Migmatic 175 - Itw Welding

Migmatic 175 - Itw Welding
Migmatic 175
July 2012 ● Index No. MN/-
MIG Arc Welding
Power Source
Light Fabrication
Auto Body Repair
Rental Shops
Maintenance Repair
Flux Cored
Input Power:
230 V 1 Phase
Rated Output:
150 A at 35 % Duty Cycle
Weight: The Power of Blue.®
33 kg
Industrial MIG System with:
Reverse polarity change over
6 Voltage steps
Robust wire feed system
Drive roll kit
H/Duty ground cable &
Factory-Installed Running
gear/Bottle rack
Euro-Style Torch adapter
Quick and easy installation of
professional style torches, allows the
operator to have a separate torch for
other applications.
Dual Roll Drive system
Robust motor & drive assembly with
wire speeds ranging from 1.8-18m/
15Kg spool capacity &
“professional” style reel holder
Permits the use of larger more
economical reels of MIG wire without the need for additional spool
Reversible Drive Rolls
With dual grooves allows one set of
drive roll for two wire sizes.
Thermal overload protection
Shuts down the power source output,
if overheating of either the main
transformer or rectifier occurs.
Fan cooled
Provides a constant flow of cooling
air over the critical components,
ensuring consistent performance.
Running gear & bottle rack
The built-in undercarriage and bottle
carrier allows the operator easy
manoeuvrability of the power source
and ancillaries.
Easy access to output terminals
provides convenient polarity
changeover when changing to
solid or flux cored wires.
Traditional tapped design &
Laminated Inductor
Provides a stable, smooth Arc
operators appreciate.
Power source is warranted for 3 years, parts and labour.
Original main power rectified parts are warranted for 5 years.
ITW Welding Products
Edisonstraat 10 3261 LD Oud-Beijerland
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 186 641 444
Fax: +31 (0) 186 640 880
[email protected]
Rated Output
Amps Input at Rated
Load Output,
50/60 HZ
Wire Type and
Wire Feed Speed
Max. Open-Circuit
150 A / 21.5 VDC
35% Duty Cycle
25 A
Solid wire:
0.6 - 0.8 mm
Flux-cored wire:
0.9 mm
1,8 -18 m/min
34 VDC
H: 500 mm
W: 395 mm
D: 685 mm
33 kg
Drive Roll & Drive Roll Kits
Wire Size
V- groove
V- groove, knurled
0,6/0,8 mm*
156 053 046
156 053 047
* Supplied
Ordering Information
Power Source
Stock No.
Migmatic 175
029 015 550
230 VAC 1-Phase, 50/60 Hz
Q15 10A A8B E
150 A, 3 m, Centerfire
Q20 12A B8D E
200 A, 3,7 m, Centerfire
471 500 00
Gasregulator with 2 manometers
Argonmix gas (2-30 ltr) Gas Cylinder Connection 24,32 x 14/1” - 3/8”R
Bernard Guns
Elga Maxex
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