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TheGigRig Opto-Isolated Midi to USB Cable
Our Opto-Isolated MIDI to USB Adapter Cable can be used in all the ways a standard MIDI to USB cable can, including
connecting a MIDI device via your computers USB port but the optical isolation feature is essential for use with
TheGigRig G2 and the G2 MIDI + app.
Quick Tech:
• Optical Isolation
• USB to 1 MIDI-in and 1 MIDI-out (5-pin DIN)
• USB2.0 and USB1.1 compatible
• USB powered – no power supply required
• Plug ‘n’ Play & hot-swappable
• 2 m lead length
• Compatible with Windows XP onwards and Mac OS 10.3 onwards
Please Note: TheGigRig G2 may not work in both directions with a non-isolated cable. This isolation gap is for your
safety as well as preserving signal quality and protecting your Apple device from static damage.
To use a midi to USB cable with a GigRig G2 and your Apple device you will need an Apple camera adapter which you
can find here -
This is a USB input for your iPhone or iPad. If your Apple device uses a lightning connector (small reversible plug) you
will need to purchase the camera adapter from Apple. We have tested low cost options and they fail to work with the
Midi USB cables we have tested, even the opto-isolated cables.
Direct connection:
Remember that you can copy a G2 into another G2 (cloning) with just a simple Midi lead. Or, if you are driving a Midi
device from G2, then the Midi to USB cable and camera cable are not required.
The cable is only required if you are
Backing up your G2 and creating Library files or using your Apple device as a display for your pedal board using CUE
display files in the GigRig Midi+ App.
Using the cables:
When connected, TheGigRig App can be switched to settings, as the USB is plugged ‘in’. The cable indicator will turn red
to show that the cable has power. The settings display connections so that USB ‘in’ and USB ‘out’ are ticked.
The app is
capable of working over Wi-Fi, the network connections don’t need to be ticked unless you are using this option.
Plug the cable marked ‘in’ to the ‘midi out’ on G2 and plug the cables marked ‘midi out’ into the G2’s ‘midi in’.
See the download example files on our website for more information on the GigRig Midi + APP including practice
examples of Stored settings and Cue files.
If you have any questions, please get in touch via
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