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Stream iPod® Dock Kit
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Installation and User Guide
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
v2.0 - March 2011
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Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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The Stream iPod Dock kit for Living Control brings music from your iPod or
iPhone through your Living Control system. Media can be selected using a
DisplayPad, VideoPad or ColourPad from each zone. The interface box
supplied in the kit emulates a MusicBox server and can be set to any output
number between 1 and 9, providing maximum backward compatibility with
Living Control products.
Whats in the Box
The iPod Dock kit comes with the following components:-
Aluminum Dock
Stream Dock
Interface Box
Serial and RJ45
Cable Kit
The Stream iPod Dock kit for Living Control is compatible with the following
Living Control products and Firmware versions:Product
PC Software
MB Output
4.0 onwards
1.56 or above
1.7 onwards
2.5 onwards
5.1.0 or above
3.07 onwards
5.2.0 or above
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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How the iPod Dock Kit Works
The Stream iPod Dock interface box is powered by the Living Control CPU
using the cables supplied. Please see the installation section of this manual.
The interface box interprets MusicBox commands sent from the Living
Control CPU. If a Living Control MusicBox or Studio is connected to the CPU
the commands are seamlessly transmitted between the two devices. When a
command is sent from the CPU that matches the output number the
interface box is set to the data is interpreted and sent to the iPod instead.
Information, including track titles, is automatically exchanged between the
RoomBox and iPod Interface.
Note: the Living Control MRS, EVENT! and RoomBox4 CPUs do not
support track display updates and will only display the Album name
Note: although MusicBox !NT" functionality for the RoomBox6 and NT
is still available with the iPod interface, operation of the iPod source
from the MusicBox GUI is not possible.
Important Pre-Installation Notes
The Stream iPod Dock uses active balanced line amplification to ensure no
loss of audio quality up to 125m away from the Dock interface. Connection
between the Interface Box and Dock must be via CAT5 or CAT6 Data cable
fully connected pin to pin at each end. If required suitable termination plates
should be used to maintain signal integrity.
The quality and characteristics of CAT5 and CAT6 Data Cable can vary
enormously. A feature of the dock is the capability to charge iPod/iPhone
Devices at up to 500mA. Extensive distances between the Dock and
Interface Box will cause a voltage drop and the charging circuit may
malfunction, especially with high current devices such as the iPhone. This is
normally indicated by flickering of the Power LED on the dock, erratic charge
status on the iPod/iPhone or communication issues. If any of these occur
immediately disconnect the dock and either choose a shorter cable run or
use the optional power injector locally to the dock. We recommend that the
distance between the Dock and Interface Box does not exceed 40m,
although where a Power Injector is used the dock can be located up to 125m
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Note: At the time of printing there are known issues with the
RoomBoxNT Firmware which may cause the Interface to incorrectly
identify the presence of an iPod and may result in erratic operation.
Note: Whilst in use the Interface Box and charging circuit may
consume up to 750mA. The maximum current available per-port on
Living Control CPUs is 850mA. Because of this the Dock Interface
should not be connected in line with ColourPads or Older (EL Backlit)
VideoPads unless the optional Power Injector is installed.
Otherwise it is possible to connect two Pads together using an RJ45
splitter which then leaves a spare port available with enough current
capacity on the CPU for the dock interface. It does not matter which
port a pad is connected to unless the zone is being used for infrared
control of the zone.
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Optional Power Injector
An optional Power Injector is available from the Stream online store for
installations where the distance between the Interface Box and Dock exceed
40m. It comprises a small plugtop power supply and inline RJ45 Coupler.
The coupler should be connected within 5m of the Dock with the arrow label
pointing towards the dock.
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Configuring the Dock Interface Box
Before installing the iPod Interface Box it needs to be addressed so that it
responds to requests from the RoomBox correctly.
Use a small screwdriver to rotate the selector switch to the output number
required. If there is a MusicBox or Studio in the installation set this to the
next available output after the last MusicBox/Studio output. For example,
with a MusicBox3, set the Interface box to !4".
Important! : If the Interface box is being used with a RoomBoxNT the
address switch should be set to the output number required + 1. i.e.:
for Output 4 set the selector switch to 5.
Note that on the RoomBox4 only outputs 1-4 are available.
Output Number selector switch
(Add 1 for RoomBoxNT)
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Installation and setup
Use the supplied RJ45 Patch lead and DB9 Serial extension lead to connect
the iPod Dock interface to the Living Control CPU, and optionally MusicBox,
as per the digram below. If you are connecting the Interface Box to a
RoomBox4 you may need an RB4 Server connection cable, available from
the Stream online store.
