TecMate Battery Chargers and Jump Starters Instructions

Automatic 3 step charger-maintainer
for all 6 & 12 volt lead-acid batteries.
Automatic charger for 6V &
12V lead-acid batteries of all
types, with std filler caps, or
sealed (MF) maintenance
free and GEL.
Ideal for maintaining
batteries of seasonally used
or stored vehicles of all
types, including classic
vehicles and deep-cycle
batteries used in stand-by
power applications.
Simple illuminated LED`s indicate the following :
Red LED power on & correct battery connection
3-Step charging program which ensures effective
charging of the battery.
Totally safe for prolonged connection to the battery,
without risk of overcharging.
Supplied with 2 detachable & interchangeable battery
connectors :
a connector with eyelets for permanent
and battery clips for bench charging
Amber LED indicates battery is charging ;
Green LED illuminates to confirm that the battery
is fully charged and the charger has gone into
maintenance mode.
Easy to use, select 6 or 12 volt by siding selector
on rear of charger, connect to battery, then to the
power socket. The rest is automatic.
The AccuMate mini charges the battery with 0,9A
current. The voltage therefore rises gradually as the
resistance increases, until a safe limit has been
reached. The circuit then switches into a float charge
mode with voltage limited at 13,5V (6,7V for 6V
batteries) so as to bring the battery gently to full charge
& keep it fully charged when not in active use, as
recommended by manufacturers of lead-acid batteries,
without risk of over-charging.
100 % Safe
An auto-resetting thermal fuse switches off the
charger’s output circuit if the internal temperature for
any reason exceeds a safe limit so as to protect the
charger from burn-out. The yellow « charge » LED
goes out until the temperature has fallen to a safe level,
then the output circuit automatically switches back on
and the yellow LED switches back on.
Incorrect battery connection
If the battery connections are incorrect (wrong polarity),
neither the yellow « charge » LED, nor the green «
maintain » LED will indicate.
This charger has a 2 year warranty.