MP-53 Trouble shooting Guide

MP-53 Trouble shooting Guide
Important Note: For any unusual problem reset your radio. First disconnect the power for ten
minutes. Then follow the system reset procedure, explained on page 52 of the Instruction
Warning: Not all types of CDs are compatible with MP53, use only standard size (12cm
diameter) disc. Do not play mini CD (8cm diameter), transparent (see-through) or irregular
shape discs. These non standard discs can get stuck in the system and can cause damage. Do
not force CD in or out of the CD player, let the player load and unload CDs.
Cause/cure (@)
1. Radio cuts out.
2. Station Presets do not work.
Make sure the aerial is fully extended. Reposition the
radio/aerial to get maximum signal strength.
· Check the digital radio (DAB) coverage in your area
using the link –
The type of building and surroundings can seriously affect
the DAB reception. Sizeable concrete and metal work in the
building (e.g. Block of flats, shopping centre, near or under a
bridge, thermal insulation with aluminium lining) can
considerably reduce the signal strength. Under these
circumstances, an outdoor aerial is required for the optimum
· To store – tune in the station, press and hold preset
button (on remote) until display shows “Preset saved”.
To recall stations - Momentarily press then release the
required preset button (Do not press and hold).
· Presets can be lost if power is switched off for long
period of time.
3. Cannot receive BBC Sports Extra,
display shows “Not Available”.
4. Not all stations showing in the list.
Fully extend the aerial and perform “Finding new
stations – DAB” as suggested on page 13.
5. None of the buttons are working on
remote control.
6. Display shows ‘Unknown Card’.
When new, remove the plastic film (at the bottom of the
remote). Or try replacing the battery.
Point the remote in front of the radio.
This is normal, if the card is formatted on the radio or on
the PC.
Switch the radio to DAB station by using ‘Radio’ button
on the handset, while the radio is playing press and
release ‘Record’ button on the handset- it will start
recording the station. Press and release ‘Record’ button
again to stop recording.
Now select the SD card using ‘Media’ button – SD card
will start playing what ever is recorded on it.
This ensures SD card facility is working.
Make sure these files are not protected by some licence
agreement (for example if a protected CD is ripped using
window media player into wma files).
Make sure you have backup copies before deleting
This radio station is not transmitting all the time. Transmitting
details can be found using following links.
See Secondary services – DAB on page 11.
7. Files from USB memory device or
SD card do not play. Or just plays one
8. Sound Quality???
9. Disc stuck in the disc player. Or
showing no disc.
10. Discharges ipod battery.
11. iPhone not working.
12. On SD card or USB tracks are not
playing in sequential order.
any files or folders in the following steps.
· Use the Window Explore to explore the SD card (USB
Memory stick/flash drive) on your computer and delete
all files and folders which are not mp3 format. Also
delete files which are a kind of short cut (these are not
true mp3 files, though they have mp3 extensions) –
normally these files are very small for example 1KB
(they get generated when downloading mp3 files from a
web site or for some other reasons).
· Make sure all the music files are in mp3 or WMA
format (lossless wma format is not supported).
· Check the DRC value, should be set to ‘0’ unless
listening in a noisy environment.
· Use EQ for the preferable quality.
· Or adjust ‘Treble’ and ‘Bass’.
· Infrared beam that detects the disc simply go through the
disc and can not detect it. Make sure the disc you play is
not transparent or nearly transparent. See warning at the
Ensure your MP53 is in power on mode; place your iPod
into the dock, select iPod mode on your MP53, power down
your iPod (long press on the play/pause button on the iPod
or the remote control).
Your iPod will now continue to charge when docked with
Any alarms which are set will continue to operate as
iPhone will work only in flight mode.
Playback from SD card or USB will follow the record order
for example the first (Album) track recorded will play first.
One example of a non standard disc with transparent outer section.