If all the available DisplayPad ports on the CPU have been used a
“passthru” port is provided on the interface box so that it can be fitted in line
with a DisplayPad, VideoPad or VideoPad-AV. See the notes on Page 5.
Connection between the Dock and Interface box must be CAT5, CAT5E or
CAT6 cable with a straight-through connection to each end.
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Configuring the CPU
For more details on configuring the Living Control CPU refer to the
documentation available from the Dealer Zone at
To make the CPU configuration easier there are a range of installation files
in the Dealer area of which add the Stream Dock
interface as a device in the Living Control Config and Titles Software.
If the interface is being used with a RoomBox4, then configure the CPU from
the keypad and choose an appropriate MusicBox output number from the
Keypad in setup mode.
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Using the Dock
Dock the iPod or iPhone. If you are
using an iPod an “Accessory
Connected” will be briefly displayed
after a few seconds.
If you are using an iPhone4 there is no
need to remove the “bumper” if fitted.
The phone will “float” on the dock
connector above the well in the dock.
Be careful not to bend the iPhone or
iPod on the connector, which may
damage the iPhone/iPod or dock.
Some iPhones may display an
“accessory not optimized” message
which will automatically disappear after
a few seconds.
Once docked the iPod or iPhone will
immediately start charging and the
interface will communicate with it to
retrieve Album title information. During this brief period (depending on
model) an “initialising” message will appear on the screen. When the dock is
ready the display will show the Stream logo.
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Controlling the iPod Dock from Living Control
As a Living Control user, your client will be familiar with the single-step
media selection process which is normally as follows (shown from a
Title Selection
Albums are sorted
by artist and
Playback Screen
Artist and Track title
are displayed
Because of the way an iPod functions there is no way to access a list of
Albums sorted by Artist. Instead the closest match is the “Albums” list which
is sorted by Album name. This is the default mode the Stream iPod Interface
Unlike other docks and interfaces, however, the Stream iPod Dock scans the
contents of the Albums list so that the search facilities on Living Control
CPUs can jump straight to a letter within the “Albums” list.
Title Selection
Albums are
displayed in Album
Name order
Jump straight to a
letter on a
VideoPad or
Alphabetical Jump
First Album
beginning with that
letter is displayed
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Playlist and All Content Playback
Even if the Living Control CPU that the Interface and Dock is connected to
does not support playlist selection (RoomBox4, RoomBoxNT), the Stream
iPod Dock adds the capability to choose from Playlists, including the entire
content of the iPod/iPhone.
Playlists are accessible by pressing the previous (left) button on the keypad
when the first Album title is displayed. Subsequent presses of the next (right)
and previous buttons will choose between the playlists available including
(where an iPod supports it) the entire content of the iPod.
Title Selection
The first Album name is
displayed. Jump to playlist
mode by pressing the left
(previous) button
Playlist Selection
The first playlist is displayed.
Playlists containing the entire
content of the iPod are
usually named after the iPod.
Step through Playlists
Subsequent presses of the Next
(right) button step through available
playlists. After the last playlist has
been displayed the selection screen
returns to Title Selection mode
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Upgrade Feature
The Stream iPod Dock interface box has an inbuilt update feature which
enables future software features to be added by simply connecting it to a PC
using the supplied serial extension cable.
When an update is available it will be published on the Stream Systems
dealer website at
The power light on the dock flickers and the charging symbol is
intermittent on my iPhone.
Poor quality data cable is installed or the cable run exceeds 40m.
Install a Power Injector.
The interface appears not to work and I hear an audible clicking.
The dock has been connected to the wrong port on the interface box. It
must be connected to the iPod Dock connection on the interface box.
I dock my iPod/iPhone but am unable to choose anything to playback.
The interface may have become confused if the iPod has been
undocked and docked in quick succession. This problem normally
resolves itself within a minute. Reset the dock by either using a
paperclip in the reset hole on the side or disconnecting and then
reconnecting the Living Control CPU from the CPU port on the
Interface Box.
I hear interference when I listen to the iPod/iPhone
The audio circuitry in in the Dock and Interface module is designed to
avoid interference from other sources close to the cable. If the cable is
shielded ensure that a shielded plug is fitted at both ends of the cable
and terminated correctly.
Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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Stream iPod Dock Kit for Living Control - Installation and User Guide!
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