck 16'/2” antenna
with quality PL-259 connector. Hearty 2.15 dBi gain on 440
MHz and full size 1/4 Wave on 2 Meters. Factory set for min-
imum SWR. No more coax, finding a place for a magnet or
PL-259-t0-BNC Female Right Angle Adaptor
MEJ-7703. Sturdy, adapter for your
— FT-817 and multimode HF antennas like
| MFJ-1899T, above. Quality connectors
D on both ends with re-inforced elbow for
‘This new MFJ-1262 Microphone
Control Center lets you switch between any
two microphones by pushing a button.
You can switch between a boom
mic/headphone and a desk or hand mic,
between a hi-fi ragchewing mic and a hard
hitting DX mic or between a hand mic or
desk mic. a ==
You can also convert any favorite 8-pin
microphone for use with any radio.
PTT foot switch frees your.
hands for contesting and DXing
By plugging in an external PTT foot
switch you can free your hands for contest-
ing and DXing. Or you can let a computer
or voice keyer control the PTT line for
automated operation. a
Perfect for Boom-Mic/Headset
Switching between your desk or hand
mic and your Boom Mic/Headset is quick
and easy. |
You can plug in an external foot or hand |
operated PTT switch.
You can also plug in your boom-mic
, The MFJ-1262 has a built-in headphone
volume control so you won’t have to read-
just your rig’s volume when you switch the
speaker on, Ш |
Keep Your Headphones On
During a contest or field day when sev-
eral operators are busy, everyone can use a
getting an outside antenna. High-Q, low loss construction.
of headphones and operate
When you want others to
hear what you're hearing in your head-
phones, you can push a button and turn on
an external speaker (like the MFJ-281,
$12.95) that you plug into the MFJ-1262.
The headphones are always active. A push
button turns the speaker on or off.
Switch from Ragchewing to DXing
Instantly switch from a wide range hi-fi
microphone when ragchewing with your
buddies to a hard hitting DX microphone
when you suddenly hear some rare DX.
Works with any radio
— The MFJ-1262 works with any radio - -
Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom, Alinco and com-
patible transceivers - - using an 8-pin round
or modular microphone jack. You set inter-
nal jumpers to configure the MFJ-1262 for
your radio - - it never becomes obsolete!
Order MF ]J-1262 for 8-pin round mic plug
or MFJ-1262M for 8-pin modular mic plug.
‘boom mic/headset or a pair _
Converts any 8-pin microphone to
work with any 8-pin radio
Say you have a favorite Kenwood
icrophone and want to use it on your new
aesu radio.
All you need to do is plug your
enwood microphone into the MFJ-1262
“and set the internal jumpers to configure it
‘for your new Yaesu radio. |
No More Fuss |
The MFJ-1262 takes away all the fuss - -
no more plugging and unplugging to change
microphones - - just push a button.
It’s perfect for contests, field day or ina
confined room where instant switching
between a high performance boom
mic/headset and a hand or desk microphone
may be needed.
Super Easy-to-Use |
Just unplug your microphone from your
transceiver and plug it into the MFJ-1262.
Plug in a second microphone if desired.
Then plug the MFJ-1262 cable into your
transceiver microphone input.
Push the button to select your desired
Sleek and Compact
It stays out of your way. The sleek and
compact MFJ-1262 is so tiny it can sit on
top of other equipment or get tucked away.
Measures 6Wx1'/H x5D in. Has 3 ft. of 8-
pin cable to go to radio microphone input.
size МОГ se Ce
ode Tutor
Learn Morse code ie fast anywhere ... LCD display lets you check your copy instantly . ..
Easy no-code beginner's course . . . Takes you beyond Extra Class . . . Plain English QSOs .
| Beginner’s €
ARRL/VEC format. Learn
small fixed sets of characters.
Previously learned sets are combined with
new sets tp reinforce all you have learned.
Practice copying, then instantly replay
to check your copy on the LCD display.
| Custom Character Sets
Having trouble with certain characters?
Build and save 3 custom sets of 16 charac-
ters for extra practice -- an MFJ exclusive.
Realistic Plain English QSOs
— Practice copying realistic on-the-air
style plain English random QSOs. Gets you
ready to pass your FCC test and upgrade. Also
builds confidence for your first real contact.
MFEJ Word Recognition Mode“
MEJ's Word Recognition Mode'“ gives
you hundreds of commonly used words in
. ham radio. Practice recognizing entire
- stays put on table and doesn't move around while youre sending.
MFJ-557 lets you practice sending code at home, work, riding
in your car -- practically anywhere -- because it’s so easy to take it
On-the-air CW Fun using HT
MEJ's VimHandy™ CW _e
interface plugs into your Же
dies together on-the-air and enjoy
some fantastic CW fun. Run a little code
practice on| your repeater. Start your own
FM CW Net. Have fun and upgrade! A
transmit/receive switch automatically
switches your HT to transmit when you
send CW and returns you to receive when
you stop keying. Has built-in speaker, vol-
ume control and great sounding true
sinewave sidetone -- no harsh keyclicks.
4Wx 1'/1Hx8*/D inches. Use 9V battery
(not included). Pre-wired patch cables,
$15.95 for your HT on page 31.
MEJ-550. ¡Straight telegraph key.
aa signed for demanding class- El
>» room use and abuse. It pro-*
— 552
words instead of individual letters.
You’ll never run out of practice
Select letter, number, punctuation,
prosign or FCC character sets (has only
letters, numbers and prosigns required on
FCC tests), random call signs, random
you'll never run out of study material!
MF] InteractiveMode™
InteractiveMode™ lets you decide
when to copy the next or previous group
and how many -- great for beginners!
Normal or Farnsworth
Select normal or Farnsworth spacing.
Farnsworth makes it easier to learn
entire characters. Stop counting individual
dots and dashes that slows learning!
Adjustable 10 to 60 WPM for high-speed.
| Fixed or Random Length Groups
Use fixed length or more realistic ran-
dom length groups (up to 8 characters).
Change speed on the Fly
You can change speed on-the-fly while
playing a session 3 to 60 words-per-minute.
Setting Saver“
Settings are automatically saved, ready
to use next fume just turn on and hit replay.
E LCD Display
Check your copy, select from menus
and program custom characters and words
on 2 line LCD display with 32 huge 1/4
“inch high-contrast characters -- powerful
Morse straight key fo
557 Deluxe
features a
> straight key
on a non-
skid heavy
steel base -
Classroom Code Oscillator
The world’s finest code
ractice oscillator is de-
duces a true pure sinewave
sidetone with no trace of harsh
keyclicks. You'll hear the clear-
est, sweetest sounding CW you have ever
heard. Delivers full 1 watt into built-in 3”
speaker -- fills an entire room. Low distor-
tion -- less than .2% total harmonic distor-
tion from its BTL (Bridge-Tied-Load)
amplifier. Volume control, 400-1000 Hz
tone control, on/off switch, power on LED,
‘a inch key jack, 3.5 mm external speaker
jack, uses 12 VDC. All metal enclosure
4%x1'/x3 in. MFJ-554X. Includes MEJ-
554 Code Oscillator, MFJ-281 ClearTone™
speaker, MFJ-550 Telegraph Key, 8 MFJ-
1312D AC adapter. |
words, QSOs or combo sets for practice -- *
— pocket/belt clip.
Morse Code trainers!
‘For VECs, Elmers,
+ teachers, ham clubs,
sound and Sight learning!
ySmooth idetone™ |
Only MFJ gives you SilkySmooth
Sidetone™ with TruTone™ sinewave and
SoftStart™ dots/dashes -- lets you concen-
trate on learning without the distraction of
harsh keyclicks. Use earphones for private
practice or built-in speaker for groups.
Volume control. Variable pitch 300-1000 Hz.
True Pocket Size
Fits in your shirt pocket with room to
spare -- smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
Tiny 2'/:x3%/:x1 in., weighs less than 5'/
ounces. Uses 9 volt battery (not included).
Tapes can’t compare
Tapes play the same old boring stuff
over and over again. Unlike tapes, you'll never
memorize MFJ-418’s random sessions.
Pocket Tutor Accessories
MFJ-26B. Soft
leather protection for
MFJ-418 with
MFJ-281. Speaker
for group practice.
Loud, powerful audio! |
. More pocket size MF J Morse Tutors
MFJ-417. Similar to MFJ-418, but no
LCD. Most software features.
MFJ-413. Similar to MFJ-417, less
random words, QSOs, SettingSaver™.
de and sending practice
557 features a heavy steel base, tone/volume controls and an earphone jack for a low price!
Telegraph Re О © wherever you go. Volume control adjusts from barely audible to
blaring full sound. You can practice without bothering anyone.
Tone control gives you a wide adjustment, from high *
“squeaky” to low “booming” tones. You even get an earphone jack
for private listening times.
Plug in an external speaker (MF J-281, loud, powerful compact
speaker) for super high volume in the classroom. |
MEJ-557 runs on a 9 volt battery (not included) or 110 VAC
with MFJ-1312. Plugs into power jack on the side.
When you're finished cleaning up your sloppy fist with the
MFJ-557, hook up the straight key to your transmitter and go on-
the-air sounding like you were born working QSOs.
Don’t pass up a super buy! Built-in speaker, adjustable con-
tacts. Solid 8'/2x2'/1x3*/a inches. Black. 1 year MFJ warranty.
Class Room Morse Code Tutor
The Cadillac of all т ;
schools and hams who want
the best. Has everything in the
famous MFJ-418 Pocket Size
Morse Code Tutor™ plus . . . Hear powerful
. classroom audio from its built-i -in speaker/
amplifier with true sinewave sidetone and
no harsh keyclicks . . . Down/upload custom
practice groups from PC with serial port .
. Store 16 FCC exams for VECs . . . Print
correct answers using printer port . . Record,
quality code tapes with tape output . . Send
on-the-air CW practice with HF/V HF radio
interface. . . Use full featured memory keyer
with 1000 character memory. Serial port
and open end HT cables included. 110 VAC
/12VDC operation. 8'/Wx2'/¿Hx6D inches.
Is your CW rusty?
Relax and plug-in this MFJ
Morse Code Reader with built-in
Keyer at your operating station . . .
Then watch CW turn into solid
text messages as they scroll across
an easy-to-read LCD display.
— It makes working high speed
CW a breeze - - even if you're
‘rusty. A type-ahead buffer, mes-
‘sage memories and adjustable
speed get you ready to compete with
the world’s best hi-speed CW opera-
tors -- and they won’t even know you
just passed the code test!
The MFJ-464 gives you everything
— you need to have the ultimate CW
‘Station: sends and Reads 5-99
WPM... Automatic speed track-
ing... Large 2-line LCD shows
send/receive messages . . . single
or iambic paddle or computer key- |
- board operation . . . Front panel
speed, volume controls ... 4 mes-
sage memories . . . type ahead buffer
. . . read again buffer . . . adjustable
' weight & sidetone ... speaker...
RFI proof... much more!
Reader has Auto Speed Track
MF] AutoTrak™ automatically locks
on, tracks and displays CW to 99 wpm.
Simply plug-in your MFJ-464 to
your receiver-speaker until the lock
LED flashes in time with the CW.
High Performance Modem
Consistently get solid copy from |
MEJ's high performance PLL (phase-
lock loop) modem. Digs out weak sig-
nals. Even tracks slightly drifting signals. |
Of course, nothing can clean up and
MEJ Pocket CW Keyer
ee — This new MFJ
is [Travel Keyer is a
full-featured CW
MFJ-403P compact
| 33/4 W x1H
| т inches) is
perfect for traveling or for home use with
QRP or “big” rigs. Throw it in your briefcase
along with your MEJ ORP Cub™ or other
favorite rig on your next trip. |
A built-in sidetone with LM386 audio
amplifier, speaker and volume control makes
monitoring your sending easy. Speed
adjustable from 3 to 60 WPM. Sidetone pitch
is adjustable 300 to 1000 Hz. Weight
adjustable from 25% to 75%. Tune mode, RF
proof, Battery Saver feature.
You can select a'keyer mode to suit you - -
Iambic mode A or B, fully automatic or semi-
auto “bug” mode. Use 9 Volt battery, not incl.
,MFJ-403. MF] ultra compact CW Travel
keyer only. | |
(Keyboard, paddle
keyer with a built-in
size (2/Dx
not included.)
copy a sloppy fist, especially weak sig-
nals with lots of QRM/QRN. |
Superb built-in Keyer Features
The MFJ-464 combines the latest mille-
nium microprocessor technology with non-
volatile EEPROM memory for a full fea-
tured, low cost, high reliability design.
You can send CW or load messages
using a paddle, keyboard or through your-
computer serial port. | |
Easy-to-use menus and LCD display let
you set all keyer functions merely by push-
ing buttons. Keyer functions can also be
changed from your keyboard or computer.
The LCD also shows the message as it’s
being sent from memory or live from your
paddle, keyboard or computer. ©
The MFJ-464 has 4 message memories
of 256 characters each. You can repeat
messages continuously, insert timed pauses
within messages, insert an auto-increment-
ing serial number, have messages call other
messages or insert embedded commands to
change speed, weight, etc. automatically.
Sinewave Sidetone ... More!
MF J-464 supports Direct keying output.
Has PTT output, built-in speaker, sinewave
sidetone and more! Iambic keyer with dot
and dash memories; automatic, semi or
hand-key mode. Input queue lets you store
multiple messages. Auto-incrementing
contest serial numbering from 001 to 9999.
Nano-size Keyer/Paddle
° МЕ7-402
‚ Нат |
radio's | |
tiniest electronic keyer has built-in —
iambic paddle! It’s a nano-size 2x3x1
inches and weighs just 3172 ounces!
Fully-enclosed iambic paddle has a full-
size feel for smooth, easy CW. It’s precision
formed from resilient phosphorous bronze.
It’s super easy-to-use. Just set one but-
ton and send one letter to change your
keyer settings -- speed 5-65 WPM, weight
25%-75%, iambic mode A or B, normal or
"bug" mode and reverse paddle.
Screwdriver adjustment lets you instant-
ly change speed. Tune mode for tuning
antenna tuner or transmitter. RF proof.
Has 4 foot cord with 3.5 mm plug.
Keys nearly any QRP or QRO rig.
No on/off switch -- keyer turns off be-
tween dits! Battery lasts nearly shelf life.
Adjustable Speed 5-99 WPM
Digital linear speed control from 5-99 wpm
Farnsworth Mode with speed adjustable
from 10-99 wpm.
Ultra speed sets messages up to 990 wpm.
Adjustable weight 25% to 75%.
Adjustable sidetone from 300 to 1000 Hz.
Keying output delay up to 20 milliseconds.
Push-to-talk (PTT) hang time to 5 seconds.
Timed tune function for XMTR adjusting.
Timed pauses in messages/message loop.
Internal speaker with adjustable volume.
Support for Qwerty & Dvorak keyboards.
Type-Ahead Buffer
190 characters type-ahead keyboard buffer
with low buffer warning.
Keyboard Input lets you plug in any AT
keyboard. All commands, functions & mem-
ories can be done through the keyboard!
Compact and handsome all-black metal
cabinet measures just 6/:Wx2'/:Hx6':D in.
Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D,
$14.95, optional AC adapter. |
MF J-464 Accessories
MFJ-5161. MFJ-464 to computer serial
port cable (DB-9). Co
MFJ-5162. Connects MFJ-464 to
radio’s external speaker 3.5 mm jack.
MFJ-551. RFI suppressed AT-101 com-
patible keyboard. E. |
MF J-564.Chrome Jambic Paddle.
MF J-564B. Black Tambic paddle. -
MI miniature
. Travel lambic Paddle
instructions, cord, all hardware.
= MFJ-561
+ lightweight
-lambic pad-
dle is just 1%/4Wx1*Dx*/:H inches and
weighs just 2/2 ounces. Tiny enough to fit-in
an Altoids® tin (cord and all!) for protection.
It’s perfect for traveling or for home use
with QRP or “big” rigs. Perfect companion
for MFJ or other keyers. Great for any QRP
or QRO rig!
The paddle is precision formed from spe-
cial phosphorous bronze spring material with
an A150 temper. This gives you an excellent
feel so you can send smooth CW.
Mounted on rugged metal base with non-
skid rubber feet. Has 4 foot cord and 3.5
mm plug -- ready to plug into keyer or rig!
MFJ-561K. MF] iambic paddle kit with
— MFJ-422D
Best of ali CW worlds -- a deluxe
MFJ/Curtis keyer'“in a compact package
that fits right on the Bencher iambic pad-
dle! Buy the combination or just the keyer
for your Bencher or MFJ iambic paddies.
MFJ’s most popular keyer is small in
size, big in features. it gives you adjustable
weight and tone and has front panel volume
and speed controls (5-65 wpm). Has built-
in dot-dash memories, speaker, sidetone
Ss MFJ-407D
Get everything you need to send beauti-
ful CW from this Deluxe MFJ Cutris
Keyer™ -: easy access front panel controls,
all keyer modes, dot-dash memories, jam-
proof spacing, weight control, sidetone,
built-in speaker and more. —
Speed, weight, tone and volume con-
trols, and tune, semi-auto and on/off
switches are on the front panel. a
Plugging in a dual paddle key such as
the MFJ-564, lets you use the iambic mode.
In this mode, you can insert a dot before a
dash finishes or insert a dash before a dot
Tired of
Morse Code
with a
key? Its fun for a while. But making code
sound good and easy-to-copy is tedious,
hard work!
Plug an iambic paddle into MFJ’s new
SlimLine™ electronic keyer. By squeezing,
you can automatically generate perfect
code with almost no effort.
Press the dot paddle before a dash com- .
pletes, MF)’s SmartDotDash™ will finish
the dash, make a space and then the dot!
It’s so forgiving you can concentrate on
enjoying your QSO -- not critical timing.
For beginners, type A keying makes
sending code easy -- nothing is sent when
the dot or dash being sent is completed.
Type B keying makes it even easier to
produce certain characters, such as a period
or a letter C. Release the paddie while a
Curtis 6045ABM"“ Keyer Chip
Deluxe MJ Cu
and automatic or semi-auto/tune modes.
Keys solid state or tube transmitters.
Fully shielded. Use 9 volt battery or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
The keyer mounts on the paddle base
to form a small (4x2!/:x4'/s inches) attrac-
tive combination that is a pleasure to look
at and use. You can buy the combo or just
the MFJ/Curtis™ Keyer (MFJ-422DX) to
fit on your Bencher or MFJ-564 or MFI-
1FJ/Curtis/Bencher combo Kever""
564B iambic paddles. See below.
BY-1. Black Bencher paddle.
BY-2.Chrome Bencher paddle.
/ МЕЛ Deluxe Iambic Paddles \\
\_ * Machine frame, non-skid feet, heavy base
* Full range adjustment in tension/contact spacing
* Self-adjusting nylon/steel needle bearings
*MFJ-564, Chrome or MFJ-564B, Black.
rtis Keyer"'" with dot-dash memory
finishes. Also, squeezing both paddles gen-
erates alternating dots and dashes. This
lets you send characters such as C, K, and
R with a single squeeze. It turns an inexpe-
rienced fist into a professional. |
You can use the automatic mode with a
single or dual paddle. You automatically
generate dots and dashes by pressing the
paddle. You can switch into a semi-auto-
matic “bug” mode to generate dots auto-
matically and dashes manually. Or you can
use a “straight key” and manually generate gj
your own dots and dashes. |
You get dot-dash memory, self-com-
pleting dots and dashes, jam-proof spacing
and instant start keying. Select Type À or
Type B keying to match your sending style.
, Weight control lets you adjust your dot-
dot or dash is being sent, the dot or dash
completes and an opposite element is sent.
MFJ's weight control lets you lengthen
or shorten dots and dashes. It compensates
your transmitter for a proper 1:3 ratio.
Here's a more exciting use! Adjust
your dot/dash lengths to sound distinctive.
Rare DX easily picks you out of a pile-up.
MF J-447/442 has MFJ’s 500 character
non-volatile MessageMemory™. You can
embed Message Loop, Extra Word Space,
pause and serial number increments after
each sending. LED blinks during program-
ming and blinks faster for low memory.
All SlimLine™ keyers have speaker
pitch and volume controls for sidetone and
speed and weight controls. Speed is 5 to
65 words-per-minute. Pitch is 300 to 1000
Hz. Weight'is 50 to 150 percent.
‘Select A or B keying. Self-completing
dots and dashes. Semi-auto lets you make
dash space ratio to make your signal dis-
tinctive to bust through pile-ups. It also
lets you compensate for the turn-on delay
of your transmitter. |
Has tune switch for tuning your trans-
mitter or antenna tuner. RF proof. Built-in
speaker for sidetone. Keys solid state and
tube transmitters. Use 9 volt battery or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D. Attractive black"
cabinet measures 5°/4x 1°/4x4*/4 inches.
MFJ/Curtis ECONO Keyer™
-_ MFJ-401D is the same as
MEFJ-407D except weight and
” tone controls are adjusted inter- *
nally and doesn’t have a tune
Switch. Use 9 volt battery or
110 VAC with MFJ-1312D.
4x 1%1x3'/1 inches.
MIF] StimLine™ Electronic Keyers with Memory
No MFJ-447
- dashes manually for “bug” operation.
Use dual or single lever paddle. 1/4
inch jack for paddle. |
Positive and Negative keying. Use a 9
— volt battery or 110 VAC with optional MFI-
1312D. x |
MFJ-442. SlimLine™ Keyer and MEJ
paddle combo. Front panel speed, volume
controls. MFJ-442X. Keyer only.
4x1*%1x2*/1 inches. Fits on your Bencher ог
MEFJ-564/B iambic paddle. ; Ш
MFJ-447. SlimLine"" Deluxe keyer is
just 1% inches tall. Front panel speed,
weight, tone, volume controls and message,
semi-auto, tune, power buttons. Tune but-
ton keys transmitter. Jack for —
speaker/headphones. 6'/4x 1%x5 inches.
MPJ-441. SlimLine™ Econo Keyer.
Just 1'/1 inches tall. Has volatile 89 charac-
ter MessageMemory™. Front panel
speed/volume controls. 4x1°/x3"/4 inches.
cost! Features include: built-in 89 character memory, expandable non-volatile memory, true sinewave sidetone with soft rise/fall times
The Feature, Curtis 8044ABM keyer chip is now the revolutionary new Curtis 8045ABM with more features than ever at no extra
eliminate harsh keyclicks for beautiful sounding sidetone. You also get type A or B iambic keying, dot-dash memory, adjustable a
weight, tone and speed, automatic or semi-auto mode, low current drain . . . Choose . . . 28 pin skinny DIP or SMT SOIC package.
World’s most powerful CW keyer has LCD readout . . . Menu-driven, super easy to use -- no instruction manual needed!
Is cw dead?
Not at MFJ! | | |
While others neglect CW keyers, MFJ
has developed the world's most powerful
millenium keyer. It makes CW a pleasure
for operators around the world.
MEJ's menu driven LCD display makes
it so easy to use, you don’t need an |
instruction manual.
The MFJ-495 combines the latest milleni-
um microprocessor technology with non-
volatile EEPROM memory for a full featured,
low cost, high reliability design.
You can send CW or load messages using a
paddle, keyboard or computer serial port.
Easy-to-use menus and LCD display let
you set all keyer functions merely by pushing
buttons. Keyer functions can also be changed
from your paddle, keyboard or computer.
The LCD also shows the message as it’s
being sent from memory or live from your
paddle, keyboard or computer. | |
The MFJ-495 has 32 message memories of
256 characters each. You can repeat messages
continuously, insert timed pauses within mes-
- MFJ Keyer/Bencher Paddle Combo
— MFJ-495
The best of all CW
worlds -- nearly all the
— features of the MFJ-492
in a compact configura-
tion that fits right on
the Bencher lambic
U.S. Patent # 363,724.
MF J-490 lets you
: immediately enjoy CW
without reading an
instruction manual --
there’s no keypad, no
| complex sequences,
nothing to remember. You just simply select a
menu by pressing a button. An LED lights to
show you which menu is active. You select a feature by pressing a
feature button. It’s as easy as using a computer touch screen!
‘Each menu is clearly printed on the front panel -- there's no
confusion. From the menu you can save and play messages, decre-
ment serial numbers, set speed, weight, sidetone, enter iambic,
semi-auto, handkey, message queue, paddle command modes, turn
on and off sidetone, transmitter tune, keying output on and off,
select iambic A or B, reverse paddle, Morse trainer and store start-
ing serial number. You can bypass the menu by keying in simple
two letter commands. The keyer tells you status in CW.
Buy the combo or just the keyer for your Bencher. Memories,
Morse trainer, sidetone, automatic serial numbering -- more!
5x3x5'/ in. MFJ-490, $199.95. MFJ-490X, $109.95. Keyer only.
Uses 9 volt battery (not incl) or 110 VAC w/ MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
tart typing.
MFJ-452 |
sages, insert an auto-incre-
menting serial number,
have messages call other
messages or insert embedded commands to
change speed, weight, etc. automatically.
MFJ-495 supports both Direct and Grid-
Block outputs and has a port for an optional
remote control. Has PTT output, built-in
speaker, sinewave sidetone and more!
Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-
1312D, optional AC adapter.
Some of its features: | |
Iambic keyer with dot and dash memories;
automatic, semi or hand-key mode
Keyboard Input lets you plug in any AT key-
board for type ahead buffer. All commands,
MF J-452 Super CW
5 MFJ Super CW Keyboard lets you send
\ effortless CW as soon as you turn it on -- no
omputer to boot, no program to load -- just
You get a standalone MEJ CW Keyboard
hat includes an RFI suppressed keyboard, a
two line 16 character LCD display, eight 250
¡character nonvolatile message memories, a 150
character type-ahead buffer, iambic keyer, plus
‘a powerful Morse Code trainer, much more!
' Variable speed from 5 to 100 WPM,
functions, and memories can be done through
the keyboard! |
‘Message editing capability
Input queue to store multiple messages
Auto-incrementing contest serial numbering
from 001 to 9999 os
Digital and linear analog speed control from
5 to 99 wpm (3:1 to 20:1 speed range)
“Farnsworth with speed from 10 - 99 wpm
Ultra speed sets messages up to 990 wpm
— Adjustable weight 25% to 75%
Adjustable sidetone from 300 to 1000 Hz
Keying output delay up to 20 ms
Push-to-talk (PTT) hang time up to 5 seconds
Direct (positive)or grid-block(negative keying
Timed tune function for XMTR adjustment
Timed pauses within messages/message loop
Internal speaker with adjustable volume
Support for Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards
190 characters type-ahead keyboard buffer
with low buffer warning |
Dual user mode supports operators with dif-
ferent configuration settings |
Compact and handsome all-black metal cabi-
net measures just 6/4Wx2"/Hx6"/4D inches.
MFJ-551, $39.95. RFI suppressed keyboard.
Super Menu Driven I
Memory is
expandable to
over 8000 char-
acters. You can MA PR EE
expand the MFJ-492 standard 192 characters in four soft sectored
message memories to over 8000 characters in eight message mem-
ories by simply plugging in the MFJ-80, Memory Expansion Kit.
Memories are backed up by lithium battery. |
You can adjust CW speed, 5-100 WPM by pressing the dot or
dash paddle smoothly or by knob control. Powerful Morse trainer
lets you practice or teach in Farnsworth or normal mode. Select
letters, numbers, prosigns or any combination for practice using 5
character groups, or more realistic 1-8 character groups. |
There's so much more! You get contest serial numbering (0-
9999) with auto-increment, built-in sidetone, speaker, front panel
volume control and adjustable 300-3000 Hz tone. You can use
automatic, semi-automatic bug or handkey modes, reverse dot/dash
paddles, adjust weight from 5 to 95% and compensate for transmit-
ter distortion, direct and grid block keying, keys solid state and |
tube rigs. Special MARS characters are recognized. |
Uses 9 Volt battery (not included), 12 VDC or 110 VAC with
'MFJ-1312D. 6'/x2'/x6%/1 inches. Order MFJ-492 or MEJ-492X.
MFJ-492 with MFJ-80 memory expansion pre-installed. MFJ-78.
Full function remote control puts message memories and menu
control at your finger tips.
Keyboard Keyer
adjustable weight from 5 to 95%, sidetone
from 300 to 3000 Hz and serial number from 0
to 9999. Has buffer and memory full audible
indicators. Keys solid state and tube rigs.
AT101 compatible keyboard plugs into com-
pact 3'/:x2'/2x3'/» inch interface. Use 12 VDC
or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D. MFJ-452X. No
keyboard. В
MF J-451, like MFJ-452 but without LCD
display and has two 100 character memories.
MFJ-451X. No keyboard. | 21
Dual 24/12 hour LCD Clock
MFJ-108B dual clock has separate 24 hour and 12 hour
displays. Lets you read both UTC and local time simultane-
ously. Features huge high-contrast 5/8 inch LCD numerals
that makes it easy to read across the room. Mounted in
attractive solid brushed aluminum frame with sloped face for
easy viewing. Synchronizable to WWV for split-second tim-
ing. Quartz controlled for excellent accuracy. Long life but-
ton battery included. 4'Wx1D x2H in. МЕР $ famous No
Matter What“ one year limited warranty.
mr ña
Shown actual size
DXer's Wall Clocks Hi-Contrast LCD
MFJ-125. 12 inch DXer's
Quartz wall clock gives 24
hour time plus more. Has ati
A three smaller independently Ken mem ton ek | aluminum frame lasts for years. Long
settable dials for 12 hour |
life © battery included. 2'/x1x2 in.
= time, day of week and date.
/ No more day/date con-
fusion when logging DX!
Highly visible, easy-to-read
dials! Has Seconds hand.
MFJ-115. Set this 24 hour
clock to UTC/ GMT and
you can determine the time
in any time zone of the
- World at any time of the day.
: Premier world cities encircle
its colorful world map face
to indicate time zone. 12 inch
— face is easy to see across °
room. Has Seconds hand.
