Power Mic II Buttons (front)

Power Mic II Buttons (front)
Power Mic II Buttons (front)
‘Transfer Text’ button: clicking this allows
you to transfer text from the dictation box
into a free-text area of your EMR. Make sure
your mouse cursor is clicked in a free-text
area prior to clicking the ‘Transfer text’
button. You may also say ‘Transfer Text’.
‘Previous field’ button: clicking this allows
one to navigate to the previous variable
bracket item when using a templates with
brackets. Note: Saying ‘previous field’ does
the same thing.
Rewind button: Not currently activated.
Stop/Play button: Puts the dictation box
on/off Hidden mode. Works as a toggle.
Allows one to hide Dictation Box while
dictating, while reviewing areas of the chart.
(e.g. labs, radiology reports, etc.) Can bring
Dictation box back into view by clicking same
Press to Talk button: Keep this button pressed
while dictating.
‘Next field’ button: clicking this allows one to
navigate to the next bracket item, when using
templates with brackets. Note: You can also say
‘Next field’ to do the same thing.
Fast-forward button: Opens the Dictation Box.
Can also say “Show Dictation Box’ to open it.
‘Accept Defaults’ button: This button removes
all remaining brackets from the text (when
using templates with brackets).
Custom Right button: Not currently activated.
Right-click button: Functions like the right-click
on a mouse.
Pointer: Functions like a mouse pointer when
Custom Left button: Not currently activated.
Left-click button: Functions like the left-click
on a mouse.
Bottom Radio button: Not currently activated.
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