MFJ-105C. World’s most
. popular ham radio wall
clock! True 24 hour Quartz
movement. Huge 12 inch
black face with large white
numerals give excellent visi-
bility across room. Attrac-
— tive gold colored hour,
minute and seconds hands.
- MFJ-126. 12 hour Quartz
: movement gives 12 hour
time on inner dial (for XYL)
and 1200 to 2400 hour time
on its outer dial (for you). At-
tractive clean, white face is
highly visible. Real glass
cover! Handsome hunter green
“trim. Has seconds hand.
hour format with huge
1/7” high-contrast LCD
digits. 5/Wx2'/Hx'/:D in. Also has year, month,
date, and day of week. Choose English, Spanish,
German or French for day-of-week display. Easy-
to-operate. Has 100 year full calendar. Quartz
controlled for excellent accuracy. Synchronizable
to WWV. Black designer scratch resistant case.
Mounting holes for wall mount or flip stand for
desk mount. Use “AAA” battery (not included).
; MFJ-112B. This DXers World
Map Clock shows you the time at
1 any QTH throughout the world on
year. Time displays
hour/minute/second. Choose 12/24
Hour. Easy push-buttons move you east and west
on the map to display a QTH in every time zone.
Daylight saving time feature. Attractive grey.
Cool blue backlight for night viewing. Great for
gift or use as logging clock. 4'/Wx3*%Hx2'/:D
inches. One year No Matter What" warranty.
12 VDC LED Clock
MF J-116DC. 12 VDC, plugs in cigarette
Ww, lighter. Great for motorhomes
and truckers! 12 hour only. At-
tractive black cabinet.
Displays . . . Wind, Temperature, Humidity, MEJ-194
Rainfall, Pressure. Has . . . Weather forecasting
icons -- (sunny, cloudy with sunny intervals,
cloudy, rainy), compass display for wind speed,
wind direction and wind direction change, wind
chill temperature, air pressure and air pressure
tendency. Includes . . . graphic display of air
pressure changes within last 24 hours, rainfall
recording =- (total, last 24 hours, last hour), dew
point, all min/max recordings with date and time.
Also has... . 39 programmable visual and
audible alarms (for example: frost, air pressure,
temperature, unstable or stormy weather), solar
IE 107B. 24 hour UTC Clock has
| an attractive LCD world map. Also 4
| shows day of week, month, date and |
our clock has the biggest
nd brightest LEDs of any
lock we have ever seen!
y Giant 2.5 inch super bright
=" LEDs are nearly the width
of a 2-Meter HT -- you can see them from across
the street, day/night! Perfect for decreasing eye-
sight. 12/24 hour switch. Wall/desk mount. Black
with bright red LEDs looks great! 12Wx7'/:H in.
Use 9V battery for backup. Front panel
hour/minute set buttons. 110 VAC, 60 Hz.
MFJ-113. Switchable 12/24 hour display with
HUGE 1.8” red LEDs. Super compact | Ш
11Hx9Wx2'/D inches. 9
à minute ID timer, alarm, 9V
ve back-up. Use 110
\MEJ- 129. This is the largest
¡clock in ham radio! This huge,
¡Massive 24 inch quartz accurate
wall clock will totally dominate
any room you put it in! Has 24
¡hour inner dial and 12 hour outer
dial. Glass cover, hard black
plastic outer ring.
s Law Wall Clock
- MFJ-127, Fast, easy calculation
for voltage, amperage, resistance,
or wattage for electronic circuits.
Great for electricians, techs,
engineers, students and amateurs!
Easy-to-read, Quartz movement,
. 8/2” diameter.
se Code A for all MFJ Clock shipping.
MFJ Wireless WW eather Station
powered outdoor wind, temperature, humidity
and rain sensors with 433 MHz radio transmitter,
battery powered indoor temperature, humidity,
pressure sensors with 433 MHz transmitter, bat-
tery operated receiver -- displays all current infor-
mation at-a-glance on large high contrast LCD.
More . . . receive signals from up to 9 temper-
ature/humidity sending units (two included, oth-
ers optional), all outdoor sensors are solar pow-
ered with self-charging battery backup, FCC
approved wireless sensors transmit over 100 feet
at 433 MHz.
Options .. . MFJ-194RS. RS-232 computer
interface for MFJ-194 weather station.
* Automatically receive
Atomic 24/12 Hour LCD Desk Clock
: — MFJ-124
his com-
act radio-”
‘clock is
~ switchable. It’s the perfect atomic LCD Desk
Clock because of its size and features. Auto
daylight savings time can be turned off, when
setting clock for UTC. Has dual alarms,
snooze and bright backlight. Month/date dis-
play, indoor temperature (14F-122F). U.S.
_ time zone map display. Use 2 AAA batteries.
Econo ATOMIC 24/12 LCD Desk Clock
§ priced atomic
== * clock in ham
radio! MFJ gives you an exceptional bargain
that is loaded with fantastic features! 24/12
hour switchable, seconds display, date/day,
snooze/timer, bright green backlight, US time
zone map display, dual crescendo alarms.
Handsome jet black with vibrant silver but-
tons. Operates on two AAA batteries. Super
tiny -- pocket camera size, 4/,Wx2"/4Hx1"/2D
radio signal from National I
in. LCD is 2/Wx1"16H in. An unbelievably
Attractive dark grey/silver cabinet measures
“ loaded clock with an unbelievable price!
5%1Wx3*/Hx2D in. LCD is 3%1Wx1*H in.
ATOMIC Information
Control Center
This 24/12 hour wall
or desk mount atomic MFJ-130RC
clock has got all the
information you need
- ata single glance!
Auto daylight savings |
time can be turned off, when setting
clock for UTC. Metallic blue/silver
colored clock (8'/x9 in.) has easy-
to-read LCD display. Time digits
are 2/1 inches tall. Running sec-
onds display. Month, date, day and
indoor temperature is displayed on
bottom LCD display. Easy-to-pro-
gram. Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit
for temperatures. Use two AA bat-
teries. Mounts on wall or includes
desk mount. 10% Wx6Hx*/1inches.
MFJ 24/12 Hour Ham
A. MFJ-182. This MEJ Dual Time Ham
p; Radio Wrist Watch is a high-tech instrument dis-
- playing two time zones simultaneously. The
self-governing movements can be independently
set according to the user’s preference. Quartz
accuracy, long-life button battery operation
(included), synchronizable with WWV, Stainless
steel adjustable wrist band. Beautiful white face
and silver outer rim and band. :
al Time Zone Atomic Clock
| a-glance with this
} MFJ-121 dual atomic
clock. Displays 24/12
| hour time simultane-
ously. Mounted in a
f handsome black, hard-
E plastic frame, the
i MFJ-121 features |
E Нео HUGE, easy-to-see 2”
tall by 1'/2” wide LCD numerals and also has running seconds dis-
play. 10'/Wx8Hx*D in. Wall or desk mount. Use two AAA batter-
ies. This is the clock true ham radio operators have been waiting for!
Technology in Ft. Collins, Colorado for absolute millisecond accuracy * Choose 24/12 Hour
time format or simultaneous dual times ® Choose from huge selection of wall or desk mounts
te of Standards
Solar Powered Eternity Atomic Clock
. PP PA A | - nn i
MEJ's exclusive solar powered ~~ MFJ-123
“Eternity Atomic Clock“ works
for an “eternity”! No need for
batteries or to set time! Receives
WWVB signal. Whopping display is 2Hx6"/sW
inches. Choose 24 or 12 hour time format.
Huge running seconds display. Calendar for-
mat.- 10%7.Wx6Hx?4D in. Wall or desk mount.
12-inch Atomic 24/12
Hour Wall Clock
‚ This huge 12-inch | MFFB3IRC
diameter atomic wall
both clock can be seen
UTC from across the room!
ond local ТСН liven up any hamshack wall and
time at- 1 automatically receives the WWVB
signal. ‘Has both 12 and 24 hour
time format displays. Has second
hand with clearly marked seconds
display points. Attractive, clean
white, real glass face is highly visi-
ble and will improve the decor of any
room. Black, thick, rugged plastic
covers the outer rim. o
ALL MEJ clocks are protected by
MEJ's famous No Matter What" one
year limited warranty, MEJ will repair
or replace your clock for one full year.
Radio Wrist Watches
B. MFJ-184. MEJs World Time Ham Radio
Wrist Watch displays 2 time zones on the same
dial. 24/12 hour time are on the same dial! 12
hour hands are bio-luminescent for night-time .
viewing. Additional 24 hour hand gives you
UTC time at-a-glance! Quartz accuracy, long-
life battery, syncronizable with WWV, stainless
steel adjustable wrist band. Brilliant blue face
with red 24 hour points. Silver trim and band.
| 23
NW TD) =
МИР.) ОХ Beg
Get up-to-the-minute worldwide
on 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz bands usin
Network of 18 worldwide beacons!
X band conditions in minutes
g the International Beacon
MFJ DX Beacon Monitor lets you instantly see on world map which beacon you're hearing on
your transceiver . . . No need to copy 22 wpm CW . . . Positively identify beacons even if CWis
weak, fluttery or distorted . . . Tells you where to point your antenna . . . Fascinates visitors . . .
Get up-to-the-
minute world-
wide DX band
conditions in
minutes on 14,
18, 21, 24, 28
MHz bands
using th
Beacon Network
of 18 beacons
throughout the
world! |
MFJ's new
DX Beacon
Monitor lets you
instantly see
which beacon
you're hearing
on your transceiver -- an and South America. |
LED lights up on its world On each frequency, each bea-
con transmits for ten-seconds --
its call sign at 22 wpm CW and
a one-second dash at 100 Watts
and three one-second dashes at
10, 1, 0.1 Watts.
When each beacon com-
pletes a transmission it goes
silent on that band and switches
to the next higher band.
For more information see Oct/
Nov, 1994, Sept, 1997 OST and
Jan 1999, Sept/Dec 2001, Jan
2002 Practical Wireless of U.K.
map to show you the bea-
con location and where to
point your antenna.
It's fascinating to hear
and watch each beacon
location light up as they
become active across the
It's great for DXers,
contesters, ragchewers and
The International Beacon
Network provides a reliable
source of signals for determin-
ing HF propagation 24 hours a
It consists of 18 beacons
evenly located throughout the
Each beacon transmits on
14.1, 18.11,-21.150, 24.93 and
28.2 MHz.
The transmit sequence
moves westward from New
York across North America,
Asia, Pacific to Africa, Europe
Tune to a beacon frequency.
If band conditions are good,
you'll hear each beacon identi-
fying in Morse and four dashes
each at a lower power level.
The more beacons you hear,
the more open the band is to dif-
ferent. parts of the world.
The more dashes you hear
per beacon, the better the quali-
ty of propagation and the more
robust the band is. If you hear
the 100 milliwatt dashes from
many beacons you know the
band is wide open!
In just three minutes you'll
know how band conditions are
It's interesting to see how
propagation vary from day to
day -- what beacons you can
hear and at what power level.
You may find that the band
is wide open but nobody is on.
Which band is best
to reach a particular
part of the world?
By storing the beacon fre-
quencies in your transceiver's
memory, you can quickly check
all five bands to see which band
has the best propagation to a
particular part of the world.
MFJ DX Beacon Monitor
lets you instantly see on
world map which beacon
you're hearing
You don't have to copy CW
at 22 wpm to identify a beacon.
When you hear a beacon, an
LED instantly lights up on a
world map to show you its
‘location. You can positively
identify each beacon -- even if
the signal is weak, and the CW
is fluttery or distorted.
The world map display also
tells you where to
point your anten-
na. -
How does it
The transmit
sequence of the
beacons are preci-
sion timed using
synchronization. Has manual
sync for use anywhere in the
world. MFJ-890 is not a beacon
receiver that receives beacons
directly. | |
The MFJ-890 is a self-con-
tained standalone unit. It
requires no antenna and no con-
nection to your transceiver or
receiver. 674Wx5'/:Hx3D inch-
es. Uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC
with optional MFJ-1315.
Free MF J-890
Instruction Manual
Visit our website:
or call toll-free 1-800-647-1800
to order a free MFJ-890 instruc-
tion manual.
No Matter What™
Warran -
Protected by METs famous
No Matter What“ one year lim-
ited warranty. MFJ will repair
or replace (at our option) your
MFJ-890 no matter what for
one full year. a
Try it for 30 Days
Order from MFI and try it --
no obligation. If not delighted,
return it within 30 days for
refund less shipping.
— MFJ 6 M
Incredibly low $259.95 e. for No-code Te
‘the world, Ragchew with |
with mic
Work exciting 6 Meter DX from all over the
world on ham radio’s “magic band”! | |
It’s an adventure every time you turn on your
MFJ-9406 six meter SSB transceiver.
~ Distant stations come rolling in loud and clear
with crystal clean armchair copy. You'll have fun
exploring exotic 50 MHz band openings -- Tropo,
Sporadic E, F2, TE, Aurora, Meteor Scatter, and
more. |
Ragchew with locals, hunt down new grid
squares from far-away places from home, car or
mountain top. |
Special Offer!! MFJ-9406X!
Includes MFJ-9406 & MFJ-290 microphone.
Here's what you get...
Full SSB/CW coverage: 50.0-50.3 MHZz cov-
ers SSB, CW, propagation beacons.
Potent Signal: 10 Watts PEP output. MFJ’s
exclusive ConstantCurrent™ syllabic speech pro-
cessing gives you up to 6 dB more punch to cut
thru noise, fading, QRM.
Hot receiver: Crystal-mixed single conversion
superhet with low-noise preamp. digs deep into
the noise to capture weak signals. If a station is
there, you’ll hear it! a.
Easy to operate: No microprocessor mumbo-
jumbo . . . just turn on and tune in.
Low power drain: Mountain-top all day on
lightweight NiCads or operate from home on 110
SR Advert
i FJ
LL 47€
VAC with MFJ-4110. | | |
Great selectivity: Sharp HF proven crystal
ladder filter reduces QRM & passband noise.
TVI protection: 7 element low pass filter
knocks out TVI -- operate when you want to!
Real S-Meter: Give meaningful signal
reports, accurately steer your beam, monitor
speech processing. |
Smooth tuning: Vernier reduction drive
makes tuning precise and easy.
External amplifier: Jack provides a key line
for activating 6 Meter amplifiers.
Built-to-last: Premium PC board, quality
components, brushed-aluminum panel and tough
vinyl clad case gives years of service.
Compact: At only 2'/:x6'/x6 inches, the MEJ-
9406 fits in just about anywhere.
Fully guaranteed: MFJ’s exclusive one year RB
No Matter What“ warranty. We will repair or
replace your MFJ-9406 for 1 full year.
- MFJ-9406 Adventure Radio accessories
Handheld dynamic SSB microphone:
“Specially matched to compliment the
ConstantCurrent™ speech processor used in the
MFJ-9406. MF J-290. |
CW Module: Install this and operate CW --a
must for DXers. Provides semi-QSK break-in
and sidetone. MFJ-416.
Power Supply: Heavy duty wall transformer
and voltage regulator delivers 13.8 VDC for MFJ-
9406. Powerful, yet small. Fits in your coat
pocket. MFJ-4110.
Portable Battery/AC Power Pack: Use Ni-
Cad, Alkaline, regular D cells or 110 VAC.
Charges Ni-Cads, fastens to MFJ-9406. Batteries
not included. MFJ-4114.
MFJ 6 Meter FM Communicator" Transceiver
MFJ-9606 MFJ-9606 FM
ommunicator™ is
MFJ-9606X the most inexpensive
with Mic
way to get on 6 Meter FM voice or
| Packet! Potent 10 Watt transmitter
and CrystalClearVoice™ puts fun and fidelity
| UT J 5) AT mm
No Code Techs & Veter
with mic
. join the SSB crowd! Enjoy crys-
tal clear armchair QSOs. DX, ragchew or hunt
down new grid squares from far away places
from your home, car or mountain top. This
little rig is great for home contesting or mobile.
MFJ’s 2 Meter SSB Adventure Radio™ —
packs 7 powerful Watts with potent
ConstantCurrent™ syllabic speech processing
that’ll punch through pile-ups.
If a signal is there, you'll hear it! A low-
noise front end and doubly-balanced mixer
, can enjoy DXing and ragchewing with far awa
SSB... 7 Watts PEF, Hot receiver, 2.3 KHz crystal Filter,
N FEW fight intermod, yet dig into band noise for
al “ * weak signals. Sharp crystal filter fights con-
MEI-9402X test QRM. Enjoy reduced passband noise
with HF-style 2.3 kHz ladder filter.
Easy to Operate: No microprocessor
mumbo-jumbo. Just turn on and tune in!
CIEN without mic. Potent Signal: 7 Watts PEP -- plus Con-
o Code Techs and veterans . . stant Current™ syllabic speech processing
adds 4 to 6 dB advantage to punch through
pileups or climb above the noise. |
TVI Protection: Built-in 7 element low-
pass filter knocks down TVI -- lets you oper-
ate day or night, when you want to!
Real S-Meter: Aim your beam with pin-
point accuracy and give out signal reports
that mean something! | |
Agile Tuning: Analog VFO lets you scan
for signals quickly, then zero in smoothly.
Ideal for fast-paced hunt-and-pounce opera-'
back into ham radio with true-to-life speech quali-
ty and ultra-clean AFSK data signals.
Super fast PIN diode switching, no compro-
mise dual-conversion FM receiver with quiet
LNA, factory installed 52.525 MHz calling crys-
tals. Add different crystals to change frequency.
Aa ver
G, 6M Amp, $389. B-1016-G, 2M Amp,
quadruples ‘
your effective:
— directional low-
7 E
: | nd Vete ans alike . .. Explore
... 10 Watts Out . . . Super Hot Receiver!
6 Meter Antennas/Accessories
Meter Yagi
radiated power over '/z wave
dipole. 6 foot boom, 2 pounds.
Can use TV rotator and mast.
Handles 300 Watts PEP SSB.
Mounts vertically or horizontally.
Current balun decouples feedline.
Great front-to-back ratio.
MEJ-1756. Omni- UN
angle vertical radia-
tor lets you work
plenty of DX in all directions even
with low power. GroundIsolated""
radial system eliminates common
mode current paths. Reduces unde-
sirable feedline/supporting struc-
ture radiation. 55” strong alu-
minum radiator. a
MF J-1736. Hang this 6 PT
Meter J-pole in the clear
and enjoy some exciting Wg.
DX QSOs. Omni- direc-. | «”°
tional full size 1/2 wave antenna
with low angle radiation outper-
forms 1/4 waves.
MFJ-1776. Efficient — т |
low SWR folded ОО
dipole is lightweight, O
easy-to-carry, easy-to-
put-up. Perfect for portable.
MFJ-903. 6
antenna tunerter
Less meter.
MFJ-906. 6
Meter antenna £ |
tuner with cross-needle meter. 100
Watts FM, 200 Watts SSB PEP.
See more details/tuners on page 6
n2 Meter
Real S-Meter, low drain . . . more!
tion during contests and band openings.
Loud Audio: 3'/ inch top-mount speaker
delivers robust audio, overcomes noise.
Phone Jack: 1/4 inch jack for stereo head-
phones, cuts off speaker automatically.
Amplifier Friendly: Built-in FET switch
keys solid-state or tube amps. ‘Output signal
is tailored for our popular multi-mode amps.
CW Operation: Operate 2 meter CW with
optional MFJ-416 CW adapter board. В
Built-to-Last: Conservative design, premi-
um PC board, quality surface mount compo-
nents and rugged cabinet provides years of
dependable and enjoyable service.
Compact: At only 2'/Hx6'/Wx6D inches,
the MFJ-9402 fits just about anywhere.
Accessories: Our huge line of 2 Meter
antenna accessories is on pages 30, 31, 34.
See antenna tuner on page 7.
... 2 ana 6 Meter Power
Get up to 160 Watts of power out from an MF] SSB Radio! A-1015-
$379. See Mirage pages 51-52.
2 ricks J
Ten Meters is red hot!
10 Meters is open to the world nearly
everyday. Enjoy crystal clear armchair QSOs.
Ragchew with locals and DXers or hunt
down new grid squares from far away places
Jrom your home, car or mountain top.
MEJ's compact 10 Meter SSB Adventure
Radio™ packs 20 powerful Watts with
potent ConstantCurrent™ syllabic speech
processing that’ll punch through pile-ups.
H there is a signal there, you’ll hear it!
Single conversion superheterodyne receiver
with low noise preamp, double balance
mixer, low noise heterodyne VFO and 2.3
kHz crystal filter gives excellent weak sig-
‘nal performance.
Special Offer MFJ-9410X!
; re's what you get...
Easy to Operate: No microprocessor
mumbo-jumbo. Just turn on and tune in!
Potent Signal: 20 Watt PEP -- plus
Constant Current™ syllabic speech process-
FJ-9410 & MFJ-290 microphone.
=J 20 Meter
¡er SSB Adventure
10 Me: ers is red hot! Work 6 the world with MFJ's new 10 Meter SSB ri
low $259.95! 20 Watts PEP... Hot receiver . . .
ce + Syl labic Speech Processing .. ... Covers 28. 3 to 28.6 MHz. . Low power drain
- with mic
ing for an added 4 to 6 dB advantage to cut
through noise, fading, and QRM.
Low Drain: Operate from a 3 Amp AC
supply or 12 Volt battery. All analog circuit-
ry means highest energy efficiency!
Hot Receiver: Low noise preamp and
active Double Balanced Mixer front end dig
deep into the noise to capture weak ones. If
the signal is there, you’ll hear it.
Excellent Selectivity: Sharp 2.3 KHz SSB
crystal ladder filter reduces passband noise,
fights QRM, and improves intelligibility.
TVI Protection: Built-in 7 element low-
pass filter knocks down TVI — lets you
operate day or night, when you want to!
Real S-Meter: Steer your beam with pin-
point accuracy and give meaningful reports
with a full-sized analog S-meter. Also,
monitor speech processing level.
Agile Tuning: No unexpected tuning rate
shifts or stair-stepping. Reduction drive
analog VFO lets you scan the band for sig-
nals quickly, then zero in smoothly. Best
VFO for hunt-and-pounce contest operation!
ford an rad
2.3 KHz Crystal Filter, ... Real S-Meter
Loud Audio: Efficient rugged 3'/2 inch
top-mount speaker delivers robust audio,
overcomes ambient noise.
Phone Jack: 1/4 inch jack accepts stan-
dard stereo headphones, cuts off speaker
automatically. Attenuated output protects
phones and ears, makes gain adjustment easy.
Amplifier Jack: Solid-state FET switch
keys external linear power amplifier. a | |
CW Operation: Operate ten meter CW. |
with optional CW adapter board.
~ Built-to-Last: Conservative design, pre-
mium quality, plate through PC board, quali-
ty components, handsome brushed alu-
minum panel and tough vinyl clad case
‚ таКе for years of dependable service.
Compact: At only 2/:Hx6'-Wx6D inch-
es, the MFJ-9410 fits just about anywhere.
MFJ-9410 Adventure Radio Accessories
Handheld dynamic SSB microphone:
Specially matched to compliment the =
ConstantCurrent™ speech processor used in
the MFJ-9410. MFJ-290. | |
10 Meter Folded Dipole: Efficient low
SWR folded dipole is lightweight, easy-to-
carry, easy-to-put-up. Perfect for portable
rigs. MFJ-1770A.
10 Meter Mobile Magnet Mount:
High-Q, high performance, low wind resist-
ance low SWR, handles 100 Watts. Magnet
mount with coax. MFJ-1727.
10 Meter SWR/Power Meter/Tuner:
Single meter reads SWR/power for ten
meters. Two power ranges: 60/150 Watts.
Tiny 4x2x1'/1 in. Tuning tool included. No
Zero adjustment. MFJ-940A.
... the most powerful 12 Watt radio you'll ever own ... hot receiver . . . potent speech processing ...
rugged ansmitter ... proven on-air design . . . real Analog S-Meter . . . Powerful audio . ..
Turn on your new MFJ SSB
Transceiver and you’ll marvel at how well
it performs. . .
Weak stations roll in with surprising
clarity, faithfully reproduced by MF] trans-
ceivers’ single conversion receiver.
On transmit, MFJ’s exclusive —
ConstantCurrent™ speech processor cuts
through noise and QRM like a far more
powerful radio. |
Take world class DX performance
along on your next vacation or business trip
-- the MF] transceiver, microphone, power
supply, and antenna can easily fit into your
brief case or carry-on bag.
At home, in the car, or on the road,
you’ll be an azed at what MFJ’s SSB radios
can do!
Here's what you get:
Simple operation: No microprocessor
mumbo-jumbo -- you’ll have it operating in
Truly portable: Smallest rig of its
Add “X” suffix to
include mic
. Shipping Code A
“you’ll get it loud & clear!
MFJ-9420, MFJ-9440, kind! Transceiver and accessories
easily fit in a small bag.
Great sensitivity: Features a
quiet double balanced mixer front-
end, single conversion clarity and
plenty of gain. If a signal is there,
Analog S-Meter: A real calibrated S-
meter -- not a useless bargraph -- that
makes peaking a tuner or finding the best
beam heading clear-cut.
Excellent Selectivity: Eight poles of
tight IF filtering cuts adjacent chatter and
focuses transmitter power where you need
Smooth VFO: No annoying synthesizer
Jump or obscure keypad commands to deal
with. Effortless tuning, custom reduction-
drive ball-bearing capacitor.
Powerful audio: Big audio -- even in
noisy locations from a special Signetics
audio chip and rugged 3 inch speaker.
RF Speech processing: MFJ’s
ConstantCurrent'“ RF speech processing
slashes through noise and QRM like a full-
sized radio running many times more
Low Current Requirements: You'll
“never have to lug around a heavy power -
supply to run this radio.
See MFJ-4110, on page 23.
Rugged Transmitter: Bullet-proof PA
transistor runs cool, easily tolerates 3:1
VSWR and accidental feedline shorts or
opens. |
Proven on-air design: You may have
already worked an MFJ radio without even
knowing it. Designer Rick Littlefield,
K1BQT literally developed these radios on-
air, under the same real-world operating
conditions you will.
Built to last: Conservative design, pre-
mium plate-through PC board, quality com-
ponents, handsome brushed-aluminum
panel and a tough vinyl clad case ensure
years of dependable service.
MFJ-9420 covers 14.150-14.350 MHz,
MFJ-9440 covers 7.150-7.300 MHz, MFJ- -
9475 covers 3.750-4.000 MHz. One Watt
audio output at 10% THD. Draws 50-100
mA on receive and 1.2 amps peak on trans-
mit at 13.8 VDC. 2':x6':x6 inches. All
have MET's No Matter What™ warranty.
MFJ-415B. Install this CW Module
and operate CW, a must for DXers.
Provides semi-QSK break-in and sidetone.
Free Instruction Manual on all МЕЛ
products. Call 800- 647- 1800. |
W Transceivers |
. enjoy DXing or ragchewing wherever you go . . .
1 . at a terrific price!
New improved ultra-hot receiver . .
brush up on CW and upgrade . . . no-compromise performance . .
Easy Operation: The most
user-friendly radio you’li ever
own. Sets up in seconds -- no
Each. Choose band.
microprocessor mumbo jumbo.
Great Sensitivity: New hotter-
than-ever superhet receiver brings
weakest signals in at full volume
(super-quiet FET post amp stage in the IF
‘filter makes this the best CW receiver
fun as receiving! |
Semi-QSK: Set adjus
mit/receive switching to suit your normal
sidetone makes sending as much
table hold trans-
going). | | . |
| Tight EW bandwidth > / Integrated CW Station Nor LOS during.
crystal RM and Кайо or, moh integrated CW station. easy to Power: It
noise to the maximum. uses little power -- only
Smooth and Stable SAVE! pics ON 50 mA aver age on >
VFO: Wide-spaced |
reduction drive VFO
capacitor glides slowly
station. Includes CW
transceiver, MFJ-971
tuner, MEJ-4114 power
peak on transmit.
Perfect for battery
pack, portable antenna,
Order: MFJ-9140B,
40M; MFJ-9130B, 30M;
MFJ-9120B, 20M; MFJ-91
across the easy-to-read
dial. |
True RIT: RIT con-
trol has center-detent --
aA aE
17B, 17M
operation in remote
locations! |
— Rugged . =
Construction: MF
CW radios are built on
makes listening or call-
0115B, 15M. Higher price if all items are
ing off-frequency a snap!
G-10 double-sided
Ng separately.
Easy on your Ears:
Smooth AGC tracks only the signals you
want to hear -- it never locks onto strong
signals outside the audio bandpass. MFJ’s
InstantRecovery AGC™ snaps the receiver -
back at full gain after transmitting.
Built-in speaker: High efficiency 3” -
~ speaker driven by 100 mW of audio gives
great volume. | |
Rugged Transmitter: Motorola power
amplifier transistor delivers full QRP out-
put, tolerates opens and accidental shorts
without damage.
Sinewave Sidetone: Pure 700 Hz CW
QRP-Cub™ Kit.
Wired & tested cub.
mount technology
to achieve big performance in a pocket-
sized package. |
The kit version has all SMT parts
mounted and soldered. You just insert and
solder the “through-hole” parts such as the
connectors, inductors and trimmer caps.
Designed by QRP-ARCI hall-of-famer
K1BQT for real world low-power operating
MFJ-4110. == a
Portable AC power -
supply. Connect to =
MF] radios. LED CU
- indicates when |
— power is applied. Output is approximately
13.8 VDC at 1.2 amps.
MFJ-4114. AC Power
supply/Battery Pack
uses Ni-Cd D cells or
alkaline D cells (not
included). Matches
MF] radios. Output is 13.8 VDC at 1.2
amps. Voltage regulated. Ni-Cd charge
circuit. ; |
MEJ-415B,. Plug in CW adapter for MFJ-
9420/9440. Semi break-in T/R switching.
Sidetone, key jack, mode switch.
Keyer/Filter not incl. MFJ-27 handle.
“radio” for new upgrading hams.
“XX” area of model number. |
Hot receiver with 0.2 uV sensitivity, low
— band center, low power drain. Tiny
MFJ-1770A. 10
O MFJ-1771. 17
. Meter dipole antenna.
—_/ plate-through PC
boards in our plant.
Rugged all-metal cabinet with brushed alu-
minum front panel and vinyl clad cover.
Frequency Coverage:
Choose your favorite band! 40 & 15
Meter models cover Nov- ice and TechPlus
band segments --makes a perfect “first
MFJ-9040 covers 7.000-7.150 MHz;
MFJ-9030 covers 10.100-10.150 MHz;
MEJ-9020 covers 14.000-14.075 MHz;
MFJ-9017 covers 18.068-18.110 MHz;
MEJ-9015 covers 21.000-21.200 MHz.
conditions. Buy al! or choose from 80, 40,
30, 20, 17, or 15 Meters. Specify band in
noise, sharp passband crystal filter, —
Differential mode AGC, rock steady, over
80 dB signal range, robust AF output, 2
Watts thru 20 Meters, 1 Watt ‘15/17 Meters.
Power adjustable to zero, full QSK for
smooth break-in, natural sidetone, shaped
keying, custom TX offset, receiver pass-
33/,Wx1!/:Hx4'/:D inches. Wired unit cov-
ered by MFJ’s No Matter What™ warranty.
MEFJ-4165. CW for MFJ-9406/9402.
MEJ-726. Narrow audio filter for MF]
MFJ-412. Curtis chip iambic keyer mod-
ule. Use your MFJ paddies.
MFJ-1770. 15 Meter dipole antenna.
Meter dipole
Meter dipole
MFJ-1772. 20
Meter dipole
MFJ-1773. 30
MFJ-1774. 40 Meter dipole antenna.
0 Ban ds -- ] MFJ Antenna:
ull size performance . . . No ground or radials
Operate 10 bands: 75/80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 1 0, 6 and 2 Meters with one antenna
Separate full size radiators . . .
. . . Very wide bandwidth
Operate 10 bands -- 75/80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15,
12, 10, 6 and 2 Meters with this MFJ-1798 vertical
d get full size performance with no
antenna ar
ground or radials!
Full size performance gives high efficiency for
more power radiated. Results? Stronger signals
and more Q-5 QSOs.
Full size performance also gives you exception-
ally wide bandwidths so you can use more of your
hard earned frequencies.
Full size performance is achieved using separate
full size radiators for 2-20 Meters and highly effi-
cient end loading for 30, 40, 75/80 Meters.
Get ve)
clear where it does the most good -- your si
gets out even if you're ground mounted.
It’s easy to tune because adjusting one band has
minimum effect on the resonant frequencies of
other bands.
low radiation angle for exciting DX,
bandswitching, omni-directional cover-
‘age, low SWR. Handles 1500 Watts PEP SSB. .
MF J’s|unique Elevated Top Feed™ elevates the
all the way to the top of the antenna. It
puts the maximum radiation point high up in the
pporting and just 20 feet tall, the MFJ-1798
mounts easily from ground level to tower top -- small”
lots, backyards, apartments, condos, roofs, tower mounts.
Separate Full Size Radiators
Separa e full size quarter wave radiators are used on 20, 17,
15, 12, 10 and 2 Meters. On 6 Meters, the 17 Meter radiator
‘becomes a 3/4 wave radiator,
The active radiator works as a stub to decouple everything ‘
Super High-Q Loop™ Antennas
: fo — MEFJ's tiny 36 inch
diameter loop antenna
% lets you operate 10
À through 30 MHz con-
| finuously -- including
4 the WARC bands!
| Ideal for limite
space -- apart- ENE
ments, small lots, à
motor homes, attics, or
Enjoy both DX and local
contacts mounted vertically. Get both low MEJ-1621
angle radiation for excellent DX and high
angle radiation for local, close-in contacts.
Handles 150 watts. — |
Super easy-to-use! Only MEJ's super
remote control has Auto Band Selection“.
It auto-tunes to desired band, then beeps to
let you know. No control cable is needed.
Fast/slow tune buttons and built-in two
range CrosstNeedle SWR/Wattmeter lets
you quickly|tune to your exact frequency.
All welded construction, no mechanical
joints, welded butterfly capacitor with no
rotating contacts, large 1.050 inch diameter
round radiator -- not a lossy thin flat-strip .
-- gives you highest possible efficiency.
Each plate in MFJ's tuning capacitor is ;
welded for low loss and polished to prevent
high voltage arcing, welded to the radiator,
- has nylon bearing, anti-backlash mecha-
nism, limit switches, continuous no-step
DC motor -- gives smooth precision tuning.
mobile homes. .
End loading . . . Elevated top feed . . . Low Radiation
. Highest performance no ground vertical ever...
beyond it. In phase antenna current flôws in all parallel
This forms a very large equivalent radiator and gives
you incredible bandwidths. Lo |
Radiator stubs provide automatic bandswitching --
absolutely ro loss due to loading coils or traps.
End Loading
On 30, 40, 75/80 Meters, end loading -- the most
fficient form of loading -- gives you highly efficient
performance, excellent bandwidth, low angle radiation
nd automatic bandswitching. |
MFJ°s unique Frequency Adaptive L-Network™ pro-
ides automatic impedance matching for lowest SWR
n these low bands. o
Tuning to your favorite part of these bands is simple
nd is done at the bottom of the antenna.
No Ground or Radials Needed
You don’t need a ground or radials because an effec-
tive counterpoise that’s 12 feet across gives you excel-
: lent ground isolation. :
You can mount it from ground level to roof top and
get awesome | |
No Feedline Radiation to Waste Power
The feedline is decoupled and isolated from the
antenna with MFJ's exclusive AirCore"" high power current
balun. It’s wound with Teflon? coax and can’t saturate, no
matter how high your power. |
uilt to Last
Incredibly strong solid fiberglass rod and large diameter 6061
T-6 aircraft strength aluminum tubing is in the main structure.
Efficient high-Q coils are wound on tough low loss fiberglass
Heavy duty thick ABS plastic housing
has ultraviolet inhibitor protection. |
NEW! MFJ-1788. Same as MFJ-1786
but covers 40 Meters-15 Meters continu-
ous. Includes super remote control. -
MFJ-1782. Like MFJ-1786 but control
has only fast/slow tune buttons.
© MFJ-1780. Box Fan Portable Loop is
TT (about the same size (2x2 foot) as a box
¡ifan, complete with handle. Covers 14-30
¡MHZz. C as fast/slow tunes.
MET Portable Äntenna
| MFJ-1621 lets you
operate in most any
electrically free area --
| apartment, campsite,
* hotel, the beach, etc.
DC С. WAZ, WAC, WAS have been won
with MFJ-1621! Work 40, 30, 20, 17, 15,
12 and 10 Meters with a telescopic whip
that extends to 54 inches. Mounted on a
sturdy 6x3x6 inch cabinet. Built-in anten-
na tuner, field strength meter, and 50 feet of
RG- с dles 200 Watts.
| MET 5 CR ntenna
Covers all bands,
160-10 Meters with
antenna tuner. 102
oo feet long, shorter than
MFJ-1778 80 Meter dipole. Use
as inverted vee or sloper to be more com-
pact. Use on 160 Meters as Marconi with
tuner and ground. Handles full legal limit
power. Add coax feedline -- get on the air!
forms using highly weather resistant Teflon* covered wire.
MFJ halfwave vertical
6 bands: 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2 Meters... No
radials or ground needed -
Only 12 feet MEJ-1796
high and has a tiny | |
24 inch footprint!
Mount anywhere -- |
ground level to tower top --
apartments,small lots, trailers. -
Perfect for vacations, field day
DXpedition, camping.
Efficient end-loading, no
lossy traps. Entire length is
always radiating. Full size
halfwave on 2/6 Meters. High
power air-wound choke balun
eliminates feedline radiation. |
Adjusting 1 band has minimum ;
effect on others. |
Automatic bandswitching,
low radiation angle, omni- aa
directional, handles 1500 watts PEP. Goes
together in an afternoon. |
Super 80/40 Meter Vertical
MFJ-1792, is a high-performance 80/40
Meter vertical. Full size quarter wave radia-
- tor for 40 Meters -- that’s 33 feet of ruthless
radiating power. End loading, low-loss
fiberglass form, high strength 6061-T6 alu-
minum tubing, handles 1500 Watts PEP,
requires guying and radials, counterpoises
or ground screen. В |
Super 80/40/20 Meter Vertical
MF J-1793, like MFJ-1792 but has full
size 20 Meter 1/1 wave radiator also.
AFJ Vertical
for Antenna
Restricted Areas
40, 20, 15, 10 Meters,
HF mini-Bugcatcher
Highly efficient base-loaded 5'/ bugcatcher
covers 40 thru 6 Meters... Use simple trunk
lip, mirror, luggage mount or tri-mag mount —
MFJ Apartment Antenna
- Covers 40 thru 2 Meters . . . Mounts outdoor
to windows, balconies, railings . . . works great
indoors mounted to desks, tables, bookshelves
- MFJ-1622
This new
Antenna lets
with a single
mount/clamp lets you easi
indoors mounted to a desk, table or bookshelf.
It’s not a five element yagi, but you'll work your
share of exciting DX!
Highly efficient air wound “bug catcher” load-
ing coil and telescoping 5'/: foot radiator lets you
‘really get out! Radiator collapses to 2'/2 feet for
easy storage and carrying.
It includes coax RF choke balun, coax feed
line, counterpoise wire and safety rope.
The operating frequency 1 is adjusted by moving
the “wander lead” on the coil and adjusting the
counterpoise for best SWR.
you operate 40
Its universal
y attach it to window
frames, balconies and railings. It also works great
id Gro und-Coi I
Can you use a portable or semi-permanent vertical antenna that i is
a MFI-1624
through 10 fun-filled ham adventures.
Meters on HF - It only takes minutes to attach a trunk
annd 6 and 2 lip mount (MFJ-347, $39.95), mirror or
Meters on VHF luggage mount (MFJ-342, $9.95) or tri-
catcher HF mobile antenna.
handles 300 Watts PEP).
Become an “HF Mobileer”
almost instantly with almost
no effort! Have tons of fun
rag-chewing and DXing on
the HF bands. Turn boring drives into
magnet mount (MFJ-338T, $19.95).
Screw in your MFJ-1624 mini bug-
Throw your rig into your car, plug it in §
the cigarette lighter and turn the power |
down to 20 Watts or so (to avoid over-
loading your cigarette lighter; MFJ- 1624
Operate HF mobile and enjoy DXing! |
Bugcatcher design uses large highly- à:
efficient air-wound inductor -- far out per-:
forms other compact HF antennas.
Exclusive built-in inductive matching
network keeps SWR low. 5'/ foot whip
collapses to 2/2 feet for easy storage and,
Base loaded for minimum wind
Automatic Band Switching
| MEJ-1795
Perfect for perma-
a trees, fences, buildings,
“in bushes -- only 7 to
10 feet tall (adjustable).
Low angle of radia-
tion for DXing, omni-
directional, handles
1500 watts PEP. |
Highly efficient end-
loading. Entire length
radiates. Low SWR.
Ground mounts with
suitable ground such as
MFJ-1904 Ground-
Coupled Antenna Base,
radials or ground rods.
Or roof mount with
easily carried, easy-to-setup and radiates well with low SWR?
1multi-band verticals.
| You can operate 160 Meters thru 6
{Meters and above almost anywhere
- ]with an effective signal. It’s perfect for
“traveling or for semi-permanent sum-
|mer/winter homes. You can easily set
:lit up and take down your vertical
antenna for stealth operation if you live
Jin an antenna-restricted area.
t Mobile antennas on cars, trucks and
|other vehicles are grounded by the
{vehicle body acting as one plate of a
| capacitor coupling RF to ground. This
{time proven principle needs no tuning
land the antenna radiates well and gives
|good SWR on all bands.
| The capacitance to ground is pro-
portional to the area over ground and
linversely proportional to the distance
between ground and the car body.
| In other words, by reducing the dis-
(tance between the capacitor plate (i.e.
|the car body) and ground, the area of
the capacitor plate (the car body) can
{be reduced dramatically. If that dis- -
Truly portable vertical antennas have
. two basic problems - - |
1. How do you get an effective ground
so your antenna will radiate well?
2. How do you support and mount a ver-
tical easily and quickly?
MF] brings you a simple breakthrough
solution that is small, easy-to-carry and
radiates very well!
- The MFJ Ground-Coupled Portable
Antenna Base™ gives you a stable way to
mount your vertical antenna and provides
an effective ground by just plopping down
the base and standing on it to push the legs
- firmly into the ground. It’ll support many
tance is reduced to near zero the capac-
itor plate can be very small.
A 2 x 2 foot square of metal firmly
“against the ground can approximate the
capacitance of a car to ground. This pro-
vides an effective ground for vertical anten- °
nas. A mobile antenna using this capaci-
tance ground will perform about the same
as on a car. If the antenna is made longer
than a normal mobile whip -- which you
can do in fixed portable operation -- the
antenna performance can be far better.
The MFJ-1904 Ground-Coupled
Portable Antenna Base™ is a 2x2 foot
stainless steel square with reinforcing
bends that greatly strengthens it. There is a
folded and tapered six-inch stainless steel
leg on each corner.
Two antenna mounts let you use a vari-
ety of vertical antennas.
Two handles make carrying and remov-
ing the base fast and easy.
You can also attach radials for improved
Stainless steel construction means you'll
get trouble-free service for years.
The base is anchored into the ground by
stepping on each corner and forcing each
leg into the ground. Each stainless steel leg
is designed to keep the base from tilting.
The base can support a lightweight
multi-band vertical antenna -- like the all
band Hy-Gain 18AVS and the bandswitch-
ing MFJ-1795 -- and provide a semi-per-
manent installation. You can even hide the
base by covering it with dirt.
Built-in antenna mount with SO-239 coax
connector and two U-bolts lets you mount
most standard and homebrew vertical antennas.
Standard 3/8-inch x 24 mobile antenna
mount built-in for MFJ Mobile Whips, bug
catchers, Hustlers and screwdriver antennas.
MFJ-1904, MFJ Ground Coupled
Antenna Base™ only.
MF J-1904PXX, MFJ Ground Coupled
Antenna Base™ with your choice of one
MFJ Mobile Whip, MFJ-16XXT.
MFJ-1904HG18, MFJ Ground Coupled
Antenna Base™ and manual band switching
Hy-Gain AV-18VS for 80, 40, 30, 20, 17,
15, 12, 10 Meters.
MFJ- 1904/MFJ-1795 combo. MEJ-
1904 Ground Coupled Antenna Base™ and
automatic band switching MFJ-1795 anten-
na for 40, 20, 15, 10 Meters.
5/8 Wave Ground Plane
incredible price, you get a 300 Watt 5/8 Wave ground plane 2 Meter home station antenna.
5/8 wave ground planes can’t work any better -- no matter how much they cost. . .
all you get at an incredible $24.95! You get MFJ-1750 - PermanentMolecularBonding Technology™. |
get a 300 Watt 5/8 wave ground a ceramic — This super durable finish actually bonds
plane base antenna for 2 Meters that gives insulator for tself to aluminum molecules -- it won't
you the maximum possible calculated gain low RF loss. | ome off unless metal comes off!
of any single element antenna. Result? Maximum radiat- : You get MFJ’s famous No Matter
Other °/s waves can’t work any better -- ed power is achieved. What™ one year limited warranty.
no matter how much they cost. Easy installation to Just $24.95 gets you the most incredi-
You get shunt fed matching network for any 1 to 1'/ inch mast, le value in a 5/8 wave base station ground
lowest possible SWR over entire 2 Meter (not included) with a sin- lane. Remember, other 5/8 wave ground
band. Plus, it bleeds off unwanted static. gle U-bolt (included). lanes can’t work any better. |
You ве! МЕР $ RapidTuneRadiator™ “You get strong lightweight aluminum ME J-1750. 2 Meter °/s Wave.
for quick accurate tuning. construction that's protected by MEJ's ME J-1752.-220 MHz */ Wave.
MFJ 7 element dual band 144/440 MHz Yagi
9 MEJ-1768 Exclusive dual band balanced feed with Includes a 5 foot, 1'/s inch diameter
— FerriteChoke™ decoupling prevents pattern ~~ boom, antenna weighs in at 2 pounds.
skewing-- gives low SWR. 1/4 inch diame- Elements are electrically isolated from
Get two Yagis ter driver elements give wide bandwidth. boom. High strength 6061-T6 aluminum
for the price National Bureau of Standards design is tubing is used for the compact boom -- ~~
[ of one optimized for maximum gain, high front- stays sturdy in inclement weather. Mast is
: Put. tw о to-back ratio, clean symmetrical pattern. not included. Get extra oomphh!
Yagi s in the s sp: ace of one with sin gle coax Mounts vertically for FM/Packet or Quick assembly -- Get it up and on-
feed. Get 7 elements on 440 MHz and 4 horizontally for SSB with single included the-air working DX in less time than going
; U-bolt on 1 to 1'/ inch mast ог tower leg. to the store to bring home a six-pack.
elements on 2 Meters.
Portable 3 element beam for 2 Meters Stacked 5/8 Wave for 2 Meters
Check out MFIs portable 3 element beam for 2 Meters. MFJ’s stacked 5/8 wave radiators give you MFJ-1764
Unique design lets you set it up or MEI-1763 ; “+ …— -, more than twice the omni-directional gain of a
take it down in seconds! RE
boom. It”
dy enou
can't. It
breaking up...” and “Solid copy”.
Center mount it and use it vertically on FM “1:
or horizo
Unique d
on the le
| Îts c
dB of afı
Extra thick elements maintain high gain and directivity over virtu-
ally the whole 2 Meter band. A ferrite choke balun gives you
excellent feedline decoupling. Coax coupling is further reduced by
Has MFJ’s Permanent Molecular Bonding Technology™. New
coating won’t come off unless the metal comes off. Weighs just 2
pounds. Boom is 30'/2x1%/:x1'/s inches. Mounts easily to mast or
tower leg
Take the MFJ-1763 Two Meter portable Yagi with you wherev-
er you go
get extra
quarter wave antenna and solid 1/4 wave performance on 2 Meters.
Ground plane is sloped to give low SWR across both bands
and to minimize feedline radiation. This gives you more useful
radiated power, reduced TVI and noise pickup by the coax shield.
Impro oved 1/4 Wave Ground Plane for 2-Meters
FJ-1740. Improved 1/4 Wave ground plane. Handles 300
Watts for
than any 1/4 wave ground plane -- even if they cost twice as much.
FastTuneRadiator™, low loss ceramic antenna insulator.
h to use as your base station antenna.
The extra gain and directivity from this
beam could get you through when a vertical
Dual Band 144/440 Ground Plane
“1 single 5/8 wave radiator!
4 Wide 10 MHz 2:1 SWR bandwidth ...
+. excellent ferrite choke balun feedline decoupling . . . shunt
i. choke for bleeding off unwanted static . . . strong light-
weight aluminum. Works as an excellent 6 Meter full half-
wave centerfed antenna. Great for MFJ’s 6 Meter radios!
Mounts vertically for FM/packet or horizontally for SSB. Install
with single U-bolt (included) to any 1 to 1'/2 inch mast or tower leg.
| MFJ-1766. Gives you four times the gain of a single 5/8 wave.
tally for SSB. By rotating it you can minimize € QRM. 2 MFJ-1764 antennas, phasing cables. Double gain on 6M.
sign also lets you end mount it vertically or horizontally MFJ-1765. Includes phasing cables for two MFJ-1764s.
of a tower . . . great for Packet and PacketCluster® = |
pact 23%. foot boom gives you a calculated gain within 1 Your Choice! | MFJ HF Mobile Ham-Tenna Whips™
ur element Yagi with a boom nearly twice as long. | These MFJ monoband mobile Ham-tenna
Whips make HF mobiling fun and easy! They're
small, lightweight, efficient & super easy-to-use.
Dual center and distributed loading lets
MEJ-1675T - 75 Meters |) radiate efficiently -- you get more
MJ or es power out for working DX & ragchewing.
- - eters .
MEJ-1620T - 20 Meters |. Each is ruggedly constructed. A heavy
MEJ-1617T - 17 Meters |duty 4 foot, 3/8 inch diameter fiberglass
MFJ-1615T - 15 Meters rod, a nearly indestructible .125 inch
MFJ-1610T - 10 Meters | diameter PH-17-7 stainless steel whip and
MFI-1606T - 6 Meters |chrome plated brass fittings will give you |
years of dependable service.
Its sleek, low profile construction has low wind
| loading and its semi-rigid fiberglass eliminates the
| need for springs or guys.
{ A black anti-static jacket protects the loading
| coil and blends with any vehicle.
The stainless steel whip is adjustable for lowest
SWR. Includes Allen wrench and complete tun-
ing and matching instructions. ;
Handles 250 Watts PEP. About 7 ft. tall, fully ' #
extended and collapses to 4 feet for easy storage.
Simply screws into any 3/8x24 female-mount
for y quick band-changing.
= MF J-338T. No Hole Mag Mount!
MFJ Goliath" Tri -Mag Mount has
three incredibl er strong 5-inch
magnets bolted to o 1h inch wide by 1/4
inch solid aluminum crossbars. Has 17 y
feet coax.” Caution: Once you put this
on, it’s difficult to get it off
simply screw into the
s easy to store and stur-
= ;
] make the difference between “you're
the SO-239 connector behind the reflector.
with single included U-bolt. Mast not included.
and have the oomph and directivity of a beam.
MFJ-1754 МЕР в dual band 144/440 ground
plane antenna is small, lightweight and
super easy to mount to any 1 to 1'%
inch mast, (not included) with a single
ncluded U-bolt -- you’ll have it up and operating
anywhere in just minutes. Great for backpacking.
Mount it inside to get on-the-air quickly. You
ong range on 440 MHz with a high gain halfwave over
two meters that'll bring up repeaters as well as or better
http: //
MFJ- 1402. UE
Short 16!”
antenna is 1/4 wave on 2
meters, '/: wave, 3 dB gain
on 440 MHz. 100 W.
¥ Ruff Rider™
y Trunk/Hatchback
ÿ wide four inch lip
and large reinforc-
ing tabs on each
F side safely distrib-
utes load over your vehicle’s
lip. 2 large set screws on each
end locks your mount in place.
A scratch proof rubber guard
protects your vehicle’s finish.
Secures large VHF/UHF and
“medium size HF antennas.
Adjustable angles, SO-239. 10
feet low loss coax has PL-259
connector. Includes Allen
wrenches and protection caps.
; MFJ-347. Trunk Lip Mount
for 3/8 inch antennas.
MEJ S Pulsar™
Base/Repeater Antenna
series is built to last!
Heavy duty fiberglass
radomes and overlap-
ping shells add strength
- {and stability. Stainless
steel hardware and
‘(Waterproof joints elimi-
nate moisture and pol-
lution. Super high wind
load resistance.
MFJ-1526.: Pulsar
ULTRA MightyGain™
Dual Band 144/440
MHz Base/ Repeater
Antenna. Our highest
gain Pulsar” antenna.
Great 8.3 dB on 2
RuffRiderHighPower™ 40”
long handles fuil 200 W.
Great for amp! 1/2 wave, 3
dB on 2 Meters, 5/8 wave,
5.5 dB gain on 440 MHz.
MEJ-1422. RuffRider
HighGain™. 41'/2” gives
extra gain with little
height. 150 Watts, 1/2
wave, 3.2 dB gain on 2Mtr,:
Sswave,5.7dB on 440 MHz.
62'/7” gives whopping 5 dB
gain on 7/8 wave 2 Meters. .
5/8 wave, 7.6 dB gainon
440 MHz. 150 Watts. 5”
magnet recommended.
59 inches of stacked ele-
ments with high-Q phasing coils give you a
whopping 7.2 dB gain on 440 MHz, 4.5 dB
gain on 2 Meters and 2.15 dBi gain on 6
Meters. Work all your favorite bands! 150 -
Watts. 5” magnet mount recommended.
B® RuffRider™
E SE Mirror/
a Luggage
I Pipe Clamp
Mount. Mount o on support rod
of mirror, luggage rack or spare
tire carrier of your truck, van,
RV or SUV (up to 5/8 in. diam-
eter). Secures large VHF/UHF
and medium size HF antennas.
2 axis of rotation let you position
your antenna to any desired
angle. Serrated, swivel joint locks
securely in place with huge 3/8
inch set screw. Convenient
thumb and finger turn knob.
SO-239, 10 foot coaxial line
with PL-259, Alen wrench
OP М set.
Meters and 11.7 dB on 440
MHz. 17 feet, shipped in two
sections. SO-239 Connector,
handles 200 W.
MFJ-1526N. Same as MFJ-
1526, has “N” connector.
-MFJ-1524. Pulsar Hyper
MightyGain™ Dual Band
144/440 MHz Base/ Repeater
Antenna. You get high gain with
little height. Just 10 feet tall.
Features 6.5 dB gainon2 —
Meters and 9 dB gain on 440
MHz. Shipped in two sections.
S0O-239 connector, handles 200
MFJ-1522. Pulsar Economy
priced Dual Bander™
— Base/Repeater Antenna. Only
MEJ- 1724B. *
This is the world's best selling
dual band 2 Meter/440 MHz
‘magnet mount mobile antenna.
Free BNC handheld adapter.
Powerful 3'/2 inch magnet
base, scratch resistant rubber
“guard, 19 inches tall. 15 feet of:
‘tough coaxial line with PL-259
connector. Handles 300 Watts. :
MFJ-1728B. |
5/8 Wave 2/6 Meters Magnet
; Mount gives maximum possi-
e gain. Tall SlimLine™ radi
ator. Perfect for 2/6 Meter radios.
:MFJ-1729. Power*Gain"" Dual Band
"Magnet mount. Like MFJ-1724B but
ves outstanding 2.6 dB gain on 2
‘Meters and 6.3 dB gain on 440 MHz.
27'h inch steel radiator.
MFJ-1723. New! 220 MHz! Mobile
‘Magnet Mount Antenna covers 220
MHz band. 2.6 dB gain, 221/2 inch
‘slimline radiator, 12 foot coax line with
0-239 connector.
& MFJ-1721. UltraLite™ Mobile mag
ount. RG-174U coax. '* wave on 2M.
ess than 2 oz. 1/8” rare earth mag-net -
iny, but powerful! Thin 20” whip.
MF J-1722. Similar to MFJ-1721.
ца! Band UltraLite™.
0 MHz. 1/4 Wave on 2 Meters.
5/8 Wave on
obile ant
MF] Goliath™
à Mount has three
ÿ super strong 5-
"inch magnets
bolted to 1'/s inch wide by 1/4
inch solid aluminum crossbars.
17 feet coax. Caution: once on,
it’s difficult to get it back off!
MEFJ-338S is for SO-239. MFJ-
338T is 3/8”.
coax. SO-239(8s) or NMO(BM)
MFJ-333BS/BM. 3 in. black
mag mount w/17 ft. coax. SO-
239(BS) or NMO (BM).
| MF]. 1738.
2 Meter mobile glass mount antenna.
44/440 MHz mobile. 6 inch
ounterpoise mounted inside
wers SWR and makes tuning
asy. Free BNC handheld
dapter. Excellent gain on 440
Hz and 2 Meters. Low SWR
ts your transceiver deliver
11 power safely. Exclusive
6 inch stainless steel radiator
inimizes wind vibration for
ss SWR flutter. Gives longer
nge and better readability.
andles 50 Watts. Includes 12
‘feet of tough coaxial line,
-cleaning pad and mounting
Similar to MFJ-1734,
Duplexer lets you use a 2
Meter / 440 MHz antenna
| with separate 2 Meter and
: 440 MHz radios without a
built-in duplexer. Diecast
I enclosure houses low pass
\ networks that separate or
combine 144/440 MHz
signals. Low loss SO-239
and PL-259 connectors. Ports are 50
Obs unit handles 200 Watts PEP.
- MFJ-342. 3/8 inch
threaded HF antenna
, pipe /mirror mount fits
MFJ’s HF mobile
HamTennas™ or any
3/8” style whips.
В Stainless steel clamps can
mount to !/s or '/2” pipe. SO-239
connector w/lock washer feeds
coaxial line underneath 3/8 inch
connector. MFJ-344. Similar
to MFJ-342, but vertical mount
- for Th inch antennas.
MFJ-343. GumDrop™
3/8” antenna hard -
mount. Tough, durable
plastic, rubber seal pro-
tects finish.
MEJ-341S/M. Hard
mount coaxial line. SO- |
239(S) or NMO(M).
car"! VHF/UHF Base/Repeater Antennas
5.5 feet tall, but big on gain. Get work. Covers 2 Meters, 6
4.5 dB gain on 2 Meters and 7.2
dB gain on 440 MHz. Great for
antenna restricted households
and apartments. Easy to hide on
balcony or backyard. Great
price! SO-239 connector, han-
dles 200 Watts.
MFJ-1516. Pulsar VHF Base
Station™. The ultimate 2 Meter
Base/Repeater Station antenna!
Great 7.8 dB gain is perfect for
dedicated repeater or home use:
15 feet shipped in three sections.
SO-239 Connector, handles 200
MEJ- 1536.
Bander™. The perfect
| base/repeater antenna for VHF -
Pulsar VHF Tri-
‘Meters and 440 MHz. You get 2
dB gain on 6 Meters, 6 dB gain
on 2 Meters and 8 dB gain on
440 MHz. Only 8.2 feet,
shipped in two sections. SO-239
~ Connector, handles 200 W, `
MFJ-1532N. Pulsar
VHFUHF and 1.2 GHz Tri-
Bander™ Base/Repeater
Antenna. You get great VHF
operation plus exciting 1.2 GHz! .
Great 4.5 dB gain on 2 Meters,
8.3 dB gain on 440 MHz and a
whopping 11.7 dB gain on 1.2
GHz. Just 5.5 feet. Easily hides
on balcony, small patio. Type
“N” connect, handles 200 Watts.
pose radio
В ра! Гог..
“Ts Two way
radio v voice e mail lets you
and your friends/family
leave and retrieve voice
messages for each other.
When in radio range, stay in touch 24
hours a day no matter where you are.
You can program custom access codes
and security codes so you can decide who
uses your Radio Voice Mail.
1 / I
MFJ Telescopic HT Antennas
TA A.MFKJ-1714.Long Ranger™ 2
forms like a rubber duck (10'/
in.), fully extended (40 in.), it's an
putstanding performer!
B. MFJ-1712. Dual Bander
5/8 wave with gain for 440 MHz.
7's in. collapsed, 19 in. extended. .
C. MFJ-1710. PocketLinear"", Pen
size 3/8 wave for 2 Mtrs like a ball
- “collapsed, 24!/> in. extended.
MFJ SuperFlex"" ThinDUCK Antennas
MEFJ-1715. Tie it in a knot...
en you use it, it’ll bounce back in
ape -- you can’t break them!
his MFJ-1715 12'/ inch
uperFLEX™ radiator is a '/: wave
n 440 MHz -- gives a hearty 2.15
Bi gain. On 2 Meters, you get an
icient full size '/s wave antenna.
B. MFEJ-1713. 5'/” radiator is
“similar to MFJ-1715 except for
ain on 440 MHz.'/s wave on 440
€ efficient loaded '/s wave on 2
МЕЛ В ck-of- radio 144/440 MHz Base
— MEJ-1717PL. Plug this MEJ
‘back-of-radio” antenna into your
? Meter/440 MHz mobile or base
rig in your shack. It may not be a
en element yagi but it'1l get you
out in a hurry! This fold-over dual
band flexi-duck antenna with a
quality PL-259 connector. Gives a
1earty 2.15 dBi gain on 440 MHz
and is a full-size 1/4 wave on 2
eters. Hi-Q, low loss construc-
hon. 16% inches, hard safety tip.
>, MFJ-641 (K, 1, Y).
Ë RapidBattery"" Charger
has both quick and trick-
“ le charging and will
charge Ni-Cad or Ni-MH
batteries. Has charging status LED indica-
tors. Automatically switches from quick to
trickle charge. Compact 3'/2x5'/2x3 inches.
Universal interchangeable charging slots
3 MEJ-844. Compact
hn 3%1x3x 1/1 inch 144/440 MHz
“ SWR Wattmeter has 15, 60
and 200 Watt power ranges.
SO-239 Connectors.
Meter 1/2 Wave. ! Collapsed, it per-
144/440 MHz. !‘/s wave on 2 Meters,
point pen with pocket clip. 5'/a in.
Greatly extends radio range by using
another radio as a relay.
You can have your own private, portable
repeater when coordinating public events,
hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or for a
multi-vehicle road trip.
During a disaster, MFJ-664 can provide
emergency communications when repeaters
are down.
Test your own signal quality by repeating
your transmission thru another radio.
Automatically repeat recorded message
continuously. Great for determining band
“openings, for foxhunting and for public
service announcements like hamfest direc-
MF JSuperFlex™ HT Antennas
A. MFJ-1716. Dual band 144/440
MHz Flex duck is similar to MFJ-
1717. 7h in. length, 1/4 wave on
Mtrs. BNC. Add “S” for SMA.
B. MFJ-1717. MEJ's best selling
HT antenna! High gain dual band
| low SWR. |
MF] TeleFlex™ HT Antenna
both flexible and telescopic
at the same time! It extends
to improve your range, plus
it takes all the bending, —
twisting and tugging you
f can dish out! Dual band,
BNC connector. 6 inches
long retracted, 8'/ inches
long extended.
MF] Foldover Telescopic HT Antenna
# MFJ-1812. This new dual
and 144/440 MHz HT
antenna combines tele-
copic and foldover fea-
ures in a single antenna.
xtends to improve your
ange plus it folds over to
et out of the way of your gut.
Helps protect it for years of
~ dependable use. MFJ-1812 is
© just six inches retracted and 16 inches
extended. High Q low loss construction,
super durability for years of use.
MF RapidBattery™ Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Chargers
make charging several makes of HTs fast,
simple and safe. Simply change the charg-
er slot and pop in your battery. Your MFJ
Charger is suppliéd with one charger slot,
MFJ-641(12) for BP-131/132; (13) for BP-
173/180; (Y2) for FNB-10/11/12/17/27;
(Y3) for FNB-31/33; (Y4) for FNB-
40/41/V47/V49; (K) for Kenwood PB and
KNB battery types.
MFJ Compact VHF/UHF SWR/Pover Meters
; IPR MFJ-840. Reads power output of your 2
¡Meter HT into 50 Ohms. Check battery
charge. 5 watts full scale. BNC. —
; MFJ-841, Plugs between HT and anten-
ina. Read SWR/power out to 5 Watts.
440 MHz and loaded 1/4 wave on 2
ull size 1/4 wave on 2 Meters. BNC. ;
Add “S” for SMA. Factory tuned for ;
MFJ-1816. This special HT antenna is |
144/440 MHz coverage with 1 НЕ Hu
МЕ Te oJ J Radio Voice Mail... Simplex Repeater . . . Voice Beacon. ….
. Use MFFs
tions, VE exam time/place.
Non-volatile memory lets you store up
to 2 full minutes of voice messages.
Your keypad can be used for remote
operation with Morse code verification of
functions. Has end-of-message beep and out-
put level control for clean audio.
Use 9 Volt battery or 9-15 VDC or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D. All metal cabinet is
4Wx3'hDx1'hH in. 5 ounces. |
Use any radio -- handheld, mobile, base,
HF rigs (2 Meters, 440 MHz, business band,
etc) -- with PTT or mic closure sensing. Ask -
about pre-wired cables for Icom, Kenwood,
Yaesu, Alinco, Radio Shack, HTs, mobiles.
handheld “Rubber Duck” antennas
A: MEFJ-1720S. MFJ's Triple Band HT
:ÿ FlexiDuck"" antenna is a whopping 19
A}. inches tall -- it’s big enough to deliver a
4 powerful signal for 2 Meters, 440 MHz,
-ÿ-and 6 Meters! It’s a 5/8 Wave on 440 |
8 MHz to give you a hearty 3.2 dBi gain. i
$: On 2 Meters you get a 1/4 Wave antenna
E with 2.15 dBi gain. On 6 Meters you get
-§ an efficient full size 1/4 Wave antenna for
-full-size performance. Precision-tuned at
the factory for low SWR. High-Q, low
loss construction gives you maximum
radiated power. 10 Watts. SMA Connector.
MF] SmallWonder™ HT Antenna
a, MFJ-1719. New Small Wonder HT
E Antenna is truly remarkable for its
ize! Pound for pound, this is the
"E best HT antenna around. You get
dia remarkable performance from this
EE, super tiny (less than an inch tall)
BUS antenna. It's perfect for traveling and
ME monitoring calls. It doesn’t get in
www vour way! Receives and transmits on
2 Meter/440 MHz. Also receives great sig-
nals at 1200 MHz. Choose from BNC or
SMA connector. Order MFJ-1719S for
MF] 2-Meter Pocket Roll-Up Antenna
je MFJ-1730. Roll up this 1/2 wave 2
Meter antenna and stick it in your
pocket. At home, vacations, camp-'s easy to take it with you.
Get home station performance on- .
the-go! Hang MFJ-1730 in the
clear, plug the handy BNC connector into —
your handheld and enjoy some great QSOs.
It’s omni-directional and has significant
gain over a '/1 wave. It doesn’t need a cum-
bersome ground plane so it’s convenient for
indoors and works great with handhelds.
HT Antenna Window Mount
MFJ-310. Gets your antenna outside
where it can radiate freely -- takes away
auto shielding effect and gives in-creased
signal strength/reception. Use 144/ 440 MHz
HT w/BNC. 10 RG-58 coax.
MEJ-312. Get your antenna up— Fi
in-the-air! Clip this HT antenna
extension cable anywhere! BNC
connectors. 3'/: ft mini coax.
‚МР IntermodFighters™:
MEJ-713. Use between HT /antenna
to eliminate intermod. BNC.
MFJ-714. Plugs between your mobile
rig and antenna coax. SO-239 connec-
tors. Use 12 VDC.
po Tri-Band 2/6/4409 MHz FlexiDucl™
mini Speaker Micro
(Y, I, K)
MFJ-288 (K, L Y)
| . |
MFJ-293 (K/Y/T)
——— radio! No more
gaudy, oversized headsets or massive hand-
held speakermics! |
This tiny earbud features a secure and
comfortable rubber flex earloop design and
5 inch flexible boom microphone that
adjusts perfectly to your mouth. The ear-
MES Mighty Mic™ handhelc
MightyMic™ is a
super speaker micro-
| phone for those tiny
and popular minia-
q ¿urized handheld radios on the market
\ today like Yaesu’s VX5R and Icom’s
MFJ-294 (1, K, Y)
a Q7A.
МР Featherweight Earphone/Mic
МЕР Featherweight
Earphone Microphone has
an earbud earphone and a
tiny thumb-size micro-
Here’s a top quality
speaker mic that’s per-
fect for those popular
and tiny new Yaesu,
Icom, Kenwood, Alinco,
and ADI handheld transceivers.
Fits perfectly in your hand, but .
gives booming receive audio so you
can monitor stations while the mic is
attached to your lapel -- no more
holding the speaker up to your ear!
through an airport,
at home, or in
| your car, this MFJ
deluxe headset gives you the abil-
ity to carry on a private QSO
while doing other things.
The mic can pick up your
voice, whether booming or at a
quiet whisper when placed appro-
- priately near your mouth.
The earphone gives superb
MEL Featherweight earbud Boom Mic"
Tiny PTT thumb switch with
crystal clear transmit audio.
53 dB sensitivity and 1K Ohm
The MFJ-295 Microphone has -
impedance. An excellent top-quality
speaker produces 83 dB of crystal
clear receive audio. Impedance is 8
Built-in earphone jack, top quali-
phones for New Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood
MEFJ uses a high-quality non-
directional electret condenser micro-
phone to give your Yaesu handheld
ty PTT thumb switch, 8-position
swivel lapel clip, 3'/: feet of durable,
stretchable cord.
Made of high-impact plastic.
Water resistant. All black microphone
and cord: Protective bend points.
MFJ-295Y, Yaesu, Icom, single
pin plugs like Yaesu VX-5R and
Icom Q7A. MF]J-2951, Fits Icom
and compatibles. MFJ-295K, Fits
Kenwood and others.
fits all!
use with single ear design.
loop secures your earbud for a comfortable
fit so there’s no more worrying about it
falling out of your ear.
It’s perfect for monitoring your receive
— audio when you are in a loud environment.
MFJ-293's special rubber flex earloop
design adjusts to fit the right or left ear (big
or small) very securely and comfortably.
~ Made of a sturdy black polyurethane and
comfortable rubber earloop, it'll give years
of dependable use. Tiny thumb-sized PTT
switch is built right into the 6 feet of cord.
MFJ-293 (I) fits Icom and compatibles.
MEJ-293 (K) fits Kenwood. MFJ-293 (Y)
fits Yaesu FT 10R/40R/ SOR/VX-1R, Icom
IC-Q7A, other radios using single plug-ins.
Protected by MEJ's famous No Matter
What“ one year limited warranty, MFJ
Will repair or replace for one full year.
fits between two fingers.
ly stretches to over 4 feet.
like an FBI agent when you work
with this streamlined product!
tonal quality so even distant sta-
- tions Will come in loud and clear.
Made of sturdy black plastic
and strong metal sliders, one size
Superb speaker and mic
foaming protects the mic and
speaker elements as well as mak-
ing the ear fit very comfortably.
You could wear this headset all
day long. It’s perfect for mobile
Tiny 19 inch retractable cord easi-
This is the perfect speaker/micro-
phone for concealment. You’ll look
Small PTT switch can be con-
veniently attached to your shirt or
- pants pocket.
Has six feet of cord from
headset to plug.
MF J-288I fits ICOM, Yaesu
(not FT-50R), ADI, Alinco, Radio
Shack and other compatibles.
MF J-288K fits Kenwood and
compatible handheld radios.
MFJ-288Y fits VX-5R, IC-Q7A
and compatibles.
New boom mic has
built-in FM Scan Radio
New! MEJ-284 1 MFJ-284
is the same as MFJ- vi
293, PLUS it has an
FM Scan Radio
inside in the tiny PTT switch
that receives broadcast FM sta-
tions. This relaxing feature
lets you catch up on the news or listen to
music or sports programs while also moni-
toring your HT’s operating frequency!
MF J-284 auto switches from FM radio
to your HT’s audio when the monitoring
frequency is detected. Low/Max volume,
on/off FM settings let you adjust to noisy
conditions. Coin battery installed and one
extra cell is included. Order MFJ-2841 for
Icom, MFJ-284K for Kenwood, and MFJ-
— 284Y for Yaesu VXSR, Q7A series His.
eaker microphone
speaker/microphone and lapel clip all
An 8-position swivel lapel clip lets
you position and secure the micro-
phone to your shirt or coat comfort-
MPF J-2941 for Icom and compati-
bles, and older Yaesu HTs. MFIJ-
294Y for Yaesu newer models like
VX-5R. MFJ-294K for Kenwood.
MF] Neckset Boom Microphone™
This MFJ Neckset Microphone
doesn’t mess up your hair! Naturally
hidden from view behind your neck.
Superb speaker and mic foaming
> MFJ-282(1,K,Y)
hone/PTT switch that's built right into the
ord. It's barely noticeable and so light-
weight you won't even know it's there. Get
rystal clear receive/transmit audio out of
n ultra lightweight (30 grams) speaker.
Non-directional electret condenser mic has -
4 dB sensitivity, 1.1K Ohm impedance. 4.
oot cord. MFJ-2921 fits ICOM, Yaesu and
| “compatibles; MFJ-292K for Kenwood; and
MFJ-292Y fits Yaesu FT-10R/40R/50R and VX-1R handheld
making the ear fit very comfortable. A mic element
protects the mic and speaker elements as well as
is attached to the
neckset with flexible extension.
Small PTT switch can be
conveniently attached to your
shirt or pants pocket.
MF J-2821 fits Icom, MFI-
282K fits Kenwood, MFJ-282 Y
fits Yaesu VX-5R and Icom |
Q7Apin radios.
. MFJ-287 for Kenwood.
- MEJ-286 for Kenwood
: MFEJ-285W for Icom W-32
: MFJ-285WC for Alinco
: Credit Card Radio only
http://w, >
noise, st
Simplex Repeater extends range of any radio -- 2 Meter, 440 MHz, handhelds, mobile, base!
World’s most
Plug in this MFJ ClearTone™ speaker
itic and hum.
Îles 8 Watts. 8 Ohms, 6 ft cord, 3.5
Sumplex Pocket KR epeater™
easy-to-use . . . Just plugs in . . . Pocket-size . . . Records/Plays back 32-second messages . . .
MFJ-662 neighborhood or when hunting, fishing, As a simplex repeater, the MFJ-662 with
| camping, hiking, caravaning on-the-road. another radio digitally records audio from
During a disaster, your MFJ-662 can an out-of-range HT/Mobile and then re-
provide emergency communications when transmits to other HT/Mobiles:
When you and repeaters are down. Tiny, pocket-size 2'/sWx3°/:Hx1D inches.
f your buddy are You can communicate way beyond the Repeats up to 32 second message. LED
lights when recording. On/Off switch. 5-
pin header for radio cable (connector
included). Use 9 volt battery, 9-15 VDC or
110 VAC with optional MFJ-1312D,$14.95.
out of radio
range, this MFJ
Simplex Pocket
Repeater™ great-
normal range of your handheld or mobile.
Works with virtually any radios in any
mode or frequency in any ham band or
business band. It’s legal!
ly extends your НТ HT with MF) Simplex HT Pre-Wired Cables for Icom, Kenwood,
range. >| Pocket Repeater™ | |-> ‘71 Yaesu, Alinco, Radio Shack, HTs/mobiles,
You can have ¢ lleach. See MFJ-5000 series cable with X
(Out of (Digitally records message (Out ©
your own private, || range of from HT #1 and re-trans. range of ||Suffix under PK-232 column on page 35.
portable repeater || HT #2) mits to HT #2 on same HT 21) | Open-end cables with radio connectors
Within your frequency and vice versa). each--See cable page.
WF Л ClearTone™ Communication Speakers
MFJ-281 Amplified Speech Enhancer
— Optimized MEJ-384 |
- for the 600 to a
4000 Hz
tions frequencies and fea-
ures MFJs exclusive
ontro[™ to maximize intel-
igibility in all modes.
Solidly constructed of
eavy duty crush-resistant material.
ugged enough to withstand abusive wear
nd tear of portable use.
Use it as an amplified speaker or turn it
ff and it becomes a quality station speaker.
Quality three inch speaker with heavy
lar Speaker!
mm mono plug. Tiny, compact 3°/4x3x2"/4 ; | ак
inches, but booming sound! uty magnet. 3 ft. cable with 3.5 mm plug.
| Volume control. Use 2 “C” cell batteries
MF] Deluxe Communications S tation S Speaker (not incl.) or 110 VAC optional adapter,
MF) brings you ultra high quality communica- MFI-385 | MFJ-1306. 4'/2-Wx5°*:Hx3'/.D in.
tions audio with ham radio’s most advanced com- Amplified ClearTone™ Speaker
municatipns speaker. | MFJs MFJ-382
How? By using .. . America's most modern | Deluxe
speaker design technology, Advanced speaker cone and voice coil - ClearTone™
materials and construction, and a carefully designed, acoustically is an excel-
rigid cabinet. lent.1 Watt amplified speak-
You won't believe the clarity and depth of your audio when you ‚ег Гог ОКР, Базе station HT
| hear the
The si
nances al
easier to
copying €
microphones. Handsome cabinet measures 6'//Wx10Hx7D inches. Experience the full rich
fidelity o
— Needle-
wire cutte
ping, flat
screw dri
file, punc
less steel,
incredible improvements in speech intelligibility and CW
tone. It also reduces listening fatigue. It'll literally transform your |
er into a studio monitor! |
nooth, wide range response of the MFJ-385 gives you
faithful reproduction with no -hint of unwanted reso-
nd sound coloration. | |
h suddenly becomes more articulate, more intelligible an
easier and faster. It makes tuning signals in correctly easier and faster.
users, or mobile operation
With radios requiring more
MFJ-382 gives superb,
loud and powerful ClearTone™ audio.
“Speaker is 3 inches. Adjustable from bare-
ly audible to high volume, this rugged
- speaker is sturdy and compact. All metal
cabinet with rubber feet. 3'/:x1%/:x4'/: in.
On/off button, uses 9 volt battery (not
included) or 110 VAC with optional MEJ-
13 12D. Speaker cable included.
- MFJ Compact Mobile Speaker
understand. Pure sine wave tones of CW sound like music and makes accurate
instantly recognize your ham buddies’ voices when they use their full range
f SSB, AM, FM and CW that you’ll never hear with your rig’s built-in speaker.
Ham Radio Tool HamGear™ HT Pouches HamGear™ Waistpak ‘ :
MFJ-7604. MFJ-18. Radio em Enjoy MFJ-280
This 14-in-1 chest harness hold superb
pocket-size your HT or cell audio and
phone snugly for no
worries, hands-free
operation. Great for
rugged action use like DX
peditions, field day, biking,
hiking, hamfests, search &
rescue. Accessory pockets.
ME J-15. Durable HT radio
pocket with elastic cord and
velcro closure.
£ toolbox is all
'you need for
s putting up your
or working on rigs.
ose pliers with
rs, jaws for grip-
ead and Phillips
ers, knife, ruler, .
, more! Stain-
belt carry case.
ience with this economi-
cal mobile speaker.
Just set the magnetic
base on a metal surface,
plug in the 3.5 mm phone
“plug and enjoy crystal clear receive audio!
Matches 8 and 4 ohm impedances.
Handles 3 Watts. 30 inch cord. Tiny
2/2x2x3 inches.
MFJ-6200. This MF)
waistpack is the perfect
hamfest, DXpedition or
field day hands-free carry-
all. Amazing 9 spots to put
your ham radio gear, tools,
accessories, refreshments.
The world’ 5 most powerful multi-mode data controller!
PSK31 with MFJ- 1289H
The world class MFJ-1278B with built-
in “brick wall” DSP filters, GPS compati-
bility and ten digital modes gives you ham
radio's most powerful multi-mode data con-
troller with all of these popular features!
You won°t believe your eyes when you
see solid copy from signals completely
buried in QRM! The MFJ-1278B/DSP,
your transceiver and computer are all you
need for exciting digital QSOs! You'll dis-
cover a whole new world of ham radio.
You'll communicate in ways you never
knew existed!
You'll marvel at full color FAX news
photos as they come to life on your screen,
and you'll see weather changes on highly
detailed weather maps in all 16 gray levels.
— Eavesdrop on late-breaking news!
You’ll have fun joining worldwide
Packet networks and exchanging color
SSTV pictures with your buddies.
The world’s most reliable
DA Packet TNC
wm MFJ-1270C, has a
: \reputation as the most
13$ reliable TNC in the
Thousands are dedicated as digipeaters,
nodes, BBS and used in all kinds of com-
mercial applications working 24 hours a day
-- many over a decade old are still in service.
All software and hardware designed for
the TAPR TNC-2 standard works with the
MEJ-1270C without modification, including
NETROM, theNET, X1J, Rose Switch..
À true DCD circuit drastically reduces
sensitivity to noise and dramatically increas-
es completed QSOs.
MEF] Anti-Collision™ Technology pre-
vents packet collisions and improves per-
formance on busy channels.
32K RAM, IC sockets for easy service.
256K ROM, speaker jack, lithium battery
backup, RS-232 and TTL serial ports, radio
cable (you add a connector for your radio).
MFJ-1284H. MultiCommHost™ for
packet only. 32-bit software for true multi-
tasking in windows. Includes PSK31!
MFJ TNC/Microphone Switch
AN including Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu,
8. Alinco, Radio Shack, and others.
Plug-in jumpers let you quickly
set-up for any radio. Factory set
for Kenwood and Alinco.
MEJ-1272B/M o
Switch between
uu a without modifying your radio. Operate
You’ll enjoy error-free HF QSOs on
PACTOR AND AMTOR and enjoy receiv-
ing packet mail in your mailbox.
Want to copy some CW? Just relax
and read your screen.
MF J-1278B/DSP gives you DSP and
11 digital modes -- PSK31, Packet,
16 Gray Level Fax/Weather FAX, ASCII,
Navtex, CW, Memory Keyer and is GPS
compatible. Order today, get the most pow-
erful multi-mode data controller in ham radio!
MEJ-1278BT, gives you a built-in
2400 baud modem. Runs high speed packet
MF J MultiCommHost™ Software
MEF] brings you the
world’s first 32 bit ter-
minal software for
MEJ's TNC family and
other TAPR TNC2s.
= i MFJ MultiComm
Host™ software gives you true multitasking
in Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and forth-
coming XP! INCLUDES PSK31!
Uses standard Windows commands.
Adds PSK-31 support! Syncs with popular
logging programs. All modes and features
are just a mouseclick away! Hotkeys, user
defined macros, interface to all of the cur-
rent callbook CDs, quick connects, more!
-— MFJ-1289H. MultiCommHost“ soft-
ware for MFJ Multimode TNCs.
MFJ-1284H. Packet only Host mode
software for MFJ-1270C.
For additional information go to: . . .
download a free Demo Version before buy-
— ing the real thing!
* For MFJ-1270/1276/1278 TNCs and
TAPR TNC2 with 1.1.x firmware/BLP
Host Mode.
you can .
300/1200/2400 baud packet.
. Optional MFJ-1278/B Accessories
MFJ-1289H. Host program supports
“Fall digital modes plus PSK31. Syncs with
(no DSP) popular logging programs. Tool bar,
Hotkeys, user-defined macros, more!
MPF J-1289W. MultiCom™ for Windows.
Control 2 TNCs at the same time in sepa-
rate windows!Send, receive true color |
SSTV Scotty 1, Scotty 2, Martin 1, Martin
2, and Robot 72 pictures. Great Multi- gray
level FAX pictures and weather maps,
Packet BBS, PacketCluster™,
MFEJ-43. Real-time clock. New low price!
MFJ-44. Plug-in scope tuner.
© MFJ-780. Plug-in DSP board.
A New Low Price! MFJ-2400. 2400
baud packet modem. With faster
communication, lessen congestion
on crowded bands. Your TNC still
gets 300/ 1200 baud for compatibili-
with other TNCs.
MFJ PacketOnly™ transceivers
Why tie up your expen-
| sive 2 Meter rig on a single
— packet channel? For an
incredibly low price, you can enjoy dedicated
high performance packet from 1200 to 9600
baud on 2 Meters, 24 hours a day!
MEJ's PacketOnly™ data radios are
compatible with all TNCs with hardware
DCDs and most TNCs with software DCDs.
Getting started couldn’t be easier--just plug
in an appropriate TNC cable (also available),
your antenna, 12 VDC and you're ready to
enjoy error-free packet!
MFJ-8621. Ready-to-operate on 145.01
MHz. Order other plug-in crystals for just
$24.95 per frequency.
MFJ-8621X2. Ready-to-use for APRS.
Crystals pre-installed and transceiver pre-
cisely aligned. 145.79 MHz.
MFJ-8631. PacketOnly™ 220 MHz. Has
all the features of the 2 Meter version,
ready-to-operate on 223.700 MHz. |
MFJ-9606X. Voice or packet with MEJ's
new 6 Meter FM Communicator
Transceiver. Crystalled for 52.525 MHz
calling frequency. Easy crystal re-channel.
Pre-wired Radio to TNC Cables |
New accessory port cables, each. MFJ-5063 (Icom HF 8 pin to
TNC2s). MFJ-5064 (IC VHF 8 pin to TNC2s). MFJ-5065 (IC-
706 13 pin to TNC2s). MFJ-5060 (Ken, Yaesu, Azden 6 pin
mini to TNC2s). MFJ-5066 (Ken 13 pin to TNC2s).
Pre-wired Radio-to-TNC cables...
your TNC or Mic by
pushing a button!
Plug these pre-wired cables into
; your rig's microphone connector
and into your TNC and you are
ready to go -- no more hard-to-find
connectors and wiring up cables --
no more plugging and unplugging
to work voice or packet!
Works with HF, VHF and UHF
radios with 8 pin mic connectors --
Pre-Wired Radio to Computer Interface Cable
cable has DB-9 serial interface built-in! Order Kenwood --
| MFJ-5383K; ICOM-- MF J-53831; Yaesu-- ME J-5383Y
(for standard 6-pin DIN), MFJ-5383YB (for 6 pin Mini DIN). 25-pin
'RS-232 serial port adapter included. Newer radios may not require
these cables. Check with manufacturer.
Includes easy-to-follow instruc- INC AN MEJ KAM VIF PK900/PK96/
tions. Has audio-in and speaker TYPE | TNCsand | КАМНЕУ | Px-232 | PERROS
jacks. Compact 3'/x1'/:x4 inches. | radios Multimodes КРС one bles
IN ТВ OR TN С. > Alinco”/Strd HT MFJ-5022 MFJ-5022YV MF3-5022X MEJ-5022
1 =
mur 5, Icom'/Yaesu/
clones. MEJ-1272BX/MX, for A MFJ-5024 MFI-5024YV MFJ-5024X — MFJ-5024B
PK-232. MFJ-1272BY V/MY V, Kenwood" HTs MFJ-5026 MFJ-5026YV | MEJ-5026X МЕ!-5026
for KAM VHF port/KPC3. MFJ- - MEJ-5080Y V
1272BYH/MYHS, for KAM HF |Yassu&pin | wesoo | wewsosovw | TT | MUY
, ml
port/KPC3. Icom? 8-pin- MEJ-5084 ME Vix | MEI-5084X MFJ-5084Z
Kenwood/Alinco MFJ-5086 ET SORGYEE MFJ-5086X — | MFJ-5086Z
Yaesu ur “ MFJ-5080M MFJ-5080MYV MFI-5080MX MFI-5080MZ
[Icom MFJ-5084M Sí MFI-5084MX - -
Convenient pre-wired transceiver to computer interface — [те той METE | m_—
Kenwood MFJ-5086M MFJ-5086M Y Y MFJ-SO86MX - MFJ-5086MZ
: Radio. Shaek MEJ-5088M MEJ-SO88M Y V MFI-5088MX MFI-5088MZ
1. does not include IC-W2A
2. does not include 2500
3, does not include 25A, 255A
5, YV for KAM VHF port, YH for
KAM HF port. Orher Kantronics use YY — 8. Excludes DJ-100, 1207, 200, 500
4. does not include IC-160H, IC-2700H 6. YV for KP9612 1200 baud port
7. YH models for KPC9612 9600 baud port
Tap into Secret SH
ortwave Signals
Turn mysterious signals into exciting text messages with this MFJ J MultiReader"*
Ever wonder what’
those mysterious
chirps, whistles, and
buzzing sounds are on
the shortwave bands?
Much of it is RTTY, ASCII, CW and
AMTOR (FEC) signals passing commer-
cial, miljtary, diplomatic, weather, acronau- =
messages using various forms of TOR
tical, maritime, amateur and other traffic.
— Tap into these “secret” signals -
Plug this self-contained MFJ
MultiReader™ into your shortwave receiv-
er’s earphone jack. Then watch these mys-
terious signals turn into exciting text mes-
sages as (they scroll across an easy-to-read
LCD display. No computer, interface, spe-
cial cables or other equipment is needed.
Eavesdrop on the world!
Eavesdrop on the latest breaking news
- as press agencies from all over the world
relay them on RTTY -- it’s like having a
private wire service in your home. Copy
RTTY weather stations from Antarctica,
Mali, Congo and many others.
Listen to military traffic passing from
Panama, Cyprus, Peru, etc. Catch diplo-
‘matic, research, commercial and maritime
traffic. Listen to maritime users, diplomats
and amateurs send and receive error free
(Telex-Over-Radio). |
Monitor Morse code communications )
from hams, military, commercial, aeronau-
tical, diplomatic and maritime coastal sta-
tions from all over the world.
There’s plenty of exciting non-voice
traffic on shortwave that’ll keep you fasci--
nated . . . traffic you can’t read unless you
have a decoder.
Printer monitors 24 hours a day
MEJ’s exclusive TelePrinterPort™ lets
you monitor any station 24 hours a day by
printing their transmissions. Plug your
. Epson compatible printer into the MFJ-
462B printer port and you're ready to print.
МЕЛ MessageSaver™
Save several pages of text in 8 K of
memory for later review or re-reading.
High Performance Modem
Consistently get solid copy from MEJ's
high performance PLL (phaselock loop)
modem technology. Digs out weak signals
buried in noise and even tracks slightly
drifting signals. Mark and space tones are
| copied to give you greatly improved decod-
| Ing under adverse conditions.
Easy to use, tune and read
Just push a button to select modes and
features from a menu. À precision tuning
indicator makes tuning your receiver for
best copy on all modes quick and easy.
The 2 line 16 character LCD display
‘has contrast adjustment. One line comes in
at speed of signal, second line is delayed so
you catch every exciting word! ;
Copies standard shifts and speeds
Copy most standard shifts and speeds
"in all modes. MFJ’s AutoTrak™ automatic
Morse Code speed tracking helps MFI-
462B to track and decode high speed CW.
MultiReader™ Accessories |
Use 12 VDC or use 110 VAC with
MFJ-1312D AC adapter. MFJ-462B meas-
ures 6'4Wx2'hHx6'4D inches. |
MFJ-5162. Receiver cable connects _
МЕ MultiReader™ to your radio’s external
speaker (3.5mm jack). —
MF J-5412. Printer Cable is 25- pin
cable for Epson compatibles.
Multimode Computer Interfaces -- Decode RTTY/ASCI/CW and more! |
Computer interface
includes JVFAX and
HamComm software.
Receives and decodes multimode digital
data with your rig. Color FAX/SSTV pic-
tures, Baudot, ASCII, AMTOR, ARQ/FEC,
MEJ Mierc
Complete pack-
age receives
and transmits
| RTTY, ASCII, CW. also WeFAX weather
maps with all 16 gray levels. Complete
package in-cludes software, power supply
& cables. |
- MFJ-1224. Turns IBM
compatible into a |
RTTY/ASCII/CW station term]
for transmit/receive with HF/V HF rig. Has
tuning indicator, normal/ reverse switch.
rk pin ATE i i!
MFJ- 1285. DOS software for MFJ-1224.
_ MFJ-1225. Receive only unit. MFJ- 1285B,
DOS software for MFJ- 1225.
ATV Transmitter
Transmits Live ve Pictures on TV Cable Channels!
Just add antenna, TV set and a 9V battery to give you a complete Amateur TV station!
This tiny MFJ Micro ATV
Transmitter"“ lets you trans-
- mit a high quality Amateur
Television video signal on
433.97 MHz (cable channel
58, 59, or 60). All you need
to do is plug in an antenna
and a video source -- your
camcorder, camera, VCR or
other source.
With an antenna and a TV
set (or down converter/ TV)
tuned to cable channel 58, 59,
or 60, you’ll have a complete
ATV video station.
The MFJ-8708 puts out a
solid 50-100 mW signal, capable of trans-
mitting up to 1.8 miles with a 3-element
beam. By using a suitable UHF power
amplifier and high-gain antenna, you can
enjoy two way ATV communications over
many, many miles with fellow ATV hams.
~ Show your shack, rigs, antennas, family,
vacation trips, hamfests. Give live semi-
nars, lectures, demos. Put ATV on your
radio controlled model airplaines, cars,
boats, rockets. Great for RACES, sporting
events like races, ballgames, parades, hat
cam, Wear a tiny video camera on your hat
and you can transmit a hamfest live as it
happens and record it remotely.
It’s super easy-to-use. To transmit video
simply connect video to the RCA phono
connector and antenna to the BNC connec-
tor and connect a 9 volt battery or other 9
VDC source.
You can use any standard NTSC or PAL
composite video (1V pk-pk) source.
The MEJ Micro ATV Transmitter“
| o | Antenna Out
only be operated by a Technician class or
higher licensed Radio Amateur. All trans-
missions must be directed to at least one
other licensed Radio Amateur.
Warning: For Amateur Radio Use only. |
Order MFJ-8704. Cable Channel 59
video only. Weight only 1 ounce, less bat-
Order MEI- 8708, 4 channel, Cable
— channels 58, 59, 60 and test channel.
Weight only 1'/2 ounces, less battery. Has
audio and video inputs.
uned Ac
ive SWL Antenna,
to 30 MHZ
MF J invented the tunable active antenna! New technology uses dual gate MOSFET and a gigahertz bandwidth buffer.
MF] invented the tunable active anten-
na! Numerous copies have been made with-
out success -- including most recent ones.
: Why? Because MFJ has made continu-
ous improvements where
others have not. The
MFJ-1020C has been
completely rede-signed
with new technology.
New technology uses
a dual gate MOSFET anda
gigahertz bandwidth buffer.
It improves gain and
selectivity, reduces noise and
54” Outdoor Active Antenna | Compact 0.3 to 200 MI
“World Radio TV Handbook” our ham band only antenna does great in the ham
ent choice ...
= Mount it outdoors away from
Ш electrical noise for maximum signal
and minimum noise. Has convenient mounting holes for easy
“installation. MFJ-1024 covers 50 KHz to 30 MHz. |
Receives strong clear signals. 20 dB attenuator, gain control,
ON LED. Switch selects two receivers and auxiliary or active
antenna. Control unit is 6x3x5 inches. Remote unit has 54 inch
telescopic whip, 50 feet of coax and connector. 3x2x4 inches. Use
12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D.
MFJ high dynamic range Passive Preselecior
Protects your receiver from overload damage, greatly reduces intermod, blocki
MEJ-1048 a
MFJ’s new Passive
Preselector has extremely N EV /
high dynamic range!
It improves the performance of nearly
vastly improves the most expensive receiv-
ers. Especially helpful to those with broad-
band front-ends that are prone to overload.
Protects your sensitive receiver input
from damage (including switching diodes
‘and attenuator resistors) caused by very
strong signals from multi-transmitter,
МЕ АЦ Band Transceiver/Preselector
Lets you copy weak signals. Rejects out-of-band signals,
images. 1.8 to 54 MHz. Up to 20 dB gain. Gain control. Dual
— MEJ-1024
xcellent dynamic range . . . good
ат... very low noise factor...
road frequency coverage . . . excel-
intermod, and is NOT prone to self-oscilla-
tions that can severely damage your receiv-
With the MFJ-1020C tuned indoor
active antenna you'll rival reception of out-
side wire antennas hundreds of feet long
and pick up signals loud and clear from all
over the world. |
a. The prestigious World
Radio TV Handbook says
MFJ-1020 is a “fine value . . .
fair price . . . best offering to
date . . . performs very well
NE indeed” |
says MFJ-1024
is a “first rate,
active antenna
... quiet...
MF в unique tuned circuitry mini-
mizes intermod, improves selectivity and
reduces noise outside the tuned band.
You can also use it as a tuned preselec-
tor with an external antenna.
It covers 0.3 to 30 MHz including VLE,
AM broadcast, all shortwave and all ama-
teur radio bands. E. |
MFJ-1020C has Tune, Band, Gain, On-
Off/Bypass controls and SO-239 coax con-
nectors. Use 9 volt battery, 9-18 VDC or
110 VAC with MFJ-1312D.
Measures a compact 5x2x6 inches.
Includes telescoping whip.
z antenna
bands . . . but plug-this MET all band active antenna into
your radio and hear strong clear signals
from all over the world from 300 KHz to
200 MHz -- including low, medium,
shortwave and VHF bands.
You’ll enjoy up-to-the-minute inter-
national shortwave newscast, ship-to-
shore, airline, commercial RTTY and others.
| It also improves weak noisy scanner radio recep- -
in, tion from high to low band VHF -- hear signals you
# couldn't hear before. — |
a A J-310 FET handles strong signals and noise-
. less feedback circuit gives you excellent low noise reception. 4.5
GHZ MRF-901 transistor lets you receive really weak signals well
into VHF. Take it anywhere -- it’s so tiny it fits in your pocket!
Has on/off switch, power on LED, SO-239 coax connector and
detachable 20 inch telescoping antenna. Uses 9 volt battery or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D. 3x1'/x4 inches.
! multi-band operation -- contests, field-day,
> nearby hams, CBers, TV/FM/AM stations.
It eliminates phantom signals by sup-
pressing strong out-of-band signals that
cause intermod, blocking and cross modu-
lation. Completely eliminates second order
intermod problems caused by strong out-of-
band shortwave broadcast signals mixing
any HF or shortwave receiver/transceiver. It > and producing unwanted in-band signals.
MFJ’s unique Hi-Q series tunable cir-
cuit gives you superb performance. The
tunable series tuned circuit works into a
very low impedance formed by broadband
toroid transformers. |
Has narrow bandwidth, excellent stop-
band attenuation, very low loss, constant
bandwidth and gain over each band. Excell-
Receiver Antenna Tuner/Preampl
Don’t miss rare DX due to signal power loss between your
receiver and antenna. The MFJ-959B provides proper impedance
matching so you can transfer maximum signal from antenna to
can’t overload
ing and cross-modulation
ent attenuation in adjacent contest bands.
“The entire 1.6 to 33 MHz HF band is
covered in five overlapping bands.
An air variable tuning capacitor, 1.8 to
- 1 tuning range and a vernier reduction drive
gives you precision tuning.
An RF sense transmit/receive switch
with adjustable time delay automatically
~ bypasses your MFJ-1048 when you trans-
mit. Also has PTT line T/R switching.
Plugs between antenna and transceiver.
Fully shielded metal enclosure. Tough
- black finish. 7Y:x2!/2x3Ys in. Use 12 VDC
or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D.
MFJ-1046. Same as MFJ-1048 but
— less RF sense/PTT line bypass.
gate MOSFET, bipolar transistors for low noise, high gain. 20dB
attenuator. Connect 2 antennas, 2 receivers. Coax and phone
jacks. Automatic bypass when transmitting to 350 watts. Delay.
Jack for Push-to-talk. 9-18 VDC or MFJ-1312D. |
| MFJ-1045C.
No attenuator,
Transceiver auto
bypass, delay or
receiver. Covers 1.6 to 30 MHz. 20 dB preamp with gain control
boosts weak stations. 20 dB attenuator prevents overload. Select
from 2 antennas and 2 receivers. Measures 9x2x6 inches. Use 9-
18 VDC or 110 VAC w/ optional MFJ-1312D.
MEJ-956 LW/MW/SW Preselector/Tuner
MF J-956. Boost favorite stations while reject- ing
images, intermod and phantom signals. Greatly im- tf. ==...
proves reception from .15-30 MHz, especially below 2 MHz. Tuner
bypass/ground receiver positons. Compact 2x3x4 in. Е
Remember hunch-
ing over your regenera-
tive receiver for hours
With a pair of phones
pressing uncomfortably
against your ears?
“You could hear just about anything that *
fancy superhets could hear. Sure, you-had
to play around with the regeneration con-
trol just right and have a steady hand to
tune but you could hear ‘em .
Don’t you wish you could relive some
of this fun and excitement of your youth --
share some of it with your kids and grand-
kids? Well, you can -- with the MFJ-8100
World Band Shortwave Radio Kit.
Spend a fun evening with your child or
grandchild and help him put ou fi kit
together, When the two of you finish
Vall modes --
Ё —
MFJ's new
World Band
| Receiver lets
| you travel the
: world from
our armchair
fora an сей ыы low $39.95! |
Listen to BBC news from London, live
music from Paris, soccer matches from
Germany, cultural programs and more!
Introduce your children to the real cul-
‘tures of the world as other nations tell it
live on world band radio.
Built-in telescopic antenna (6 inches
retracted, 26 inches fully extended) and a
Sony® integrated circuit from Japan brings
2 Meter Repeater Monitor
— MFJ-8400K X
MIF] Shortwave
-8400K has a low noise, high gain RF pre-
ramp that gives you an excellent 0.1 microvolt sensi-
tivity -- lets you hear weak signals loud and clear.
watch him glow with excitement as he
tunes the world bands -- just like you did -
and remeber for life. It might even inspire
him into a career in electronics.
This baby performs. A RF stage really -
~ picks up the weak ones and it goes into
regeneration smoothly without pops or dead
spots. Stations all over the world will come
in loud and clear with a 10 ft wire antenna.
With a 10 foot wire antenna, you'll be
amazed at what you can hear -- stations all
over the world will come in loud and clear.
AM, data and CW. Each earphone has an
individual volume control.
Superb padded headband and ear cush-
ioned design makes listening extremely
comfortable. You’ll forget they’re even there
as you listen to stations all over the world!
High-performance driver unit reproduces
enhanced communication sound. - Signals
never sounded so crystal clear!
MFJ-392B will bring out speech fidelity
you never knew existed. Has free !/s inch
MFJ J 21 Band Shoriwave World Receiver
in stations loud and clear all over our world.
Multicolored tuning dial makes it easy
to tune to your favorite station. An LED
tuning indicator turns bright red when your
desired station 1s tuned in. | |
Detailed World Time Zone and frequen-
. ey charts are permanently silkscreened on
the back panel. Informs for quick band
changes and lets you decide where to
explore next. |
Large built-in 3 inch speaker gives you
plenty of room filling volume. Speaker is
disconnected when you use your earphones.
MF J-8121 operates on 6 VDC or four
easy-to-install “AA” batteries (not includ-
ed). Super compact size (4'/:Hx7Wx1'/.D
inches) and a handy wrist carrying strap
lets you take it with you anywhere to use
any time! Optional AC power supply,
MFJ-1306. Great for hotel travels!
Receiver Kit
i Listen to international shortwave
broadcasts, hams on SSB and CW, WWYV,
IRTTY, packet and much more. Covers all
or part of 75/80, 49, 40, 30, 31, 20, 25, 22,
19, 17, 16, 15, 13 Meters in five bands.
Range A covers: 3.51-4.31 MHz,
Range B: 5.95-7.40 MHZ, Range C: 9.56-
— 12.05 MHz, Range D: 13.21-16.4 MHz,
and Range E: 17.6-22 MHz. a
Has vernier reduction drive, bandswitch,
volume/RF gain controls, uses 9V battery
and built into a rugged aluminum cabinet.
. Two earphone jacks let you and your
child or grandchild listen together with
- your Walkman style earphones or plug-in В |
speakers. Measures 7x6x2'/ inches. !
Order one as a special gift or for your- ;
self: MFJ-8100K kit, MFJ-8100W wired
and tested unit.
J Shortwave Radio Communication Headphones
phono adaptor.
Near zero loss on signal transmission
from the gold plated plug and cord. Super
lightweight earphones (8 ounces) come with
9 feet of cord -- lets you easily move about
and still listen to your radio.
MFJ-392B handles 450 mW and has a
frequency response of 100-24,000 Hz.
Impedance is 16 Ohms at 1 KHz, sensitivity -
is 102 dB/mW. Works in mono or stereo
mode. MFJ’s No Matter What". warranty.
[neg mano] ex [iarino/
_ e |
“MJ: 8218. |
PLL Digital Auto
Tuning with fre-
quency up/down
buttons, 30 preset memories -- 10 for the Air-
Band! Last station tuned in is retained auto-
MF J-8218 has a built-in ; (mono) speaker,
built-in telescopic antenna, Low Battery
Warning Indicator, Key-Lock Function, more.
MFJ-8218 receiving frequency range is
AIR: 108.000-140.000 MHz in 25 kHz steps.
Uses two AA batteries (not incl.) or has 3
VDC jack for external power source. Super
tiny -- fits in the palm of your hand easily!
MF J-8214. Digital tuning LCD
- Mmarine/Weather Receiver,
Receiver Kit World 1 Band
| MFI-306
Explorer™ radio Converter
This MEJ-306 World Band
Explorer'“ converts your
AM/FM car radio into a World
—E An air variable tuning capacitor with a velvet
_ ; smooth 8:1 reduction drive makes tuning easy and
ME] 840 Ww ‘ comfortable with no noticeable drift.
; - Dual conversion superhet receiver with sharp |
ceramic filters, crystal controlled second
oscillator gives great selectivity, stability.
À 19 inch '/1 wave telescopic whip
antenna is included. External groundplane
E or Yagi can be plugged in so you can reach
out and pull in distant stations and outlying repeaters.
Has tune, squelch, volume controls, built-in speaker, high qual-
ity components with glass epoxy PC board and attractive all metal
cabinet. Uses 9 volt battery, 9-12 VDC or 110 VAC with optional
— MFJ-1312D. Measures 4'/¿Wx2Hx4D inches.
Es o Band receiver at the push of a
Unlike local FM and AM radio stations that fade out after
a few miles, enjoy shortwave throughout your entire trip.
- MF J-306 covers the entire 19, 25, 31, and 49 Meter interna- °
‘tional shortwave broadcast bands. On these bands, you’ll hear sta-
tions from all over the world at various times of the day and year --
including Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, America and more!
It’s easy to install. Just unplug your саг radio antenna and plug
it into the MFJ-306. Then insert the MFJ-306 cable into your |
— radio antenna jack and connect 12 VDC.
Measures just 5x1'/:x3'/> inches -- small enough to fit any-
where in your vehicle. Push button selects world band or AM/FM
radio. Excellent sensitivity and selectivity when used with your
~ automotive receiver. Standard Motorola antenna plug and jack.
New Question Pools!
in full*. .. you can’t lose!
Radio License Guide
MF] Publishing guarantees that you’ll pass your written exam
on your first try . . . if you don’t pass we’ll refund your money
*Send copy of receipt, proof of failure to MFJ within 30 days of failing and we’ll
refund the purchase price of your MF] QuickStudy™. Limit I per license class.
MF J-3211-Technician MEJ-3213-General
first try or you Only studied the right answer.
get your
money back*.
Extra Class
See above.
What is MEJ's
NN !
7 information on the theory of “antennas from the ground up”. The reader will
|| Scattered among the chapters will be a compendium of typical antenna pat-
\| terns for common antennas on all of the HF bands. Setting reasonable
QuickStudy™ concept? The
objective is to pass the exam
and get your license with a Extra Class each.
nna book by L.B. Cebil, W4RNL
MFJ-3306. By L.B. Cebik, W4RNL. This practical level antenna book for
technicians, amateur radio operators, and students provides direct and clear
obtain a set of rational expectations based on as much clarity as a non-math-
ematical treatment of antennas can provide. This book is based upon the
\ kinds of questions the author receives from folks struggling to set up or
| improve an antenna within the limitations of modern yard sizes and budgets.
|| expectations for antenna performance is the main goal of this book.
| | WARNL has written each chapter as if he were sitting with the reader, trying
to anticipate questions that would be asked at each point along the way.
This text is as technically sound as a non-mathematical treatment will per-
UN mit. Practical antenna work for the amateur seeking good, basic, and simple
MFJ-3501. Over 30 |
different kit projects, |
schematics, part
placement. Fur ham |
radio, shortwave,
transmitters, etc. |
ar E aa
MEJ-3507. Another
DeMav classic!
Proven techniques in
transmitter and ampli-
fier design. Many,
many circuit examples
that have been proven
to work!
designs rarely calls for a set of derivations from Maxwell’s elegant laws.
а ep
| Nine
\ | uN
. Th
Method: the fastest
most effective way to
code proficiency.
Fantastic CW history
account. More!
MFJ-3400 MFJ-3305. 320
pages, 37 short con-
cise chapters.
Underlying theory,
powerful techniques,
projects and more!
MFJ-3506. Legendary
textbook from the late
Doug DeMaw empha-
sizes the practical
aspect of magnetic core
material. |
rta EA
MF] 13510. À classic
MFJ-3502. Edward
Everything you need QRP Project book Noll helps you build
to know about Ladder from Australian your own QRP rig
author Drew While getting acquaint-
Diamond. Paddyboard - ed with solid state
circuit construction, technology. 52 fun
air wound coils, test QRP projects in 8
equipment and more! ~~ chapters. Classic Noll!
Crystal Filters.
Generous references,
computer programs
and more! By John
Pivnichny, N2DCH.
MFJ-3211 Use minimum amount of study time so you can start enjoying the
MFJ-3213 MFJs . hobby right away.
MFJ-3215 QuickStudy™ Each MF] license guide has all of the exact questions given on
НОЕ License Guide — the written exam. Each question on the exam has a multiple
and MFJ guar- choice answer. But why take the extra time to study the wrong
= h antees that answers? It'll just add to the confusion and doesn’t help you pass
eac you'll pass the the exam. MFJ gives you only the correct answers. - When you
Technician, written exam take the exam the answer jumps out at you -- no confusion, noth-
General, or ‚ОП your very
ing to clutter the mind. - It's an instant correct answer because you
Study the material thoroughly a few times, pass the test and
enjoy the friendship of ham radio -- it couldn’t be simpler. Е
MFJ QuickStudy"" License Guides are available for all classes
Technician, General and Extra Classes. These books only cover the
written part of the test, not the five word-per-minute code exam.
MF]-3211, Technician, MFJ-3213 General Class, MFJ-3215
Packet Radio is Made Easy!
MFJ-32. By Buck Rogers, K4A-
BT. Packet for beginners! .
PROH: Packet Radio Operators
Handbook MFJ-3036. By Buck
Rogers, K4ABT. —
Oscar Satellite Review MF J-31.
BY Dave Ingram, K4TWJ.
olden Classics of Yesteryear -
MFJ-30. By Dave Ingram,
K4TWJ. Collins, Heathkit, more!
Wonderful World of Ham Radio
MF J-35. All about ham radio.
Great start for kids!
Fox Hunt Adventure MFJ-3101.
Relive a sense of mystery!
Troubleshooting Antennas and
Feedlines MFJ-3301. By Ralph
Tyrell WITF. |
tasy-Up Antennas for Radio
Listeners & Hams MFJ-38. By
Ed Noll, W3FQJ.
Shortwave Listener’s Guide for
Apartment and Condo Dwellers
MFJ-36. By Ed Noll, W3FQI.
Complete shortwave book.
Antennas, receivers, etc.
Ham Radio Communications
Circuit Files MFJ-37. By Ed
Noll, W3FQJ. Many fun weeken
rojects! |
odern Amateurs Mobile
Handbook MFJ-33. By Dave
Ingram, K4TWJ |
Radio Components Handbook
MEFJ-3508. By Italian author
Guido Silva, I2EO.
FET Principles, Experiments
and Projects MFJ-3504. By Ed
Noll, W3FQJ. Classic projects for
a few hours or weekend!
73 Dipole & Long Wire
Antennas MFJ-3302. By Ed _
- Noll, W3FQJ. Classic antenna -
book covers long wires !
73 Vertical, Beams, Triangle
Antennas MFJ-3303. By Ed
Noll, W3FQJ. Antenna classic
covers verticals, beams!
ВН eed
erry eid |
eritron doubles average SSB power!
80B kilowatt output desktop linear can double your average SSB
| power out with high-level RF processing -- runs cooler because its
— Ame
desktop |
power ou
using An
You ;
ritron’s AL-80B kilowatt output
inear can double your average SSB -
itput with high-level RF processing
heritron’s exclusive Dynamic ALC™.,
vet cooler operation because the
AL-80B's exclusive Instantaneous RF
Bias™ completely turns off the classic 3-500
tube bety
veen words. It saves hundreds of
watts wasted as heat.
- You $
a Whispe
ret a full kilowatt PEP output from
r quiet desktop linear. It’s a com-
pact 8/,Hx14Dx15"/ inches and plugs into
your nearest 120 VAC outlet. Covers all
‘bands 16
0-15 Meters, including WARC and
10/12 Meters mod with license).
You get 800 Watts output on CW, 500
Watts ou
power su
put on RTTY, an extra heavy duty
pply, genuine 3-500 tube, nearly
70% efficiency, tuned input, Pi/Pi-L output,
inrush current protection, multi-voltage
transformer, dual Cross-Needle meters, QSK
compatability, two-year warranty, made in
USA, plus much more!
Dynamic ALC™ doubles
average SSB power |
The AL-80Bs exclusive Dynamic ALC™
gives you high-level low-distortion RF pro-
cessing. When activated, it can more than
double your average SSB power and pro-
duce up to 6 dB improvement in intelligibil-
ity. Maximizes your talk power without dis-
— tortion/splatter. |
A convenient front panel control lets you
adjust output power level. o
. Instantaneous RF Bias™
eliminates heat
The AL-80Bs exclusive Instantaneous
RF Bias"
500 tube
and dots
" completely turns off the classic 3-
(except filaments) between words
and dashes. It eliminates hundreds
classic 3-500 tube completely turns off between words!
AL-80B 5
oad controls make tuning precise and easy.
- Rapidly retune to your favorite frequency.
of watts wasted as heat to gives cooler oper-
ation, longer component life.
Gutsy Heavy Duty Power Suppl
The ats of the АТ ОВ is its heavy duty
power supply. À 26 pound transformer
using a high silicone steel core, computer
grade capacitors, heavy duty bleeders and
ten 3 amp, 1000 Volt power rectifiers give
you a stiff 2700 volts fully loaded. Many
amplifiers using two 3-500s use such small
power supplies they don’t deliver much
more power output than the AL-80B.
70% Efficiency
The AL-80B is built on a rugged steel
chassis. It has a separate RF compartment
that’s fully shielded to keep RF from leaking
out.- This keeps RFI and TV] to a minimum.
Superb RF design and layout, Hi-Q tank
circuit and commercially rated RF power
components give you nearly 70% plate effi-
ciency over the entire operating range. Your
power goes into your antenna instead of
heating up your amplifier.
A whisper quiet internal fan draws in
cool air over power supply components and
pressurizes the classic 3-500 tube compart-
ment to remove heat for longest life.
Tuned input lets your rig
deliver full output
50 Ohm broadband Pi-Network funed
input is used. Even fussy solid state trans-
mitters will deliver full power!
Pi/Pi-L Output Network
A carefully designed P1/Pi-L output net-
work using the optimum Q for each band
gives exceptionally smooth tuning, extreme-
ly wide matching range, full band coverage
and peak performance at all power levels.
Ball bearing vernier reduction drives
with logging scales on both the plate and
_Step-Start Inrush Protection“
Step-Start Inrush Protection“ stops
amaging inrush current with a start up
equence that's easy on your tube and power
upply components. | |
Multi-Voltage Power Transformer
- Excessive line voltage stresses compo-
ents and causes wear out. Low line voltage -
auses a “soft tube” effect -- low output/
ignal distortion.
Our exclusive Multi-Voltage Power
ransformer™ lets you optimize for different
‘line voltage. Select from 14 different primary
voltages from 90-140 VAC & 205-250 VAC.
The high voltage secondary can be wired
to reduce plate voltage for efficient operation
below 400 Watts for use outside the USA.
Dual Illuminated
Cross-Needle Meters
Ameritron’s dual illuminated cross-nee-
dle meters give you four separate meters to
monitor your operating conditions -< you
can tell right away if something is wrong.
Grid and plate current and forward PEP
output power are continuously monitored to
show improper loading/abnormal conditions.
The fourth meter can be switched to
monitor your classic 3-500 tube DC plate
voltage, reflected PEP power and the SWR
of your antenna, ALC voltage to your rig
and the grid current that starts ALC action --
get a clear picture of your AL-80B.
OSK Compatible
— The fast open frame T/R (transmit/
receive) relay in the AL-80B switches nearly
as fast as some vacuum relay QSK T/R
switches. a | |
For lightning fast QSK operation use the
optional external electronic PIN diode QSK-
5 T/R switch or the internal QSK-5PC.
— Plus much, much more!
Operate/Standby switch lets you run
barefoot, but can instantly switch to full
power if you need it.
Has transmit LED; 12 VDC, 200 mA
accessory jack; 12 VDC keying relay for
solid state and tube rigs; tough, nearly inde-
structible Lexan over-aluminum front panel.
Two year limited warranty.
Made in the USA. Ameritron is the
proven leader in high power amplifiers.
Call your dealer for your best price!
= J)
D +. À
More hams : use » Ameritron AL-811 amplifi lers than any other amplifi er in the
world... The AL-811 has earned a worldwide reputation for legendary quality,
flawless performance, proven reliability and superb customer service . . .
Ameritron’s AL-
811 linear amplifier gives you
plenty of power to bust through
ORM! oo o
You get a quiet desktop lin-
ear that's so compact it’ll slide
right into your operating posi-
tion -- you’ll hardly know it’s
there .. . until QRM sets in.
And you can conveniently
plug it into your nearest 120
VAC outlet -- no special
wiring needed. — |
You get three tough 8114
transmitting tubes, extra
“heavy duty power supply, all
HF band coverage, pressur-
ized ventilation, tuned input,
dual illuminated meters,
adjustable ALC and much
more for an incredible $649!
The First 609 Watts
makes the difference
The AL-811 gives you 600
Watts PEP output -- that's nearly 2
full S-units over your barefoot rig.
That could mean the differ-
ence between hearing, “You*re Q-5
armchair copy” and “Sorry, can't
copy you, too:much QRM-”
Now you/won't have to stand
aside while the “big guns” steal your
DX. You'll be able to log some of
those stations first.
All Band, All mode Coverage
AL-811 covers all HF bands.
There’s no compromise on WARC
and most MARS bands -- you get a
100% rated output. |
Operate AL-811 on all modes.
Get 600 Watts output PEP SSB and
500 Watts output CW. You even get
300 Watts on continuous carrier
modes like RTTY, SSTV, and FM.
Low cost S11A tube resists failure --
First, they're constructed with wide-
a |
ly spaced elements that minimize the
chance of elements touching and
- causing a short -- even if the plate
gets hot enough to melt.
Second, they use a directly heat-
| supply i is its heavy duty power trans-
a former with a high silicon steel core
E weighing a hefty 17 pounds.
“A full wave bridge using 32.5
Е | ufd of total capacitance (four 210
ufd, 450 volt capacitors) produces
B 1500 Volts under full load and 1700
# Volts no load. That's excellent high
voltage regulation!
Rectifier diodes are rated for a
M massive surge current of 200 amps--
won’t blow even if you accidentally
: _ short the high voltage supply.
Wire wound, 7 Watt, 50 K Ohm
equalizing resistors safely protect
each filter capacitor -- not 2 Watt,
100 K Ohm carbon composition
resistors that can open and cause fil-
ter capacitors to explode or fail.
The Ameritron AL-811 power
‘supply is built tough so you get peak
performance year after year. °
В | 00 ) Uv 7 / ) |
— Ameritron gives you four 811A tubes, 800 Watts for the
same price as the competitor s 3 tube 600 Watt unit...
Why settle for less power and pay ; ‘
more money?
Only the Ameritron AL-811H gives -
you four fully neutralized 811A transmit-
ting tubes. You get absolute stability and
superb performance on higher bands: that
can’t be matched by un-neutralized tubes.
Ameritron mounts the 811A tubes
vertically -- not horizontally -- to prevent
- hot tube elements from sagging and short-
ing out. Potentially damaging horizontal
tube mounting requires special 811A
tubes to retard sagging and shorting.
Quiet, powerful computer grade blower draws in plenty of cool air. it pres-
surizes the cabinet and efficiently cools your 811A tubes. Our air flow is so
quiet, you'll hardly know it’s there -- unlike noisy, oversized blowers.
Efficient, full size size heavy duty tank coils, full height computer grade
capacitors, heavy duty silicon power transformer, slug tuned input coils, oper-
ate/standby switch, transmit LED, ALC,
dual meters, QSK compatibility with
Ameritron's QSK-5 plus much, much more!
ed thoriated tungsten filament cath- -
ode that prevents the electron emit-
ting layer from instantly stripping off
-- even if mistuning causes a sudden,
severe current overload.
The Ameritron AL-811 is excel-
lent for the newcomer because it’s
tough enough to withstand momen-
tary mistuning. And the tubes are so
inexpensive that you can replace one
for mere pocket change.
The Ameritron advantage: Extra
heavy duty power supply gives you
peak performance year after year
The heart of the AL-811 power -
Tuned input provides
excellent load for any rig
A Pi-Network tuned input pro-
vides a 50 Ohm load for your rig.
- Even fussy solid state rigs can deliv-
er their full drive to the AL-811.
Low loss slug tuned coils -- tun-
+ able from the rear panel -- let you
optimize performance. High quality
low drift silver mica capacitors
maintain proper tuning.
| utput tank:
Optimum Q on each band
The low loss pi-network output
‘tank of the AL-811 has been careful-
ly designed for optimum Q on each
band and built with top quality RF
The result is peak performance
over each band, wide impedance
matching range and exceptionally
smooth tuning with efficiencies close
to 70%. Even 3:1 SWR load won't
damage tubes or tank components.
A ball bearing vernier reduction
drive makes plate tuning safe, pre-
cise and easy.
Quiet pressurized
ventilation keeps your
tubes safely cooled
A quiet blower pressurizes the
cabinet with a large volume of air
flow. It keeps the 811A tube tem-
perature well below the tube manu-
facturer’s rating -- even with a key
down carrier at 400 Watts output --
without the overwhelming noise of
oversized fans.
© Two illuminated meters
Two illuminated meters give you
a clear picture of your AL-811
operating conditions so you can tell
right away if something is wrong.
The Grid Current meter contin-.
uously checks for improper load-
fing. The other meter switches be-
tween high voltage and plate current
to warn of abnormal conditions.
Ameritron exclusive .
Adapt-A- Volt“ power tran sformer
“Too high line voltage stresses
components and causes them to
wear out and fail. Too low line
voltage cause s a “soft tube” effect
-- low output and signal distortion.
Ameritron's exclusive Adapt-
A-Volf" power transformer has a
special buck-boost winding that lets
you compensate for stressful high
(line voltage and performance rob-
bing low line voltage.
Your components last longer
and gives you peak performance --
regardless of your line voltage.
Plus much, much more
An Operate/Standby switch lets
you run barefoot, but you can in-
stantly switch to full power if needed.
À transmit LED tells you when
your rig is keying your AL-811.
A 12 VDC keying relay makes it
compatible with all solid state and
tube rigs. A back-pulse cancelling
diode protects the rig keying circuit.
Shielded RF compartment. One
year limited warranty. Compact
16Dx13%/:Wx8H inches. 30 pounds.
UPS shippable. Shipped with trans-
former installed and wired for 120
VAC. Draws 8 amps at 120 VAC.
Export AL-811X wired for 240 VAC.
— Includes 10 and 12 meters.
Ideal amplifí er -- uses 13.8 VDC mobile electrical
very compact, extremely quiet, 500 Watts output,
1.5-22 MHz coverage, instant bandswitching,
, no warm up, SWR protected. —
ALS-500M, $799.
Ideal mobile amplifier uses
13.8 VDC at 75 amps
mobile electrical system,
very compact 3'2x9x15
inches fits easily in your
auto, extremely quiet, 500
Watts out, 1.5-22 MHz cov-
erage, instant bandswitch-
ing, no tuning, no warm up, no tubes. SWR
Protection. Uses four rugged 2SC2879 high
power linear RF power transistors. Load fault
protection disables and bypasses amplifier if
excessively high reflected power or if bandswitch is set
exciter frequency -- virtually eliminates damage because
error; has Load fault LED indicator.
L-3001... 15090 Waite!
AL-800 Output Power:1250
Single Tube Watts PEP, single
- 3CX800A7. 1500 W
plus, two 3CX800A7
All Band Operation:
AL-800H 160-15 Meters includ-
Two Tubes ing WARC bands.
User modifiable for
12 and 10 Meters with license. Genuine Eimac™ tube(s): Model
AL-800 single Eimac 3CX800A7; Model AL-800H has two
Eimac 7s. Tuned Input Circuit: Adjustable slug-tuned
input Output network: Pi/Pi-L gives you smooth tuning
and matching range, Tube Protection: Grid current limiting '
circuit your tubes. ALC Control: Front panel adjustable,
true control. Vernier Reduction Drives: Tuning and loading
drives make adjustments smooth and easy. Hefty power
supply: 32 Ib. grain orientated, silicone steel core transformer.
No tuning, no ини no worries -- just turn on and operate .
. incredibly low $1299 includes AC power supply, 600
Watts output, continuous 1.5-22 MHz coverage, instant
bandswitching, no warm up, no tubes to baby and more! .
: ALS-600, $1299. No tun-
ing, no fuss, no worries -- just
turn it on and operate. |
y Includes AC power supply,
E 600 Watts output, continuous —
E 1.5-22 MHz coverage, instant
f-band switching, fully SWR:
E protected, extremely quiet,
ul very compact. Both separately
BEN measure 6x9'/x12 inches .
SWR Protection prevents
amp damage if you switch to
“the wrong band, use wrong
antenna or have high SWR. Over Power protection
takes over if power exceeds safe level, output power
is automatically reduced to prevent amplifier damage.
AL-572 . .. 1300 Waits!
You get 1300 Watts
PEP SSB nominal
power out on amateur
bands 160-15 Meters.
| Four rugged 572B
‘tubes give you near legal limit power
' and instant 3 second warm-up time.
| These four fully neutralized tubes
have : a heavy duty Graphite Anode, low loss white ceramic base,
superior Titanium Getter and legendary quality and ruggedness.
Ameritron’s exclusive ParasiticKiller™ effectively suppresses all :
parasitic oscillations.
This whisper quiet desktop linear plugs into your nearest £120 VAC
outlet -- no special wiring needed.
Typically get 1300 Watts PEP SSB, 1000 Watts CW continuous,
1000 Watts 1/2 hour PEP two-tone test on all amateur bands from
160-15 Meters (WARC bands and 10 Meters at reduced performance.
Ameritron’s Remote Coax Switch
lets you remotely switch up to five
— separate antennas using one inexpen-
. sive small contro! line (like standard
— telephone wire) -- Eliminate a tangle of trouble-
some coax and have a simple and neat installa-
tion -- with just a single coax feedline.
‘The RCS-8V consists of two units -- the
weatherproof switching box that mounts on
your tower or mast and the control unit that's
placed at your operating station.
VSWR is less than 1.2 from DC to 250 MHz
and less than 0.1 dB loss at 150 MHz -- if you
~ operate HF/VHF/UHF, the RCS-8V is for you.
It handles over 5 kW below 30 MHz and 1
kW at 150 MHz. You can ground unused posi-
tions or leave them open.
The indoor contro! unit is all metal to prevent
— RCS-8V
antenna you've selected.
A Lexan scratch proof front panel has a
markable surface for labeling your antennas.
RCS-8V operates from a 120 VAC power
source or RCS-8VX for 220/240 VAC. Use any
6 conductor control line (not supplied) and
allows safe operation with 14V control voltage.
RCS-8VN. Same as RCS-8V but has N- type
connectors instead of SO-239.
Number of antenna positions: 5. Loss at 150 -
MHz: less than 0.1 dB. VSWR: under 1.2:1
from DC to 250 MHz. Impedance: 50 Ohms.
Power Capability: >5 kW below 30 MHz, 1 kW
at 150 MHz. Power requirements: 120 VAC,
50/60 Hz at five watts. Connectors: Teflon®
SO-239 for RCS-8V; “N” for RCS-8VN.
Control Box: 6Dx6'/sW x2'/sH inches.
.. .. improved relays... Greater Power Handling!
| CS-4 ¿Ameritron RCS-4 is a remote
controlled coax switch that
selects 1 of 4 outputs by supply- -
ing all control voltages through -
the c coax. Elimination of control cables gives you
a fast, neat and inexpensive installation -- only 1
coax line for 4 antennas. |
You get two units -- the switching box
(5*:Dx7Wx3H in.) that can be tower, mast or wall -
wn mounted and the control console (6'Dx5'/¿Wx 3%H
‘in.) that is located at your operating station.
B The attractive indoor console has bright LED
E antenna selector indicators. A steel enclosure pro-
“vides 100% shielding to prevent RFI and TVL
* Switching time is 50 milliseconds. Teflon® SO-239
RFI and TVL It also has LEDs to indicate the
Switch Box: 5*%Dx7Wx3H inches.
Remote Coax Sv
‘The weatherproof switching box uses three heavy
duty 16 ampere hermetically sealed relays on a
“connectors provide reliable connections.
‘rugged G-10 fiberglass circuit board.
Quality components are used throughout the
entire unit to ensure maximum life for the some-
times difficult-to-reach switching box. RCS-4 oper-
ates 120 VAC. RCS-4X for 220/240 VAC. RCS-4
allows safe operation with 14 Volts control voltage.
Frequencies 1.5 - 100 MHz are covered by this
excellent station accessory. Handles over 2.5 kW.
Specifications: 4 pos.; Loss at 30 MHz less than
- 0.1 dB; VSWR is under 1.25:1, 1.5-60 MHz;
Impedance: 50 Ohms; Power: >2.5 kW average
2ATRON RCS-10 Remoie Coax Switch
RCS-10 remote
coax switch
| selects one of
eight antennas using an inexpen-
sive three or four conductor con-
trol line (such as standard tele-
phone wire).
Eliminate a tangle of trouble-
some coax and have a simple and
neat installation -- with just a sin-
gle coax feedline.
The RCS-10 consists of two
units -- the weatherproof switching
box that mounts on your tower or
mast and the control unit that's
laced at your operating station.
_ Outdoor nit Features:
Inexpensive and simple wiring: selects up to eight antennas
using one four conductor telephone type control line.
High Power Capability: The RCS- 10 0 relay box will handle
over 5 kW into matched loads below 30 MHz.
Long Relay Life: UL/CSA/VDE approved sealed relays with 16
ampere switching current rating. Tested to withstand 1200V RMS.
- Flexible Mounting: RCS-10 hardware accepts mast sizes from 1
inch to 2'/s inches. Reliable Connectors: Teflon UHF-style SO-
239 females, internal barrier strip for control lines. Low Voltage:
Requires 10-15 Volts at less than 300 mA. Number of Antenna
Positions: 8. Frequency Coverage: DC to 100 MHz. VSWR:
Under 1.25:1 below 30 MHz; Under 1.3:1 below 60 MHz; Under
1.8:1 below 150 MHz. Impedance: 50 Ohms. Power Capability:
>5 kW into 50 Ohms below 30 MHz. Power Requirement: RCS-
10, 10-15 YDC or 120 VAC with AC adaptor supplied. RCS-10X,
10-15 VDC or 230 VAC with AC adaptor supplied. Relay Switch
Control Line: 4 conductors telephone-type cable, not supplied.
Relay Control Line Voltage: 10-15 VDC at less than 300 mA.
Flexible Control Box with External Interface: Accepts and out-
puts one-of-eight and outputs three- line BCD data to remote relay
unit. Highly Weather Resistant: Sealed relays, stainless hard-
ware, and U-V resistant cover. Easy-to-Read Antenna Indicators:
Eight wide-spaced LED's indicate the selected antenna.
— Dimension: Control Box: 6'/:Wx3'/:Hx4*D inches.
Ameritron’ $ extended warranty is the same Ameritron prepaid i in original packing or equiv-
- as the original warranty, just extended for the alent. Ameritron is not responsible for any
amount of months you ‘choose to purchase — shipping loss or damage.
The extended plan warrants to the pur- Necessary labor done at the Ameritron
chaser that if the product should fail during facility to repair the product back to specifi-
the agreed term, Ameritron has the option to cations. Electrolytic capacitor.
repair or replace part (s) except tube and Modification to correct performance,
output transistors) and provide necessary chip capacitors, mica caps, ceramic caps,
labor free of charge. ‘air tuning caps, transformers, coils, resis-
Warranty repair can only be done at tors, meters, switches, chokes, sockets, tube
Ameritron. Purchaser | must return product to О |
caps, insulators, transistors (except final RF
output transistors), diodes, IC, regulators rec-
tifier, relays, fans, holders.
PC board (if not repairable), connectors,
‘internal wiring, internal coax, return ship-
ping and labor for replacing tubes or final
RF output transistors.
Tube and RF output transistors are not
covered. Return insured shipping (in United
States), of Ameritron’s choice is covered for
services listed under “What is covered”.
Call 1-800-713-3550 for prices.
Legal L imit TN Tuner
| Easily handles 1 500 Watts continuous carrier even on 160 Meters . . . High-cur- |
— rent edge-wound silver plated Roller Inductor . . . Two 500 pf high capacitance
-— tuning capacitors with 6:1 vernier reduction drives . . . 3 core choke balun . . . Six
| position antenna switch ... True peak reading Cross-Needle S WR/Wattmeter . . .
| ATR-30 © MHz including all MARS
and WARC bands.
Super High Current
| Roller Inductor
— Yow ll see Ameritron's
| new super high current air core roller induc-
- tor. It’s edge wound from a thick solid cop-
- per strip and silver plated. This produces a
: large surface area and a massive conductor.
It can carry huge circulating RF currents and
withstand tremendous heat that'll melt or
- burn ordinary roller inductors.
À gear driven turns counter and crank
knob gives you precise inductance control.
radio’s taughest! It’Il handle 1500 Watts
- continuous carrier output on all modes and
all HF bands into most antennas -- even on
160 Meters where most antenna tuners fail.
It’s perfect for Ameritron’s most powerful
amplifiers where the ATR-30 just loafs.
All band coverage lets you operate 1.8-30
# put. Slightly
Nos - less on 160
Meters. 13 "Wx5' hHx13'AD”.
Bandswitched T-network, peak
reading SWR/Wattmeter, covers
1.8-30 MHz, 6 position antenna
switch, balun. Great for AL-80B.
-dummy load handles
1500 Watts for 5 min-
utes. SWR under 1.2 up to 30
MHz. Low SWR to 400 MHz.
Has high quality industrial
grade transformer oil (no PCB)
and heavy duty 50 Ohm resistor.
Two 500 pf Tuning Capacitors
Two 500 pf -- the highest of any antenna
“tuner -- variable transmitting capacitors give
you no-arc wide range impedance matching
for true high power performance.
| ADL-2500 Fan cooled 2500W
ATR-20A ntenna Tuner. . ADL-1500 Dummy i
~~ Handles 1500 Load with oil... {dry dummy load ...
a 5 Watts RF out- = Oil cooled 50 Ohm | Whisper quiet fan.
‘average power for |
Watts continuous.
, Handles any legal limit ;
* amplifier -- 2500 Watts *
minute on, ten off. 300 “==
SWR below
- 1.25 to 30 MHz and SWR
below 1.4 to 60 MHz.
- 6:1 vernier reduction drives makes capac-
itor tuning smooth and easy. | |
Super Balun, 6 position Antenna Switch
Super heavy duty three core choke balun .
lets you match virtually any balanced feed-
line antenna without core saturation.
À 6 position antenna switch lets you
select your desired operating antenna.
| Read true Peak Power —
Ameritron’s active electronic true peak
reading meter accurately reads forward and
reflected power and SWR simultaneously on
a lighted Cross-Needle meter.
Roomy Cabinet maintains High-Q
Roomy extra-strong .080 inch thick alu-
minum cabinet gives highest efficiency and
lowest loss. 13'Wx5% Hx17'/D inches.
Has Ameritron’s superb one year limited
warranty with legendary customer service. t
AWM-30 Precision SWR Я
Wattmeter. . . в
‚ Атегигоп’5 precision |
NN SWR/Wattmeter is
UN perfect for making
accurate linear amplifi-
* er power measurements. Reads
true peak/avg power on lighted
cross-needle meter. 3000/300
Watt ranges, remote sensor.
RON Amplifier-to-Transceiver Interface
Protec $ expensive radio Jrom damage by keying line transients and steady state current and voltages
Searavino, MS TEA
ARB-704 — The ARB-704
INTERFA CE BUFFER will work with
almost any transceiv-
er without the need
of the plug-and-play
pre-wired cable.
The ARB-704 advanced interface is
compatible with all common radios and
amplifiers even though radios and ampli-
fiers do not have standardized voltages,
| ARB-70412
— for 1C-706 series radios
The input is designed to be compatible
with any transmitter or transceiver, and the
output is compatible with AC control lines
or DC positive or negative amplifier control
lines having up to 200 Volts peak open circuit
voltage and 300 mA of operating current.
Why you need the ARB-704
Amplifiers can damage radios if the
- amplifier has too much relay control volt-
age, voltage spikes, or excessive current on
“the relay control line.” Such damage often
appears as “stuck” or “sticky” transmit .-
relays in exciters or shorted transistors on
plugs, or wiring. It’s designed to ARB-704 is fully compatible with conven-
Work with any amplifier/radio combination.
transmitter only switches currents under
0.35 milliamperes and very low voltages
when using the ARB-704.- Measuresa
‚ super compact 4'/Wx1*Hx2*D inches.
transmit control lines. In most cases where
the radio is damaged, the system transmits
normally but the external amplifier stays
-— locked in a “transmit” mode. This prevents
receive signals from coming through the
amplifier with normal levels whenever the
amplifier is in the “ON” or “OPERATE”
position. |
The ARB-704 has many electrical
advantages over conventional relay buffer
systems. The ARB-704 has no moving
parts, switches almost instantaneously. It is
noiseless, has very long life, and will not
develop dirty contacts. It operates with
negative, AC, or positive amplifier relay
control lines.
It works with any relay voltage (AC,
positive, or negative) up to 200 peak volts
and any relay current up to 300 mA. The
tional amplifier relay systems. It is espe-
cially suited for buffering vacuum relay
“ QSK amplifiers, since the ARB-704 does
not affect attack or release times in a dele-
terious manner.
The ARB-704 operates with transmitters
or transceivers that pull amplifier control
“lines to ground, or output a wide range of
positive or negative control voltages. The
These cables are for relay, ALC and ampli-
PNP-8D For FT-1000, (MP), |
900, 767GX, 920, 990, 747GX
PNP-8M For FT-890, 840, 817
PNP-35 For FT-100, (D)
PNP-5M For FT-847 |
PNP-7D For TS-440, 690, 450,
| 180, 140, 950, 130, 870,
2000, 50, 120, 530, 430
'PNP-13D For all models -
| of the IC-706
PNP-7DK ForTS-930
PNP-7DK2 For TS-820, 520
PNP-5D For FT-980
The ARB-704 is supplied with the fol-
lowing: 1. One power connector cord and
plug with red wire (+12 Volts) and black \
wire (- and ground). 2. Three phono |
(RCA) cord with connectors on each end.
fier control lines.
... the worlds Y power leader! —
hi //
116 Willow Road, Starkville, MS 39759 USA
TECH: (662) 323-8211 * FAX: (662) 323-6551
Free Catalog/Nearest Dealer . . . 800-713-3550 —
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST, Monday - Friday
Prices and specifications subject to change without
"notice or obligation. © 2002 Ameritron.
hy gain
North or South centered calibration, new ferrite
. . . the first choice of hams around the world: /
HAM-IV is the TX 1s designed HAM-V , ds the
most popu- for medium. | rotator
lar rotator in communica- for the
the world! tions antenna new
; Ti is designed for medium arrays of up milennium.
NN communications arrays of up F-2XD “to 20 square It is designed for
:to 15 square feet wind load feet wind r Medium communications
area. New low temperature , load area. antenna arrays of up to 15
a grease permits normal oper- 1 Available square feet wind load
‘ation down to -30 degrees F.
New alloy ring gear gives extra strength up to
100,000 PSI for maximum readability. New
with DCU- 1 Pathfinder digital
control box (T2XD) or stan-
dard analog control box
area. |
"Includes the innovative
DCU-1 Pathfinder control
indicator potentiometer, new ferrite beads (T2X). Low temperature grease, alloy ring gear, unit. A new alloy ring gear with 100,000 PSI
reduce RF susceptibility, new cinch plug con- indicator potentiometer, ferrite beads on poten- tensile strength and new indicator potentiometer
‘nector plus 8-pin plug at control box. Dual 98 tiometer wires, new weatherproof AMP connec- have been added for improved reliability.
ball bearing race for load bearing strength and tors plus 8-pin plug at control box, triple bear- No more terminal strips! New Cinch con-
electric locking steel wedge brake prevents ing race with 138 ball bearings for large load . nector plus 8-pin plug at control box - no
wind induced antenna movement. Northor bearing strength, electric locking steel wedge screwdriver required.
South center of rotation scale on meter, low brake, north or south center of rotation scale on New powder coated finish. Maximum mast
voltage control, maximum mast size of 2 is”. meter, low voltage control, max mast of 2 is". size of 2/16 inches.
THE HDR-300A THE AR-40 cp-4si THE CD-45l1
HDR-300A is AR-40 is for large | handles 8.5 sq.
| for FM-TV and | feet mounted inside
| King- compact com- I a tower, or 5 sq. ft.
| sized munication: with mast adapter. Low temperature
antenna arrays upto 25
sq.ft. wind load area.
| — Control cable connector,
new hardened stainless steel output shaft, new
antenna arrays up to 3.0 square
grease good to -30 F degrees. Bell
feet wind load area. Dual 12
rotator design gives total weather
ball bearing race is exclusive in protection, dual 58 ball bearing race -
its class. Automatic position ~~ * s — gives proven support. Die-cast ring
sensor never needs resetting. gear, stamped steel gear drive, heavy duty, trou-
beads on potentiometer wires to reduce RF sus- Fully automatic control - just dial ble free gear train, North center scale, lighted
ceptibility, new longer output shaft keyway for and touch for any desired location. Solid state, directional indicator, 8-pin plug/socket on con-
added reliability. Heavy-duty self-centering low voltage control, safe and silent operation. trol unit, snap-action control switches, low volt-
steel mast clamp and hardware. Digital display Maximum mast size of 2 '/is inches. Includes age control, safe operation, takes masts to 2
accurate to 1 degree. Machined steel output. _ MSLD light duty lower mast support. - — 1/7. MSLD light duty lower mast support.
Brake Construction Disc Brake
Brake Construction - Brake Construction Disc Brake | ”
ies me bry
DCU-1 of brake/rotor, computer con-
| trol with RS232 pass-through,
compatible with many log-
ging/contest programs, 6 pre-
ино о sets for favorite beam headings, 1 |
Innovative digital control unit for degree heading accuracy, Auto 8- Dña
T2X, HAM 1V and HAM V rotators. - second brake delay, 360 degree |
Ship wt: 8 Ibs. Automatic operation choice for center of rotation, more!
http://www. о | т | — 45
TH-11DX, $1159.95. 11-clement, 4.0 kW PEE 10,12,15,17,20M
The choice of top DXers. Features a low loss log-
With 11-elements, excel- periodic driven array on all
lent gain and 5- bands, the bands with monoband reflec-
super rugged TH-1 IDX is the tors, BN-4000 high power
“Big Daddy” of all HF beams! balun, corrosion resistant wire
Handles 2000 Watts con- boom support, hot dipped gal-
tinuous, 4000 Watts PEP. . vanized and stainless steel parts.
Every part is selected for Stainless steel hardware
durability and ruggedness for and clamps are used on all
years of trouble-free service. electrical connections.
Compact 3-element 10, 15, 20 Meter Tri-Bander
For limited space... Installs anywhere ... 14.75 ft turnin
radius ... weighs 211bs. .. Rotate with CD-45I1, HAM-I
TH-3JRS. Hy-Gain’s most popular 3-
element 10, 15, 20 Meter tri-bander fits on
most lots! Same top performance as the
full power TH3MK4 in a compact 600 watt
PEP design.
Excellent gain and F/B ratio let you
A compete with the “big guns”.
Fits on light tower; suitable Tooled manufacturing gives you Hy-Gain
{mast or medium duty tower.
guyed TV pole, roof tripod durability with 80 MPH wind survival.
- lighter have less wind surface and last years longer.
TH-7DX, 7-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10,15,20 Meters
7-Elements gives you the and trapped parasitic elements -
highest average gain of any Hy- give you an excellent F/B ratio.
Gain tri-bander! | Includes Hy-Gain's diecast
Dual driven for broadband op- aluminum, rugged boom-to-mast
eration without compromising gain. clamp, heavy gauge element-to- -
SWR less than 2:1 on all bands. boom brackets, BN-86 balun. For
- Uniquely combining monoband high power, upgrade to BN-4000.
TH-5MK2, 5-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10,15,20 Meters
The broadband five element mum F/B ratio on each band.
TH5-MK2 gives you outstand- Also standard is Hy-Gain's
ing gain. exclusive BetaMATCH™, stainless
Separate air dielectric Hy-Q steel hardware and compression
traps let you adjust for maxi- clamps and BN-86 balun.
TH-3MK4, 3-element, 1.5 kW PEE, 10,15,20 Meters
The super popular TH-3MK4 room to spare -- turning radius is
gives you the most gain for your just 15.3 feet. Four piece boom is
money in a full-power, full-size ideal for DXpeditions. Rotates with
durable Hy-Gain tri-bander! CD-4511 or HAM-IV rotator.
- You get an impressive average Features Hy-Gain BetaMatch™
gain and a whopping average for DC ground, full power Hy-
front-to-back ratio. Handlesa. 2 Q™ traps, rugged boom-to-mast
full 1500 Watts PEP. 95 MPH = bracket and mounts on standard
wind survival. ~ 270.D. mast. Stainless steel hard-
Fits on average size lot with ~~ ware. BN-86 balun recommended.
TH-2MK3, 2-element, 1.5 kW PEF, 10,15,20 Meters
‘The 2-element TH-2MK3 is Hy- Ruggedly constructed, top-
Gain’s most economical full power performing, compact 6 foot
(1.5kW PEP) full size tri-bander. boom, tight 14.3 foot turning
For just $369.95 you can great- radius. Installs almost anywhere.
ly increase your effective radiat- Rotate with CD-4511 or HAM-
ed power and hear far better! IV. BN-86 balun recommened.
EXP-14, 4-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10,15,20 Mcters
less than 2:1 VSWR. 1.5kW PEP.
compact tri-bander lets you add BetaMATCH™ provides DC
40 or 30 Meters! Has 14 foot. ground to eliminate static. Includes
boom and tight 17.25 feet turn- BN-86 balun. Easily assembled.
ing radius. Fits on roof tri-pod, Truly competitive against giant
tri-banders at half the cost!
Hy-Gain’s patented broad- QK-710. 30/40 Meter option
banding Para Sleeve gives you. kit for EXP-14.
DB-1015, 7-element, 1.5 KW PEP, 10 & IS Meters
This dual band beam for 10 boom in 4 sections, packaged
and 15 Meters incorporates Hy- for DXpeditions. Handles full-
Gain's superior mechanical legal power and has Hy-Gain's
design and has been computer ed boom-to-mast clamp.
optimized and range-tested for )B-1217. Same as DB-1015,
maximum performance. but is dual band coverage for 12
DB-1015 features a 14 foot and 17 Meters.
Revolutionary 4-element
No. o - IX WEI.
elements | watts PEP] Covered |s ea | Survival cet) |Elen ).(in tat
TH-1 IDX il 4000 [1012151720 12.5 100 24 37 22 88 1.9-2.5 T2X
TH-7DX 7 1500 |10, 15, 20 9.4 100 24 31 20 75 °1,5-2.5 | HAM-IV
TH-SMK2[ 5 1500 |10, 15,201 74 100 19 31.5 1842 | 57 1.5-2.5 | HAM-IV
rusa 3 1500 [10, 15,20| 4.6 95 14 27.42 | 15.33 35 1.9-2.5 | CD-45I1
TH-3JRS 3 600 |10, 15,20| 3.35 80 12 27.25 14.75 21 1.25-2.0 | CD-4511
TH-2MK3| -2 . 1500 110, 15, 20| 3.25 80 6 - 27.3 14.25 20 1.9-2.5 | CD-4511
CEXP-14:1 4 8.1 25 1500 ]10,1520:0| 7.5 100 14 31.5 | 1725 | 45 1.92.5 | HAMIV
DB-1015 7 9.8 22 1500 10, 15 6.7 115 14 —295 16,3 a 1.5-2.5 | HAMIV
| DB-1217} 7 . 9.8 1500 12, 17 6.7 115 14 — 295 16.3 1.5-2.5 | HAMIV
= 1 = ps — 2 Es A | —_ in CRE =i a
_— DP-2BDQ, 101 feet maximum
| В length of dipole. |
| ВО DP-5BDQ, 94 ft. max length.
— TT | . DP-2BDQ and DP-5BDQ are
| designed pd anc DE al or 22 rted 1.8-30 MHZz frequency range, 160-10 Meter DP-19PD
“V” Tated at legal power Perfect for field day or anytime you need to put |
cba PD ” up a dipole in a hurry. It uses braided nylon wire Covers 160
— Each are individually pretuned ope. Conductors are woven into the rope. thru 10 Meters
DP-2BDQ DP-5BDQ matched traps for each band. rope. Loncuc ем Р
В 50 Oh E а, 1 cabl Uncoil the conductor using pre-marked frequencies for easy |
Covers [80 Covers80 m feed, coaxial cable not installation. 100 feet of support rope on each end and a SO-239
and 40 Meters thru 10 Meters included. , (UHF) connector is on center insulator.
46 ВЕ o http: /www.hy-gain, com
mast clamp, heavy gauge machine-formed ele-
ment-to-boom brackets and stainless steel
hardware and clamps. BN-4000 Balun is rec-
ommended. Manual has setting for both
bands. |
LJ-103BA. 10 Meters, Three Elements. Feeds
with 50 Ohm coax, comes factory pre-tuned
with Hy-Gain’s exclusive BetaMatch™. BN-
86 balun recommended. Includes stainless
steel hardware and clamps.
LJ-153BA. 15 Meters, Three Elements. Feeds
with 50 Ohm coax, BetaMatch™, 5.7 dBd gain.
LJ-105CA. 10 Meters, Five Elements,
Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatch™. Excellent
DC Ground. Stainless steel hardware and
clamps. BN-4000 Balun recommended.
LJ-155CA. 15/12 Meters, Five Elements,
Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatch™. Excellent
DC Ground. Stainless steel hardware and
clamps. Includes 12 Meter setting. BN-4000
Balun recommended.
LJ-205CA. 20/17 Meters, Five Elements.
Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatch™. Excellent
DC Ground. Stainless steel hardware and
clamps. BN-4000 Balun recommended. man-
ual has setting for both bands.
LJ-204BA. 20/17 Meters, Four Elements.
Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatch™. The 1.J-
204BA has a tiltable cast aluminum boom-to-
BN-4000 Balun recommended. Stainless steel
hardware and clamps.
LJ-203BA. 20 Meters, Three elements on a 16
foot boom. The LJ-203BA feeds with 50 Ohm
coax, is factory pre-tuned with Hy-Gain's
exclusive BetaMatch™. BN-4000 Balun is
recommended. Stainless steel hardware and
clamps. Tiltable, heavy-duty cast aluminum
boom-to-mast bracket.
DISCOVERER 71. Covers 30/40 Meters.
This rotatable dipole of low weight and wind
surface area so easily fits most existing beam
- This antenna can be tuned to
either 30 or 40 Meters with a front-to-side
ratio of 30 dB for a fast, expansion of band
capability. Feeds with 50 Ohm coax. Has pre-
formed mast clamp.
DISCOVERER 72. Covers 30/40 Meters.
This two-element 40 Meter beam has a unique
hairpin loading system. It delivers superior
performance. Feeds with 50 Ohm coax and
comes factory pre-tuned with Hy-Gain’s exclu-
Tiltable boom-to-mast
bracket and stainless steel hardware is includ-
sive BetaMatch™.
is recommended.
DIR-73K. Add-on
— Director Kit covers 30/40 Meters.
Converts the Discoverer 72 into a three-
element beam. Even more amazing, it’s
all on a 35 foot boom, outperforming the
ed. Hy-Gain high power BN-4000 balun
other brands that are much larger.
The combination Discoverer 72 and
Director Kit even fits on medium duty
towers such as the HG-52SS, saving both
cost and space. HyGain offers you several
options with wide bandwidth and Hy-Q
efficiency without coils. The antennas
handle legal power limits.
Model # Gain (dBi) F/B Max | Max Power | Boom length | Long elment| Turn Radius | Mast diam. | Surface area | Wind Surviv
LJ-1OSCA 10.8 dBi 36 dB 1500 W PEP 24 feet 18 feet 15 feet 1.9-2.5 in.OD| 3.9 sa. feet | 100 m.p.h.
LJ-155CA 9.8 dBi: 25 dB 1500 W PEP | 26 feet 25 feet 17 feet, 6 in. |1.9-2.5 in,OD{ 5.2 sq. feet 88 m.p.h.
LJ-205CA 8.7 dBi 30 dB 1500 W PEP 34 feet 36 feet 25 feet 1.9-2.5 in.OD| 9.0 sq. feet 99 m.p.h.
LJ-204BA 8.2 dBi 28 dB 1500 W PEP 26 feet 36 feet, 6 in. | 22 feet, 6 in. |1.9-2.5 in.OD) 7.3 sq. feet | 100 m.p.h.
-— LJ-103BA 7.9 dBi 24 dB 1500 W PEP 8 feet 18 feet, 7 in. | 10 feet, 2 in. | 1.625-2.0 in. | 2 sq. feet 107 m.p.h.
LJ-153BA 7.9 dBi 25 dB 1500 W PEP | 12 feet 24 feet, 11 in.| 14 feet, 3 in. |1.9-2.5 in.OD| 3 sq. feet 80 m.p.h.
LJ-203BA 7.3 dBi 23 dB 1500 W PEP | 16 feet, 6 in. 37 feet 20 feet 1.9-2.5 in.OD| 5.4 sq. feet | 80 m.p.h.
F/B Max
Max Power
Turn Radius
Mast diam.
Surface area
Wind Surviv
Model # Gain (dBi) Boom length | Long elment
DIS-71 6.5 dBi 35 dB 1500 W PEP 2.7 feet 435 feet 22.5 feet |1.9-2.5in.0D] 2.7 sq. feet | 100 m.p.h.
DIS-72 6.5 dBi 15 dB 1500 W PEP | 22.6 feet | 44.8 feet 25 feet 1.9-2.5 in.OD| 6.0 sq. feet 80 m.p.h.
DIR-73K 7.5 dBi 26 dB : { 1500 W PEP 35 feet 45,7 feet 28.9 feet |1.9-2.5in.OD| 9.0 sq, feet 80 m.p.h.
hr o
LP- -1009A. LP- 1009A for UHF connec-
tor. LP-1009AN for “N” connector.
Covers 13-30 MHz (10,12,15, 17, and
20 Meters)
Covers the complete 13-30 MHz HF spec-
trum under a 2:1 VSWR. Built to commer-
cial specifications, it is used by MARS,
type balun included. Use T2X Tailtwister or
HDR-300A rotators.
LP-1010A. LP-110A for UHF connec-
tor. LP-1010AN for “N” connector.
Covers 10-30 MHz (10, 12, 15, 17, 20,
and 30 Meters)
~ monitoring stations, marine and government There are only a few antennas that offer as | >
radio stations around the world and now it's + much HF frequency coverage as the LP- > >La 5
available to Hy-Gain amateur customers. 1010A. Like the LP-1009A, this antenna is 32 PE
The discerning ham operator will appreciate — built to commercial standards using stainless ей” a
its performance and ease of use. Just imag- steel hardware and having a wind survivabil- By
ine all that spectrum coverage and only one ity of 93 mph. Rotatable with use of T2X or sa
feedline. Exclusive 2KW BN-4000 current - HDR-300A rotators. | 2H |
Model 4 Gain (dBi) F/B Max | Max Power Boom length | Long elment | Turn Radius | Mast diam. Surface area | Wind Surviv
LP-1009A/N | 7.3 dBi :- 22 dB 1500 W PEP 27 feet 39 feet 22.5 feet |1.9-2.5 in.OD| 12.5 sq. feet | 103 m.p.h.
LP-1010AN | 7.0 dBi 22 dB 1500 W PEP 36 feet 48 feet . 28.5 1.9-2.5 in. OD| 16 sq. feet 93 m.p.h. | 47
They offer remarkable DX performance with their extremely
low ang
all bands.
-- no guys required.
ele of radiation and omnidirectional pattern.
(10, 12, 15, 20, 40, 80 Meters,
1 60 Meters optional)
53 feet., 114 Ibs.
Standing 53 feet tall, the famous Hy-Gain
HyTower is the world's best performing verti-
cal! The AV-18HT features automatic band
selection achieved through a unique stub-
decoupling system which effectively isolates
various sections of the antenna so that an
electrical 1/4 wavelength (or odd multiple of
a 1/4 wavelength) exists on all bands.
Approximately 250 kHz bandwidth at 2:1
VSWR on 80 Meters. ‘With the addition of a
base loading coil (LC-160Q), it also provides
exceptional 160 Meter performance.
The 24 foot tower is all rugged, hot-dip
galvanized steel and all hardware is iridited
for corrosion resistance. Special tilt-over
hinged base for easy raising and lowering.
MK-17. 17 Meter Add-on Kit.
(10,15,20,40 Meters)
© 18 feet., 9 Ibs.
The Hy-Gain AV-14AVQ uses the same
trap design as the famous Hy-Gain
Thunderbird beams. Three separate air
dielectric Hy-Q traps with oversize coils give
superb stability and 1/4 wave resonance on
Roof Mounting Kit
-gain multi- band vertical antennas are entirely self sup- |
andle 1500 Watts PEP SSB, have low SWR, automatic
The AV-14RMQ roof mounting kit pro-
vides rugged support for Hy-gain models AV-
18VS, AV-14AVQ and AV-12AVQ. Kit
includes base plate, mast, radial/guy wires
and mounting Е hardware.
(10, 15, 20 Meters).
13 feet, 9 Ibs.
The AV-12AVQ also uses Thunderbird
beam design air dielectric traps for extremely |
Ну-О performance. This is the way to go for
inexpensive tri-band performance in limited
space. Roof mount with AV-14RMQ kit
(10,12,15,17,20,30,49,60 Meters).
18 feet, 4 Ibs.
"High quality construction and low cost
make the AV-18VS an exceptional value.
Easily tuned to any band by adjusting feed
— point at the base loading coil. Roof mount
with Hy-Gain AV-14RMQ kit.
(10, 12, 15,17, 20,30,40,80 160
Meters optional). 25 feet, 18 Ibs.
— All bands are easily tuned with the DX-
88’s exclusive adjustable capacitors. 80 and
40 Meters can even be tuned from the ground
without having to lower the antenna. Super
heavy-duty construction. DX-88 OPTIONS:
(10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 39, 40).
29 feet, 25 Ibs.
— 160 Meter add-on kit, KIT-160-88. Ground
Radial System, GRK-88. Roof Radial
System, RRK-88.
No ground radials. required. ! Off-center-
fed Windom has 55% greater bandwidth than
competitive verticals. ‘Heavy-duty tiltable =
vents moisture damage.
Hy-gain verticals go up easily with just hand tools and their
cost is surprisingly low. |
All Hy-gain Verticals feature a two year limited warranty.
base. | Each band independently tunable.
Includes all stainless steel hardware. Recessed SO-239 pre-
band-switching (except AV-18VS) and include a Model # Price Bands | Max Power | Height Weight | Wind Surv. | Rec. Mast
12-inch heavy duty mast support bracket ( except AV-18HT | $739.95 |[1015204080| 1500 WPEP| 53 feet |114 pounds] 75 MPH mm
AV-1 SHT). AV-14AVO | $159.95 |10,15,20,40 | 1500 WPEP| 18 feet 9 pounds | 80 MPH | 1.5-1.625”
Heavy duty, slotted, tapered swaged, aircraft AV-IZAVQ | $114.95 | 10/15/20 M | 1500 WPEP | 13 feet 9 pounds | 80 MPH | 1.5-1.625”
compression clamps is used for radiators. DX-88 | $349.95 | 10-40M |i500WPEP| 25 feet | 18 pounds | 75 mph may 1.5-1.625”
Р P J DX-77A $429.95 | 10-80M |1500WPEP| 29feet | 25 pounds | 60 mph по ву 1.5-1.625”
à че AY bo A У ЕВС
for all HF Yagi antennas. It provides
improved front-to-back ratio.
to bolt to-boom, SO-239 connector.
BN-86. Broadband 50 Ohm ferrite balun.
Comes w/clamp 54 MHz. SO-239 connector. B
BN-4000N. “N” connector.
-BN-4000B. This broadband 50 Ohm Beam current balun
Useable from 3 to 30 MHz. Rec-ommended is potted to seal out moisture. Rated at 4000 Watts for
“increased power handling capabilities. Range is 1 MHZz to
N-4000D. For dipoles. 3
ass: E-1. End Insulator HS-2400
A à for Multi- band CLOSEOUT | |
F J doublet
"antenna. Set of 2.
http www
Ш TT Le Ze 5 Co A To
AA renee, ae pL pea O ROLE OA id 7
do E >. ed - i HS a nO f df
чо: qk ой с A : Ë eG
RO HL 1 E Tf ВЕ Po
4. gk Ek 4 1 E. PR В
: ' A 2 ; + Ea MEA
a os # ZOO го’ © ; E ‚ E Pe
Mer Же AT CMe, "Ena Rend
Eight band AV-640 vertical
antenna covers 40, 30, 20,
I 7, 15, 12, 10 and 6 Meters ©
o No jo tuning
hy-gain’s new PATRIOT HF verticals are the best built, best
performing and best priced multiband verticals available today.
~~ Make full use of your sunspot cycle with the PATRIOT s low
angle signal.
The AV-620 covers all bands 6 through 20 Meters with no
traps, no coils, no radials yielding an uncompromised signal across
“The AV-640 uses quarter wave stubs on 6, 10, 12 and 17
| meters and efficient end loading coil and capacity hats on 15, 20,
/ 30 and 40 meters. Instead of typical lossy can traps, the AV-640
| resonators are placed in parallel not in series. End loading of the
lower HF bands allows efficient operation with a manageable
antenna height. $
No ground or radials needed
* Effective counterpoise replaces radials
* End fed with broadband matching unit
Automatic bandswitching
* Single coax cable feed —
* Each band is individually tunable —
* Wide VSWR bandwidth
Sieek and low-profile
* Low wind surface area
* Small area required for mounting
* Mounts easily on decks, roofs and patios
+ High wind survival
e Matching unit made from all Teflon* insulated wire
hy-cain” warranty
° Two year limited warranty
* AII replacement parts in stock
| .
hy-gain® AV-640
8 Bands: 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10,6 M
Call your dealer for
your best price!
2:1 VEWR Bandwidth
; a a À : Ey TL VSWR at resonance
Antennas Rota tors & Towers down 2 minutes
308 Industrial Park Road. Starkville, MS 39759 USA
Toll-free Customer Sales Hotline: 800-973-6572
* TECH: 662-323-9538 » FAX: 662- 323-6551
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. ‘ Hy-Gain*, 2002,
6 bands: 20,17, 15, 12, 10,6M
U HF antennas
V-2R 2 Meter ; V-42R V-42R i is — UB-7031DX Hy-Gain's DX-Series
vertical independ- VHF/UHF Beams are
| with 5. | ently tun- based on the
Covers dBi gain Covers 143- able at 144 Covers DL6WU element
. 138-175 MHz derived 153, and 436- and 440 420-438 MHz length and spacing
| from the famous extended | 455 MHz MHz. Fed and were further refined on Hy-
] double zepp antenmaa | through one coax cable, it Gain's antenna test range and by
' design. Radiating elements has sets of '/s wave radials computer modeling. Both beams feature encapsulated weatherproof
are two collinear */s waves which properly decouple feedpoints with type
: vB-215px feedpoints with typ
fed in phase. 2 sets of '/1 /s wave radiators from N connectors for
J wave radials properly the mast. Gives 5 dBd excellent VSWR and
/ N decouple lower radiator / N gain on UHF and 3 dBd Covers power handling.
/ | from the mast. SO-239, gain on VHF. Type N, 144-146 MHz High quality mechan-
/ \, ¡hándles 500 Watts. 9 ft. /\ handles 200 Watts. 9 ft: ical construction is
| | — | assured b heavy wall booms and
V-4R 70cmver- | | V-6R VOR boom Supports made of 6063-T832 1
foal with based on 2 aluminum tubing, stainless steel hardware, UV stabilized thick-shoulder :
. 1 element insulators and PTFE coaxial baluns. i
Covers Covers 51-54 collinear 7
gain reer == — .
À 400-475 MHz derived | MHz ‘fs Wave PAS MIE | 1 IR DELE В E A MEA in 18) N As
from double zepp antenna ; | radiators. 500 Watt а Ce
design. Type N, handles enclosed coil and 2 sets я —
500 Watts, 4 foot. _ of '/ wave radials which | VB-66DX |
V-3R 1's Meter provide complete mast | a | ОЙ
vertical | decoupling and optimum | | С |
| : overs
with 5.2 pattern and gain. Rugged de | 50-54 MHz
Covers dBi gain / N design withstands severe % . , | |
216-225 MHz weather, also DC ground | | |
derived lightning protector. 25 ft | The VE-64DX and VB-. \
from double zepp design. ghining p | 66DX feature a concept in -
80-239, handles 500 l 3 inches, UHF female | в |Беат construction that pro-
Watts. 6ft. 9 inches. ~~ {conn., handles 500 Watts. 5 vides actual delivered per- |
Frequeney | Gain dBi | Pwr Input | Wind Surv | Max Mast | Height Weight formance equalling maxi- \!
138-175 | 5.2 «В: | 500 Watts | 105 mph | 2in. OD 9foot | 6 pounds de mum theoretical gain. The
4-element VB-64DX gener-
143-153, | 7.2 UHF | 200 W 100 mph ‚ — ; .
V-4K 400-475 5,2dBi | 506 Watts | 230 mph | Zin. OD 4 foot 4 pounds | gain and the 6-element VB-
V-3R || 216-225 | 5.2dBi | 500 Watts | 100 mph | 2in.OD | 6ft.9in. | 5 pounds Covers - i 66DX increases the gain to
V-6R | 5154 | 52dBi |500Watts | 80mph [1.5-2.25 in. | 25 ft. 3 in. | 15 pounds 50-54 MHz —_ jan unprecedented 12.5 dBi.
| ТЫ Ив WN NA ) Model% | Frequency | Сайт dBi | Pwr Input | Wind Area | #Elements | Boom leng | Weight
\y ELE y Col RTE CID} PILA NB AR uE NN A | [UB-7031DX| 420-438 | 19.8dBi |2kW PEP | 1.9 sq. ft. 31 24.06 ft. | 9.25 Ibs.
GPG2B The GPG-2B, a 5/8 Wavelength Ground Plane | VB-215DX |144.0-146.0| 16.4dBi | 2kW PEP | 2.75 sq. ft. 15 27.88 ft. | 13.56 Ibs. | Y
for two meters is omni-directional and tunable VB-64DX | 50-54 10.4 dBi | 500 Watts | 1.1 sq. ft. 4 12 ft. 10 |
“Covers from Lan 8 dB It delivers an Quon direc- VB-66DX | S054 | 125dBi |LSKWPEP| 18saf | 6 | 2487t | 17 |
142-185 MHZ Measures 4 feet, max mast mount accepted is | \ ME Le NY | DI 4 A E PAN Hi NENA As
GPG-1B 1.625 in O.D. Wind area is .30 sq. ft. : Ви
The GPG-1B is a 1/4 Wavelength _ These > Meter Ft beam antennas include ну -Gain’s ри Beta
Covers ground plane similar to the GPG-2B. atch™ to provide exceptional Front-to-Back ratio and maximum
obtainable gains. The VB-23FM (8.3 dBi gain), VB-25FM (11.2 dBi
gain), VB-28FM (14 dBi gain), and the VB-214FM (15.2 dBi gain)
YES NF A M ~ Il lá 5 u | ML T Г | | gives you a wide choice of 2 Meter Beam performance from which to
144-148 MHz It has — gain, covers 144-148 MHz.
Hy-Gain’s OSCAR antennas are com- VB-23FM o] | VB-25FM
“plete with the necessary phasing lines, [oe] |
relays and hardware. It includes left 2 Meter FM a] - | | I 2 Meter EM i
and right circularity switching to Beam Antenna 1] Po Beam Antenna
reduce fading. True RF switching ele-
ments are rated at 200 Watts and 1
E ‚ . - -
\ | improved VSWR for higher efficiency. VB-28FM Ди | VB-214FM
VB-2165AT UB-7030SAT Feed points are encapsulated and weath- 5 JA pi |
_ : | er protected for long life. Made of fiber- | 2 Meter FM |. + E 2 Meter FM |
Covers € . glass, the crossboom maintains the | | |Beam Antenna | 1% Beam Antenna в
Overs integrity of the circularity pattern. | |
144-148 MHz 432- 438 MHz DB-218S AT, complete? 2 Meter/ 440 Model# | F/B(MAX)| Gain dBi | Pwr Input | Longest el | Boom leng| Mast dia. | Weight 3
Model# | F/B ratio | Gain dBi | Pwr Input |# Elements] Boom leng | Wind Area | Weight | —E-25EM | 20dB | 11.2dBi | 500 Watts | 39.625 in. | 75im. 120in OD. | 3 pounds :
VB-216SAT 25 dB 13.7 dBi 200 W PEP 16 168.75 in. 1.1 sq. ft. 7 Ibs. VB-28FM 20dB 14 dBi 500 Watts 40.25 in. 148.75 in. | 2.0 in O.D. | 4 pounds
VB-7030SAT 25 dB 16.2 dBi 200 W PEP 30 134 inches 7 sq. ft. 4 lbs. VB-214FM 20 dB 15.2 dBi 500 Watts 39.5 in. 15 ft. ó in. | 2.0 in O.D. | 6 pounds
50 | http://www.
50 Waits
Turn your mobile, base or handheld into 160 Watt powerhouses and talk "further,
longer, clearer . .. All modes: FM, SSB, CW... Superb GaAsFET preamp ...
Overdrive, high SWR, MC A protection ... Remote controllable ...
MIRAGE’s most popular °
amplifier gives you 160 Watts
of output power for just 25 W
in from your base/mobile rig!
The B-2518-G is ideal for your 20 to 60
Watt 2 Meter mobile or base station,
You’ll talk further, longer, clearer on all
modes -- FM, SSB, CW -- hear weak sig-
nals better than you've ever heard before!
You get a low noise 20 dB GaAsFET
preamp with an excellent 0.6 dB noise fig-
ure for pulling out weak signals.
Mirage amps has legendary ruggedness.
We know one that’s been in use since 1979!
Your B-2518-G is fully protected with features
More 160 Watt, 2 Meter Amps
B-5018-G. Same as B-2518-G, but for 10 fo
50 Watt mobile or base stations. Gives you 160
Watts out for 50 W in. |
B-1018-G. MIRAGE's most st popular dual pur-
pose HT or mobile/base 2 Meter amp gives you
160 Watts out for 10 Watts in. For 0.2 to 15 Watt
rigs. Use RC-1, remote control. -
Remote Control Head for Amps
; RC-1/RC-2, remote controls most
MIRAGE amps. Power On/Off, pre-
amp On/Off, switch for SSB/FM. 18
found only in expensive commercial amplifiers.
High SWR or excessive input power can dam-
age your amplifier. Protection circuits automati- -,
cally bypass your amplifier to prevent damage and
an LED lights to warn you.
Your expensive power transistors are protected
“from overheating by MIRAGE's exclusive Therm-
O-Guard™. It automatically shuts down and
bypasses your amplifier if needed.
The B-2518-G knows when you’re transmitting
and kicks in 160 Watts of power. Adjustable time
delay gives you smooth transmit/receive switching.
Remote external keying. You can remotely control
Mirage 150 Watts 6 Meter Amplifier
: The A-1015-G is ideal
| Гог your 1-15 Watt mobile
| or base station rig.
y A built-in low noise
| GaAsFET receive preamp
gives you 20 dB gain -- lets
you dig out weak signals and
score exotic DX on sporadic E!
Youw’ll talk further, longer and
clearer on all modes--FM, SSB, CW.
Hear weak signals better than
you’ve ever heard before!
Extra heavy-duty heatsink spans
entire length of cabinet. Draws
te On 18-22 amps at 13.8 VDC. 5
Watts Out | 6 | 22] 42 | 63 | 84 | 98 | 122| 142 | 150 Ibs, 12Dx3HX5":W inches.
вс NE
A- hs. G
The A-1015-G is the world’s
most popular all mode FM/SSB/CW
6 Meter amp! Bust through 6 Meters
with 150 Watts of brute power and
work exotic DX! Power Curve chart
shows typical output power.
Power Curve -- typical A-1015-G output power in Watts
WansIn | 25| 1 |2|3|4a|si7| 9|70
223-225 MHz Amplifiers
Choose from 10 differ-
ent models -- 20 to 220
Watts out for 2 to 50
Watts in, Extra heavy
duty heatsink spans the
entire length of cabinet.
"A (#2 Protection circuits
automatically bypass your amplifier to prevent
damage and an LED lights to warn you. Your
expensive power transistors are protected from
overheating by Mirage’s exclusive Therm-0O-
Guard™. 1t automatically shuts down and bypass-
es your amplifier if needed. All Mirage C-Series
Amps have a 20 dB GaAsFET preamp. |
| your B-2518-G and place it out of the way. An
foot cable (longer available with special order). Tiny
17/4x3*/4x2'/; in. 5018/2518 use RC-2. Others, use
RC-1. Call Mirage for positive compatibility.
RC-2, Remote Control turns Power on/off,
Preamp oon and Power Curve -- typical output power in Watts
atra heavy duty | B-1018-G || 40 | 60 |140 |150 |160 |160 | = | = | = | = | -
of cabinet. B-2518-G | -- | 05 | 30 | s6 | 91 [111 | 135 | 153 | 160 |160+|
e DC | B-5018-G| -- | - | | 52 | 99 |119 | 125 | 130 | 135 | 145 | 160
Compact 12x3x5.5 "Voss In |0.25{05 | 3 | 5 | 8 [10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 35 | 50
with remote external
keying. Draws 48A @
13.8 VDC. 12x12x5 in.
RC-1, Remote Control
420-45 0 MHz Amplifiers
All UHF models feature
Il modes: FM, SSB,
: CW, adjustable delay
à for SSB and remote
| control outlet. They also
| have a heavy duty
heatsink that spans
entire length of cabinet, 50 Ohm impedance input
and output, 13.8 VDC voltage. D-3010-N -- 100
W out/30 in. For 5 to 45 Watt mobile/base. D-
1010-N -- 100 W out/10 in. For handhelds or
mobile/base. D-26-N -- 60 W out/2 in, for hts.
Amateur TV Amps
Industry standard ATV amps available --
D-1010-ATVN, 82 Watts PEP out / 10 in.
2-Meter 300 Watt Amplifiers
Mirage’s B-5030-G gives you 300 Watts of
brute power for 50 Watts input on all modes -
- FM, SSB, or CW! Its ideal for 20 to 60
Watt 2-Meter mobile or base rigs. Hear weak
signals -- low noise GaAsFET preamp gives
you excellent 0.6 dB noise figure. Select 15
or 20 dB gain. Heavy-duty heatsink spans
entire length of cabinet -- prevents overheating. Power tran-
sistors are protected by Mirage’s Therm-O-Guard™. Fully
protected from high SWR and excessive input power: Has —
warning LED, smooth adjustable transmit/receive switching
Power Curve -- tyvical output power in Watts
B-5030-G | $739 - -- 55 150
В-2530-С | $759 30 95 140 | 250 300 -
B-1030-G | $739 80 225 270 300 .. ..
Watts In | Price 1 3 5 10 25 50
Commercial | Grade Amplifier. ters |
PAC-30- |
Suggested 4
Commercial Amplifiers are available for 150-
174, 450-470 MHz and VHF marine bands, 70-
130 Watts out. Most feature Over-temperature.
sensing that bypasses amplifier when safe operat-
ing temperatures are exceeded; heavy duty
heatsinks finned on 3 sides; and wide input power
D-100-ATVN, 82 Watts PEP out/2 Watts in.
range. These amps were designed for two-way
radio signal commercial mobile or fixed location
use. All commercial are FCC
MIRAGE Commercial
1-100 W| No
MIRAGE C-Series Specifications
Model# Input | Output | Current
C-22-G 1-5 W 336 W 5 amps
C-211-G 3-5 W | 50-126W | 25 amps
C-106-G ‚3-15 W | 3-60 W 12 amps
C-1012-G 3-15W | 6120W | 20 amps
C-2512-G 3-40 W | 5-120W | 18 amps
C-5012-G 35-55 W | 3-120W | 18 amps
C-1022-G 25-10 W | 40-220 W | 48 amps -
C-2522-G 25-30 W | 15-220 W | 48 amps
C-5022-G 35-55 W | 5-220W | 48 amps
MIRAGE D-Series Specifications
Model Input | Output | Current
D-15-N ~ .25-2 W 3-18 W 3 amps
| D-26-N —ASW | 50-126W | 12amps
D-100ATVN 05-5W | 15-52W | 20 amps
D-1010-N ‚30-15 № | 5-110 \ | 20 amps
- | D-HOIOATVN 1-15 W 5-100 W | 20 amps
D-3010-N 5-45 W | 7-100W | 20 amps
‚1-3 w Yes
http: www. mirageamp. com
ter/440 MZ Amos for HTs
amp on/off and power on/off.
- LED indicators show On-Air, receive
preamp on and power on.
Has super compact size, 5'/ax13/ax43/4
-inches. Free mobile mounting bracket and
hardware. Superb, full one year warranty.
-B-34. Similar to B-34-G but FM only,
less preamp, mobile bracket. Measures just
3'/sx 1°/4x4"/4 inches.
Power Curve -- typical B-34-G/B-34 power in Watts
Watts out| 8 | 12 | 18 | 30 |:33 | 35.
35 Watts on 2-Meters
Add this MIRAGE
amp to your 2 Meter
handheld and get 35
Watts output . . . talk
further, longer, clearer .
incredibly low 389%!
Talk further . . . reach dis-
tant repeaters. Log onto far
away packet bulletin boards.
It’s the best HT amplifier
money can buy! Here’s why:
First-class strip-line techniques and
100 Watts on 2 Meters
Boost your 2
Meter Handheld to
100 Watts! This
ultrea-compact all
mode B-310-G
amplifièr is per-
fect for|all handhelds up to
8 Watts Get 100 Watts out
with just 4 Watts in!
Works on all modes: FM, SSB, CW. | aa He te
Superb features include: 15 dB low РА, TER NE ПОВ YAA ES LLL
noise GaAsFET preamp, reverse polarity | E |
protection, SWR protection, overdrive pro-. |
tection, automatic transmit/receive switch.
Includes free mobile bracket and handheld AM
BNC to B-310-G patch cable. PR a ы -
Ultra compact size makes it great for o
base and mobile operation. 4%1x1*%/1x7*%/ 2e
“inches. [Weighs 2'/: pounds.
MIRAGE . . . Handheld Docking Boosters
200 Watts on 2 Meters
Add this amp to your Slide your handheld into a MIRAGE Docking Booster and your handheld instantly
becomes a powerful mobile or base station! Only MIRAGE gives you selectable HT volt-
modular construction gives superb RF per-
formance and unsurpassed reliablity.
Custom wrap around heatsink provides
excellent heat distribution -- runs cool for
extra long life.
~ Reverse polarity protection can save
your amp and your pride if you connect
power backward.
Automatic RF sense transmit/receive |
switch makes operation super easy.
Low input SWR keeps your handheld
safe from overheating.
Individual pushbutton switches lets * *
you select FM/SSB operation, receive pre- | Watts in | 25 | 05 | 1 | 2 3 4
2 Meter HT or mobile
radio and get 200 Watts
output. Talk further, fot a you De most handhelds oldor new. B-24-G
longer, clearer . . . old
’ | pi B-24-G. 2 Meter Docking Booster gives 50 Watts a
Has 15 as PE B-320-G output with just .5 to 8 Watts input. 18 dB GaAsFET a
EM /S SB/CW, hi h SWR preamp with on/off switch. Preamp on, On-Air and В
5 Transmit LEDs. Small 3':x3"sx4!/s in. BD-25
protection, mobile mount- — BD-25. Dual Band Dockin os
-25. g Booster gives 45
oe bracket Input le el switch for selecting ~ Watts on 2 Meters and 35 Watts on 440 MHz — Manufacin ый dheld
prope! Input pow | with .5 to 8 Watts input. MIRAGE FullDuplex | rom 2NIOON BGG CA
motile | adio. input for handheld ra dios, Amp" lets you talk on one band and listen on [MI IC:2S/2SAT/2SR/3S/ISAT/3SR/24/W2IX2 | |
Р Р the other band at the same time. Requires com- |-ME: ICOM W21/X21/W21 1X11. etc. |
у 1-4 ICOM T7/122/T42/W32, etc.
250 mW to 10 Watts. High power input YAESU FT-22/20477377047104/7 ег | |
patible HT. Automatic band selection, MY-
for mobile radios, 10 Watts to 50 Watts. Frequency Band and Power On LEDs. Reverse | MY-2 | YAESU FT:24/74/205/705/305/805/729, etc. |
Custom wrap-around heatsink gives 131g &1 MY-3 YAESU FT-11/31, etc. |
lent heat di ti ||. it Polarity. protection, on/off switch. №) 1x3 as. de. 1..MY4 | YAËSU F1:50/40/10, etc. ВЕ
excellent nea выра pe se Wart e “inches: :Choose' an adaptéfto'fit-your HT." - “ME |: -TH-25/25G/45/45G/55/75/77, etc. | ВЕ
tive appearance. 1 Year Miráge Warranty. ee Ada pter Chart, right each. MK TA ATA MO TS DE, ere |
Accurate SWR/Wattmeters
4 MIRAGE Low Noise \
xy GaASsFET preamps
High gain ultra low noise
GaÂsFET preamps for receiv-
‘ing weak signals. Selectable
gain prevents receiver inter-
mod. 15 to 22 dB gain. Less
MIRAGE Repeater Am mplif ers
11 mode
from -- continuous
duty al! mode
repeater amplifiers
for 6, 2, 220 MHz,
to choose
Read SWR directly and for-
ward, Reverse, |
eak/Average power.
| Remote coupler. 1.8-30,
| 50-200, 420-450, 1260-
| 1300 MHz models.
than 0.8 dB noise figure. 450 MHz, and ATV service. One year MIRAGE Warranty
ati он: MODEL FREQ |SWRsens| PWR
Automatic RF switching up to
160 Watts. Choose In-shack or MIRAGE Rep enter Amp Sp ecift cation $ MP-1 18-30 MHz {1-2 Watts| 2000 W \
Mast-Mount models (includes ode npu ax Ou 2 | if
remote control) to reduce loss. || A-1015-R 25-5W | 98W 50-52 MP-2 | 50-200 MHz | 1-2 Watts 1500W {
Rugged die-cast enclosure. BR 222 = | e = Te MP-3 | 40-450MEz | 5 Watts | 150 W |
- - - 1 - i
Fi In Shack Mast Mount : ym : АЕ 2
(MH) one | и C-211-R 25-5W | 80W | 223.225 | Nearest Dealer/Free Catalog: 800-647-1800 |
28-30 KP-1/10M KP-2/10M a 256 9 oo = 22320 - Technical: 662-323-8287 Fax: 662-323-6551
50-54 KP-1/6M KP-2/6M -2512- 05-15 W - ADE TI
144-148 KP-1/2N KP-2/2M D-1010-NR 2546 | s0w a10450] MITA CE COMMURICATIONS |
220-225 KP-1/220 KP-2/220 D-3010-NR 1-15 W 75W 440-450 | Q 3
430-450 KP-1/440 KP-2/440 D-100-ATVN-R .25-1 W 52 W 420-450 | 300 Industrial Park Road, Starkville, MS 39759
D-1010ATVN-R 25-4 W 80 W 420-450 Prices and specifications subject to change. “2002 Mirage Communications.
Vectronics $ Comprehensive г.
» Soldering Course Kit is the best “
“home study soldering course
' available! Includes theory,
quizzes, PC board, tools, safety, techniques and
materials. Get PRO soldering skills and fun LED
project. Gets you ready for "through-hole" PC
board assembly and repair. Get skills to tackle sol-
dering jobs and projects on the repair bench,
Simple skill level. Order VEC-1500K.
Aircraft Receiver Kit tunes entire voice
aircraft band 118-136 MHz. Picks up air
traffic 100 miles away. Track progress of
* incoming/outgoing traffic in your area,
gain advanced weather information, and discover
how the National Air Traffic System really works.
Great way to learn about aviation. Use 9V battery.
Drives external speaker/phones. 1*/:x4x3'/2in.
Intermediate skill level. Order VEC-131K.
0/30/40/80 Meter Receiver Kits give
igh performance! Covers entire band
or tailor to cover desired portion. Copy
"xi CW/SSB/AM. NE602/ 612 mixer-oscil-
lator, LM386 high gain audio amplifier. 1°/4x4"/4x
5!/4 in. Moderate skill level. Order VEC-1120K
© (20 Meters), VEC-1130K(30 Meters), VEC-1140K
(40 Meters), VEC-1180K (80 Meters) each.
20/30/40/80 Meter QRP CW transmit-
I ter Kits have variable crystal oscillator
/ tuning, front panel switch selects 1 of 2
crystals. 1 crystal included. Transmit and
Receive switch. Connect receiver. 1%:x4x3'h in. ©
Intermediate skill level. Order VEC-1220K (20
Meters), VEC-1230K (30 Meters), VEC-1240K
(40 Meters), VEC-1280K (80 Meters) each.
|Tunable SSB/CW Audio Filter Kit has
sharp four pole peak and notch filters.
Zero in with frequency control & adjust
+! bandwidth for best response. Tune fre-
quency from 300-3000 Hz. Notch is an outstand-
ing 50 dB. 1 Watt amplifier. Speaker/Phone jacks.
12 VDC at 300 mA. 1%1x4*/x5'/. in. Intermediate
skill level. Order VEC-841K.
Super CW filter/amplifier Kit has pow-
erful 1 watt audio amplifier to drive
speaker. 8 poles active IC filtering uses
SEC: cascaded low-Q stages.-3 bandwidths:
80, 110, 180 Hz. Center frequency: 750 Hz. Up to
15 dB. Use 9-18 VDC, 300 mA max. 1*/1x4 x3"/2
in. Simple skill level. Order VEC-821K.
# Super SSB Audio Filter Kit improves
‘readability with 8 poles, optimizes audio
bandwidth, reduces SSB splatter, low, hi-
‘ ~ pitched interference, hiss, static crashes,
background noise. Use 9V battery. 1°/4x4x 3!/2 in.
Simple skill level. Order VEC-830K.
144/220/440 MHz Low-Noise Preamp
Kits soup up your antenna system.
Helps pull in weak signals. Works won-
’ completing dot-dashes and dot-dash
memory forgive timing errors. Front panel vol-
ume/speed (3-65 wpm) controls. Weight adjusts 25
75%. Sidetone (300 -1000Hz) has LM386 audio
amp for external speaker/phones. Iambic À or B,
fully automatic or semi-auto “bug” mode. RF proof.
Sleep Mode battery saver. Use 9V battery. 1%1x4x
3' in. Simple skill level, Order VEC-201K.
W Memory Keyer Kit stores 512
haracters in four 128 character non-
¥ volatile EEPROM message memories.
Carry on entire QSOs by just pressing
memory message buttons. True
sinewave sidetone with soft rise and fall time elimi-
nates harsh keyclicks. Has all features of VEC-
201K CW Keyer Kit, 1°/ax 6%1x5'/1 In. Simple skill
level. Order VEC-221K.
“. 2 Meter Monitor Kit receives 144-
148 MHz. Low noise, high gain RF
”* preamp gives you excellent 0.1 uV
sensitivity. Air variable tuning capacitor has 8:1
reduction. Dual conversion superhet provides
selectivity and stability. Automatically eliminates
squelch tails. Built-in speaker, squelch, tone, vol-
ume controls. 19'/” antenna. 9V battery. 2x4'/:x4”.
Intermediate skill level. Order VEC-104K. |
5 Watt 2 Meter FM transmitter Kit
data (up to 1200 baud) and FSK data (to
; 1 9600 baud). Jumper select reactance or —
direct FM modulators. Reliable Motorola NBFM
Xmitter IC/PA transistor. Crystal controlled (x8
frequency multiplication). -60 dBc spurs, harmonics.
12-14 VDC, 1.5A. 5-pin DIN mic jack. 1°/4x4"/4x
544°. Difficult skill level. Order VEC-1202K.
Ni-Cad/Ni-MH Battery Charger Kit
afely quick charges expensive batteries -
- no overcharging -- many in less than an
hour, HTs, cell phones, camcorders, lap
top computers. Handles 1-12 cells. Charging sta-
tus LEDs. Discharge before charge function -
reconditions batteries. Also removes memory
effect. Runs on 12-15 VDC. 1%4x4%/1x5'/1 inches.
Moderate skill level. Order VEC-412K.
s AM/FM radios to shortwave receivers at a
push of a button, Choose 2 | MHz bands
7 between 3 and 22 MHz. Popular 13,16,19,
25, 31, 41, 49 and 60 Meters international bands.
On/off bypass, NE-602/612 mixer-oscillator IC
and tuned input circuit. 9 V battery. 1%x4x3'/”.
Intermediate skill level. Order VEC-101K.
§ Super CW Audio Filter Kit gives you |
poles gives super steep skirts with no ring-
=f ing. Pull CW QSOs out of terrible QRM!
Plugs into phone jack to drive phones. QRM down
ders for scanner or ham-band receiver. Gives ~~ 60 dB one octave from center frequency (750 Hz)
great low-noise performance and immunity from for 80 Hz bandwidth. Improves S/N ratio 15 dB.
damaging electrostatic discharge. 1x1'/2 in. Simple . Use 9V battery. 1%/1x4x 37 in. Simple skill level.
skill level. Order VEC-1402K (144 MHz), VEC- Order VEC- 820K.
1422K (220 MHz), VEC-1444K (440 МН»). AM Radio Transmitter. Kit lets you set -
High-performance 2 Meter AM d broad I
Preamp Kit pulls weak signals p your own station and broadcast
# * out of noise. Solves three recep-
tion problems -- boosts signals using a 1-dB noise
- figure microwave transistor, provides razor-sharp
bandpass filtering, eliminates unwanted electrical
noises with built-in balun. Uses 9-14 volts DC.
Tiny 1'/2x3x1 in. fits in any size box. Intermediate
skill level. Order VEC-1402DK. В
2/6/10 Meter FM Receiver Kits let you
tune in the world of ham radio. Each cover
Rs + the entire FM sub-band and runs off your
НМ ov battery. Plug in speaker or headphones
for clear reception. 1%/4x4x3/7”. Intermediate skill
level. Order VEC-1002K (2 Meters), VEC-1006K tuning covers just the 49 MHz band. Intermediate .
(6Meters), VEC-1010K (10 Meters), each. skill level. Order VEC- 1016K. |
All metal cases s for most Kits $1 4. 95.
dio with you as the disc jockey or talk
clear frequency from 530-1750 KHz. Standard -
line level or microphone input. Easy connection.
Audio level adjustment. [exc 0 inches. Simple
skill level. Order VEC- 1290K. :
49 MHz Wireless Band Monitor -
‘less signals from miles around. Baby
| monitors, cordless phones, walkie-talkies,
wireless intercoms and more! Electronic
ets you transmit voice and data -- AFSK |
bee vy 4
Shortwave Converter Kit converts AM or
ree bandwidths: 80, 110, 180 Hz. Eight *
crystal clear programming from your stu- 4
show host. Use CD player, tape deck, etc. .Choose
Receiver kit lets you explore weak wire- ; É
itp: ww.
Crystal radio set Kit lets you relive
the experience of early radio pioneers.
This baby really works! Wind your
& own inductor, wire up the earliest radio
circuit without soldering a thing and
listen to the magic of radio that needs no power.
- Put up an antenna, connect a ground. Stations will ВЕ
come in amazingly loud and clear. 1°/:x5x6'/: in.
~ Includes antenna wire, sensitive earphone. Simple
skill level. Order VEC-121K.
©! Shortwave Receiver Kit lets.
you listen to the world!
«= Covers 75/80, 49, 40, 30, 31,
20, 25, 22, 19, 17, 16, 15 and 13 Meter bands.
Explore AM, SSB, CW, WWV, RTTY and Packet
signals. Vernier reduction drive, smooth regenera-
tion control, RF stage. Includes all metal cabinet.
2 earphone jacks. Use 9V battery. 2'/2x7x6 in.
Intermediate skill level. VEC-102K.
RP Transceiver Kits for 8640/30/20 Meters
| give you VXO frequency control, broad-
| banded transmitter circuitry, solid one
$ Watt plus output, shaped keying, .3 uV
sensitivity, direct conversion receiver. In-
- cludes crystal for popular QRP frequency. 1%x 47/
x5'/”. Intermediate skill level. Order VEC-1380K
(80 Meters), VEC-1340K(40 Meters), VEC-1330K
(30 Meters), VEC-1320K (20 Meters), each.
Emergency and Business Band В
Receiver lets yougather news first hand --
tune in local fire, police, ambulance, pub-
lic service, business, etc. Master 2-way
radio lingo, operating procedures and
police 10-codes as you ferret out the “real story”
behind the news! Use 9V battery. Intermediate
skill level. Order VEC-1012K.
~. Portable CD Amplifier Kit has 4
Watt per channel amplifier pumps out
—* plenty of audio. Lets you plug in a
portable CD player and a pair of 8 Ohm speakers.
It'll fill your patio, backyard, or any room with
your favorite music. Tone and volume controls.
Use 12V battery or 12 VDC source. Simple skill
level. Order VEC-1604K.
| y Vacuum-Tube Preamplifier Kit lets
# you enjoy the warm and gutsy vin-
tage sound of a real life glow-in-the-
dark vacuum fube preamp. The smooth sound of
vacuum tubes comes from the tube’s inherent non-
linearity and high degree of even-harmonic distor-
‘tion. Includes tube, 110 VAC power supply.
Moderate skill level. Order VEC-1680K.
BS” Meter (voice stress analyzer) Kit
analyzes voice stress. Is the president
elling the truth? -An LED bargraph shows
tress level when subject's voice pattern
changes. Your subject can be live, radio, TV, etc. —
Moderate skill level. Order VEC-8210K.. ;
: Counter Surveillance Monitor Kit
tlets you search out and remove elec-
tronic bugs! Highly sensitive wideband
receiver detector. Stop your wife from.
“catching you in a bad position. The closer a bug
is, the higher pitch of audio. Use 9 V battery.
Moderate skill level. Order VEC-8218K.
Voice Activated Recorder Switch Kit can’
‘remotely and automatically record conversa-
“tions, speeches and more. Don’t waste tape -
by not recording silence. Plug into the remote jack
of a recorder and it activates when it hears speech.
- Built-in microphone, on/off switch. Use 9V bat- .
„ео, Simple skill level. Order VEC-483K. Le
E FM Stereo Transmitter Kit lets you connect
ay VOUT CD player; tape or other source and *
9 broadcast clear stereo programming on the -
| FM band! Incredibly. realistic.grand movie theater
sound! Use to assist hard-of-hearing. Frequency
adjusts 88-108MHz;Use 9V battery or 5-15 VDC.
Moderate Skill level: Order VEC- 1292K. |
53 5
the world’s most versatile 300 Watt
antenna tuner!
You’ll get everything you’ve ever |
wanted . . . precise inductance control
that rivals roller inductors . . .the abil-
ity to match any real antenna . . ull
1.8-30 MHz coverage . . .peak re
backlit Cross-Needle Meter . . . 8 posi-
tion antenna switch . . . built-in 50
Ohm dummy load . . . finest compo-
nents a vailable and world class quality.
Precise Inductance Control
VECTRONICS’ exclusive Multi48""
inductor gives you forty-eight inductance
values -- you'll get precision tuning that
rivals the most expensive roller inductors.
Tune any antenna 1.8-30 MH?
You can tune any real antenna from 1.8
| 2 kW Antenna Tuner
You can tune |
any real antenna
from 1.8 to 30 MHz
for absolute mini-
mum SWR. The
HFT-1500 is crafted
of the finest components available
. two heavy duty 4.5 kV trans-
mitting | variable capacitors and a
high current roller inductor with a precision
5-digit gear driven turns counter. Gives you
arc-free operation up to 2 kW PEP SSB.
Has backlit, peak-reading Cross-Needle
SWR | Power Meter, SSB*Analyzer
Bargraph™, 6 position ceramic antenna
switch, 4:1 Ruthroff balun for balanced line.
Scratch proof Lexan front panel.
5.5x12.5x12 inches.
1500 Watt dry Dummy Load
DL-650M. Handles 100 Watts
continuous, 1500 Watts for 10 sec-
onds to 650 MHz. Ceramic resis-
> tor. SWR< 1.3. SO-239.
DL-650MN has N connector.
DL-300M. 300 Watt dry dummy load.
DL-300MN with N connector.
DL-2500. 2500 Watts dry dummy load is
fan cooled. DC to 150 MHz. |
DL-2500N with N connector.
Tuned Active SWL Antenna
AT-100. Portable compact antenna;
is perfect for indoor use by itself or
: with an outside antenna. Tunes
i from 300 KHz to 30 MHz includ-
ing VLF, AM broadcast, all short-
wave and ham radio bands.
„ет нло
pact, lightweight, easy-to- |
to 30 MHz, including all MARS and WARC
bands. Use verticals, dipoles, inverted vees,
yagis, quads, long-wires, whips, G5RVs, etc.
Has 4:1 balun for balanced line antennas.
Handles up to 300 Watts SSB PEP, 200
Watts continuous (150 Watts on 1.8 MHz).
Peak Reading Cross-Needle Meter
The VC-300DLP backlit Cross-Needle
Meter displays SWR, forward and reflected
power simultaneously. Reads both peak and
average power on 30/300 Watt scales. Meter
lamp has front panel switch and uses 12
VDC or 110 VAC with AC-12 adaptor.
Versatile Antenna Switch
The VC-300DLP eight position antenna
« Multi4d8™ Inductor
* Cross-Needle Meter
8 Position Antenna Switch
« Built-in Dummy Load —
«1.8 to 30 MHz Coverage
bypasses your tuner but keeps y your SWR
Power meter in line.
Built-in Dummy Load
A built-in 50 Ohm dummy load makes
tuning up, your rig easy! Use it for testing
and repairing your rig, setting power level,
adjusting your mic gain and more.
World Class Quality
The finest components available and the
highest quality construction gives you the
— best 300 Watt tuner that you can buy.
A chemically treated aluminum case
with durable baked-on paint and scratch-
proof multi-color Lexan front panel looks -
great for years of dependable service.
switch lets you select two coax fed antennas,
random wire/balanced line or built-in
dummy load for use through your tuner or
direct to your transceiver. Bypass position
pletely satisfied return it for a full refund, less shipping
1ry any product jor 3U days
Call toll-free 800-363-2922 and order any product from
VECTRONICS, Try it for 30 days. If you're not com-
and handling -- no hassles. All VECTRONICS products
come with a one year warranty.
300 Watt Mobile3 Tuner
The VC-300M Mobile
Antenna Tuner is com-
operate and is our most |}
tuner. It’s
compatible with any mobile
antenna and any mobile HF trans-
ceiver and is compact enough to
fit the most compact car. It can also be used
at home with dipoles, vees, verticals, beams
or quads fed by coax. Backlit dual move-
ment meter simultaneously monitors power
and SWR. Covers 18 to 30 MHz. Handles
300 Watts SSB PEP, 200 Watts continuous,
(150 Watts on 1.8 MHz). 7.25x8. 75x3.6
inches. Weighs 3.4 pounds.
VC-300D. Similar to VC-300DLP. Has
21 segment SSB bargraph.
Low Pass TVI Filter
LP-30. Eliminates
TVI by attenuating
harmonics at the
‘source. Plugs
between transmitter and antenna or tuner.
Features nine pole Chebyshev design.
Insertion loss is only 0.25 dB at 30 MHz.
52 Ohm impedance. Handles 1500 Watts.
LP-2500. Handles up to 2500 Watts key
down. SO-239 connectors.
Deluxe bug-free CW Keyer
- CK-200. Speed, weight,
4 tone, volume controls,
MP | tune, iambic A/B switch
“for 3 types of keying out-
put, speed control 6-50 wpm, self-complete
- dots/dashes. Use 9V battery/110 VAC.
SWR/Power M eters
PM-30 PM- 30UV
PM-30, for 1.8 to 60
MHz. Displays forward Ku
and reflected power and SWR simultane-
ously on dual movement Cross-Needle
— Meter. True shielded directional coupler
assures accuracy. Backlit meter displays
peak or average power in 300/3000 Watt
ranges. First-rate construction includes
scratch-proof case/front panel.
5.3x5.75x3.5 inches. SO-239 connectors.
144/220/440 MHz, 30/300 Watt ranges.
PM-30UV, has SO-239 connectors.
- PM-30UVN, has N connectors.
~ PM-30UVB, has BNC connectors.
High Pass TVI Filter
~HPF-2. Installs between
VCR and TV and cable TV
am. OT antenna lead-in cable.
~ “¥Eliminates or reduces inter-
* ference caused by nearby
© Hrn transmitters. Unique common-mode
rejection (RF current on shield of the coax
cable) using toroid ferrite core. Uses “F” -
connectors. HPF-1. Low loss in TV pass-
band 52 to 550 MHz.
DC Power Supplies | |
§ PS-50F. 35 Amps continuous.
; DC regulated, design features
- foldback current limiting, over-
voltage protection, fixed voltage output, fan
cooled, adjustable output, more. PS-30F. 25
Amps continuous.
- Tre mm
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United Arab Emirates
NAJD Electronics
Tel: 00971(06)5684007
P.O..Box 1207 Sharjah
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Email: marinelc Q emi-
. Web: www.najdelectron-
Email: [email protected] :
All prices and specifications are subject to
change without notice or obligation. Not
responsible for errors.” -
Catalog 07/56P/02k°
2002 MEJ Enterprises, ie.
4 sound card and rig for all digital modes. ! < “NOW
this new MEJ-1275 sound card in-ter-
face between your transceiver and computer
and enj
audio c
tion wit
- matche
loops a
for fou
tions are
for insta
In the
ceiver al
for their
y operating all digital modes.
thing you need is included -- software,
les and power supply.
1275 provides fully automatic opera-
audio and push-to-talk control. It
sound card audio, eliminates ground
d provides microphone override.
with all transceivers with 8-pin
r modular mic plugs, another model
pin microphone connectors.
te PSK-31, packet, APRS, AMTOR,
STV, CW, high speed CW Meteor
nd many others. Also use as Contest
yer and CW Contest Memory Keyer.
vital Modes or Normal Operation
se digital modes or normal transceiver/
r operation with the push of a switch.
ting the ON digital mode, all connec-
» made between your rig and computer
nt digital operation.
BYPASS normal mode, your trans-
nd computer connections are restored
normal operation.
Audio Isolation Transformers
io isolation transformers and relay eliminate
ground oops, audio hum, noise and distortion. -
- You
._ RFI-Proof
nsive RF suppression and line isolation
es RF feedback problems. |
utomatic Microphone Override
can override any digital mode and
microphone audio at any time by
mic PTT -- great for SSTV and
Voice Keyer operation.
More Impressive Features
1 port -- lets computer contro! your
radio to override and/or interrupt digital trans-
VOX Control -- lets you use automatic -
VOX control when not using computer serial -
port control.
for recei
to adjust
when yo
panel sw
card aud
various |
— for use y
1 Controls -- for transmitter drive and
iver-to-sound card drive level. No need
microphone gain or sound card level
u change modes. |
eo or Mono Audio Input -- A front
ritch selects left, right, or both sound
io output channels to accommodate
the-air recording -- for replaying or
vith spectrum analyzer programs.
itor switch lets you hear receiver audio
when you want it -- a MUST for SSTV and
Voice Keyer operation.
inet and
years of
wiring fi
dering re
round m
ed Construction -- All aluminum cab-
surface-mount construction gives you
trouble-free service.
Use any Transceiver
nal j jumpers program microphone
dr any brand or model radio -- no sol-
quired. Order MFJ-1275 for 8-pin
ic plug. Order MFJ-1275M for 8-pin
- MFJ-1275T, for 4-1
— Ten-Tec and older
< MFJ-1279, so you. have both peripherals i in
5 line. When MEJ- 1279 i is OFF, the external
A TIT - и = a
Li E E | ; ыы 3 До © | ra Eo
|| Са re dt
includes power supply £ >
. R8-232 cable! a
mm ma comm rsa ot Ч
e La
modular mic
(RJ45) plug. |
NEW! Order |
pin round micro-
phone plug. For
4-pin transceivers.
Everything you
need is included | E
MEJ-1275/M | a
includes RS-232 |
and audio cables, o.
power supply and ae
a CD with a col- |
lection of the most =="
popular amateur radio shareware to operate
CW, HSCW Meteor Scatter, Contest Voice
Keying and other modes. Uses 12 VDC or 110
VAC. Order MFJ-1275X for 220 VAC. (ie:
MFJ-1275MX, MFJ-1275TX).
$ Гог {Бове бо
“operate mostly digital modes and do not nee
‚а microphone input. MFJ-1273B has sound
«card audio out, radio audio and RS-232.
Everything is included: CD, RS-232 cable
“audio cables and microphone cable. “No
xternal power is needed. |
E Order MFJ-1273B for 8: pin round: mic p plug
Me MFJ-1273BM for 8-pin modular (RJ- 45) mi
Me plug, and MFJ-1273BT. for 4-pin round mic.
* Auxiliary a Jack: ‘Lets you НО oc an -
external device such ‘as a tape player or audio |
from your camcorder or VCR through the
“adaptor, & audio cables. Order MFJ-1279 for
~~ 8-pin round mic, MEJ-1279M for 8- pin 1 10d
PTT when VOX is not used. ; MEJ- 1279T for 4-pin mic. o
MFJ-1279 includes CD, RS-232 cable, AC C Add “X” suffix for 220VAC,
Béart [Lc rey TT
300 Industrial Park Road U.S. Postage
Starkville, MS 39759 USA | ME] E PAD |
. - | nterprises, Inc.
‚ 2052 SANDTON
TEL. нет) 802-2976 FAX 804-4847
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